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"This Life" in politics
ennor2 December 2008
This series is made for the 20 & 30 somethings out there who like their stories to be laced with a little sex, deception, politics (which often = sex + deception), nice bodies, fresh faces, bars, booze, and some dabbling in illicit substances. Now, my 20, 30-something days are far behind me, but I love this show, even only having seen the first episode.

Like "This Life" of 15 or so years ago did for the law profession, 'Party Animals' gets inside the lives of a handful of (mostly quite young) researchers and would-be lobbyists attached to Westminster in London. The behind-the-scenes goings on seem hard to believe, but believe it you must. This is just a tiny window into the workings of the British political system, like hiding backstage to see what goes on behind the scenes. So much responsibility seems to be in the hands of the very young, most of whom have to unwind with alcohol, drugs and sex, and of course this frequently adds further complication to already complicated lives.

The cast are attractive, and all more than competent in their respective roles. The script is quick and sharp, and altogether this series is worth a look.
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Contemporary British drama at its best
joanna-knox28 November 2010
I LOVE this series. Intelligent script and storyline, great acting, attractive characters - this is contemporary British drama (aiming at the younger crowd but appealing to a wider audience) at its best. Loved 'This Life' (years ago by the same people) but this tops it. A great (but fictional) insight into life at Westminster.

It's a shame series 2 was never made (as it was clearly setup to be), but the poor ratings in addition to Matt Smith becoming the newest Dr Who couldn't have helped.

If you like quality English productions - this is for you. Buy the DVD - worth watching twice.

I think I might go and re-watch 'This Life' now.
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