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Not only does justice to the book but takes its own sweep of originality and charm
timeaftrtime18 September 2009
Anyone involved with the elementary school world as at least heard of the Barret classic "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs." As a teacher, I was thrilled to learn it was to be made a movie. As usual, however, that leads to the problem of whether it would stick too much to the book to be entertaining for the screen or a Hollywood catastrophe that steals only the title?

I know it's irritating to read from those book loyalists, but it's only a fair comparison. I felt this movie found a perfect balance of big-screen awesomeness and the charm of the book.

For book enthusiasts, they pretty much had everything right. This film does indeed follow the plot of the book. Entire illustrations are recreated for the movie with stunning nods to Ron Barret's artwork. Then again, one must keep in mind that the book was an extremely general plot. The movie goes into detail, very much into detail, of what was going on in the town.

We have the classic nerd, Flint Lockwood, a lovable and goofy character who embodies the wannabe coolness and social awkwardness and desperation of every social outcast. He's almost painful to watch, but I think it's what makes him so likable--you feel sorry for him. Anywho, in a desperate attempt to prove his worth to his father, he invents a machine that turns water into food. And hence the coming of the trademark weather of Swallow Falls (later renamed to Barrets' Chewandswallow).

Honestly, I was surprised at the plot they got going out of this--while still maintaining the basics of the book. It had an ADHD spirit with wonderfully over-the-top characters. This will probably annoy many a soul, but I thought it a winning combination for those who can put up with it all. Really, you need the heart and mind of a child for this, but if you can summon those up, you will be impressed.

I saw it in the normal format, but I'm sure it was an intense hoot in 3D. That might have been a bit much for me, but I'm sure the kids loved food flying at them. Regardless, the animation was stunning, combining a tribute to Ron Barret's amazing illustrations in background with pleasantly cartoony characters.

This was much better than expected. It was creative, extremely fun, and paid reference to everything from "Independence Day" to "The Twilight Zone". You may need the heart and mind of a child for this, but if you can summon those up, you will be impressed.
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Surprisingly imaginative, original and very funny
Jack Huitson22 September 2009
Living in the UK, I had never heard of the children's book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and to be honest, I thought it sounded a little too peculiar and odd for my tastes going by the title and trailers. However, being a big fan of animated movies, I decided to take the risk and judge the movie for myself; and I'm so glad I did.

Not only does Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs have a quirky, thoughtful and imaginative storyline, it also exudes humour through its likable characters, discerning messages and vivid visual style. Telling the tale of a young man's quest to become an inventor, the film shies away from numerous Disney clichés creating a unique and original world full of colour and inspired characters. Unlike most Dreamworks animations, the characters are fully developed and rounded without the need for countless A-list celebrity voice-overs. The screenplay is similarly outstanding in terms of humour with countless laugh-out-loud moments that will appeal to both adults and children alike.

The animation and visual style of the film isn't up to the stunning beauty of the latest Pixar movies such as Ratatouille or WALL-E but it certainly exudes a similar level of ingeniousness, creativity and originality as seen in such movies. Albeit, amongst the wild plot and genuinely hilarious dialogue lies a subtle moral tale of parental recognition, portion sizes and personal confidence.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs took me by surprise, I went into the cinema expecting an average computer generated movie incomparable with today's best of the genre and came out astonished by the sheer creativity oozing from every aspect of the film.

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Sublimely Ridiculous
Tim Keane (tkeane-1)22 September 2009
From the title through every character right to the end this film is a roller-coaster ride of absolutely ridiculous fun that will have kids and adults alike doubled over with laughter. I personally nearly choked from laughing so hard at one particular point.

What makes this movie so great is the can't go wrong with Bill Hader ever and Anna Faris I wouldn't be a fan of at all but she is cast completely out of character here and you would never guess it is her. The real entertainment lies in the support cast though. James Caan is outstanding as the father and Mr. T as the loving father and over enthusiastic local cop will have you in tears. Benjamin Bratt and Neil Patrick Harris didn't have much work to do with their characters but even with so few lines they are stars, particularly Steve the 'talking' monkey. There was one bit character that I found highly entertaining who had the best line in the whole thing when referring to hamburgers as tasting "significantly better than sardines".

I would consider myself a bit of a movie buff and my leaning is very much toward the art-house. On a recent Saturday afternoon, I choose to take a risk and cross the sticky floor, trying to avoid stepping on one of the many screaming kids running around, my heart beating fast and hard with nervousness and anxiety that maybe this was a mistake. When the time came I casually donned my 3D glasses and 90minutes later with a pain in my side I wanted to go again... It's been an long time since that has happened!
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innitbrill19 September 2009
It may be because I had insanely high expectations for this movie, but I thought it was GREAT. I admit, I had been excited for it since I saw the first trailer a few months ago. I went and saw it the day it came out in IMAX 3D, which was cooler in itself, with my sister. I'm fifteen and she's twenty: we were both cracking up the whole time. There were no 'filler' jokes, as many kid's films do today. No jokes with 'potty humor'. All jokes were in good taste and all genuinely funny. The whole script was insanely well written. Timing, pacing, everything was great. The animation was fantastic and really fit the film. The character designs were all original and cute. You could tell how much effort was put into this movie. And the cast! I watched the (adorable!) credits and was surprised! I'd thought I'd recognized that fool pitying officer. (: The whole cast did a terrific job. No complaints there.

This is a fun, lighthearted film. I walked out of the theater feeling the best I'd felt in a long time. Great family film, great film to see with your friends, great film to see by yourself, great film all together. Highly recommended.
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blown away, visually stunning and hilarious
hungerartist11 October 2009
I'm not a huge fan of animated features, or children's movies. My tastes usually gravitate towards (good) horror films, foreign films, and more artsy independent features. I saw Up, thought it was a really great animated feature, but would I see it again? Maybe if i was babysitting. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, however, blew me away! It had such vivid, sometimes surreal, almost PSYCHEDELIC qualities, that I found myself awestruck at what the creators of this film had come up with! There was so much color, and such an imaginative design quality to the film that I couldn't help being thrilled. I'd probably give this 8/10 for those qualities alone, but in my opinion, the best part of all were the characters! The comedy was seriously non-stop, and so over the top ridiculous at times I was completely laughing out loud. Mr. T as the security guard. Very entertaining and fun character. The talking monkey. The Guatemalan weather assistant/doctor/pilot/whatever else... HILARIOUS. baby brett? Oh man. The list goes on. I'm 28 years old, and while I often enjoy kind of sick, off the wall humor, I really found this to be a VERY funny movie. It's personally very refreshing to know that humor doesn't have to be R rated to be hilarious. It sounds ridiculous, but this is probably going up there on my favorite movies list, right next to the films of polanski, kubrick, argento, hennenlotter, and the coen brothers.
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Possibly the funniest animated movie I've ever seen
Rare Addict19 September 2009
Just to set the record straight, I'm not a fan of most non-Disney Animation, non-Pixar animated films being released these days, and even my faith in the former was just recently renewed with last year's Bolt (which has topped Pulp Fiction as my personal favorite movie of all time). Sure, every once in a while, a brilliant piece such as Coraline will come along, but honestly, I find that to be one of the relatively few exceptions from this decade. So, with that said, I initially wasn't looking forward to seeing Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. What further detracted from my excitement were the trailers, which led me to believe that the film was going to be strictly targeted towards children. Having just seen the film, though, I am happy to say that all of my fears were put to rest.

Visually, this is perhaps one of the most spectacular animated movies I've ever seen, with literally every frame being a feast for the eyes. There were moments, especially throughout the movie's undeniably thrilling climax, in which my jaw just dropped in amazement. Not to throw in so much hyperbole, but this truly is one of the best animated films in terms of pure eye candy. While there's so much else in this movie to enjoy, the visuals alone make it worth the price of admission.

The vocal performances in Cloudy are some of the most impressive ones I've heard in quite some time. Both Bill Hader and Anna Faris as Flint and Sam, respectively, capture the essence of these two socially-awkward, smarter-than-you-might-think type of characters perfectly. Overall, I felt these two characters had some real chemistry, and as a result, I thoroughly enjoyed watching their relationship evolve throughout the course of the film. Mr. T is also terrific as the city cop, Earl, delivering some of the most gut-bustingly hilarious lines in the entire film. With that said, this is quite possibly the funniest animated movie that I've ever seen. To put it simply, there were a couple of moments in which I literally thought that I was going to be ill.

I walked out of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs with very much the same feeling as I did with '08's aforementioned Bolt: astonished by how mediocre I initially expected the film to be, and how enjoyable it actually ended up being. The only thing keeping this film from getting a 10/10 in my book is – even with the few scenes that managed to tug at my heartstrings - the lack of an emotional punch powerful enough to get me choked up. However, given the film's quirky nature, I view that as a mild complaint at best. Go see it, folks.
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Prepare to get served
moviewizguy19 September 2009
Inspired by Ron and Judi Barrett's beloved children's book of the same name, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS follows inventor Flint Lockwood and brainy weathergirl Sam Sparks as they attempt to discover why the rain in their small town has stopped while food is falling in its place. Meanwhile, lifelong bully Brent relishes in tormenting Flint just as he did when they were kids, and Mayor Shelbourne schemes to use Flint's latest invention--a device designed to improve everyone's lives--for his own personal gain.

OK, I admit it. The trailer for this film looked average, compared to other animated flicks, especially the films from Pixar. I thought the film would be too kiddy for me and that the storyline was beyond lame. I mean, food falling from the sky doesn't draw people in, does it? Oh, how wrong I was. I think we just found the third contender for the best animated movie section in the Academy Awards, people! Not only is this much better than non-Pixar animated films that has been released in SOME time (I think the last was HAPPY FEET?), but it's also one of the most visceral, inventive, entertaining, ingenious, silly movies that I've seen this year! Oh, wait. This is the only one.

I felt like a kid again when I put my 3D glasses on. Things popped out in a flashy fashion and the movie told in a quick pace with zippy dialogue! I wanted to grab the delicious-looking foods on the screen, from hotdogs to ice cream! It's like being a kid in a candy store! There's so much craziness here that I can't even dare to describe! When was it the first time that you saw a talking monkey that ripped a heart out from a live gummy bear?! When was it the first time that you saw a live turkey eating a human being?! Everything in this film is so ridiculous and preposterous that you have no choice but to go along with the ride

This is also a very, very funny film with a laugh per minute with some really clever jokes scattered throughout the film. But don't worry. There's a story in here too. It's been quite a while since I've seen a good father-and-son film (the last was FINDING NEMO?), but this film succeeded in that department as well. The message is by no means blatant and preachy at all. The cast is also a splendid delight, Mr. T standing out as one of the top characters because you can never really escape his noticeable voice. Bill Hader and Anna Faris did a wonderful job in their roles as well.

Oh, and did I mention the film was a visual feast (no pun intended)? You will see things in here that you have NEVER seen and probably will never see again in any other film. This should automatically get you a ticket to the theaters because when are you ever going to see a talking monkey grabbing a heart out of a live gummy bear?! WHEN?! The 3D technology is near flawless. It's probably the best looking 3D I've ever seen, the image looking very sharp from background to foreground. I also found the score by Mark Mothersbaugh to be amazing and exceptionally memorable.

If there's one bad thing I have to say about the movie, it isn't as good as Pixar's storytelling. However, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS should be a movie you should watch in theaters because it's unlike any movie you have ever seen. There's a lot of ingenuity and inventiveness and cleverness that is warped around the movie. The film is entertaining for both the kids and the adults to enjoy, so there's no need to worry. But wow, was this film a spectacle. If you have the chance to see this in 3D, see it but I'm sure the 2D version works just as well. If you're iffy about the trailer, I guess that's a good thing because the movie surpasses the trailer by ten times. Prepare to get served...literally.
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Normally I love animated movies........
Mayflower7311 December 2016
I am a huge fan of animated movies. From 'Wall-E' to 'How to train your dragon' from 'Toy Story' to 'Finding Nemo' to (yes) 'Frozen'. I just love them. 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' is definitely not an animated movie I love or even like. One cliché after another. The absolutely unintelligent, stupid 'villains' there to hate without a real purpose (I'm not even sure how that is possible) just like the 'heroes' (who are not likable and couldn't produce an intelligent thought at all). In the middle of the movie I gave up and pressed 'forward' because at least I wanted to find out how the movie ended. The ending was just as useless as the rest of the movie. I did not enjoy the movie.
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A hilarious and imaginatively entertaining animated movie.
Sebastian Zavala30 November 2009
Although - as many people do - I generally prefer Pixar films to the animated fare created by other companies, I can't deny that a film like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is very hard not to love. Although it isn't particularly complex, thought-provoking, beautiful or masterful, it's a very entertaining, funny, cute-as-hell and effective animated film. Children with definitely love it, and adults... well, that actually depends on the adult in question. Although I certainly enjoy all kinds of movies, there's always - for me - some satisfaction to be had when watching something so obviously goofy and kiddy. Meatballs is kiddy, and that's precisely what I loved about it. It may not be this year's best animated movie - that honour goes to Pixar's Up - but it certainly is better than the likes of Monsters vs. Aliens.

The film tells the story of Flint Lockwood (voice of Bill Hader), a young inventor who dreams of, someday, creating something that will be loved by everyone and make him more popular and, most importantly, improve the lives of everyone in town. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to do so, and his technofobic father (voice of James Caan) doesn't really help at all. One day, though, he manages to invent something that will change the lives of everyone in town forever: a machine that makes food fall from the sky. Everybody seems to be happy with him now - including mayor Shelbourne (Bruce Campbell) and the by-the-book police offer, Earl (Mr. T) - but, predictably enough, something goes wrong: excess amounts of food start to overload the island where the town is located, and now Flint, along with TV reporter Sam Sparks (Anna Faris) has to try to solve their problem.

Yes, the plot is pretty predictable, and it certainly won't make anyone above the age of 5 be shocked with surprise or anything of the sort, but it certainly is very imaginative, and it should work in a very "oh, it's sort of nice" kind of way. I liked the way Flint was portrayed - Hader's wacky and not-so-recognizable voice is perfect for the character - and the fact that, although most characters are either archetypes or stereotypes - consider, for the example, Bruce Campbell's greedy and - eventually - obese mayor - they are all voice so professionally and characterized in such an naive and cute kind of way, that one just doesn't care. I rooted for Flint the whole way, and I actually thought that the romantic sub-plot between him and Sam was cute and funny.

Visually, I don't think the movie is on par to the likes of Wall-E or Up, but I think that comparing it to those productions would be a bit unfair. Wall-E had a sort-of realistic kind of look, and Up, while a little more cartoonish, had a very realistic flair to it. On the other hand, there's something very old-fashioned in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs' look and the way it is animated. Characters behave and move the way old TV cartoons behaved forty or more years ago, and I like that. They jump a lot, are very "agile" and are just... cartoonish. Clearly, the animators didn't want the movie to give a palpable sense of realism; in a way, they were trying to craft an old-fashioned cartoon with the latest technological tools, and they have done it very successfully.

What else can I say about the movie? It certainly is very naive, and it doesn't explore any deep themes or moral problems, but that's just OK. While this year's mediocre Monsters vs. Aliens was terribly simplistic, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is just simple, and there's nothing wrong with that. Of course, there's nothing wrong with movies like Wall-E having very significant messages and complex love stories and such, but if a parent wants to go with their toddler to see a movie that isn't very complicated but that isn't stupid or boring either, then Meatballs is an excellent choice. After all, even if there isn't much beneath the surface, I can't imagine a single adult maintaining a straight face throughout the film's runningtime. The movie is hilarious, - just remember Flint's father's eyebrows! -, it's inventive, it's imaginative; it's also pretty gorgeous and it features some effective voice acting and interesting, wacky characters. It's not dumb and it doesn't pander to the least common denominator. Most interestingly, though, it made me hungry. That's not a quality many movies posses.
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A Surprisenly Tasty Film
Jonathan Wong12 November 2009
Sony Pictures Animation have had mixed success in comparison to the more established studios like Pixar, Dreamworks and Blue Sky with their films coming out at the wrong time with Open Season opening after the glut of talking animal films and Surf's Up which opened after Happy Feet but with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, SPA has finally found a hit film, the animation is stunning especially the water and the food weather and unlike say, Shrek the look is cartoony but works in its favour, the voice actors are equally as good with Bill Hader as Flint, Mr T as Earl and Anna Faris as Sam but it's Steve the Monkey who steals the film. The story itself works very well expanding on the original book and while the second half lags a bit, overall I left the cinema both with a smile and hungry.

If The Smurfs and Hotel Transylvania are half as good as Cloudy then Sony Pictures Animation will continue to thrive.
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Sunny with a chance of entertainment.
kirk-24619 September 2009
'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs' may as well be called the funniest animated film of the year, because I have never laughed as much as I did at an animated movie.Parents, I guarantee you that if you go see this movie with your kids, you will be in for one hilarious and exciting ride that makes this film almost as good as 'Up'.

Flint Lockwood has been an inventor ever since he was a kid, but most of his inventions have been failures.He has made a walking television set, a lotion that can give you hair, and rat birds, which I claim to be rats and birds combined together.It then hits him.The whole town has been forced to eat nothing but sardines.Of course, nobody in the town of Swallow Falls enjoy sardines.There's also a heading in the newspaper that says sardines are gross.What if Flint can fix all of that? What if he can invent a machine that converts water into food? Well, he tries it and it actually works.Soon, everyone in Swallow Falls love Flint's invention.What's even better is that it will give you any food you want.Pizza, french fries, mashed potatoes, jello, ice cream, bacon, cheeseburgers, eggs, cheese, steak, olives, toast, donuts, and so on.Unfortantly for Swallow Falls, things get much worse.The food starts to get bigger and causes the town and everyone else in the world nothing but destruction and chaos.It's now up to Flint to save the day from what may be a food apocalypse.

Me and my friend sat in our seats, laughed endlessly, and couldn't wait until the DVD came out.When it does, I'll be sure to get it on the first day.If not the first day, I'll be sure to get it and watch it over and over again.
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I'm hungry for more!
SiLenTxfAiRy18 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just had the opportunity to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs in Dolby 3D, and to say the least it was amazing! I am a huge fan of this book, and have been looking forward to the release of this movie for months, however if you go into this moving hoping that its following the storyline of the book then you have it all wrong. It definitely was a KNOCKOUT in 3D, the animation was amazing and the hair on the characters looked so real that I could touch it! The storyline was extremely easy to follow, and the characters were so fun loving, especially the monkey 'steve', you felt sympathy for the town and the hard time they were going through, up until crazy scientist flint came in and made it rain cheeseburgers! In 3D it honestly looked good enough to eat, with spurts of mustard, cheese and the burger patties flopping right in front of me. I would definitely suggest seeing this film in 3D, i feel as if the writers made this film specifically to be shown in 3D, however thats not to say they rely on the 3D aspect for the film to be good. With or without the 3-D animation, this film is an amazing family film, extremely funny, and it makes you 'ice' screaming for more!
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A snooze but harmless for kiddies
jimstinson15 February 2011
Unless watching with children, don't waste your time.

The story: reduced to 20 minutes and given an edgy attitude, perhaps it would be at least a a candidate for South Park. At 90 G-rated minutes, it's a wearisome barrage of clichés. The nerdy teen who triumphs after all is beyond shopworn. The hopeful but incompetent young lady might not be sexist if she weren't also such an embarrassing cliché.

Animation: positive proof that full-scale computer animation doesn't add value by itself. Not an original image in the lot. The town cop is the only character drawing with wit. Hey: even Ice Age had the squirrel!

Performances: routine Saturday morning level. For contrast, listen to The Incredibles or Up! for a few minutes with the sound off.

Overall: Harmless time-passer at the Barbie/hello kitty/smiley face level.
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Mediocre, sometimes just annoying
Earthbjorn26 August 2010
(Warning: This Review May Contain Spoilers) (It may also contain comments about the movie ) 5 out of 10 because while this movie is watchable, I will avoid watching it again.Most of the movie felt forced, like an amateur stand up comedian who's act is slowly dieing on stage. The movie was basically just a flashy tribute to the book on which it is based and the only things that draw's the viewers attention is the ability to see classic children's story come to life, and to see what it would be like for the weather to be made of food. Many of the jokes were repetitive to the point of annoyance, including the "saying what I'm doing" montages. The first one got a chuckle from me, but I thought "well, that was okay, but I hope they don't try to do it again". Unfortunately, they did. Most of the characters were unlovable, except for possibly the dad, who's inability to use technology or to express his emotions will inevitable get some sympathy from the audience. The main character and his 'love interest' were both shallow and annoying and showed no depth nor development of character. The only thing genuinely funny was hearing the monkey's thought-comments occasionally throughout the movie. The effect was somewhat reminiscent of GIR from Invader Zim, in the cute brainless robot monkey sort of way. Overall, it seems the only point of the plot was as excuse to visualize different forms of food-weather such as an Ice-cream Christmas and Spaghetti Tornado. Of course you might say this is the only point of the original book as well. I must admit, I am being a bit harsh as I was looking forward to this movie and was quite unimpressed. But this seems to be the trend with movies these days. Movies are a business and good writing doesn't sell tickets as well as flashy CGI.
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Not worth watching
MissLeopard8318 January 2010
I was excited when I saw that there would be a movie coming out about my favorite book as a child, but this movie is so different than the book that I was very disappointed. Not only was it different, but it was not even remotely amusing. I ended up turning it off because it was dull. The characters were rather irritating and childish. I felt like no thought or imagination was given to this movie. From first glance, it looked as though it would be good, but the reviews were horrible and it was a major disappointment. I know this may seem harsh, but this movie is trash. About the only thing that was interesting was the cinematography, but even that couldn't keep me watching. I do not recommend.
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I Almost Puked
ihazhart16 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is without a doubt the worst animated movie I have EVER seen. Not only did they butcher the fantastic book, but it was crude, weird, and 5 minutes into it I was begging to leave the theater. Sure the young Flint at the beginning was cute, and the joke of Swallow Falls being "under the A in Atlantic" on the map was sorta funny.

But for a movie striving to make you hungry, it only left me nauseated and without an appetite. Everything from the squelching sardines, to fat guy walking around in a diaper (he later turns into a chicken...NO IDEA what THAT was)and the crude-looking *thing* at the end...

It's wasn't a pretty picture.

I find it very hard to believe that adults would waste even a year of their life on this piece of garbage. It seems to be made for 3-year olds, by 3-year-olds.

Don't see it if you can help it. In fact, if someone turns it on, run. Run fast.
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Funny and Zany but suffers from ADD
pc955 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was like watching or feeling a bout of massive mania. It is completely manic - which makes for non-stop energy and quite a few giggles, chuckles, and even a few guffaws, but the filmmakers perhaps cut too much in the editing. A lot of movies and even animations likely don't cut enough, however "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" never slows even slightly. Scenes are thrown together rapid fire - and you're never really able to collect your thoughts or enjoy the laughs. There were quite a few nifty ideas and zany off-the-wall events; the pure energy of the movie is remarkable - some reasonable pauses would've been greatly appreciated.
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Very good film for the whole family
Jackpollins18 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Many people may have forgotten the book, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs which sold millions of copies. After years of acclaim and forget, they have made it into an enjoyable family film. People who have read the book and remember it clearly do not have to read the following, but I feel like many people have forgotten about the book. This is the story of Flint Lockwood (voice of Bill Hader), who ever since childhood has wanted to invent something everyone would love. After screwing up many inventions, including putting spray on shoes that don't come off on himself, he invents a machine that converts water into food. I want to explain something. He lives on an island named Swallow Falls that only eats sardines because there is nothing else to eat. Now, when he makes food fall from the sky, everyone loves him. The film is funny, and sweet, and out of all the kids films I've seen in 3D this year, this is the one that uses its 3D to the fullest effect so far this year, but that might change. Kids will love it, and adults will not be able to hold themselves back from laughing either. A really enjoyable film for anyone, and highly recommended.
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Cloudy with sheer boredom
occjph16 January 2010
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs is not a complete failure. The print I saw was very well made, as was the box it shipped in, I'm sure. As for all other aspects of this stinker, the word FAIL applies unfailingly. I will not reveal any of the exciting story elements, since it would be too much a shock to my system to replay the stream of boredom. In fact, it could harm me in some way.

Where to begin: Meandering, charmless score. HUGE orchestration of what sounds like random cut and paste music from 20 different composers. Whoever 'composed' this 800 pound slug of a score was a bit too enthusiastic in the 'lets honor the film composers of the past!' department.

Thin to non-existent character development. you don't CARE about the characters in this little picture, since you are almost killed by boredom by the wooden dialog. Ghastly demonstration of how to make an audience not care one little bit.

Clever animation techniques marred by amateur-hour art-school reject textures. A look that keeps wandering back and forth between photo-realism and 60's surrealistic animation styles. Jarring inconsistencies and amateur animation style management.

VERY sloppy dialog track so poorly mixed you could hardly detect where the character voices were supposed originate from. Overall, a cheapy-quickie little picture on huge (squandered) budget, mismanaged and mangled into the record books of bad film-making. Shameful. Wasteful.

The story seals the fate of this stinker: I have not read the book, but it must have been more developed than this horror. This film could put a 7 year old on triple sugar rations asleep in 4 minutes. This thing is filled with undeveloped plot devices, paper thin back stories, pretentious 'Father/Son' conflict element that remains lifeless and dull throughout the entire picture. In short: brightly colored pap for 3 year olds. Could have saved a fortune shooting a puppet show at the local carnival.

Poor Sony - nothing, and I mean NOTHING is working anymore. This should be the final tombstone for Sony Animation. Put it down, Mr. Stringer, for it is dead and hanging off the diseased studio like a gangrenous foot. Better to chop the blackened fetid limb that allow it to kill the entire sickly studio.

Avoid this film unless you are studying catastrophe theory, or need to place young ones into a catatonic stupor.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Meat ... heads?
comquest10 January 2010
This animated film is as dumb as they come. I have to wonder why the Meatheads wasted so much time and money creating pretty decent visuals for a story that is just plain silly and lame.

The plot is so one-dimensional that it could be told in five minutes rather than 90. The laughs turn to snores after 15 minutes of non-stop silliness.

Skip it! There are two many intelligent animated features out there to waste your time watching schlock like this.

I'll give it a 4 only because the production values and animation were good. For the story, though, 1 or 2 would be exceedingly generous.
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Cloudy with a Chance of Cliché!
Bonnie O'Connor29 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up reading the simple picture book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It simply about a grandpa telling the kids a bedtime story about a town whose weather always consists of meals. For example, if it was windy hamburgers would blow in, it would snow ice cream, rain hot dogs or orange juice, and so on! However it eventually grew dangerous for the town to stay in, so everyone had to evacuate the town. I would read this book while eating alone, and the story never got old!

When I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie I was very excited! I was aware that it would be about the town itself and an inventor and I thought, "What could go wrong?" After seeing it, I began to want a refund near the beginning of the third act.

What should I start with about what's wrong? Let's start with everything I found painfully predictable: 1) Dead mother 2) Grieving father who's not thrilled with his nerdy kid. 3) The reporter is a nerd too. Oh it's a match made in Heaven! 4) All nerds get tossed aside, even on news cameras. 5) Invention goes wrong. 6) Added villains (or at least one I want to use as a punchbag) 7) Nerdy inventor saves the town. 8) Father's heartfelt speech at the end of the movie about how proud mother would be if she could see this. 9) Throughout the entire movie, the inventor must prove himself worthy to his father.

I don't have much a problem with the last cliché, but the story must be clever; which this flick wasn't! I also mind that the story was made into an "America is Fat" message. Please don't tell me that after seeing this movie you couldn't see that message written in bold capital words with examples like the extremely creepy mayor, especially with his theme, "the bigger the better." That wasn't the theme of the book! The weather always existed, there was no machine to make it happen or enlarge the food sizes, nor was there an overeating mayor, and worst of all the food wasn't alive at the end! Oh I could barf at that! It's at the scene when the inventor and his girlfriend go to shut down the machine, but as they get closer, the food fights back! I'm not kidding. As soon as I saw that I said to myself, "Okay, game over! I hate this movie!"

I often think that Hollywood has a tendency to take simple beloved children's books and turn them into forced morals, which I hate! Some adaptations of children's books are okay, but when they're done in a way to shove in morals we've heard so much then enough's enough! I don't mind the idea of the weather being created through a machine (though I still wonder what would happen if it really rained) but this film just spat in the book's face, and it becomes even more painfully obvious in the sequel!
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Worst Diarrhea ever.
Metra Ton13 January 2014
Wiki has a good critic line that sums up this movie: "This film wasn't made for you, or me. It was made for dangerously, easily distracted 9-year-olds." So I guess nowadays children are granted to have ADHD, and this kind of entertainment is the only thing that can keep them focused on something.

As for movie itself - it's quality is below criticism.

Character design? Ridiculous for the sake of ridiculous. Voiceacting? Average. Music? Hardly. Plot? **It happens. It always gets resolved. Romance ensued. Oh, and the protagonist just has to be a special snowflake Peter Parker. In every single cartoon. Can Hollywood produce anything else? Humor? Scary Movie 5 has better humor. Or perhaps at least the same level of humor. Premise? Clinically crazy. Even taking it as an infant cartoon... What happened to Lilo and Stich? Lion King? Eh - any cartoon that is thoughtful and deep? Where romance and daddy issues are not the major sellers?

What kind of rating do parodies have? Meet the Spartans? Scary Movie? About 3\10. And that's from a fan. Now I will not go insane pondering how this baloney got 7\10+. Why do I give it 4\10? Because while it is on the production quality of parody comedy - it's at least presentable to children.

But seriously, I feel sorry for you and your children if you really adore this kind of... cuisine.
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Mitchell McRae17 January 2013
This movie is just awful. In fact, it's so bad that it makes Cars 2 look like Finding Nemo. I saw the movie on a full stomach and in 3D. I quickly had the feeling that I would start vomiting if I didn't leave the movie. I decided to stay since I was watching the movie with my friend's son. He seemed to enjoy the movie. He laughed and even clapped at times. I noticed as the movie went on that my little companion was slouching and holding his stomach. The bright vivid food that continuously fell from the sky was so overwhelming. It was so colorful that it hurt my eyes. The suggestion that was set forth hurt my stomach. I noticed that my companion seemed to feel the same. I thoroughly enjoyed the children's book; however, this movie destroyed all chances that I would be reading it again. The colors in the book were soft and southing. That way you could actually concentrate on the storyline. I am not recommending that anyone, young or old, see this movie. It is truly terrible.
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Cute story, not rendered as well as it could have been
MartianOctocretr56 February 2010
Execution is awkward. There's a cute story here, somewhere. But the presentation is so random, so rushed, that it's hard to follow what these people are supposed to be doing. And why. Adults will be annoyed with the off-kilter delivery, kids will be lost.

There are some decent visuals and sight gags. The outhouse lab entrance is very clever, for example. But, like so many other things: when it's introduced, it zooms by like a blur. Characters come out of nowhere; perform a scene; disappear. I liked how the story brought together a shy couple with parallel back stories, but even this wasn't developed very well. Many times there's unbridled action with vivid colors, but what's going on? Pivotal characters like the bushy eyebrow dad could have been explained to the audience better. Many characters like the cop and the mayor are just stereotypes that never change, even though the story needs them to. And the guy in the chicken suit? Talk about random; what was up with that?

On the plus side, it's certainly got enough slapstick, silliness, and wild action for younger kids. They probably won't follow half of what's happening, but they may not care, anyway. The inventor, the weather reporter, and the sardine store owner are likable heroes. The animation technology is handled pretty well.

Good enough for a rental, but you'll probably want to watch it only once.
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Funny, imaginative, and very well done
IamLegend_Zanth24 September 2009
When i first heard about this movie, i simply laughed at the title. I had never read the book, and had never even heard of the story. I wasn't even gonna go see it until i was invited too. But man oh man, am i glad that i did. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs is one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. I was almost barfing with laughter at some points. My friend and i were laughing for an hour after the movie! The voice-overs in this movie were excellent. Bill Hader was perfect as the nerd boy dreaming of being a great inventor. I am not a huge fan of Anna Faris, but she did amazing job of playing the part of the peanut prone, Jello loving weather reporter. Mr.T was also a hilarious addition to this well developed cast.

This movie is also awesome eye-candy. and right up there with most of the pixar films. there were some parts that you were just thinking................."Wowy" this is well done. I didn't even see it in imax and i was still pretty impressed with it.

This movie is probably the funniest movie of the year, and it has certainly earned a place in my personal favourite list. If you want to laugh non-stop for almost an hour and a half, then i highly suggest this movie. If you don't laugh at this movie, well, i'm sorry, but you have some serious issues that you need to work out.

Ĕ¥Ё Дм ₤ệğəŋđ
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