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MPAA Rated R for some violence

Sex & Nudity

    • There are some quick (heads only) shots of a man and woman having sex in a car (including the woman moaning and the man kissing her breasts as she wears a bra).
    • There are some pictures of scantily clad women seen on a bathroom wall and a computer screen.
    • Brief scene where a woman and man make out.
    • A man pushes a woman's head down towards his crotch to hide her.
    • A woman licks a man's face.
    • A man's wife is having an affair.

Violence & Gore

    • A woman sticks her finger down her throat to force herself to throw up some pills.
    • A man is heard urinating as he stands at a urinal.
    • People angrily throw objects around.
    • Several people are slapped in the face.
    • A man has a wire stuck in his neck. He shoots several men (not bloody or graphic).
    • A man is killed in a hit and run (offscreen).
    • A bloody woman (who died in a car crash) is briefly seen a few times.
    • A man is heard urinating.
    • A man is beaten with a bone until it breaks.
    • A man's face is bloody after it smashes into a windshield.
    • A man hits and kicks another man's handcuffed hand.
    • A woman hits a man's head with her purse.
    • A woman tries to stab a man with a knife.
    • A woman stabs a man in the hand with a knife. The knife is pulled out and the wound is bloody.
    • A woman is hit by a car.
    • Several people are shot during a shootout (some blood when two men are shot in the arm and head).


    • 'Damn, dammit, bitch, sucks' are each said once (in subtitles).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • Some smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.
    • A woman says she takes pills for pregnancy but she doesn't know what they are (we find out later that they are tranquilizers).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

    • A man nearly crashes into a garbage truck. He swerves his car; impaling it into a beam which nearly kills him.
    • A skeleton is seen inside a chest.
    • Several scenes in which people have guns/knives pointed at them.
    • A man speeds up a car to get a passenger to confess.
    • A man is nearly hit as a car crashes through a gate next to him.
    • A man pulls a hammer out of his pants in what looks like a threatening manner.
    • Glass is suddenly heard breaking as some people hide.
    • A man runs into a group of enemies.
    • A man falls from the ceiling.
    • A lightbulb is shot out.
    • Some gunshots are fired at people as they run.

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