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Less inspired than the original
CSHaviland6 May 2011
The original Hoodwinked was a clever movie, giving us a twist on the Little Red Riding hood fable, making it into a crime caper. It was well written and very funny.

The sequel seems uninspired and poorly conceived. Nothing clever here. A few witty moments strung together into an adventure movie that isn't nearly as clever. Some characters were just thrown in because they were liked (the goat) and didn't serve any other purpose, other characters just seemed odd and uninteresting (the harp), and the main characters, while true to their original conceptions, were stuck in a weaker, more convoluted plot.

At least the first half of the movie had its funny moments. The last half of the movie seemed tired and uncreative.

I am not in the movie's primary demographic however (being 45). My sons, ages 4 and 7, enjoyed the movie very much and laughed quite a bit. So if you are a parent, take your kids. They'll probably enjoy it. If you're not a parent and you like computer animated features, don't set your expectations very high.
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Most disappointing sequel ever
Mrohnoes11 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The 1st Hoodwinked movie will always be loved by me. It has good writing, sound, acting, and story. It is the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, mixed in with some crime drama, and it worked v....Huh? What's that? Oh god, the f**king sequel. Wow, what a disappointment. The problems? The story isn't as good, the writing is crap (expect many done-wrong references to much better movies), and various other problems! Let's start with the story. Basically, the HEA(Happily Ever After)Agency mentioned in the first movie turns out to be like the CIA of the Hoodwinked world. The heroes from the 1st movie (except Red, I'll get to that in a minute) are on a mission to save Hansel and Gretel from an evil witch. But they screw up, and Granny gets captured, even though, you know, she's capable of preventing that from happening to herself (yeah, a few of the characters' traits and personalities were changed for no reason). Now the HEA calls upon the help of Red, who's currently training in the mountains from Kung Fu Panda with the Sisters of the Hood. She fails the test given to her, and is given some bulls**t legend about a magical truffle, which, when eaten, makes the person unstoppable. It also turns out that the recipe for the truffle was stolen, and everyone freaks out. Some agents of the HEA come by and pick up Red to bring her to the HEA. By the way, we never see the Sisters of the Hood again, so you won't care about them. OK, screw it, I'm not talking about the story anymore, because I didn't care about it. I'll just say that the evil witch is not the main villain, but Hansel and Gretel are. One reviewer on here likes this twist, but she apparently didn't stop to think about how the hell that would work, because it doesn't make a lick of sense. Now the writing was "meh" to say the least, but the references just sucked. Though the worst of all, has to be the scene where Red finds a table that has the tools and ingredients needed to make the Magic Truffle. When Red tries to concentrate, her granny's words come to mind. Then, out of nowhere, we hear Obi-Wan say "Luke, use the Force." My god, that was painfully forced. Thankfully, the rest of the references aren't as bad, but they still suck. There are 3 other things I should mention. First, is that the billy goat from the 1st movie is here as well, except he's part of a running joke where he gets hurt by falling or being flattened. Guess how many times they repeat this joke? FIVE TIMES. That is LAZY. And it's not even funny. Second, as you watch the movie, you'll probably notice characters from the 1st movie. The problem? None of the main characters acknowledge their existence, even though they were important in the 1st movie. Third, if at all possible, DO NOT see this movie in 3D, because there's nothing remotely 3D in the movie that would make it worth paying a few extra bucks. Overall, Hoodwinked Too! sucks, though it's not god-awful (but it got there 10 times too many), as the action scenes range from decent to good. If you want some Hoodwinked!, go watch the 1st movie.
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Hoodwinked deviating from its last idea
rgkarim29 April 2011
Think back to 2005 when the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood was rewritten in a cute format, full of mediocre comedy, ridiculous antics, lots of loud screaming, an X-Files approach to getting the answers and a demented bunny that tied everything together. Yes it was none other than the first Hoodwinked. Today I watched the sequel to this cute spin of Red Riding Hood and I'm here to report that it has deviated from this formula.

Hoodwinked Too begins with a quick, exciting chase scene involving a witch, two fat kids, a wolf, a coffee induced squirrel, and a couple of background animals. Granny is still the master daredevil and shows us the amazing moves shes famous for from the first one, except this time its on a hog. However after this brief, thrilling, funny scene, the movie takes a quick turn to Red and her secret training ground. Here we learn about her attitude problem and how she has to work with a team instead of being alone. Once these scenes are done, the movie essentially is laid out for you to predict. You clearly can guess who the bad guys are, you can guess what is going to happen to the accomplices, and you pretty much can guess everything that is going to happen in this movie. As a result, this movie really has no twists to it.

So is this movie worth watching? Well in my opinion it depends on what you want to see. One great thing about this movie is that Twitchy the squirrel has a lot of screen action and has a lot of hyperactive, funny movements and skills that will make kids laugh their heads off, and maybe some adults as well. The squeaky voice may get on some parents nerves, but I assure you that kids will love this funny colorful character. A second thing that parents might enjoy a little more, or adults who like CGI movies is the constant references to James Bond and the catchy one liners that this movie can throw at you. The wolf in particular has a couple of shrek like lines that adults will get more than kids, but it still doesn't match the brilliance that the green ogre has shown. A third thing I will say is good about this movie is that its not slow at all. The movie keeps a brisk pace and allows anybody with a short attention span to be centered on the movie and not drifting to sleep, which I find as a big positive. Also the woodsmen yodelers were pretty good as well, but their role in the movie was too short for me and should have been expanded.

If you're a fan of Granny however, then you may not enjoy this movie as much as the master spy plays a very low key role in this movie. Aside from that beginning scene I mentioned, Granny has a few quick flips, tricks, and kicks that are diluted from her classic role. Some of the comedy in this movie is also very slap sticky and beat you over the head, especially gags about disguises and what not, which does get a little old. The story is weak as well, and really did not impress me as much as the first one did. Although the first story was not a masterpiece, it still was a creative look on the red riding hood story. This one deviated a little too much for my taste and should have tried to get another story going, without putting in so much secret agent warfare.

Okay recommended audience for this movie, definitely viewers who have kids that like squeaky, hyperactive characters, this movie has a lot of them. Fans of the fairy tale parodies may appreciate this film as well, though may not be as impressed by this film as others. Overall for this kind of movie I'll say a 6.5 maybe 7 at the most for a good try at a fun kids film. However, it just doesn't reach out to a large audience like Pixar and Disney do in their work. Until next time, this is rgkarim signing out. Please email me if you have any ideas to improve my writing at rgkarim@mail.roanoke.edu
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A very pale shadow of its first part
LazySod8 August 2011
Picking up the story where the previous one left off (more or less) this film continues a fairy tale world where Red Riding Hood is not quite as helpless as she is in the original tales and where Granny is something else entirely. The characters are, to an extend, the same as they were in the first film - but quite sadly that is the end of the comparability of the two.

Where the original film is a quirky "whodunnit" that attempts to solve a crime by having the audience sit through several viewpoints on the events that happened this sequel is a sequence of standard events that seems to be stolen from several other films - and stolen poorly at that.

As a comedy it doesn't work - good scenes are few and far apart. As a twisted fairy tale it doesn't work either - it's not convoluted enough by far. As an animation film it doesn't work either - it's bland and many scenes feel overly easy.

All in all, an insult to the first film and I only didn't feel cheated out of paying because my kid did seem to like it (he's never seen the original though) 5 out of 10 sequels too many
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forgot what made the original good
maxblackanvil2 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't interested in seeing the first Hoodwinked, due to the commercials, which seemed to focus on bad animation and making a wolf in an afro funny. When I got the DVD for my kids, it quickly became a family favorite, having quick humor, sly references to other movies, and (not least) an interesting plot. A police investigation into the happenings around the story of little red riding hood and resultant conflicting accounts by each of the major players made for a quite interesting movie. Hoodwinked 2 seems to have forgotten what made the first movie enjoyable. It starts off well, but then drifts into a straightforward, predictable story of Hansel and Gretel trying to obtain a secret recipe which gives them unlimited power. There are no overlaps, story twists, or the quick wit that made the first movie fun. Also, strangely absent is music. The first movie was loaded with catchy songs (often sung by a scene stealing goat). The only music in this film are sung by said goat, but only enough to set him up for a repeated "object falls on him" joke. Familiar characters from the first movie show up as bystanders, but none of them speak, i.e. the x-games bears and the cops appear, but are not heard or utilized in the story. Frankly, I expected more from this movie, but was not totally surprised. If you haven't seen it, watch the original instead. Skip this one.
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Cheech and Chong's characters were the only funny parts in the movie
indyfreak514 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was forced to see this movie because of my sister and her boyfriend. And I was thinking although this is better than Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakel, this was only for the kids only. I haven't seen the first one, so I was going into this with very low expectations.

The plot was predictable, I knew Hansel and Gretel were evil, and the whole plot was predictable and unoriginal. But one thing I thought was funny in the movie was the performances of Cheech and Chong as the two evil henchpigs. They had some references to their old movies, and that was the only thing that was funny about the movie.

This movie is only for the kids only, but it is a heck of a lot better than Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakel.
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Bland and uninspired
TheLittleSongbird8 October 2011
I have to admit that I enjoyed the first Hoodwinked, while it was not perfect, I loved the fun story, the voice cast, the clever dialogue and catchy soundtrack. Although I hadn't heard many good things about Hoodwinked Too! I naturally wanted to see if it was at least watchable. Watching it online, while I was not expecting it to be better than or as good as the original, I was in all honesty expecting much better than this.

The only real reason why I don't rate it any lower is the voice cast, the standouts being David Ogden Stiers, Joan Cusack and Patrick Warburton, even if the latter's material isn't anywhere near as as funny or clever here he still does a credible job with the delivery. Hayden Panettiere also does a spirited job as Red, and Glenn Close while like Warburton not having standout material does what she can.

On the other hand, I just wasn't engaged with it at all. The story is a big reason why. I loved the idea, and it started off great, but it very quickly became very predictable, part of me felt that some of the plot seemed over-stretched sometimes and the film generally lacked the first film's snappy pacing. Another problem is the script, I missed the clever wit and the sly references here. Everything seemed rather obvious and tired.

Hoodwinked Too! also suffers from the characters not having any likability or charm. Almost all of them are underused and very bland. Although Ogden Stiers does do all he can, his character is rather thankless. In fact for me, only Big Bad Wolf and Cusack's Witch sparked any interest. What there is of the soundtrack is very forgettable, nothing's there to make it catchy.

And I didn't like the animation here. I have heard much from those who didn't like the first film's animation, I personally liked the colours and backgrounds there, but some of the character designs in that film took some getting used to. The animation here though is in my opinion pretty messy. The backgrounds are tolerable if nothing special, but the colouring is dull and the character designs blocky.

In conclusion, a bland and uninspired sequel to a surprisingly enjoyable film. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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gtxturbo13 April 2013
I didn't like the first movie very much but I can watch it without feeling insulted by what it tries to pass as comedy. The same can not be said for Hoodwinked Too! Now, before I go on, let me just say that I have not seen the whole movie -- I saw a little over half of it. But even still, I have rarely witnessed a movie so bad that it made me want to meet one of the writers in person just so that I could see what kind of person would actually think this garbage was good. I sat there watching it, hoping that it would redeem itself somehow mid-way through. I was willing to give it a chance even though it was hurting me. My five year old daughter, on the other hand, had seen enough. I have to admit that I felt relieved when she got up to eject the DVD that she looked woefully unimpressed with -- she spared me the torment of sitting through the rest of it with her -- but I was even more relieved to see that my child could tell the difference between a good animated movie and an awful one.
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fratzinok4 August 2011
This movie made me forget what I liked about the first one!!! This sequel was terrible!!!! The plot was so stupid, from the very beginning to the end I was thinking, "Why on earth did they make this movie at all??!!" All the charm of the first film was missing from this one!!! I think people in the theater laughed maybe twice! The jokes were not funny at all! Even my young daughter thought it was bad! With such an all star cast, it was a big let down. There have only been maybe 2 times in my 40 year life that I walked out of the theater feeling I wasted my money, and this was one of them! Honestly I wouldn't even waste my $1.00 on this at Redbox!
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Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011)
SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain13 December 2011
The first Hoodwinked had poor animation, but was made on a budget and had a fantastic script. It was witty, clever, and most of all likable. Hoodwinker Too seems like it was created by a new batch of film makers that completely missed the point. It wasn't. The original writers return, but I don't know what happened to the humour. The animation isn't great, but that could be excused by quality content. What isn't excusable is the awful shot composition. There's a fight scene that looks like a 2D side- scrolling platformer. The jokes are few and far between, and as the movie tries to expand on its forest origins into a big city, it only shows the lack of funds and resources, as you see the same characters over and over again. The voice work isn't terrible, but it's hard to care towards the end. The original had clever mystery with a Rashomon narrative. Here it's all linear, and tries to spoof too many action movies.
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Incredibly Disappointing Sequel
gavin694215 August 2011
Red Riding Hood is training in the group of Sister Hoods, when she and the Wolf are called to examine the sudden mysterious disappearance of Hansel and Gretel.

While the film has a great cast, it is so light on quality, it could have been a television episode -- this is not feature film quality. A few good jokes here or there, but a weak story and just nothing that really grabbed my attention.

It seems the game these days is to make terrible sequels. "Shrek 4" was a letdown, "Open Range 3" was just average... this one, though, sets a new low bar in effort. Nobody involved gave a hoot about it (except maybe the voice talent, and they must have been in a very good contract, because I do not know why they would want to be in this after reading the script).
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Worth wild, yet not as innovative as the original
jmilewski-113 May 2011
Very much like Shrek 2.... Plot is not nearly as clever or well written as the original. However, since the characters are already developed, the the jokes are well presented, well timed and come quickly. This movie is far more action driven than the original. The plot seems merely the vehicle. Don't expect unique take on an old tale as the movie primarily moves forward developing current characters and back stories. Additional fairly tail intersections are used for story structure. Overall, if you have conservative expectations and want to enjoy old friends, I give it a 7. This move is a ton of fun with lots of reference to pop culture that adults will enjoy. If you want to see more from the Hoodwinked gang you will not be disappointed.
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justin054419 August 2011
Yeah, bad....

Animation was awful--wooden--cheap! I liked Anne Hathaway's voice better as red, the new girl doesn't fit the character. The writing was terrible. Ugh. Martin Short as Kirk was a waste of valuable finances that should have been put towards animation and hiring Anne Hathaway.... Oh, and why is Joan Cusack still around? She is barely tolerable with her brother carrying her, but by herself...just go away. Glenn Close barely sounded like Granny--lazy! Red's poorly animated face annoyed me even more so then her new voice. I had high expectations of this movie, being a huge fan of the first, but they just destroyed the whole franchise.

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A missed opportunity.
planmud15 June 2011
Most animated sequels have come on strong over the past 15 years. Considering the small launch the first movie had and the following it earned, this was a real disappointment. The opening feels like they were given a time limit and crammed as many jokes and action as they could into it. The movie doesn't flow like the original, with a storybook feel and side flashes to build the plot. This is a jumbled mash of sarcasm, too much action (and not good action) and wasted opportunities. Note to the producers of this film: Throwing in all your supporting characters from the first film as street extras doesn't help. And, while we are on that subject, during the big climax, no purple hotrod getting smashed? There was a missed opportunity.
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Best movie, not bad as I thought.
hashinoure29 August 2016
When I saw the cover for the movie on Netflix I thought it was lame. But after I forced myself to watch it I saw a world of good come out of it. It was funny and the wolf was funny to. The animation was way better than the last. Also the characters were more interesting and had their own personalities. The parts that I didn't like in the movie was that the ending was a little dry, but it was still acceptable. Some people think its lame but honestly this is a show for only kids not adults. First, its based off fairy tales. Second, it was made for Kids!

In conclusion, this movie was beyond the best and lots of funny references to the original fairy tales. I recommend this movie to kids from 5-13 yrs old.
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A decent first film gets an obnoxious, needless sequel.
Ryan_MYeah22 September 2011
Let's just say that this film wins the prize for most unnecessary sequel of the year. haters of Pirates 4 and Cars 2, step back.

The film opens with a mission by the Happily Ever After agency, led by Agent Nicky Flippers, to rescue Hansel and Gretel from a witch. Granny gets kidnapped by the witch, and so the big bad wolf goes looking for Red Riding Hood, now a member of an organization "Of the Hood." Joining forces, they go on a mission to discover the mystery behind Granny's disappearance, and what follows is a series of dupes, and fairy tale references. You've been hoodwinked into forking over hard earned money.

Before you ask me exactly WHY I watched the movie, I'll tell you. It's because I liked the first film. Some can fault the first film if they want, but I think its half decent story, clever jokes, and low budget animation charm give it a nice identity. In short, the sequel fails to live up to the first film in any way, it's also the second worst film featuring Red Riding Hood I've seen this year, the first being that boring Amanda Seyfried flick.

The story is forced, under developed, bolted down, and lacking in coherency. The laughs fall especially short of the edge. I can't say it didn't make me laugh a few times, but even that's not enough to cover it. The cast tend to be obnoxious, monotonous, and feel wasted, just like their characters that could have worked if more effort had been put into it. The film's biggest saving grace is its brisk running time of just under 80 minutes. But if you do see this film expecting a good time, prepare to be duped.

I give it *1/2 out of ****
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Too many bad examples for display.
dconsulta6 September 2011
IN my opinion: 1. Red Riding Hood is in my personal opinion a violent, impulsive girl. Not a good example for display. 2. She preaches the Good by practicing physical violence. Not a good example for display either. 3. She can't control herself, she has a attitude problem. I can't get how this movie is out there for kids. 4. There are scenes with armed characters trying to shoot (or kill) other characters. As a matter of a fact, I understood as a childish way to show Homicide Attempt. 5. Physical violence is shown as something funny, like in a comedy atmosphere when it is just not OK to pass this message to children. 6. A psychiatry award is shown as a disgusting place when it is a place where unhealthy people seeks therapy and deserves be treated with dignity. I totally dislike the movie and regretted to bring my child to watch it.
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A Nutshell Review: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil
DICK STEEL15 May 2011
It sure took Hoodwinked some 6 years before a follow up film got made, and while based primarily on the characters in Little Red Riding Hood twisted into that featured in the first film, any semblance of what you know from that fairy tale got totally thrown out the window in his sequel, as it focused more on the action with the narrative by the quartet of Mike Disa, Tony Leech and Cory and Todd Edwards turning this into something of a mission impossible, with Nicky Flippers (David Ogden Stiers) running an agency called the HEA whose operatives are out to save Hansel and Gretel (Bill Hader and Amy Poehler) from the evil clutches of Verushka the Witch (Joan Cusack).

You can smell the formula it's trying to emulate from the Shrek franchise with its many fairy tale characters peppering the landscape, with side show characters such as The Giant (Brad Garrett) from Jack and the Beanstalk, the three little pigs, and countless others including a not so blind mouse. Comedy comes courtesy of the many pop culture references yet again that adults will catch, but I can't say too much of the same from the little ones, judging by bored looks and less than enthusiastic responses throughout the show. If it's something animated films need to know and that is never alienate your targeted audience although it's a fine line to tread upon, given the accompanying adults that you have to consider as well.

It's also strange that the bulk of the budget probably went to securing the class act of voices to return and feature in this follow up, featuring the likes of Hayden Panettiere (taking over Anne Hathaway) as Red Riding Hood, Glenn Close as Granny, Patrick Warburton as the Wolf, and others such as Cory Edwards, Martin Short, and even model Heidi Klum, although her Heidi character probably didn't more than 10 sentences throughout the film in her character's short appearance. No doubt they do a good job trying to breathe some life into their animated roles, but alas they all got let down by what's primarily essential in an animated film, besides the lack of a solid storyline, and that's the animation.

I was quite surprised to note that there was even some stereoscopic transfer from 2D to 3D for this film (the 3D version didn't make it here), given none of the scenes called for something to pop out of the screen, so it's a complete rip off. Worse, the animation lacked the detail and vividness of modern day CG animation, with character expressions being really stiff that you may be mistaken that it's something done from our animation factories that produced films like Sing to the Dawn - no offense here, but it's really quality that took many steps backward to where we are currently, at the infancy stage.

That already meant the battle got lost halfway since the visuals fail to engage, coming off as quite cheap looking, and the storyline or the lack thereof in something with a little more punch, with its villainous gags coming up really short and being repetitive. Riddled with plenty of clichés, such as Red Riding Hood being sent away to tutor under the Sister Hoods, which is a pseudo martial arts monastery cum bakery school, that really, baking and kung fu? Give me a break please and leave that to the Panda, although the positive message to come from the film for the little ones include that of working together and cooperation, since Red and Wolf can't partner together for the most parts, and have to learn through the hard way.

I'm not sure why this film even got made as it went really off tangent from the first one, and seriously could have been called anything else and still it won't matter. It's its own film that somehow didn't work, if only it had worked on both the quality of animation, and storyline.
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A very good sequel that is about as good as the first. Kids will like it, adults will love it. I did. I say A
cosmo_tiger12 August 2011
"Why are you reading that book? Nobody reads books anymore! Movies are always better, especially sequels." Red (Panetiere), Granny (Close), Twitchy and the Wolf are back. This time they are part of a detective agency that is set up to give everyone their happy endings. When an evil witch kidnaps Hansel & Gretel it is up to Red and the gang to find and rescue them. Being an adult and father I am required by law to watch cartoons with my kids. Some of the recent ones were a struggle. This one I was more excited about then they were. The first one was hilarious and this one held up very well. This is a "Shrek" like cartoon in the way that 90% of the jokes are geared toward grown-ups. There is a "Silence Of The Lambs" and a "Goodfellas" reference thrown in, which most kids will not understand. To be fair though, my kids laughed at the slapstick aspect and it kept my 2 year old interested, so it is good for kids as well. When compared to the first one, I will have to say that they are equally funny. This one had more adult humor then the first one though. Overall, a great movie for adults that kids will enjoy. I love these movies. I give it an A.

Would I watch again? - Absolutely. I would buy these movies.

*Also try - Hoodwinked & Megamind
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Another movie that the haters got DEAD WRONG!! This was hilarious!!
joiningjt31 January 2021
Would have gave this an 8 but upped my score to offset a little from the haters who are obviously 2 stupid to get the GREAT jokes in this hilarious film. Great voice actors all around hansel and gretel were hilarious, the granma was awesome and cheech and Chong can do no wrong!!! Ignore the bandwagon haters who have no sense of humor this is a MUST own bluray and especially in 3d!!! They got this completely wrong!!! Laughed my butt off especially at the one liners from tons of big time movies. Some 48 hrs, goodfellas, Arnold movies and so many more!!
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Why are we laughing?
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews19 September 2020
The Happily Ever After agency try to save Hansel and Gretel from the witch in the gingerbread house.

I'm going to try to be as objective as I can be in this. I love the first one, although, even if I didn't, I still would only think this one was mediocre. It's not completely without merit. To get the obvious out of the way: the animation is much much better this time around. The first one essentially reimagined the story of Red Riding Hood into a mystery story, with four distinctly different perspectives on the events leading up to and including that fairy tale's ending. This one has a more straightforward action-adventure approach. Obviously that isn't going to have the same effect, but then they also couldn't just do the same thing again. The Wolf(Warburton, who clearly realises how much lesser this is than the first entry) sees his character assassinated(...not literally), as he's made really stupid so they can use that as fodder for Laughs.

This is simply nowhere near as funny as the original. It goes the the Zucker-Abrahams route, by including as many jokes as at all possible, hoping that it will make the end product better. It does not. Somewhere between 1/3 and maybe even half of the material, simply is not particularly good. There's too much crude slapstick. The puns are painful. I like Hayden Panettiere, a lot, and when it comes to Hathaway, it's not like I'm an Anne stan or anything. However. it is hard to deny that they are not equally talented, at least not at the role of Red.

I recommend this only to those who simply need to watch everything related to these characters, and everyone else is basically better off pretending it doesn't exist. 5/10
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Why Too Movies are Too Horrible
jackass-2663431 March 2020
While the first one was basically a Shrek ripoff, with the mockery and absurdity of iconic Fairy Tales, with intoxicated and loud characters, it did make me die a bit inside. The sequel was just Too much for me, awful almost everything, aside from the crude, fast paced comedy.
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Rather disappointing
yengahan-254-25737418 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A very messy and complicated storyline, with none of the clever wit and puns of the first movie. The story jumps from one happening to the next, most times without much cohesion. It seems it is all about gimmicks and stunts and now, a few hours after seeing it, I couldn't tell you what it is really about. There are precious few of the clever references that were in the first movie to kids stories or nursery rhymes, the type that only adults get. The goat, who was so funny, is now thrown in a few times, without a connection to the story, and him being squashed by something falling on him, is just not funny. Hansel and Gretel turning out to be the villains is a direct copy of the bunny in the first movie. Some of the dialogue is incomprehensible because of the speed of talking. Overall, not funny, far-fetched and quite boring.
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Good Animation-Movie about sisterhood and the importance of sticking together.
CinemaEgalia8 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the aspect of quite little gender-normative behavior while trying to deal with overcompensation by not accepting help, a usual outcome of female people being oppressed in patriarchal society. Still she is not a damsel in distress. She is standing her ground and is a brilliant team-leader once she understands to work in a team. I love that she is fighting back with brains and muscles, being attacked by a male and a female villain. Also important to mention: we are dealing with the bullshit of the concept of good and evil people. That red riding hood is getting supported by a male wolf ( traditionally symbolizing elder, pedophile men in fairy-tales) is a bit problematic. "Red riding hood"-Stories are kind of done and not really a challenge to do over and over again.

Still: Nice for chilled movie-nights.
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Very Bad
michaelradny30 July 2015
It's a shame that companies just release mindless rubbish just to real in some dollars. Hoodwinked 2 is no different. It's boring, repetitive and has no place to be a sequel. Somehow someone gave this the green light. The first one at least had some fun parts for all ages in it, but this one probably would only sought a 3 year old, because, lucky for them, they would just forget about it and not think about the time wasted.

Trashy animation. Feel sorry for the people that had to put the time and effort into making this rubbish film. I would t recommend it to anyone and I'm surprised that anyone would give it any more than a 1/10. Boring and the same old that we've been spoon fed before.
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