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Nick Stahl: Joshua Lazarus


  • [first lines] 

    [There is a long aural montage of strangers talking, presumably overheard in their thoughts by Joshua] 

    Emily : [Emily is chatting on the phone while walking down a busy street at night]  I'm supposed to trust you? Trust is earned, my friend. Anyway, get your ass down here. If you take too long, I may be gone.

    Joshua Lazarus : [She enters a nightclub and sits at the bar. Joshua approaches her]  Hi. My name is Joshua.

    Emily : I'm Vanessa.

    Joshua Lazarus : Vanessa. You are a...

    [he rubs his forehead with his index finger] 

    Joshua Lazarus : ...Virgo.

    Emily : I'm not an obvious Virgo.

    Joshua Lazarus : It was obvious to me.

    Emily : [She smiles]  You're very intuitive.

    Joshua Lazarus : You could say that.

    [He pauses] 

    Joshua Lazarus : Vanessa. You're name's not really Vanessa, is it?

    Emily : [She's embarrassed]  Emily.

  • Joshua Lazarus : That was the Argentinean Finance Minister. They want me to bankrupt him because he's not playing ball. They can't have that.

    Sandy : That's awful. I should just say no when they ask to hire one of you. And they always ask for you or Kira. You're the only scopers they consider level-headed. Anyway, I'm sorry to make you do these abominable government jobs, but the Home needs the money.

    Joshua Lazarus : You don't have to justify yourself to me, Sandy. You saved my life.

  • Joshua Lazarus : I started hearing the voices again.

    Sandy : Can you control them?

    Joshua Lazarus : For now.

    [He pauses] 

    Joshua Lazarus : How long do I have?

    Sandy : From the recurrence of the voices, sanity is generally lost within a month. I'm so sorry.

    Joshua Lazarus : Don't be. I've had enough time. Thank you for being straight with me, Sandy.

    Sandy : [Sandy rises and pulls a pill bottle out of his pocket]  Here. These are stronger. They should help a little. Make sure you take them regularly!

    [He grimaces] 

    Sandy : I'm needed back at the Home, Josh.

    [He pulls some papers from his inner coat pocket] 

    Sandy : So... you should decide this now. Don't make the same mistake Bobby made.

    Joshua Lazarus : [Josh looks unhappy]  You decide for me. I mean it.

    Sandy : Have you visited Bobby recently?

    Joshua Lazarus : No. I can't.

    Sandy : The NSA insists on permanent restraints, even with the sedation.

    Joshua Lazarus : Yeah. Just...

    [He picks up a pen. A tear rolls down his face] 

    Joshua Lazarus : Nothing, uh... sentimental with, uh, with the ashes.

    [He wipes his eye] 

    Joshua Lazarus : You promise me?

    Sandy : When you feel like the voices are becoming too much, come back to the Home.

  • [Josh and Anna run into each other at a market] 

    Anna Manheim : Hi!

    Joshua Lazarus : Hey.

    Anna Manheim : You're staying on the outside?

    Joshua Lazarus : We don't believe in being in people's heads if they don't want us there. Unless they're normals.

    Anna Manheim : Who's 'we'?

    Joshua Lazarus : There are others like us. Not many.

    Anna Manheim : You know, when I said, yesterday, "Get out," I didn't mean you had to get out of the house. I meant, get out from...

    [she touches her forehead] 

    Anna Manheim : I wasn't prepared for it.

    Joshua Lazarus : You are now?

    [He focuses, and they appear, facing each other, in the dark, dreamy area that is telepathy] 

    Joshua Lazarus : Better this time?

    Anna Manheim : Better.

    Joshua Lazarus : You're fuzzy, you know.

    Anna Manheim : I know - I thought it had to be this way, but you're not.

    Joshua Lazarus : [He smiles]  We'll fix it for you.

    Anna Manheim : I'm - it's okay, it doesn't bother me.

    Joshua Lazarus : Don't worry. It's an easy technique.

  • [Joshua has just met Anna in the market and returns to the car, where Bridger is waiting for his report] 

    Bridger : What'd you get?

    Joshua Lazarus : Well, some vodka for me, and...

    [teasing her] 

    Joshua Lazarus : ...for you, a laxative. Cherry flavor.

    Bridger : [She's not amused]  What did you get from the girl?

  • [Joshua is in a restaurant when Anna enters and takes a seat, many tables away. She shuts her eyes and concentrates. He enters her mind, where she is sitting in a room with rectangles of different colors on the walls, as in paintings by Mondrian] 

    Joshua Lazarus : Nice place you have here. Very... organized.

    Anna Manheim : [Teasingly]  Are you talking to me? I don't recall inviting you in.

    Joshua Lazarus : No, I was talking to the busboy. He's a telepath, too.

  • Joshua Lazarus : We need order. It's how Sandy teaches us to deal with the chaos.

    Anna Manheim : Who's Sandy?

    Joshua Lazarus : Sandy taught me everything. Who trained you?

    Anna Manheim : What do you mean?

    Joshua Lazarus : I mean, who taught you to use your abilities?

    Anna Manheim : No one.

    Joshua Lazarus : That's not possible. You can't fight the voices on your own.

    Anna Manheim : You don't have to fight them. It took me years to learn that.

    Joshua Lazarus : I don't follow you.

  • Joshua Lazarus : You missed my birthday, by the way.

    Kira : Happy belated condolences.

    Joshua Lazarus : Both made it to 28, huh? What are the chances of that?

  • Joshua Lazarus : I'm... I'm... good.

    Kira : [She looks skeptical]  You're "good."

    [Referring to scopers:] 

    Kira : We don't do "good."

  • [Bridger - who's a woman - corners Joshua in the men's bathroom] 

    Bridger : [Referring to the "unknown scoper" whom Joshua knows is Anna]  Who is it?

    Joshua Lazarus : I don't know yet.

    Bridger : Well, that's bullshit. I mean, you got a lousy poker face, Lazarus. You're lucky you can cheat.

    Joshua Lazarus : You spend a lot of time here in the men's room. Is there something I should know?

  • Joshua Lazarus : You ever think about what it'd be like to grow old?

    Kira : Nope. Just like I don't think about what it'd be like to be a frog - 'cause it ain't gonna happen.

  • Anna Manheim : I've been wanting to ask you, how could you be so unethical with my father? It's not like you.

    Joshua Lazarus : [He looks down, then meets her eyes]  I'm just doing my country's bidding. The NSA loves us. We're like wiretaps without wires. No warrant required.

    Anna Manheim : Give me a real answer, Josh.

    Joshua Lazarus : Sandy teaches us that these jobs are for the greater good, and the NSA payments he uses to help other scopers.

    Anna Manheim : I don't like that term, "scopers." It's an ugly word, and you use it to justify the ugly things they make you do. How would you like it if I were cheating your father?

    Joshua Lazarus : I haven't seen my father in twenty years, so...

  • Anna Manheim : You've been taught to keep everyone out, but if you let everyone in, you'd be happier.

    Joshua Lazarus : No thanks. All that selfishness, the million petty hatreds and prejudices, it's too much.

    Anna Manheim : There is the other side. There is the rose that blooms in the lover's heart.

    Anna Manheim : [She smiles at him]  You just have to let yourself see it.

  • Anna Manheim : [Referring to the postcard she gave him]  Look on the other side.

    [He turns it over. She has written, "To many years together." He looks up at her and her smile fades] 

    Joshua Lazarus : Anna, I should... I should tell you more about Windman's Syndrome. You have a chance. You're only 26. Maybe they can find a... a cure in time for you.

    Anna Manheim : I'm not actually 26. I'm sorry. I made you think I was 26.

    Joshua Lazarus : [He is stunned]  You can't lie in a merge.

    Anna Manheim : Well, I kinda did.

    [She giggles] 

    Joshua Lazarus : So, then, how old are you?

    Anna Manheim : [softly, but smiling]  I just turned 31.

    Joshua Lazarus : That's not possible.

  • Joshua Lazarus : Anyway, they don't... they don't trust me anymore. They wanna send me back to New York.

    Anna Manheim : Then I'm coming with you.

    Joshua Lazarus : They'll be watching me. They always are. If they see us together...

    Anna Manheim : What else can I do? I'm in love with you.

    Joshua Lazarus : I'm so used to being alone. I thought it had to be that way.

    Anna Manheim : I think we deserve some happiness.

    Joshua Lazarus : We don't have much time left.

  • [after 20 years, Joshua finds his father in a temple] 

    Joshua Lazarus : Hello, Abba. It's me, Abba.

    [His father hugs him and begins to weep] 

  • [after re-introducing himself to his father, Joshua agrees that he was taken away from his parents for being "sick," using the Russian word] 

    Ephraim Lazarus : [delighted]  So! You remember some Russian, too!

    Joshua Lazarus : A little bit.

    Ephraim Lazarus : And what else you remember?

    Joshua Lazarus : I remember the... the numbers.

    [He frowns down at his father's arm, where the sinister numbers have been imprinted] 

    Ephraim Lazarus : Yeah.

    Joshua Lazarus : I remember trying to rub them off, but I couldn't.

  • Joshua Lazarus : Just because you save people's lives, doesn't give you the right to kill them.

  • [last lines] 

    Joshua Lazarus : You're here...

    Anna Manheim : I'm here.

  • [On the verge of Windman's Syndrome, Joshua is confronted by a voice in his sleep that eventually appears before him as a circus clown] 

    Clown : Fine. You want face-to-face? You got it. You want me to take off the mask?

    [the clown removes its mask but the same mask is beneath it] 

    Clown : Get the point?

    Joshua Lazarus : Exactly what do you want from me?

    Clown : You have to leave. Soon. Get away.

    Joshua Lazarus : How?

    Clown : That's your problem.

    Joshua Lazarus : Why?

    Clown : Because you know something you shouldn't. I have to go now.

    Joshua Lazarus : I'm just supposed to take your word for it?

    Clown : I'm just telling you what you already know. Just think of me as your conscience talking. Make sure you take the girl. She knows it, too.

    Joshua Lazarus : What does it matter if I'm going to be dead in a couple...

    Clown : You have more time than you think.

  • Joshua Lazarus : This is weird, having to guess what you want. No wonder normals are so terrified of sex.

  • Bridger : Hello, Lazarus. Oh, you look a little too conscious for my liking. It's amazing how these drugs keep you mind-reading freaks talking, even when you're semi-comatose.

    Joshua Lazarus : What'd I get?

    Bridger : Hmm? Oh, you're more coherent when you're conscious, but then, of course, you're much less cooperative.

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