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Season 1

31 Jan. 2007
Episode #1.1
Under pressure Labour Minister Jo Porter takes a verbal beating in the Commons from Tory counterpart James Northcote as she announces a new policy on youth crime. How has he anticipated Jo's statement with such killer ripostes? And where has he got all those figures? The answer can be found back in Jo's parliamentary office, where her loyal researcher Danny Foster watches the debacle unfold in total despair. He left the report in a pub toilet. Meanwhile, Tory duo Ashika Chandiramani and Matt Baker cannot hide their glee at Jo's humiliation - Matt stole the report from...
7 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.2
Scott's feeling down after Jake's death and Danny tries to distract him. There's uproar in Jo's constituency over the publication of a controversial book. The attraction between Scott and Ashika is obvious. On-off sexual partner, Sophie however, is jealous of their budding relationship and tells Ashika that Scott is merely taking advantage of her Tory contacts. James has had enough of old-school Tory, George Morgan publicly denouncing him and the new Tory party and dispatches Ashika and Matt to dig the dirt on him. It seems that George's upbringing is less gritty than...
14 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.3
Ashika is approached to put herself forward as a candidate for the upcoming constituency Longton South by election. Labour researcher Danny attempts to impress his preoccupied mother over dinner in Portcullis House. However, his attempts go unnoticed when it transpires his mum has a big announcement of her own, much to Danny's horror. Scott is teamed up with sexy trainee Vienna Lurie. Their task is to help draw attention to the cruel treatment of bears in China, who are being illegally held in captivity for their bile. This has never been a cause close to Scott's ...
21 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.4
Attempting to prove that he's not in love with his colleague Kirsty, Labour Researcher Danny arranges an internet date. Initially the date seems to go well; however, it is fairly obvious that Danny doesn't take after his older brother, Scott, when it comes to charming the fairer of the sexes. Being a busy labour MP, Jo asks loyal Researcher Danny and intern Kirsty to organise an intimate birthday dinner for her husband and close friends. Kirsty has bigger ideas, planning to use the occasion to network with her boss's useful connections. Fuelled by his continuing ...
28 Feb. 2007
Episode #1.5
The murder of a white prisoner by his Asian inmate has created a media frenzy and the press are demanding a statement from their local MP, Labour minister Jo Porter who is nowhere to be seen. When she finally arrives at work, hungover, she lets slip to Danny that Scott left last night's party with Kirsty. Danny is left wondering what happened between the two of them. Scott and Kirsty decide to lie about it. Sexy journalist Sophie convinces Labour supporting Scott to escort her to the Conservative Winter Ball. His boss, Stephen Templeton encourages him to go - hoping ...
7 Mar. 2007
Episode #1.6
Stephen tells Scott that he's been headhunted to help the flagging Labour by-election campaign. Scott's flattered and heads up to Sedley to assess the candidate.
14 Mar. 2007
Episode #1.7
Danny urges Jo to seek counselling for her escalating drink problem. Ashika uses a picture of Scott's dad to promote herself and boost her campaign. Danny suggests Kirsty for a new research job for an MP. Unbeknown to Kirsty the job is not available to her but she will stop at nothing to climb the political ladder, even if it means sleeping her way to the top.
21 Mar. 2007
Episode #1.8
Jo Porter has to perform well in the opposition debate otherwise her career is over. Danny is devastated when Kirsty admits to sleeping with a potential employer for a research post. As the Sedley by-election hots up, so does the relationship between Ashika and Scott. However, when Scott receives a CD containing photos of Ashika and James Northcote he is torn.

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