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Season 5

10 Jun. 2012
Turn! Turn! Turn!
Sookie and Lafayette fight to save Tara.
17 Jun. 2012
Authority Always Wins
Bill and Eric face the Vampire Authority.
24 Jun. 2012
Whatever I Am, You Made Me
Tara goes hunting for food and Sookie and Lafayette can't catch up to her. Tara seeks out Sam's help but nothing it seems will prevent her from harming herself. The Authority decides to accept Bill's proposal to exchange Russell Edgington for their lives. Salome is clearly interested in getting to know both Bill and Eric a lot better. Rev. Newlin gets a new job - becoming Nan Flanigan's replacement as the public face of the vampire of equality movement. Andy Bellefleur finds that someone has posted a picture of him on Facebook - naked. Jason runs into one of his old ...
1 Jul. 2012
We'll Meet Again
Pam decides to do what she's supposed to and steps in to teach Tara a few things about being a vampire. Bill and Eric are released by the Authority and set out to locate Russell Edgington. They return to Fangtasia where Eric presses Pam for Russell's location but she knows nothing. She begs Eric to release her. Sookie meanwhile is feeling guilty about killing Debbie and tells Jason she wants to turn herself in to the police. Terry Bellefleur and his friend Patrick locate their former buddy, Eller, and Terry recalls what happened in Iraq. Jason and Andy Bellefleur set ...
8 Jul. 2012
Let's Boot and Rally
Lafayette continues to fight his inner demons. Eric and Bill interrupt Sookie and Alcide and enlists them in their search Russell Edgington. Alcide's employee Doug is the only person who can lead them to him and when Sookie reads his mind, they know who may have dug him up. They also learn they only have until dawn to find him. Terry and Richard are taken prisoner by their former army buddy who tells then they are cursed as he saw a fire demon after the village massacre in Iraq. Terry realizes he saw it as well. Jason has a strange dream involving his parents. Andy ...
15 Jul. 2012
Having found Russell Edgington, the former King of Mississippi is taken prisoner and is put in a cell at the Authority. Not quite knowing what might be in store for them on their return, Bill and Eric are happy to see that Roman welcomes them back with open arms. Roman decides that he's going to execute Russell immediately. Russell has his own plans of course. Jason tells Sookie what he heard about their parents death and they head off to the faerie nightclub. There they're told their parents picked up a vampire who killed them. Terry tells Arlene that everyone's life...
22 Jul. 2012
In the Beginning
In the aftermath of Roman's death, Russell and the other followers of Lilith celebrate their victory. Bill and Eric don't quite know what it all means for them but a taste of Lilith's blood sends them on a rampaging lust for blood. Eric gets advice from someone from his past. Sookie learns from her new friends in the faerie bar that her powers may be finite. Hoyt's new friends are the vampire-haters who shot Sam and Luna. Hoyt decides to join them and they set their sights on their next target: Jessica. Alcide prepares to fight for the leadership of the pack. ...
29 Jul. 2012
Somebody That I Used to Know
After their blood-filled feast Bill, Eric and the others return to the Authority headquarters. It's clear that Russell Edgington plans on taking the group in a different direction. While Bill seems to remain neutral, Eric isn't buying any of it and tries to convey Godric's message to his sister. Sookie meanwhile works with her friends from the faerie club to see through her mother's eyes and identify the vampire who killed her parents. She gets more than she bargained for. Luna is upset about the effort going into finding the men who shot them. Sam tries to get her to...
5 Aug. 2012
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
The Authority begins to carry out its plan to destroy the five True Blood factories in the world, as per Bill's suggestion. Eric can't quite believe Bill's take on the situation and plans to leave, taking his sister with him. Jessica tells Andy Bellefleur and Sam Merlotte about her kidnapping and what may have happened to Hoyt. They get a lead on the group's leader and get there just in time. Alcide, now an outcast from his pack, visits his father. Russell Edgington visits the pack and takes one of them. With Lafayette's help, Sookie gets a lead on who killed her ...
12 Aug. 2012
Gone, Gone, Gone
SPOILER: As the supply of True Blood dries up, the number of vampire attacks on humans increases dramatically, something Sookie experiences first hand. She and Jason find something important however under her bed. Hoyt decides to go work in Alaska, much to his mother's regret. He also wants one last thing from Jessica. Revenues are down at Fangtasia and the new Sheriff of Area 5 is not pleased. He also tells Pam and Tara that they've received orders to increase the vampire population. At the Authority, Eric faces the choice of accepting Lilith or facing the true death...
19 Aug. 2012
Jessica wants to get away from the Authority's headquarters and proposes to Bill that she will turn Jason into a vampire. Bill thinks that's a splendid idea - but sends along two Authority security officers to made sure she does the deed. Bill has been seeing apparitions of Lilith, who tells him he is the chosen one - only it seems she has been saying the same to others as well. Sookie meanwhile is trying to get over the fact that an ancestor has promised his first-born faerie female descendant - Sookie - to a vampire. Her friends at the faerie nightclub call on one ...
26 Aug. 2012
Save Yourself
Russell Edgington may have found his ideal place when he discovers the faerie nightclub but the faeries, Sookie included, have no intention of letting him have his way. They get a bit of help from Eric and his sister Nora. Once Russell is dealt with, Eric, Nora, Tara, Sookie and Jason decides to attack the Authority to free Pam and Jessica and hopefully save Bill as well. At the Authority, Bill is playing out his ruse of accepting Salome as the chosen one. He has his own plans however to create his empire. Meanwhile, Sheriff Andy Bellefleur's pregnant faerie ...

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