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Rumoured Avengers 4 trailer description surfaces online

Now that filming has wrapped on Avengers 4, it’s only a matter of time until Marvel pulls the trigger on the marketing campaign for the hugely-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War follow-up.

Thanks to The Daily Express, we’ve now got the first of what’s likely to be several rumoured descriptions of the film’s first trailer, which the newspaper has dug up from Reddit and is passing off as a “leak” in its headline. In actuality, it’s more than likely complete fan fiction, but if you’re interested in what might – but probably won’t – be the first Avengers 4 trailer, read on:

We get a glimpse of the Battle of New York from 2012 Avengers. Loki is shown looking shocked and baffled as he is on top of the Stark tower. There is a flash of a blue light as the camera pans back. (Cuts to black) Next we see
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Chris Evans addresses his “farewell” to Captain America after Avengers 4 tweet

Earlier this month Chris Evans shared a tweet after completing production on Avengers 4, stating that it had been an honor to portray Captain America over the past eight years and he was “eternally grateful” to all of his Marvel co-stars, the crew and the fans.

Given the tone’s tweet, speculation was rife that Evans was saying goodbye to the role of Steve Rogers and calling time on his Marvel adventure, which – as you might expect – also led some to assume this means we’ll be getting – Spoiler Alert (?) – ‘The Death of Captain America’ in next year’s Infinity War follow-up.

However, speaking at Ace Comic-Con, Evans has said that his tweet wasn’t necessarily a goodbye, but rather that he just felt the need to express his gratitude at what he felt was a landmark occasion.

“I know I did tweet something that made a lot of people think
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Avengers: Infinity War Star Tom Hiddleston Addresses Whether He’d Ever Play A Female Loki

At Ace Comic Con, Avengers: Infinity War star Tom Hiddleston answered a question that will probably leave a few people scratching their heads at first glance. That being, would the actor be willing to play a female version of Loki?

To provide some context on this query, while Thor’s sibling has usually been a male in the comic books, the Avengers villain also took on a female form in 2008 after the events of Ragnarök. Should the movies take this route, however, Hiddleston doesn’t feel he’d be right for the part.

“I think, if anyone wants to tell that story, I’m not the guy,” the actor admitted. “I think that needs to be a woman or someone who identifies as a woman.”

Though Hiddleston playing a female Loki never felt like a distinct possibility – especially when Marvel Studios are apparently taking measures to improve representation – the confirmation doesn’t hurt.
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Tom Hiddleston Thinks Loki’s Arc Is Now Complete After Avengers: Infinity War

Ever since the God of Mischief’s tragic demise in Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel fans have been trying to think of ways that Loki could return from the dead. If you ask Tom Hiddleston, though, he seems to think the character’s arc across the McU is complete as he’s gone from a broken anti-hero to villain to finding redemption.

Hiddleston attended Ace Comic Con in Chicago this weekend and was asked by a fan during a Q&A if he thought Loki could ever be redeemed. The actor replied that, as far as he’s concerned, he already is. To explain what he meant, Hiddleston recapped how he thinks the character changes over his time in the franchise. Beginning with how “broken” he becomes in Thor.

“The thing is, he is redeemed. I found it very touching because Loki, as a character, has been so broken for so long.
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Benedict Wong confirms Avengers 4 return, says Doctor Strange 2 could shoot this December

While the shocking climax to Avengers: Infinity War showed a number of our favourite Marvel heroes turning to dust in the wake of Thanos’ Snap, questions were left hanging over the fates of many fan-favourite supporting characters – not least Benedict Wong’s Wong, who bowed out of the fight against the Children of Thanos in New York in order to protect the Sanctum Sanctorum.

During an appearance at Fan Expo Vancouver this past weekend (via Pop Goes The World), Benedict Wong remained coy as to whether his character survived The Snap, although he did confirm that he has shot scenes for Avengers 4. Whether that means he’ll feature in flashbacks/time travel scenes, or he’ll be among the many characters whose resurrections we’re expecting, it seems we’ll have to wait until May of next year to find out.

Although he was tight-lipped about Avengers 4, Wong did drop another piece of big news,
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Chris Evans Reveals His Favorite Captain America Costume

As with many McU heroes, Chris Evans has changed his costume as Captain America several times over the past few years. As the character’s gone from World War II to modern day, Steve Rogers has had to adjust his fashion choice to suit the times and the practicalities of whatever his latest mission is. But what’s the character’s best outfit according to the man himself?

Evans was asked this question while attending Ace Comic Con in Chicago this weekend alongside his Marvel co-stars Karen Gillan and Lee Pace. His answer will likely encourage nods from fans, too, as he went for perhaps the most widely popular variant on the Captain America costume from the movies – the one from The Winter Soldier.

“I was really partial to the Winter Soldier Cap suit. I just like that it was kind of that all-navy number. To me, it just…we called it the stealth suit.
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Thanos Creator Thought Arnold Schwarzenegger Should Play The Role In Avengers: Infinity War

Though we all loved Josh Brolin’s run as the Mad Titan in Marvel’s cinematic universe, it seems original character creator Jim Starlin never envisioned the one-time Jonah Hex actor in the role. For Starlin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or even Idris Elba, were the top choices for his beloved villain.

While speaking to Chuck Load of Comics during the recent Ace Comic Con in Chicago this weekend, the nearly 70-year-old revealed that Brolin wasn’t even on his mind in the earliest days. Though it wasn’t necessarily due to quality perceptions, but more so because of technological concerns at the time.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Because I always thought it was going to be just a voice over job, you know, [an] animated character. That’s how they were doing it at that point, and the new technology was only being introduced that they first introduced him in The Avengers.
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That Mysterious New Avengers 4 Photo May Have Been Deciphered

A couple of days ago, Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo chose to toy with their fans once more when they shared a mysterious new photo along with the announcement that production had wrapped on their Avengers: Infinity War sequel. As the filmmaking pair surely anticipated, folks have offered a variety of theories on what this excessively bright image could be, including this latest suggestion that the pic forms part of the fancy new logo for the highly anticipated release.

The idea stems in part from a recently leaked toy package, which shows the “Avengers” name written in blue. This follows on from the silver logo for 2012’s The Avengers, the red logo for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and a gold one for Infinity War. Since this new image is also in blue, it’s surely not impossible that the mysterious shape will form part of a stylish graphic to
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Mondo Celebrates McU 10th Anniversary with Awesome New Marvel Posters

Mondo is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a major way. The gallery, which is located in Austin, Texas, has eleven brand-new epic McU posters on display and up for sale. The celebration is called Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years and will run for one week, ending on October 20th. So, if you're in the area and a Marvel fan, you should definitely check this event out.

Mondo's Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years was first announced back in September and previewed some of the posters that were going to be up at the event, starting with Cesar Moreno's print for the first Iron Man film. The awesome poster features Tony Stark constructing the very first suit with the iconic red and yellow coloring that the hero is known for. However, now all of the posters that are up at the event have been released online,
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Why Venom Can Never Join the McU

Sony may very well have been hoping that Venom, which finally hit theaters last weekend, could eventually be folded, in some way or another, into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are a wide array of reasons for why that probably won't ever happen, but the movie itself actually makes it so it can't happen, thanks to one key scene. So unless they pull some sort of alternate universe nonsense, these Spider-Man spin-off movies are going to exist on their own terms.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Venom. At one point toward the end of the first act of the movie, Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is asked to help Jenny Slate's Dr. Dora Skirth, who wants the reporter to look into her shady boss and head of the Life Foundation, Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed. Drake has used space exploration to discover alien symbiotes, which bond to humans in
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Marvel officially wraps production on Avengers 4

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have taken to social media to announce that filming has officially wrapped on Avengers 4, the hugely-anticipated follow-up to this year’s smash hit superhero blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War.


— Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) October 13, 2018

Marvel has done an exceptional job of keeping details on Avengers 4 under wraps, with little known about the sequel aside from the confirmed return of Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), Nebula (Karen Gillan) and Thanos (Josh Brolin), and the introduction of Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) following her first solo outing in March.

There have of course been plenty of rumours – not least the theory that the storyline will revolve around time travel, as the surviving members of
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Sinister Six Spider-Man Spin-Off Is Still a Possibility

Could the The Sinister Six movie still happen? According to Drew Goddard, who wrote the script and was on deck to direct, it's not impossible. And strangely, he may have a point. The movie came about as a result of Sony trying to ambitiously line up a bunch of Spider-Man spin-off movies in the wake of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. However, that didn't end up happening and the studio ultimately cut a deal with Marvel Studios to allow the webslinger to pal around with The Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And with that, we assumed the Sinister Six spin-off was dead. But maybe not.

Drew Goddard is currently making the rounds promoting his latest directorial effort, Bad Times at the El Royale. During a recent interview, the filmmaker was asked about his Sinister Six movie. While it doesn't appear that he's terribly optimistic about the possibility of doing this Marvel super villain team-up movie,
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One Scene In Venom Prevents It From Ever Being Part Of The McU

Throughout Venom‘s production, there were rumors that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios were making plans that could retroactively insert the movie into the McU if they needed to. If you have an on-screen Venom, then it stands to reason that at some point he should meet Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, right? But how could you get the two together?

Well, most assumed that the plan was to have no obvious McU references in Venom, but to avoid too many specifics about the nature of the world that the film was taking place in. That seemed like a logical route to take, but eagle-eyed fans have now spotted a scene that seems to indicate that Venom simply can’t ever be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The scene in question revolves around Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock being surprised and shocked to learn of the existence of aliens. Now, your
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Scarlett Johansson scores bumper payday for Marvel’s Black Widow movie

She may have missed out on becoming the first Marvel hero to lead her own movie, but Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff is finally set to take centre stage in a Black Widow solo film from Marvel Studios, and THR is reporting that the actress has secured a bumper payday for her efforts.

The trade claims that Johansson is set to pocket a cool $15 million fee to reprise her role – the same amount that Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth earned for appearing in Captain America: Civil War and Thor: Ragnarok respectively, as well as Avengers: Infinity War and next year’s Avengers 4.

Johansson’s deal is far and away the biggest that Marvel has paid out for a first solo outing, coming in at three times the $5 million salary Brie Larson is collecting for Captain Marvel. Chadwick Boseman reportedly earned $2 million for the lead in Black Panther, while Robert Downey Jr.
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Crew Member Dies On Set of Tom Hanks' Mister Rogers Movie

Crew Member Dies On Set of Tom Hanks' Mister Rogers Movie
A crew member died during filming of the upcoming Mr. Rogers movie , once known as You Are My Friend, which stars Tom Hanks as the former children's TV host. James Emswiller, a sound mixer who was working with the sound crew on the production, fell two stories from an apartment building in Mount Lebanon, Pittsburgh, where the movie is currently being filmed. Emswiller was reportedly on a smoke break when the incident occurred. Local reporter Meghan Schiller posted this to Twitter shortly after the incident.

#Breaking: Mt. Lebanon Police say they think James Emswiller stepped outside for a smoke break when he may have suffered a heart attack and fell from the balcony. The fall happened around 7:28 in Mt. Lebanon. His time of death was 10:36 at the hospital."

Local authorities don't suspect any foul play or any negligence on the part of the production. According to the officers,
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Vin Diesel as Bloodshot Revealed in New Comic

Vin Diesel as Bloodshot Revealed in New Comic
We have our first look at Vin Diesel as Bloodshot. Sony is doing what they can to get into the comic book movie game while Spider-Man is hanging out with The Avengers over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Part of that involves adapting some Valiant Comics properties for the big screen and first up is Bloodshot, which has Vin Diesel in the role of the titular character. Now, thanks to a newly revealed comic book cover, we know what the Fast and Furious star is going to look like in the role.

The image looks faithful to the character and it also looks like Vin Diesel at the same time, only with pale skin and a big red dot on his chest. In any case, it looks like they got the right man for the job. As for the image, it's the cover for what is being billed as the rarest Bloodshot comic ever,
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Bucky Barnes gets an Avengers: Infinity War Movie Masterpiece Series figure from Hot Toys

Hot Toys has revealed its 1/6th Movie Masterpiece Series Bucky Barnes collectible figure which is based the likeness of Sebastian Stan in the Marvel superhero epic Avengers: Infinity War; check out the promotional images here…

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Friend turned foe, and maybe back to friend again, Bucky Barnes remains under the protection of Wakanda. Returning as one of the most conflicted characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bucky is ready for another fight. Today, Hot Toys is very excited to present the new Bucky Barnes 1/6th scale collectible figure of the marvel-ous Avengers: Infinity War line up.

Masterfully crafted based on the portrayal of Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in the movie, the movie-accurate collectible figure features a newly developed head with striking likeness, a finely tailored tactic suit, two highly-detailed prosthetic arms with one arm half turning into dust recreating the mind blowing scene,
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Crew Member James Emswiller Dies After Fall On Set Of Tom Hanks’ Mister Rogers Film; Sony Laments “Devastating Tragedy” – Update

  • Deadline
Updated with studio statement. A sound mixer has died after a fall on the set of the untitled film about Mister Rogers starring Tom Hanks.

James M. Emswiller, an Emmy winner who also worked on major films such as The Avengers during a three-decade career, fell two stories from a balcony while taking a break between scenes in Mount Lebanon, Pa. He apparently suffered a medical emergency and fell over the brick wall of a balcony in an apartment building where the film was shooting.

Sony Pictures, whose TriStar division is releasing the film, said in a statement: “This is a devastating tragedy and the studio is investigating the matter. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim’s loved ones, friends, and colleagues.”

Reports of his age have varied, but Emswiller was in his 60s.

Pittsburgh TV station Wpxi reported that filming on the drama officially known as the Untitled Mr.
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Captain Marvel gets an updated logo as Brie Larson denies seven-film contract rumours

Following the release of the first trailer last month, Marvel Studios has now unveiled a slightly updated logo for its first superhero offering of 2019 – and the first female-led instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Captain Marvel.

Meanwhile, in another piece of Captain Marvel news, actress Brie Larson has taken to social media to debunk a rumour claiming that she’s signed up for a seven-picture deal as Carol Danvers…

Counterpoint: this is not true

— Brie Larson (@brielarson) October 11, 2018

Marvel typically ties its talent down to multi-picture deals, ranging from six films through to nine (see Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan), so it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if Larson was contracted for a potential seven films, particularly as Captain Marvel looks set to become a major part of the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading into Phase Four.

See Also: Go behind-the-scenes
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Emmy-Winning Sound Mixer Dies After Fall on Set of Tom Hanks’ Mr. Rogers Biopic

Updated: Emmy-winning sound mixer James Emswiller died on Friday after a fall from a two-story building during the filming of the Mr. Rogers biopic “You Are My Friend,” authorities told the Associated Press. He was 61.

Police told local news station Wpxi on Thursday night that Emswiller, who is from the Pittsburgh area, was taking a smoke break on a balcony in between filming scenes when bystanders heard a noise and discovered he had fallen.

He was taken to Upmc Mercy hospital near Mt. Lebanon, Pa., in serious condition, but his status worsened after arriving.

Filming has halted while the police investigate.

Emswiller, who won an Emmy in 2015 for outstanding sound mixing for a limited series or a movie for his work on Queen Latifah’s “Bessie,” has almost 80 credits to his name. He’s worked as a sound mixer on such films as “The Avengers,” “Jack Reacher,” “The Fault in Our Stars,
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