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  • The Collector is based on a screenplay co-written by American screenwriters Marcus Dunstan (who also directed the movie) and Patrick Melton. It was originally intended to be a prequel to Saw (2004) (2004).

  • "Awake To You" - Patient 113

    "Dead Bodies Everywhere" - KoRn

    "He Always Takes One" - Jerome Dillon

    "No Bullets" - Jerome Dillon

    "Shut up and Bleed" - Combichrist (featuring W.A.S.T.E.)

    "Trap" - Jerome Dillon

    "An Unexpected Visitor" - Jerome Dillon

    "I Feel You (Throb Mix)" - Depeche Mode

    "Beast" - Nico Vega

    "Killer Footsteps" - Poison Tree Collective

    "Bela Lugosi's Dead" - Bauhaus


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