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"Awwww, SOOKIE SOOKIE Now..."
cchase21 September 2008
Dracula living in a trailer park instead of a castle. NOSFERATU out on the bayou. THE LOST BOYS hangin' out down by the Chattahoochie with a keg, instead of in an underground lair with a beachfront view. A great dinner of catfish, blackeyed peas and rice and cornbread, served up with a tall, warm, bubbly bottle of...BLOOD.

However you want to describe it, TRUE BLOOD is not only unlike any vampire story that's been done before, it's not like any series that's on right now. It's DARK SHADOWS-meets deep-fried Southern Gothic, and only Alan Ball, the creator of SIX FEET UNDER, would dare stick his neck out to bring it to you.

Based on the novels of Charlaine Harris, which I've never read, (but certainly will after this!), BLOOD takes place in the not-too-distant future. It's been two years since the world got a shock it never expected: vampires came "out of the coffin" as a race. We suspected they always lived - and fed - amongst us, but now it's official, and just as before with race relations and as it is now with GLBT people, the reaction across the board is the same - fear of change and fear of the unknown influences most people's feelings about it. And it doesn't seem to matter much that vamps now opt for finding nourishment from a bottled beverage made of synthetic plasma called - wait for it - "TRU BLOOD", rather than from the warm, breathing, two-legged receptacles called Everybody Else.

Sookie Stackhouse, however, has her own unique take on the whole deal. Sookie (X-MEN'S Anna Paquin) lives and works as a waitress in Bon Temps, LA, at a roadhouse restaurant called Merlotte's, the center of most of the series' action. She serves up pitchers of beer and sweet tea, and will give you a piece of her mind, once she has a piece of yours...though you'll wonder how she knew what you were thinking. Sookie is a telepath, and unfortunately for her, she can't turn off the constant flow of other peoples' streams of consciousness...most of which offers way too much information.

The only minds she can't read are vampire minds, something she discovers when she encounters Bon Temps' first vamp, the courtly and smoldering Bill Compton (Brit actor Stephen Moyer in a bravura performance). They are taken with each other on first sight - Sookie, who is not afraid of the unusual since she herself fits that category all too well, and Bill because he cannot figure her out - is she mortal, or something more?

Looking on this blossoming romance in various stages of curiosity, disgust or outright disapproval are Sookie's brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten), a walking hormone on two legs whose IQ matches his boot size; headstrong, opinionated Tara (Rutina Wesley), Sookie's childhood BFF; Sam Merlotte himself (Sam Trammell), Sookie's boss, who's got it bad for her and wears his heart on his sleeve on and off the clock; Lafayette Reynolds (Nelsan Ellis), the boldly out, proud and randy cook who serves as Greek chorus, instigator and confidante to Merlotte's employees, but most especially to Sookie, and her 'Gran', Adele Stackhouse (the marvelous Lois Smith), who couldn't be happier that Sookie is romantically involved with somebody...even if he is undead.

Not a single opportunity is wasted here to explore every nuance of mixing the ordinary with the extraordinary, in a way that even a series as outstanding as BUFFY could only get close to. Passion burns, secrets abound, betrayal, murder and things even worse lurk around every corner. It's what you've hoped for but never gotten from every soap opera that couldn't show you what was REALLY going on...until now.

Best of all, TRUE BLOOD is like the best songs that come from Mississippi Delta blues. It has an irresistible melody and a driving beat that pulses with sex, muscular sensuality and undeniable heat, with an undertone of menace lurking just beneath, ready to explode without warning...and sometimes even without provocation.

As with 6FU, Ball and his crew are firing on all cylinders here in the first two episodes I've seen. I sure hope they can keep it going...With the early renewal for a second season, HBO sure seems to agree, and so do the fans. Especially this one.
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UncleTantra16 August 2008
OK, I just watched episode 1 of this new HBO series, created by Alan Ball ("American Beauty," "Six Feet Under"), and there is simply no question in my mind that it's going to be one of the hottest things on TV.

The setting is backwoods Louisiana. Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, from "The Piano") is a waitress in a local eatery during the day and at the local bar at night. She's pretty normal, except that she can read minds. And the crowd at the eatery and at the bar are pretty normal, too, by backwoods Louisiana standards.

Except that the hook of this series is that vampires "came out of the coffin" on national TV a couple of years earlier. They now live openly in society, because the Japanese have invented a synthetic blood that is sold in convenience stores everywhere as "True Blood." The vampires themselves are considered kinda exotic, and there are "fang bangers" of both sexes who long to have sex with them.

One moves to town. Sookie saves his life. Sparks fly. The stage is set for a really fun, well-written series. There is not a clunker in the cast, or an off moment in the writing. One to look forward to.
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Make Way for True Blood ---
ShadedEyes13 September 2008
There is no doubt in my mind that True Blood is developing it's die-hard cult fans even as I write this.

Director Alan Ball has successfully adapted the show from the southern vampire series penned by Charlaine Harris. The show incorporates the gritty, down-south, feel that permeates Harris's books. The imagery, whether in landscape or in outfits, is incredible and really gives the viewer a chance to feel the atmosphere of the story.

The music is unbeatable... The opening credits rolling by is enough to hook a person right there.

The acting by lead characters is great. Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse is incredible. She's captured just the right tones of innocence, lively spark, and morals that personify Sookie. The only thing that might be noted is that her accent seems a little off, I can't say how specifically it just sounds wrong which is understandable as she's a Canadian.

Stephen Moyer as 'Vampire Bill' is great as well. I thought his accent was great, much more realistic than other characters who I had definite red flags pop up when I heard them speak. His screen presence is unbeatable and he fits the role of a vampire almost eerily well.

I'm looking for some better character development in Tara, Sookie's close friend, she seems to fit a stereotype a bit too well for my taste. Hopefully writers will mix things up for Tara a little, give her some great lines.

So acting is a 8 out of 10, Screenplay and Scenery get a definite 10 out of 10, and the score is 10 out of 10.

True Blood is the kind of show that comes along and while it has every opportunity to fall flat, sinking into the rut of so many other 'vampire TV shows', it rises above and makes its own cut into the genre.
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Love at First Bite
yossarian10017 June 2008
Another interesting, entertaining, and slightly on the odd side series from HBO that should have more than enough sex and blood for those more discerning fans of our mythical long toothed friends, the vampires.

On the other hand, some may find it little more than an "R" rated soap opera with teeth.

I'm more forgiving. I liked the first episode, thought it had a fairly strong cast, and the story held my interest, even though some of the southern accents sounded a bit strange. Still, having a lead character who is wound a little too tight, there's a reason for that, is a fresh enough idea and Anna Paquin, as Sookie heard that right, is well cast.

I'm looking forward to the next episode. Maybe this new show will reach right out and bite you.
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From Awesome to Disaster
brownsugar21710 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Season 1 started out great with a lot of twists & turns & a great cliff hanger at the end. The seasons after that were filled with some highs and a LOT of lows. The highs of the previous seasons were introducing the vampire King Russell Edgington as well as Alcede & the weres. The LOWS of the past seasons included Jason's "Soldiers of the Sun" morons, Crystal with her inbred- uncle-daddy-brother-cousin-were-panthers (UGH!), and the orgy-goddess-maynad Maryanne. It also got STUPID when they introduced Sookie's gay faery family & had them in the middle of a field while inside of a nightclub, stripper poles included (but invisible) 0-o. Jessica became ANNOYING with no real story as well as Jason who is nothing more than a dumb jock who can't control his erection. I'm assuming the writers of the last few seasons came from the Bravo or Logo Network considering almost EVERYONE is GAY OR BI. They also had yet ANOTHER new character Marnie the witch who cast a spell on the vamps & turned Eric into a CLOWN. Sookie went from HATING him to madly in love. Watching their Harlequin-romance-novel relationship made me want to puke. This brings me to the end of last season, the infamous "LILLITH." I have no words to describe the STUPIDITY! Bill has drunk her blood & has completely lost his $h!t. After watching that DISASTER, there's nowhere else for HBO to go but up.
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jjgibson-5028330 October 2018
Man I miss this show....... Wish they would have went a little more longer with the show.
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Great, even brilliant...for 5 seasons
grantss14 July 2018
Set in modern times, vampires roam the earth and are humans mortal enemies. However, a substitute has been found for human blood, a substitute that vampires can consume with the same effect as human blood. This is True Blood. Now humans and vampires can coexist in harmony, and even form relationships. But there will always be rogue elements on both sides ready to exploit the uneasy truce.

Superb, for the first few seasons. Original, uncompromising and highly engaging. Great character depth, clever, intriguing plots, interesting relationships and good performances. For 5 seasons this was fantastic.

However, the producers didn't know when to quit. The writing was already starting to feel a bit jaded, with retreads of previous plots and characters and, especially, different life-forms being introduced just to give the illusion of originality. The final two seasons were mediocre, at best.

The final season, Season 7, was particularly bad. No originality and the writers and actors seemed to be just going through the motions. Watching became a chore, something I had to do so I could finish the series rather than watching because I enjoyed it. Season 7 may well be the worst final season in the history of TV, especially when compared with what came before.
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I am disappointed. (minor spoilers)
Maxwazn26 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After watching some of HBO's great stuff - Band of Brothers, Rome, etc. - I must say I had pretty high expectations before watching the first episode of "True Blood". Jeez. Often the script seemed to be written by an 8-year-old, some parts are just horribly filmed, (The scene in which she "saves" Bill, I mean come on. She throws a chain at the guy and ow! it goes around his neck and it magically chokes him! That was pretty embarrassing if you want my opinion. Or a few moments before that scene, when she finds out that the couple is gone with Bill, ridiculous. She hears them plan their stuff, and like 5 seconds later, magic! The 3 of them are gone, and without any struggle or noise or anything!

I mean the idea of the show seemed interesting, mysterious, intriguing, vampires co-existing with human in our modern society... but honestly I don't think they really wanted to make more of this than a petty soap show, that the average teen girl watches all the time but that nobody else cares about... Unfortunately, the script is written poorly, mediocre at best. It's shallow and extremely predictable. Often I thought that this was some kind of a joke or something.

The actors deliver really unconvincing performances, if you want my opinion. They seem to take the show very lightly, as if it were some kind of a regular, low budget family TV show (well maybe thats what it is, if you take away the family part). The only actor that seemed somewhat good to me was Stephen Moyer in the role of Bill, considering the poorly written, extremely short replies he had to say "What are you..." "Can I give you a call sometime...", I think he did good in bringing out the somewhat mysteriously scary part of a vampire that anyone with a vampire role must have, actually. Anna Paquin was okay as well, but not more. But the guy, playing her brother though, jeez, he's horrible. The scene in which he gets arrested is just simply a shame to modern television. The acting is bad, the construction site looks fake to the bone, and the two other guys "Why is he getting arrested? Uh.. I dunno..." That was pretty embarrassing.

Another thing that I think was completely missed was the way they presented Sookie's psychic powers. They make us hear what people think AND speak both at the same time and thats just wrong. Often it just seems unnecessarily chaotic, as if people's thought were some sort of an annoying radio channel, and that when she comes close to em she hits the right frequency level and has to hear everything that they think.

And finally, the sex scenes are just plainly unnecessary and that vampire sex tape thing was just totally disgusting.

Don't get me wrong - I wrote all these comments not because I thought the show was BAD, but because I was very disappointed. I expected quality stuff. I didn't think it was going to be like that. It's definitely not a GOOD show though. Mediocre at best.
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Television at its worst
vuyokazigwija1 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Who doesn't like a show where the writers care so little about their audience that they take the most hated character on the show and make them immortal?

I've been watching this show for a while now, and I couldn't think why it was that I just couldn't get into it. That is, until I actually thought about what I was watching. There are many issues with this show, but one of the main problems is that it fails to follow its own internal logic. I seem to recall some mention of vampires not being able to experience love, yet the vampires seem to profess their love to that Sookie Stackhouse bint at every given opportunity and Jessica claimed to love that Sasquatch she was dating.

There's also that inconsistency with the blood induced fantasies. Some characters drink the blood and have them while others drink it and nothing of the sort happens.

There is also the problem of Sookie being a Mary Sue. She seems to have magical powers that make her special from everyone else, most of the male characters seem to be attracted to her, but I've yet to glimpse more than maybe two attractive qualities about her (not talking aesthetics here people) and she has very few, practically negligible flaws.

Another issue is that for some stupid reason all these supernatural creatures, from ware panthers (so stupid!)to Greek deities, seem to all be congregating in one seemingly very small town. What's the likelihood of that happening, like ever?

Another thing I hate about this show is that there is no realistic character development. For example, take Vampire Eric. His character is supposed to be this jerk that Sookie hates and would never ever date. However, the fans love seeing two blonds shag so it has to happen, but how you may wonder? No, not by trying to have events take place that would, over time, possibly change the character for the better in a realistic manner; that's boring and it would take too long! So what do they do? They erase his memories of course, and then lo and behold, he is instantaneously turned into a character that Sookie apparently loves and must bone immediately! Cue the numerous scenes of them awkwardly pawing at each other. I think the fact that the sex scenes weren't even attractive made it more irritating for me.

Also, the characters do things or make decisions that are illogical simply, from what I've gathered, to give the audience what they really want to see; gratuitous sex. To be honest, I would go as far as to say that this show's main plot is the sex scenes and everything else in between the soft core porn is just filler. That is the only way to explain these strange and honestly quite ridiculous side-stories. For example, the whole business with Jason and Jessica out of the blue suddenly being attracted to each other in season four. What was the point in him turning her down because of his friendship with Hoyt if he was just going to turn around and f**k her less than a week later? Or maybe it was longer than that, this show fails at establishing a time-line at the best of times. Also, where did the sudden attraction come from? I'm talking more on Jessica's part rather than Jason's because we've already established that he's a brainless horn dog that would f**k anything with breasts. Is she so desperate for man-meat that she would disregard her so called feelings for Hoyt just to have a go on Jason? Someone who she has never ever showed an interest in ever until all of a sudden she decided she was attracted to him? The best friend of the man she claims to love? Again, if we had been shown how Jessica came to 'fall in love' with Jason, maybe I would be more willing to buy it.

This show has terrible dialogue and some of the silliest scenes/scenarios in television. There's a scene in season 4 where Sam's brother Tommy was very badly injured and rather than seeking medical attention they let him die. Obviously if they'd just taken him to a hospital like normal, well adjusted human adults he would have survived. Or failing that, take him to a vampire because apparently on this show hospitals and vampires are like the same thing? Anyway, I digress. My original point was, I didn't understand why Sam listened to Alcide (a character he has never met) when he says to let his only brother die.

I could go on, but my point is that the main problems with this show stem from bad/lazy writing and that it's on its fifth season is absolutely baffling to me.
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Follows the first book well
bugdog7 September 2008
I like it. I just picked up the books on recommendation from a coworker and ended up reading nearly the entire series in 2 days (I'm halfway through From Dead to Worse right now). It's rare that I can sit down and read a book in a few hours and even more rare that I can read an entire series without a break, but these books are that good.

I didn't expect that the TV show would be so close to the books, frankly. I was stunned to see how close the first episode is to the first book and even more stunned to see the locations looked pretty damn much like what I had in my head. That's just weird. (The kitchen in Sookie's grandmother's house was just dead on and that made my jaw drop.)

I like the characters. I like the settings. I know I love the books. If the rest of the series plays out like the first episode, then I'll be a happy camper.
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Not worthy of all the hype
juinjune6 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This show had a lot of hype but I didn't know about it until the midseason (season 1). Someone even recommended the show to me. But I decided that if I was going to watch it, I was going to wait until the end of the season so I could watch it in bulk. Due to the show's format, I'm happy I waited. I imagine it would have been fairly annoying have nearly every episode end in the middle of some cliff hanger then have to wait another week to find out what happens in the next second of the story.

Somehow, this show has managed to throw in too much sex. Jason will have sex with pretty much anything that moves. Right after he finds out that one woman he had sex with was killed, he's in bed with another woman the next night! Then Tara and Sam get it on, despite each of them knowing that Sam is in love with Sookie. And for some reason, Sookie gets mad when she later finds out about it--even though she's sleeping with a vampire. One of the problems with the show, is that it doesn't do a good job of making you care about the characters. I really didn't care for Jason at all. Along with his endless pursuit of tale, he was rude to the people who actually were concerned for him. After a few episodes, I wouldn't have minded if he got killed somehow. For that reason, I was for the most part uninterested in the murders until Sookie's Grandmother became a victim (since the first two were more closely involved with Jason).

Then once Sookie and Bill have sex, the story gets a few more subplots. Tara's mother wants an exorcism, then the exorcist lady tries to convince Tara that she should have one to remove her own demon. I wasn't so much bothered by the whole exorcism thing as I know there are some people who really believe in that stuff. However, they waste little time in showing that is it a farce right after Tara spends about $1300 on exorcisms for her and her mother. At other points, some of the developments happen too fast. Jason continues being a jerk, trying to sell his Grandmother's stuff to buy vampire blood, which apparently is the new crack or something. In his search he finds this girl who will do V (vampire blood) with him. They get high, and within three days fall in love with each other and kidnap a vampire for a constant source of V. Another example is when Bill has to go to a vampire tribunal. He's only gone for two days before Sookie starts to feel abandoned and start to wonder if he thinks "vampire politics" are more important than her.

Subtlety is not this show's strong suit. It doesn't take a genius to figure out something is going on with the local dog. Although my assumption wasn't dead on, it wasn't that much of a surprise. But the finale two episodes was where it really got annoying as it just shoved all the developments in your face as if you couldn't possibly figure the out for yourself. When Tara gets into the car accident, the naked lady's face with the pig is clearly shown, and was easily recognizable when she shows up at the jail for the bailout. As if that wasn't enough, they later show the lady again with the pig at her house. Then it's time to wrap up the murder story. At the end of the penultimate episode, it's revealed that Renee is not who he says he is and most likely is the killer. In the final episode, they shove Renee being the killer in your face. Sookie remarks that it's odd that Renee's thoughts don't have an accent. I thought that was fine, as it adds to Renee being a fraud. But the next scene is full of incriminating evidence against Renee. They show that Renee has the tape of Maudette with the vampire and his fiancée finds a tape in one of Renee's boxes about how to fake a Cajun accent. At this point it was just ridiculous. I mean WE GET IT!!! So blah blah blah stuff happens. Bill almost kills himself while failing to save Sookie, who still manages to kill Renee. They start to set up season 2 by leaving unfinished issues. The naked pig lady and Sam have a history, Lafayette has gone missing and might have been killed. Jason is in the process of being brainwashed into being a religious nut by some anti-vampire church--which makes me care about him even less.

It's almost surprising to see how many people absolutely love this show. I think I just expected this show to be better. I'm interested in seeing what happens in season 2, but if I watch it, I'll most likely wait for the season completion.
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True Blood Season 7: the drudgery that wants to be put out of its misery!
amaterasoo27 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This review is based on the season premier of Season 7 Ep. 1. If this is a view of things to come, then I would rather opt out now while I still have respect for the show remembering what it used to be.

Like most here, I have been a huge fan of the series since season 1 ep. 1. I was hooked from the start. I'm of the opinion that True Blood was at its best in the first 3 seasons of the show. The writing then was good and intelligent. The characters were deep and the story lines were compelling; a far cry from the true blood of the last 3 seasons.

2008 first acquainted us to the show and a very grounded story line of a series of murders in Bonn Temps. It introduced us to the supernatural drama of vampire Bill Compton and the love story that blossomed between him and the odd but gifted telepath/waitress- Sookie Stackhouse. What follows is a series of purposeful events that lead to the precipice of the season's finale, the birth of Jessica and our lesson in vampire progeny. It was a simple plot but it kept audiences intrigued enough to come back and watch the second season.

The second season in 2009 delved into the vampire lore and took us deeper into the supernatural world with the introduction of the maenad, Maryann. Eric implores the help of Sookie in finding the Sheriff of Area 9, who turns out to be Eric's maker. We see a glimpse of a transcended vampire whose lived through centuries and his moral dilemma that caused him to question his existence. Godric is one of my favorite characters of the show and season 2 was by far the most memorable for me. If I was but a casual viewer of True Blood's first season, after season 2, I was a confirmed fan.

Season 3--who can forget season 3's perennial bad guy! Russell Edgington was the best antihero the show could have ever had. Edgington was the antithesis of Godric's calm and transcended demeanor. He was savage, ruthless and an absolute delight to watch. He was the evil villain you loved to hate and his very presence in the show cemented True Blood's cult status which won over fans (and critics alike) in 2010. The 3rd season could have been arguably the best season it's produced, likened to a climber reaching the summit. The gore, violence and sex, while often unnecessary, had a truly purposeful place in a show like True Blood. Every episode ended with a shocker and plot twists that had us pulling our hair in excitement and anticipation. It was brilliant.

Season 4, 5 & 6 can be summed up in the disaster that is-- witches, werewolves, fearies, Billith, Hep. V and such; none of which had the thoughtfulness or depth of writing that endeared the show to it's fans in it's early years. If anything, the show has grown tired and so has the cast. It feels like the characters are just going through the motions without that same passion or emotion fans felt from them in the start of the show. I applaud Tara (Rutina Westley) for bowing out early in the show's final season instead of enduring 9 or so more episodes of drudgery, tired dialogue, illogical apocalyptic scenarios and Sookie's tireless whining! We're OVER Sookie's drama and Jason's incessant sexing. We do not look forward to watching the filler sex scenes of Sookie's tired, naked body or Alcid's ample butt. We have seen all that before!

Like most of you, I am watching the show hoping the vestiges of its yesteryears come back for a cameo before the curtains close. It may be due to some misplaced loyalty to what I fondly remember to be my favorite show. If the actors could only stay true to their characters as Pam. She has remained consistently entertaining through out the years. I hope this last season can be a fond goodbye instead of a good riddance! True Blood owes us fans at least that much.
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Dear HBO: Please Cancel TrueBlood
LTSmash1428 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
As many of you know, I am ends oriented and committed. At season 6 of this series, I am so invested in these unlikeable and unrelatable characters that I just can't stop watching. But it's literally gotten to a point that I can't even hate-watch it anymore. I just hate myself. And I kindly ask you to cancel the show so that I can begin reclaiming my dignity and my life. I mean, sexy slutty teenage quadruplets? Come ON! It's getting so bad that I actually thought Jason's weird homoerotic shaving scene was a brilliant device with literary merit and hardly noticed that it was just a gross list of bad penis entendre. Here's why you need to stop.

The Stakes Literally Can't Get Any Higher

The show started in an unassuming universe. A small town with a mindreader and some vampires crawling out of the shadows. It was only natural that the universe would progress and expand as seasons went on to keep the story interesting and rolling. But I think we can all admit that it's peaked. After the vampire Sheriff became a member of a vampire monarchy, we had issues, but then that became an entire vampire government, police force, prison, 'authority.' I was still on board at the 'Authority' part, despite rolling my eyes at every single reference to it. But now there is a vampire religion and a vampire supreme being. You have a vampire prophet and literal vampire god running around. That's literally the peak. That's it. You literally cannot expand farther than that and I'd be willing to defend that in a room of philosophy PhDs.

There are No Species of Males Left to Fall in Love With Sookie

Fine, the shapeshifter and the vampire both fell for her. It made for an interesting story. But then there was the other vampire. And the werewolf. The Fairies… and now a FAIRY VAMPIRE. Her gap tooth isn't THAT charming.

You Can't Keep Going Back and Changing Things Anymore. The 'Finale' Already Happened

As several of us movie fans know, and anyone who paid attention in Scream 3, trilogy rules (and finale rules) dictate that at the end, we learn something that changes the whole story from the beginning and all bets are off. This has happened like… a whole bunch of times. We already learned that Bill was 'lying' from the get-go and that the whole love story might have been a fraud. We already learned that Sookie's parents were actually killed by vampires. We already learned about Eric's maker, sister, and thus non-evil side. Now we know about Sookie's grandfather, Warlow, and what he means as connected to the authority and vampire religion, and then that Warlow might not even be evil, but be a saviour… what ELSE IS THERE? I wanted to say that "unless you go back to the conception of the earth, you literally can't go any farther back," and the you DID. You went back to 3500 BC. Freakin' Cave-Fairies. There just can't possibly be anything else to uncover.

No One Else Can End Up or Turn Out Evil

I'd rather not bother. After Alcide turned out to be a weird animal, and his girlfriend said "I'm your number one bitch," I just didn't even care who else was "bad" anymore.

It's Happened Already

Virgins have been turned. Jason's switched teams. Sookie's been in her underwear. Sara's changed from religious to slutty, unexpected characters get hooked on V... The episode filling plot points have run drier than Sam's facial expressions.

So I'm asking you, HBO, nay BEGGING YOU. Set me free from this torture. I can no longer handle the shame or Bill's fitted sweaters. Please cancel TrueBlood.
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The failing of True Blood
CaptRon-226 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
For every series that makes it to television, a 100 ideas are formed, 50 scripts are written, 15 pilots are made, and one, just one, actually makes it to production. From such a selection process, we are lead to believe that the final product must be the cream of the crop, for what other reason could so many ideas be rejected to give us a single television series.

And so it goes with True Blood; all the stars were in alignment and what started as a series of novels was transformed into an idea, a screen play, a pilot, and finally a series. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a long journey and along the way there are many turns that ultimately change what was good and pure into and show that production people feel would be best for ratings. Oh how wrong they so often are...

True Blood is an example of a creative concept that has developed into one of the poorest story lines, worst acting, and silliest subplots as anything in recent television history. Its international cast of relatively unknown actors struggle to find their voices but keep tripping over their fake southern accents. Alan Ball's not so secret desires for Ryan (Jason Stackhouse) gives us a fresh nude shot each week although it often has nothing to do with the storyline. Tara's angry black woman characterization fails to connect and you find yourself secretly hoping the vamps take her out quickly before she goes into another speech about white suppression while attend a ceremony for the Glorious Dead of the Confedercy. Sam finds suppressed love for Sookie and suddenly we are to believe he needs to watch over her morning, noon, and night despite years of working with her and avoiding any such relationship.

As for Bill the Vampire, his moral high ground is quickly surrendered at the first chance to make love with Sookie and has no issue with make a quick snack of her (although she remains somewhat unharmed). We find the other vampires not so mainstream as Bill but greatly desiring to become accepted by a public as they look at the living as Happy Meals with legs.

Despite my best efforts of suffering through the first six episodes, I have come to the realization that no matter how long you watch a bad show, its still bad. Somethings die for a reason, even vampires. Maybe this show should to.
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A most disappointing supernatural soap opera, vastly over-rated on this site...
MrGKB16 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
..."True Blood" fails as compelling storytelling in almost every way possible. Even that hoary old daytime serial, "Dark Shadows," was far superior, despite its comparably minuscule budget. Never mind the generally excellent production values, laudable camera-wrangling, and a slew of pop songs to highlight Nathan "Hostel" Barr's quirky score, "True Blood" falls on its face in two key respects: one, in its desperation to cram as many nubile bodies into the cast as it can, presumably catering to its primary gonad-driven audience, its story lines are pretty much reduced to little more than sexual hijinks of mostly the lowest order; and two, the characters and plots are uninvolving, derivative, cardboard dross. I suppose I'm just getting old, but this sort of pap is LCD pandering of the worst sort; I'm sure that Charlaine Harris is a very nice lady, but she can't write a realistic character to save her soul, and her conception of an intermingled vampire/human world is sheer nonsense. I gave Season One a good six or seven episode effort, and finally had to give up in despair of finding anything to latch onto. The whole affair is simply laughably bad, and not in a good way at all. Good luck to all involved, I guess; I imagine it's a fine paycheck, but none of you are doing anything worth paying serious attention to, not even the baring of breasts, butts, and bodies. Yawn. Strictly for vamp geeks of indiscriminate tastes, and pervs of even less discriminate bent. Thank providence I didn't have to pay a dime to watch any of it; all I lost was a few hours of valuable time.
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really don't like it
eperro0115 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
As a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse books, I find this series to be a totally crass representation of them. Vampire Bill is not very good looking and looks much older than described in the book. I found that they have made already wonderfully colourful characters seem very course and vulgar. One of the things I loved about the books is that despite all the crap that she is going through Sookie is always a lady, and yet in the TV series she doesn't seem like that at all. Not only that but the prejudices displayed in the TV series are not nearly as wide spread in the books. I didn't expect an exact replica of the books but I at least expected the feel of them to be used for the series.
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loving it
mordantmonkey17 September 2008
so, i read everyone else's reviews. it seems that if you are a Buffy/Angel fan, then you will more than likely loathe this series. otherwise, there's a chance you will really dig it. that is, provided lots of sex, especially really creepy sex doesn't freak you out.

let's start with the credits. i haven't seen credits that i actually enjoyed watching since the end credits of se7en. yes, the credits are weird. and cool.

the acting, look, cast, and score are top notch. the first two episodes left me clearly conflicted. not to be confused with dear departed dexter (another killer series). i was drawn in, turned on. and for some reason really freaked out. all at the same time. excellent.

i just bought the first 3 books...and i'm nearly finished with the first. well done, creators of true blood! well done, chick that wrote the southern vampire series!
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It's a comedy...right? (spoiler)
trinityk929 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When I first watched the show, the first few episodes seemed promising. Bill Compton introduced himself as the stereotypical "mysterious" vampire and Sookie presented herself as an independent woman. However, the show went downhill from here and the once interesting characters are as entertaining as a cardboard box.

As the story progresses the main characters lose their original personalities, along with their acting abilities. By episode 5, Bill's furrowed eyebrows are so low that his face just consists of a forehead. Sookie, or rather the actress, is even more dead than her vampire lover. All these tragic events are surrounding her and she only reacts to how enjoyable it was losing her virginity. Personally, I think they made the main characters sleep with each other too early in the show. The way they teased each other was something that had me hooked and could easily be toyed with a bit more. As soon as Sookie loses it she struts around like a total ditz, only thinking of Bill's libido and the size of his appendage. Bill also loses his debonair attitude and well, he just gets plain silly. His actions are never really explained except he does it for Sookie. Why? Their love for each other is never delved into, if there is any love. So far it just seems to be sex that is the core of their relationship.

Yeah, yeah, vampires usually equal sex but come on. Every five seconds I see some sort of humping going on. It wasn't that much of a surprise, since HBO always tries to pass of a soft core porno as a decent TV show. Bill popping out of the dirt and just getting it on with Sookie with no reason what's so ever? I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

The plot is just a stream of consciousness. The characters never go into detail about anything. All the events that happen are usually left unexplained. The only thing that is constant is the sex.

The only thing I can say that I do like are the minor characters. Tara and her drunk mother are far more interesting than the major characters. The only reason why I continue to watch the show is for the development of the minor characters.

Minus the sex and the main characters the show would be much more worthwhile.
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True Awesomeness
subspace201011 August 2011
Released the same year as the incredibly awful Twilight, which I had to turn off after 30 minutes, I dismissed True Blood as just another teen vampire show. How wrong I was....and happy to be so.

For once someone got it right. All the topics that most people wouldn't touch with a really really long stick are all here and in your face. From voodoo, paganism, witchcraft, homosexuality, vampires, werewolves, you name it it's probably in there.

The thing that strikes me most about this show however is how they portray both sides of the simmering human/vampire feud. It makes it really hard to take sides when you've got so much character depth and insight into what makes them who and what they have become.

The show is expertly written with humor and razor sharp dialog. The characters are ALL fantastic and hard to fault. Kudos to Ryan Kwanten aka Jason Stackhouse who does a superb job of playing a dumb ass redneck American. You'd never pick he is actually an intelligent Aussie bloke. And Nelsan Ellis who plays Lafayette Reynolds is just awesome. I don't think I'd like Kristin Bauer who plays Pam De Beaufort as much if she wasn't such a foul mouthed b#@ch.

My only complaint, and it's a purely selfish one, is I would like to see more on Sookies fey ancestry.

Uncensored, uninhibited, unashamed TV at it's finest. Shut up and take note writers and producers and learn a few lessons from a show that pushes the boundaries and isn't just another pile of steaming predictability.
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true blood is just truly great
rikkigawthorpe8525 May 2009
A great TV show, I love the genre of horror and supernatural, and this is a different take on the vampire legend. The acting is superb and the story keeps you intrigued right up till the finally. These are some great cameo's and I'm hooked. I can not wait for the second season to start in June, their is a couple of slow episodes, but isn't their always to these shows, just like dexter lost and heroes great with a few bad episodes but is a must watch. the main characters are played fantastic as is all of the supporting cast. I hope that this doesn't get axed as some TV series do, like carnival which I was enjoying. But do watch you won't be disappointed
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Unlikely (for a vampire story) and too contrived
jacquie_mt997 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I hope whoever coached these losers on their accents was fired. The only high points are a few of the supporting characters, 3 of 5 of my favourites were killed off by the end of the season (and one of them was a cat, to put that into perspective).

The whole storyline is centered around sex, and nothing else. Sex with vampires, gay sex with gay vampires, gay sex with straight vampires, sex to score vampire blood, sex after drinking vampire blood, sex in front of vampires, vampire sex, non-vampire sex, sex because we're scared of vampires, sex because we're mad at vampires, sex because we just became a vampire, etc.

Nothing against sex, it would just be nice if it were a little more subtle with being peppered into the storyline. Perhaps HAVE a storyline and then shoehorn some sex into it. But they didn't even bother to do that... and Anna Paquin is a dizzy gap-tooth bitch. Either she sucks or her character sucks, I can't figure out which.

Another part of the storyline that I find highly implausible is why 150 year old vampire Bill who seems to have his things together would be interested in someone like Sookie. She's constantly flying off the handle at him for things he can't control. He leaves for two days and she already decides that he's "not coming back" and suddenly has feelings for dog-man? Give me a break. She's supposed to be a 25 year old woman, not a 14 year old girl. People close to her are dying all over, and she's got the brightest smile on her face because she just gave away her V-card to some dude because she can't read his mind? As the main character of the story, I would've hoped the show would do a little more to make her understandable and someone to invest your interest in, not someone you keep secretly hoping gets killed off or put into a coma. I can't find anything about her character that I like and even the fact that she can read minds is impressively uninspiring and not the least bit interesting.

I will not be wasting my time with watching Season 2 come June.
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Wish I Liked It :(
basschick27 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
As a long-term fan of Charlaine's Southern Vampire Mysteries, I've been looking forward to True Blood since I first heard about it a year ago. Since Alan Ball had said he really liked the novels, I had high hopes that he would stick to the existing characters and situations that made the novels so popular - and some of my favorites. In fact, I was really excited and couldn't wait to see the show.

I can't even begin to express how let down and angry I felt about some of it.

*SPOILERS* Tara was changed from a dress store owner to a black chick with anabusive alcoholic mother. Tara being changed to black was no problem, but she's now a black racial stereotype -sometimes it was embarrassing to watch. And not only does she come to work at Merlotte's - she is in love with Jason and she sleeps with Sam. And she's around all the time, since she is now tending bar at Merlotte's and insulting the customers. Lafayette now works construction with Jason days and is Tara's cousin. Huh? Sookie's brother has turned into a complete jerk instead of the selfish but lovable guy he was originally. Those brief references to Jason's sexual activities? The show is bogged down with long sex scenes between Jason and his women. The collie hanging around on the show? Not Sam.

Sookie is flirtatious with Bill from the moment he comes in, and scared of him most of the time. Anyone remember that being part of her character in the books? I sure don't.

And yet there was just enough of the books and the characters to keep me watching, hopeful and somewhat annoyed. Anytime the show would suddenly switch to the personality of the books and I'd start to enjoy myself, Tara would re-appear, and since her entire personality and sad personal history was made up and almost couldn't happen in a town like Bon Temp, it wasn't only annoying but frustrating.

If you're into vampire TV/movies/books and haven't read the novels that the series is taken from, you might like it better than I did. If you enjoy the books, go in expecting important differences from the books and you will also probably enjoy it more than I did.
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blackcherryhearts10 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Man, I really find it hard to believe that the wonderful Alan Ball had anything to do with this mess. Having seen the first two episodes thus far, I think I can safely say this show isn't going to be on my must see list. It's just got so many things working against it.

None of the actors cast are particularly good. Anna Paquin as the lead character Sookie, is just awful. I remember her being better in a lot of other things I've seen her in so maybe it's just the writing. She's not really much fun to look at either, there are moments where to be honest she looks downright ugly. The actor who plays Bill is marginally better, if only because his character is supposed to be sort of wooden and aloof. The other actors do their best but with the cliché characters with difficult to perform accents they are given it's a tough job. Tara is an absolute misery to watch, Rutina Wesley absolutely murders the accent. It's like nails on a chalkboard bad. Almost as awful is Nelsan Ellis, it's difficult to understand what he's even saying sometimes. Both his character as well as Tara's also seem a bit racist to me. I don't know, having a character say 'whycome' on an HBO show that isn't The Wire just seems a bit odd. Rounding out the cast so far are Sookie's doddering grandmother, her sex addict brother, and the only bit of genius casting I've seen in William Sanderson as the sheriff.

The story seems to be meandering towards it's destination at this point, with no real worry about keeping the viewer interested. The romance stuff is very Dark Shadow-sy. Although this show ups the camp factor from something like those old Dark Shadows episodes times about ten. At times it seemed so campy to me, that I just have to assume it was intended to be. But unlike a show such as Buffy, that pulled camp off masterfully, this show does not. Out of place with the campiness is the extreme gore and graphic sex of the show. I'm not averse to either of these when they are done well, as they have in many other HBO shows but here at least they prolonged rough sex scenes involving Jason Stackhouse seem a bit over the top and pointless.

About the only nice thing I can really think to say about this mess is that I liked the opening title sequence. HBO has had a string of bad luck with their shows lately, I hope they cancel this after the first season and try to get something better on the air.
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Ball delivers in HBO-worthy fashion
anewaphorist7 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, let me say that TrueBlood was good, especially considering that this was the first episode. Alan Ball does a good job of establishing a realistic setting (the town of Bon Temps, LA) with a believable scenario in society recognizes vampires. The sex, while graphic, is sufficiently twisted, establishing some of the differences between humans and vampires. The dialogue wasn't bad and the somewhat campy atmosphere of the show hooked me in and gave it a genuine air of back-country sex and scandal. The acting of the major characters was solid, with Anna Paquin providing a solid portrayal of a young Southern woman tormented by hearing everyone's thoughts yet clinging to her values.

That being said, there were a few problems with the show. The accents were strained at the best of times, with Sookie's African-American friend Tara's being the worst. The character Tara seemed, to my distaste, to conform to the stereotype of the "angry black woman" a little too easily. Some of the acting from the minor characters was disappointing, especially the customers in Sookie's restaurant. While I foresaw a cliffhanger ending, I thought it could have been better constructed; the credits rolled too soon after the vampire hunters (whose acting was sub-par) attacked.

All in all, the show was very entertaining with lots of developing plots to look forward too. A few lapses aside, it was a strong show, one I will look forward to watching every Sunday. I would probably give it a 7.5/10, but it is important to keep in mind that this was only the first episode.
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Stilted acting, HORRIBLE accents, dull storyline.
taylor-m-thrasher13 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am absolutely baffled as to how this show has an 8+ star review. I am by no means a TV/movie snob, but damn this show sucks. The only interesting part of this show is the original premise of vampires "coming out of the coffin". Besides that, don't waste your time. I watched the whole first season hoping to find out what all the fuss was about, but was ultimately disappointed.

The southern accents are super unrealistic, sounds like a caricature more than anything. The foreshadowing is not so subtle and takes away any element of surprise. Everyone around the central character dies on a regular basis and she just goes on back to work and pretends like nothing happened. Gagworthy
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