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  • Anne was in love with Frederick, who was rejected by her snobby parents 8 years ago. They've now hit hard times and rent out their mansion to his brother-in-law. He returns a Royal Navy captain. Will he remember Anne?

  • Royal Navy captain Wentworth was haughtily turned down eight years ago as suitor of pompous baronet Sir Walter Elliot's daughter Anne, despite true love. Now he visits their former seaside country estate, rented by his brother-in-law, admiral Croft, so the financially stressed baronet can afford a fashionable, cheaper residence in trendy Bath. First the former lovers meet again on the estate, where they feel vibes again, but neither dares admit them until it seems too late. Yet the truth becomes clear, both have moved, but meet again in Bath.


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  • Before the events depicted in the film, Anne Elliot (Sally Hawkins) fell deeply in love with handsome young naval officer Frederick Wentworth (Rupert Penry-Jones) at the age of nineteen. But with neither fortune nor rank to recommend him, Anne's godmother, Lady Russell (Alice Krige), and family were against the match and persuaded her to break off the engagement.

    Eight years later, Anne's family is in financial difficulty and has been forced to rent their home, Kellynch Hall. Their tenants, Admiral Croft (Peter Wight) and Mrs. Croft (Marion Bailey), are brother-in-law and sister to, now Captain, Frederick Wentworth. While Anne's father, older sister Elizabeth (Julia Davis) and her companion Mrs. Clay (Mary Stockley) travel to Bath to take a luxurious apartment, Anne is sent to stay at Uppercross with her younger sister, Mary (Amanda Hale) - a woman who perpetually fancies herself as ill and is as conscious of rank as her father and eldest sister.

    During her stay at Uppercross, Anne again comes into contact with Captain Wentworth when he is staying with his sister and Admiral Croft at Kellynch, but although her feelings for him remain the same, he seems determined to avoid contact with her. Anne is devastated to watch his apparent courtship of Louisa Musgrove (Jennifer Higham). During a trip to Lyme to visit fellow naval officers Harville and Benwick, Louisa Musgrove falls and seriously injures herself. It is Anne who takes control and Wentworth realizes that, although he has been angry and resentful, he has never stopped loving her. Louisa Musgrove needs to stay in Lyme to recover.

    Unfortunately, many people believe that Louisa and Captain Wentworth have formed an attachment and an engagement is expected. Wentworth is no longer free to pursue his interest in Anne. In an effort to extricate him from the situation, Wentworth goes to visit his sister and brother in law, hoping that Louisa's feelings and the family's expectations will diminish during the time he is away.

    Anne travels to Bath to stay with her father and Elizabeth. When she arrives, Anne learns that Mr. Elliot (her cousin, and her father's heir) has reconciled with the family. He is spending a lot of time at Camden Place where Anne's family is staying. Mr. Elliot shows a great deal of interest in Anne, much to Elizabeth's envy and disgust. Lady Russell, however, is delighted; she envisions Anne marrying Mr. Elliot and taking her mother's place at Kellynch Hall as Lady Elliot.

    While Anne is in Bath, a letter comes from Uppercross informing Anne that there is soon to be a wedding; she grieves, assuming the match is between Louisa and Wentworth. A visit from Admiral and Mrs. Croft soon informs her of the mistake. Louisa is to marry Captain Benwick, one of Wentworth's friends.

    Wentworth comes to Bath to stay with Admiral and Mrs. Croft. It seems like Anne and Wentworth will finally sort their relationship out, but then Wentworth hears about the anticipated engagement between Anne and Mr. Elliot during a concert, and gets jealous, when he leaves the concert even before it has actually begun. Mr. Elliot does, indeed, propose to Anne that evening after Wentworth left, but she does not answer.

    Things come to a head when Wentworth is charged by Admiral and Mrs. Croft to tell Anne that she may live in Kellynch Hall on the event of her marriage to Mr. Elliot. The Crofts are prepared to live elsewhere. Anne is able to tell Wentworth that he is utterly misinformed about the engagement, but they are interrupted by Lady Russell and the arrival of the Musgroves before they can speak their true feelings, and Wentworth leaves.

    Anne runs after him, but is stopped by her old school friend, Mrs. Smith, who reveals Mr. Elliot's true character to Anne. She says that he planned to marry Anne and set Mrs. Clay up as his mistress in town in order to prevent Sir Elliot from marrying Mrs. Clay and producing a new male heir, who would then inherit Kellynch Hall and the baronet title. Anne thanks her friend for the news and resumes her chase.

    When Anne arrives at the Croft's house, Captain Wentworth is not there and Captain Harville gives Anne a letter from Captain Wentworth declaring his love for her, including a proposal. She runs through Bath until she find him and accepts his proposal. Captain Wentworth asks if Anne is certain now, which she is indeed, and they kiss.

    For her wedding present, Wentworth presents her with Kellynch Hall. This makes Anne and Frederick both utterly happy.

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