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Super BAD.
creditdauphine28 August 2008
Well, there's bad movies and then there's BAD movies. I didn't expect this one to be high art, but I didn't expect it to be this bad. "COLLEGE" is a low budget, uninspired, horribly written waste of time.

The most amusing part of the movie was watching the fat kid try to mimic all of Chris Farley's mannerisms as an acting style. Pathetic.

I've seen a LOT of "teen comedies" and "raunchy comedies" and enjoyed them. But "COLLEGE" is an embarrassment to those types of films. To be honest, it was just...boring.

The three main characters

  • pale ripoffs of the three main "Superbad" characters, by the way...there's a Micheal Cera clone, a Jonah Hill wannabe, and a poor man's couldn't be more sadly obvious -

spent most of the movie covered in urine, vomit, and feces.

And THAT, dude, is the joke. For the ENTIRE movie.

"Whoops, we've got pee thrown on us. Whoops, we were thrown up on. Whoops, now we're covered in pig crap." I can't remember the last time I was willing to just walk out in the middle of a movie at a theater. But, had I paid to see it and not gotten a free pass, I would have left and asked the manager if I could see something else.

I've got no personal stake in this, and it obviously won't affect me if people see or don't see this film. But, I'm telling you, you'll kick yourself for paying money to see this movie.
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russell-grimm31 August 2008
Let me begin by saying this. I am taking time out of my day to sit here and write about how awful this movie is. Rarely do I ever write a review on here. I only do so if I really like a movie, or can't stand a movie so bad that I think others should be warned about going to pay to see it. All told, I've written probably four reviews. This is hands down the worst movie I've seen in the last five years. Sadly, I thought the previews made it look alright. Seeing as how I'm 23 and recently graduated from college, I also thought that this movie could bring back some nostalgia from my recently deceased college years. Me and three ex-fraternity brothers from school went to catch this movie with hopes that it would at least provide us some decent laughs before going out. We were dead wrong. Not only is this a blatant rip off of Superbad, Accepted, The Girl Next Door etc., it also is host to three of the most annoying main characters in the history of film. The jokes suck, the situations are beyond dumb, and the portrait it paints of college is completely wrong. In order to hang out with frat guys you have to take shots of tequilla from a dude's a$$ crack? Really? Don't remember seeing that in my college days. Annoying fat kids hooking up with hot blondes? Yeah, no, don't recall that either. College kids even caring that high schoolers were at their parties? Not the case. Where I went to school they were introduced and greeted with a beer. No one f**king cared if they were there. I could go on forever, but the bottom line is save your time and money. Go rewatch Superbad or Dazed and Confused or something. Or better yet, save your 10 bucks, get a 12 pack of shi**y beer, get drunk, and let the night unfold. There's a more realistic college experience for you.
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Seems like the Spammers are out in droves
jscheibel26 August 2008
I have also caught a screening of this movie....Seriously, the comments about this movie look so set up and not authentic. Each commenter leaving a positive review says almost the exact same thing in the exact same amount of words. They re-hash the same stuff until they hit the minimum amount of lines for a comment. Plus, look at the demographic that has given the highest scores for votes....middle aged and elderly women. Also, the group that has the best chance of enjoying this film (18-29 yr old males) have one of the poorest ratings. If they are this desperate to get a good word out about this movie and are failing at doing so, I'd avoid this trash heap.
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Haven't I seen this film before?
Whirlwind20130 August 2008
Oh thats right, I have.

Lets see. Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, Van Wilder, American Pie, Beta House, Accepted... ETC. ETC. ETC.

Whats the difference between those movies and "College?" The others managed to come up with more creative titles. Oh, and "Animal House" had John Belushi.

Seriously, if you've seen any of the above movies, then you've seen "College." The original ideas in "College" are so few and far between that you'll have to wonder if the creators of "College" actually bothered to write a script, or rather spun a wheel of clichés and inserted them in the appropriate spots. "College" once again tries to tell you what life on a University campus is 'supposed' to be like, and fails pretty horribly. You begin to wonder if the 'College' students in "College" are actually paying attendants of Fieldmont University (F.U! Get it? or they just happen to squat in the decrepit house near the campus. Apparently they don't attend classes, don't even OWN textbooks, and believe a GPA is a "Great Party Area" rated on a 0-4 scale.

Long story short, "College," while it claims it has something different than those other "College" films, is NOTHING you haven't seen done much better before. I hope it drowns out in its own filth and causes several film companies to go bankrupt, thus ensuring they'll never spit out cookie cutter crud like this.

Drake Bell and Co. deserve MUCH, MUCH better. They do well, but given a better script I would have been more impressed. I'd give it a 1 1/2 just because of their performances, but it won't let me so hey, their loss.

PLEASE, avoid it. You'll thank me later. And tell your friends to avoid it. Thats the only way to stop the cancerous spread
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A Cliché-Ridden, Cruelty-Filled Nightmare of a Film
projectmayhem113831 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing I must say about College is that since the beginning, its IMDb rating has been flawed due to a number of studio-funded plugs claiming it to be a genius comedy (which of course it isn't). These false reviews are easily recognized by both the fact that they are positive and their complete lack of any detail about the film. In fact, if you replace the various movie titles with other movie titles in these reviews, it still works. Not a great review. Then, further corrupting the rating came a series of one-star reviews from people who had not seen the film and were merely infuriated by the studios pitiful interference. I can sympathize with the feeling, but it is nonetheless partially their fault that College will never have a realistic rating. The regulators at IMDb really need to go through and delete these false reviews. However, for those of you who are curious, I saw College last night, and here is my take on the film. From the get-go, you feel like you've seen this before. Drake Bell, who plays Kevin, the nice smart kid in the movie (the characters in College really are just stereotypes *sort of* brought to life), is getting ready for a college visit with his friend Morris, played by Kevin Covais who is semi-famous for being known as Chicken Little on American Idol. Covais is atrocious, but we'll get to him. In comes Carter, as portrayed by Andrew Caldwell, the apparently mandatory overweight obnoxious kid who wants to get laid and constantly talks about doing so. This guy's bound to draw some comparisons to Jonah Hill's character in Superbad, but I assure you that is both groundless and insulting. Hill's character Seth in Superbad was obnoxious, but was in fact being so to cover up his concerns with losing his friend because of his going to a different college. Caldwell is unredeemed. He just goes about throughout the movie running his huge mouth and mocking others, particularly Morris, whom he also abuses physically on a routine basis.

This constant cruelty is one of the film's greatest failures, but it also disturbingly gratifying, because quite frankly, Morris's character is unbearable. His voice is whiny and aggravating, and he spends the entire movie complaining. I found myself pleased to watch bad things happening to him, and that made me realize how terrible the filmmakers are at their craft. How can you make a movie about characters that are meant to be sympathetic, but that people instead hate? Even a character like The Silence of the Lambs's Hannibal Lecter has some appealing qualities, but this teenage boy has been portrayed so unpleasantly that I would genuinely rather have him be one of the torture victims in the Hostel series. That's not right!

When the three boys get to Fillmore University, the school that they are visiting, they find that the girls want nothing to do with them because they are high school students, and the dorm they have been assigned to stay in is inhabited by a heavyset student who is engaged in a rousing bout of self abuse (if you don't know what that means, just think of something crude that a guy could be doing in a room by himself). Thus, our single-minded "friends" decide to go stay at a frat house of which Crater's cousin is a legacy. Naturally, the frat members treat them poorly throughout the rest of the movie, bringing about retribution and so on, so forth.

The major sub-plot involves the fact that Kevin's girlfriend dumps him before the visit for not being enough fun, and thus he wants to prove her wrong. Once at Fillmore, the three boys meet three sorority girls who for some reason find them attractive, and of course don't know that they're high school students. The most shocking thing is the attractive blond girl who is attracted to Carter. Looks aside the kid's a total jerk, and besides, she could do better. In fact, nothing in this movie is remotely realistic. I'm in college, and college is not at all like College.

The gross-out humor in this is excessive and unforgivable. Half the time instead of laughing you'll be gagging. This would be a great film to show in a film class to just demonstrate who easy it is to make a pathetic cliché-fest. My favorite line in the movie is when Kendall, played by the adorable Haley Bennett, says to Kevin "you're not like other college guys". This is obviously meant to be dramatic irony, and thereby funny. It's not. Nothing in this movie really is.
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Try's so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter...
sbb659231 August 2008
If you go into college expecting the bare minimum of a movie and taking it for what it is (a mildly entertaining cliché filled coming of age comedy) you will still not enjoy yourself. The reason is simple, it tries too hard to be funny. It's most easily compared to that annoying guy at work who stands at the water cooler making immature mom jokes or an annoying teacher at school who desperately wants to impress the students. The script surprisingly isn't bad but this movie rips off of Superbad so much with the character of Fogel in relation to this movies Morris you could call it plagiarism. The ever so ridiculously cliché character that brings sympathy and laughs from the audience because of how naive he is always being so sexually insecure and inexperienced is just so old. The only actor who deserves any sort of a nod is Drake Bell for his mediocre acting and decent carrying of his co actors (Andrew Caldwell and Kevin Covais.) It's sad watching this movie really because the actors so desperately want to be funny (except Drake Bell) so that they can get recognition and be cast into an Apatow film. They have a chance really with the script and extremely humorous atmosphere filled with jocks and egotistical lunatics both male and female. They're acting coaches and idiotic attitudes hurt them here as they failed to make a humorous movie. You average group of teenagers may enjoy this, which is not a bad thing but if you go into this movie looking for a cohesive story line and enjoyable plot then go watch Tropic Thunder where the actors actually succeed in some of these categories.
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Stupid waste of time, money.
Redmist201026 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Very boring and unfunny. Seems to rip off so many other movies. For example the three main characters look like an exact carbon copy of the cast from Superbad, a shy skinny person, a fat snob, and one complete dork. Jokes aren't very funny and are old. In trailers the movie brags that this will be the colt classic of the decade comparing itself to Animal House, Revenge of The Nerds, and American Pie, but this movie seems to be a rental movie at best. The title college doesn't fit the film, sure the movie takes place at a college but thats it. This movie portrays college students as drunk,stupid, horny kids which might worry some parents.
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Major problems here. Drake Bell shouldn't even be in this movie, and it's not his fault.
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises8 September 2008
What you get with 'College' is, a lamely executed farce of a comedy that relies on idiotic humor that not even idiots would find funny. Luckily, the film has more boobs in it than any film of recent memory, and a couple of the female characters are extraordinarily good looking. That means, of course, that if you're either gay or female, you're going to want to kill yourself from boredom.

A simplistic plot for a simplistic movie doesn't allow for a lot of surprises, though the film's ending does get points for departing from the formulaic 'boy has epiphany and gets girl' ending, and adding a little more to it. Our three leads are tolerable at best. 'College' boasts a mostly unknown cast, with the only 'names' in the film being Drake Bell, Kevin Covais, and Verne Troyer. Andrew Caldwell's performance as a wannabe partier is basically a teenage version of Chris Farley's entire career. Except this one doesn't have the laughs. Bell is alright, but fails to gain the audience's attention as the leading man so many tween fans already tout him as. Kevin 'Chicken Little' Covais has a few funny moments, especially whenever he's acting drunk, but adds little to the film. He's a MUCH better singer than actor, as evidenced by American Idol. Haley Bennett was my favorite part of the film as Bell's love interest. Gary Owen is hilarious as 'Bearcat', the typical crazy frat guy.

'College' has heart, and gets credit for trying, but the execution on the part of the director, casting directors, producers, and to a lesser extent, the screenwriters is what hurts the film. First, I like that Drake Bell is trying to shed his Nickelodeon image, but he was the wrong guy to cast here, mostly because he isn't a big enough name to draw in the people, and what little fans he does have aren't old enough to see this film...there lies the problem. Bell's fans can't see the movie, and I seriously doubt all the people that voted for Covais on American Idol are fond enough to waste their money on this movie. Next, the rating of this film, while very much deserved, hurts the film the most. Had the film been made as a PG-13 film, it might have been just as 'good' in terms of quality, not to mention it would have made more money. Third, all the 'f' bombs and nudity were completely unnecessary, and seem to be there just to secure the R rating. Fourth, having been to college myself, this film is nothing like the real thing. The parties are crazy, but this is too much. It is so unrealistic on every level that it's just astounding. At least Superbad was some regards.

'College' is a painful and sad attempt to recreate college life on the big screen. If you want something more realistic, try 'Fifty Pills'. Or just take fifty pills of something. Bell is seriously miscast, and Deb Hagan's direction, along with her producers' bad choices, drag down what could have been a mildly entertaining and mildly successful Superbad ripoff.
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Andy3 September 2008
This movie is pathetic. Awful. Just awful. Really bloody awful. The jokes -- if there even are any, it's hard to tell -- are painfully unfunny. They all fall flat. They are also all of the "poop", "fart" and "getting laid" variety which we've all seen done to death lately (and done much better) in other movies about us young people. Whoever made this movie should be jailed for the rest of their life just to make sure they can't possibly even accidentally wander onto a movie set again. That is how awful this movie is. I almost vomited. Somehow this movie gave me some kind of a flu. Everyone involved with this movie should be banned from movie work for the rest of their lives. Horrible acting, horrible writing, a horrible script all the way around. Not funny at all.
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I Didn't Expect this to be Good.....I was right!
jts04059 September 2008
When I first saw previews, TV spots, advertising's, etc. for college I thought that they were just over hyping another overrated movie. I thought that College would be a decent comedy for late August, but still I did not expect it to be such a comedy classic as the previews proclaimed. The TV spots tried to put this movie into the category of such classics like Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds and American Pie, which it is by-far none of those at all. I went to see this with some friends thinking that this would be a decent time filler before we went to a bar later in the night, boy were we wrong. This movie sucked from start to finish. The college realisticness is truly unbelievable and the characters get on your nerves. Drake Bell should go back to his Teen Choice award crap and stay out of the Rated R comedy genre for a while, because they pushed him into a Rated R party movie way toooooooo fast and he wasn't good at it. The fat kid tries so hard to be funny that he really gets on your last nerve. That is all this is, a bunch of drunk partying that has already been done before and lame jokes that could have been thought of by preschool students. So don't waste your time with this and watch Superbad, Dazed and Confused, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Animal House or anything that is actually a good party movie.

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so bad it's good
dpc-782-7108775 July 2010
OK, this movie is a real stinker.

If you are looking for a quality movie experience, look elsewhere. Yes, it is not original, it is predictable, the jokes aren't good, and the characters are one dimensional. But it's so bad, it's good. The clichés and raunchy-ness just add to the fun. A bit of a let down at the end when it tries to get serious, and not a classic in the "so bad it's good" genre. Don't be expecting Barbarella or Bolero, but there is some good raw material here. A stupider (not just vapid) ending would have gone a long way.

A few beers will enhance the experience.
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The worst movie of 2008
The Grand Master17 January 2009
I can't believe I sat through this atrocious movie at the cinema. What was I thinking? I'm still regretting the decision to take the time out to see this load of garbage at the CINEMA of all places.

The whole movie is just a recycled plot of comedies such as American Pie, Animal House, Van Wilder, Superbad and Old School.

Maybe the first 15 minutes were slightly funny. The rest of the movie was just disgusting. The jokes and one liners were embarrassingly unfunny, and most of the scenes made me want to lose my appetite. Won't describe them to you, but believe me - it is really disgusting. Most of the comedy would not look out of place in a restricted pornographic movie. I'm cringing thinking about it right now.

I'm sorry I wasted $10 on a ticket for this. I can't believe I saw this at the cinema. Gee....I should have come at another time and saw some other decent movie at the cinema.

That had to be the worst movie I've had the misfortune of watching in 2008. I'm surprised this was not sent directly to DVD.

Overall: Atrocious and disgusting movie that is not even funny. You'll be regretting it if you watch this.

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I can't believe this actually happened
Dakid56564 September 2008
Words can not describe how bad this movie was. I love movies. I LOVE comedies and I have never in my life seen a movie this obvious and uninteresting. I think this movie looked so bad coming out this is NOT an exaggeration, Me and one of my friends went into the theatre before our movie started to see how bad it really was. The characters were stolen from other movies and frankly, stolen poorly. Drake Bell was so embarrassing and the crew was WAY too old to be in college or even in high school. I honestly suggest people see this movie just to see what it's like. It is the Scarface or Godfather of bad movies. I could keep going all night long about how stupid this movie was but summation - the people that made this movie should be embarrassed and should never be in film again, but I also think people should see it just to know how stupid it really was. Wow.
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I liked it
dbborroughs29 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Three High school kids go to a college orientation weekend and fall in with a bad news frat and are forced to get revenge to save face and self esteem.

Low brow college humor that made me laugh. That may not seem like much but lately thats been becoming a rarer event as the jokes in these sort of film get worse and worse and stupider and stupider. I highly doubt this film will ever win any awards but for the hour and a half or what ever the running time was I was laughing a lot more then most other recent comedies that got better reviews. I liked it better than the similar Judd Apatow films I think because it has no pretensions other than being funny.

Worth a shot if you're feeling low brow.
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Not as bad as some of you are making it out to be, not a masterpiece
ahhhhhh18213 October 2008
Wow this movie has some crazy reviews, from the industry planted great reviews to the ticked-off 1/10s. While this movie was nowhere near a great movie, it wasn't that bad.

A lot of you compared this movie to Superbad and those movies, but I think you all missed on the best comparison. This movie is basically a barely better version of American Pie: The Naked Mile. Many aspects of the film are right on, including quality of the script, actors, and pretty much everything else.

Since IMDb is the end-all and The Naked Mile received a 5.0, I give this movie a 6.0 for barely being better than the straight to DVD release.
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Horrible Movie
bigcoach072 September 2008
I got an account with IMDb just so I could post on here how bad I thought this movie was. I never review movies but I had to let everyone know how bad this thing is and hopefully nobody else will waste their hard-earned money on this trash. Horrible acting, horrible plot, horrible everything.

Only in a movie will the fat, annoying loser hook up with the hottest girl at "college." This was a gross mis-representation of college. Some people do get stuff written on their face; I wont lie, that does happen. But fat uglies do not hook up with hot blondes.

Also I don't think that you should have an actor from a Nickelodeon sitcom try to act in a comedy about "college."

In closing, I really wish I could get a refund for the money I spent on this horrible movie. I hope nobody else makes the same mistake I did.
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do NOT see
J M7 September 2008
FIRST off, you people who are giving this movie more than two stars truly have something wrong, maybe you didn't take your meds, maybe you developed a mental disorder while watching this movie or you are just naturally retarded.

This is without a doubt, the absolute WORST movie I have even seen. The writers, director, producer and most of the cast need to be banned from movie making. They really should be given a prison sentence for making so many innocent viewers suffer. I have seen infomercials more enjoyable to watch and with better acting.

This movie is NOT watchable, how did this make it in theatres? Should have been straight to DVD.. and then straight to the clearance isle bottom shelf at Wal-Mart.
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A Review of the Fake Reviews and My Real One...
hellodon25 September 2008
It's already been mentioned, but I'd just like to reiterate that every one of those initial reviews is fake. They are from someone that just signed up an IMDb account and just happened to see a "prescreening" of College and went way in depth about the plot, used the word "raunchy" quite a bit, used a lot of the actors names, used parenthesis often, and gave 9 and 10 star reviews along with saying it's better than Superbad and other hit "buddy comedies" and school movies. Most of those reviews came from the same person, it's clear from the writing style.

DEFINITELY street teamers, studio promoters, or who knows..maybe even the writers themselves - this was, after all, their first screenplay. That sort of promotion is just cheesy...definitely NOT the way to get a good rep.

Anyway, I saw the movie earlier tonight, at home...a DVD rip surfaced like a week after it hit theaters which is a pretty clear sign of how well it did. They probably had that planted too so that people might actually see the movie.

It's not TERRIBLE, it doesn't deserve the 1 star reviews it's getting...but its also nothing original by any means and it's DEFINITELY not as good as those first reviews claim it is (another sign that they are fake). Just a bunch of stolen ideas from successful movies all put together to make one mediocre film. Even the intro with the names showing up in different scenes rather than text credits - we've seen that before...Napoleon Dynamite? Sure, it's a cool way to do credits, but that alone set the tone of unoriginality that kept up through the whole movie.

I knew from the trailer where they compared it to American Pie, Road Trip, Animal House, Fast Times at Ridgemont High etc - that it was doomed. They were calling it "that" movie of "this" generation. Those movies became the classic hits that they are because they were solid movies of those particular generations that earned their respect and recognition after the movies came out for being good movies. You don't just make a movie and compare it to movies like those, that's ballsy. You don't see Sci-fi movies come out giving off the message that the movie is better than and comparable to "Star Wars" before anyones even seen it....

They also did no press screenings for critic reviews before this came out - why? Because there was NO WAY it would get any positive press, that was a smart move, but it doesn't justify creating such a fake, undeserved buzz with these glorified fake reviews all over the internet. Give the real audience a chance to share their thoughts first.

If you haven't seen this movie - don't go out of your way to, but if it crosses your path, give it a watch with low expectations and you'll get a few laughs out of it. It's not better than any of the movies that it's claiming to top....but it's not the worst movie I've ever seen, either.
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Let Down
knight_visionn24 September 2008
I was a bit excited about this movie, I mean I like Drake Bell and Kevin Covais. I also do enjoy stupid comedy's, and love teen movies. But let me tell you, this movie was terrible. As others have said, this movie just basically used washed up versions of the main characters of superbad stuck in a desperately overplayed comedic premise. The jokes were lame, the fat kid was annoying as hell, the scenarios predictable. Overall, terrible movie. Do not watch. It is a waste of time. The only reason it got a 2 out of me is because I just watched Disaster Movie yesterday, and although this movie was bad, it was not THAT bad. Just take my advice and spend your time watching something better, you won't regret it.
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TheInventor1 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I certainly hope that anyone who actually spent money to see this film has realized how absurd their existence is. This film should not be a thing, nor should it make a cent of money in any imaginable realm of reality. I am not seeing this movie, I am only hoping that my post will deter others from feeding this malicious beast. Teenagers certainly do not need to see a movie about "college-life," especially if the film's primary purpose is to showcase the prevalence of drinking, drug-use, unprotected sex, and general foolishness at American Universities. No kid should be allowed to see this film, nor should any adult be so slothful as to lack the minimal self-control required to refrain from paying even a touch of attention to this horrendous film past their reading of my post. May you all choose the righteous path. God bless.

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Almost identical to Superbad...Just not funny.
crb_hockey188 September 2008
The plot of this movie was three desperate high school kids trying to live it up in the waning months of their senior year. There was the normal, but boring and sensitive main character, the skinny, pale nerd who was dragged along for the ride, and last, but not least, the fat douche bag friend who attempted to make up new, cuss-filled and derogatory insults to everyone throughout the film. The characters go through some wild times, only to have an all out realization toward the end of the movie. By the way, if you think I am talking about Superbad, you are wrong. This movie is a redundant and pathetic attempt at the next American Pie or Animal House. The setting too, was highly similar to many of the movies it tried to live up with; giving the film many qualities of such movies, but just not the one it is meant to have...humor. Put it this way, I was happy I did not have to pay to see.
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College is Not What It is Expected To Be
fattehboi29 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is another one of those teen movies trying to incorporate realistic scenarios but adding a little Hollywood twist to it. The cast list is very similar to superbad. The fat obnoxious friend who curses a lot and talks mad game, the nerdy kid who won't get laid till he's 30, and the "coming out of his awkward turtle shell" guy.

There are a lot of clever and kickass moments in this movie, but it really does not go anywhere for me. The cliché love scenes, the unrealistic party setting. ( Band, Strippers in Cages, Topless girls serving you drinks, Paintballing underclassmen ) The fact is, this is what college would be like if it were real for every guys dream. I would love to have a naked body wash for 5 dollars, but will it happen? Probably not.

College tried to hard to become a classic like Superbad, but with the over the top and quite disturbing scenes, I'm gonna stick with the golden Apatow creation and stick to community for a year.
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What do you expect from two first-time writers?
christopher-7726 October 2008
This movie relies too heavily on nudity and hot chicks who are scripted as being "easy". I was in a frat in college - a real party frat, too - and it wasn't anything like this.

* There aren't A-List celebrity musicians playing at the frat party. * Girls don't randomly flash each guy as he walks through the door. * There aren't topless waitresses serving perfect martinis on a tray.

I feel like this is some 40-year-old's idea of what he *wished* his frat life is like. I'm not even sure if the writer was actually ever in a fraternity.

The only reason I gave this movie any points is because from a technical standpoint the lighting, camera-work and set design are okay. Honestly, the production wasn't bad - but the script SUCKED. If they cut their naked girls budget by 25% and spent the money on another scriptwriter instead, this could have been a decent movie. Instead they went with two first-time writers that must have just gotten their WGA cards a few weeks ago.

I hope they try and improve their skills! Don't give up after one bad script - maybe it was the studio's fault.
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Like 'Superbad' meets 'Animal House'. . . only extremely bad!
Warning: Spoilers
Every few years, there's a new 'big' college movie released that glorifies all that we love about college: drinking, drugs, sex, and partying. There are some great ones (Animal House, PCU, etc.). . . but, as expected, there are some terrible ones. 'College' (2008) fits in the latter category.

Essentially everything about the film is just abysmal. From the writing, to the acting, to the direction. . . there's rarely a good thing about it. There are some funny moments, most of them involving Carter (the fat kid) beating up on Morris (the dork). . . but, the laughs are too spaced to make it worth the time. There are too many film exactly like this for this one to even matter. Give a superior one a rental and just pass this one by.

Final Verdict: 3.5/10.

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Failed attempt at college humor
ticalisoul17 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm just going to say, this movie was absolute garbage. Unrealistic, unfunny, no real purpose of existence. It stole from so many other movies without improving on the formula at all. The scenarios that the lead characters went through were all incredibly fake and unrealistic. If it was meant to be satirical, it failed too because it still wasn't funny. The fat guy was incredibly annoying, and unlike other annoying sidekicks, he doesn't even has a purpose. The nerdy kid from American Idol was the stereotypical uptight nerd, except he played it too well, so he ended up being dull and not entertaining at all. The girls were either ugly or plastic, and their nudity wasn't even tastefully done (not that it matters). Overall this movie is a piece of copycat bullshizzle, and should be avoided at all costs. The box office results should speak for themselves. 8 million dollar budget, and they grossed less than half of it back in three weeks, with many theaters already planning for its removal.
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