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While it might not amount to epic animated filmmaking in terms of scope and invention, Epic, a 3D, CG adventure-fantasy from Blue Sky Studios, nevertheless makes for pleasantly engaging viewing.
Great voice work, stunning visuals, and a witty, full script make this entertaining for all ages.
Slant Magazine
And that's the thing with Epic: It's something close to an animated masterpiece, provided it's watched on mute.
Epic isn’t epic, but it isn’t half bad, either. It’s just that as high as the bar has been raised on this sort of animation, this is more evidence that a strong story is worth more than any next generation software.
While it’s not a crossover classic, this has enough wit and charm to entertain both big and little people.
By no means an epic fail, but lacking the spry wit of more adult-friendly animations, this is big on action and small on originality. Gorgeous visuals aside, Epic is resolutely kiddie fare.
A reasonably entertaining, adeptly crafted kidpic whose biggest crime is its near pathological reliance on overfamiliar tropes and trappings.
Epic is heavy on celebrity voices and light on imagination.
The animated result isn't bad. It's an adequate baby sitter. But where's the allure in telling the truth? Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present "Adequate"?
Even young would-be botanists will find this charmless animated adventure as exciting as watching grass grow.

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