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Jane Tutilou7 May 2012
I downloaded this film and had to buy the DVD because I loved it that much. Its a great film with spectacular narration, an amazing director and talented cast. The whole concept behind why it was made is sweet too. A gift to his mother? Mr.Douglas is a good boy. My sister is taking a psychology class and used this film as a case study. The whole class was asking her about it. I hope they all get a chance to see it because it really is a great piece of art. All on green screen? I bet that was fun, very dedicated people there. I esp. liked seeing a certain someone with their shirt off, that was fun. I look forward to more films by Douglas in the future.
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sara331027 May 2012
The Crooked Eye is a very endearing film that is hilarious and sad at the same time. You can't help but feel for the main character and wonder what the story is leading up to. Linda Hunt's voice is superb, she narrates in a way that draws you in and makes you listen. After watching this film I can't imagine anyone more fitting for the role. It was cast perfectly, there were a certain few that had me laughing more than I should have but films are supposed to evoke emotion, and this one certainly did. I love the way this film was directed, the talent gene of D.C Douglas stretches far and wide. I recommend this short film to all who are fans of great films.
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Elegant film making
abaughn21 November 2011
The Crooked Eye is a monumental short film. This short packs real production punch. For anyone interested in film making it is worth viewing. For anyone interested in the human psyche it is a must. For anyone who likes Helen Hunt check it out. I am generally disappointed by most short films but The Crooked Eye stands out as a real example of heart felt film making. There is a very real mastery of visual story telling. I saw it at a screening in Hollywood. There are very few shorts that are so well produced and delivered. Sets the bar way high for film makers of short films. Tip-o-da-hat! Well worth the money to check it out!
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news-29719 November 2011
I saw this little gem at a festival two years ago and was quite excited to find out it is now on iTunes. I watched it again and now have even more appreciation for it. The special effects aspect is not the selling point here. It's the story and the acting. Fay Masterson turns in a subtle and touching performance as a woman sinking in her own insecurities. In 20 minutes, my heart was in her hands. Linda Hunt's narration is ethereal and haunting. An excellent short that deserves a much higher rating than it has here (though I suspect the rating system is flawed or broken).

In addition, the music is simple and dreamy enough to evoke the appropriate moods. If you get it from iTunes, be sure to get the HD version as the visual effects degrade with the regular version.
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Home run
Doug Stone16 November 2011
Really, really enjoyed this and how great to see Linda Hunt! Love this kind of quirky humor mixed with pathos. Well cast, acted and written. I always find independent film is where risks are taken and individual voices speak loudest. I gather this has done well in film festivals, which doesn't surprise me. I wonder what kind of fun Mr. Douglas would have if he had a full on Hollywood budget?! Lol. Crooked Eye in CGI? No, it doesn't need it. It stands up as it is as a delightful piece of film. I follow the political output of Mr. Douglas and am glad to see he also has a creative bent for story telling. I don't know if this is available as a purchase or rental but I highly recommend it.
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