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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence, some sensuality and brief strong language

Sex & Nudity

  • It is heavily implied that a man was sexually abused by an older mentor in the past.
  • In one non-sexual scene, we see a woman's bare butt as she is wearing a hospital gown that is open in the back.
  • A man begins a relationship with a woman, and sexual activity is implied a few times. Once we see them lying in bed, covered by sheets, as they wake up (no nudity). The other time they kiss, moan and embrace before falling on the floor (the scene ends): afterwards we see them lying in bed, covered by sheets (no nudity).
  • A man and a woman kiss a few times.
  • One scene where a woman (fully clothed) is moaning loudly while groping and holding a pillow, turned on by riding a train during a thunderstorm. She also remarks how "horny" she is, as an uncomfortable man quickly leaves the room.

Violence & Gore

  • The brothers stage explosions, gunfire and usage of blanks as a way to create a web of intrigue for their "marks" (victims of the con men).
  • A man gets shot repeatedly by a man (onscreen), but it turns out the dialogue was staged, blanks were used, and the blood is actually from a packet inside his shirt.
  • A girl detonates explosives in batches of dirt, and shoots at Barbie dolls for target practice.
  • Two men have a brawl, and one of them accidentally gets shot. He seems to be dying, but it turns out that everything was staged (he is unharmed).
  • A man punches another man.
  • A man smashes a wine bottle on the bar and slices another man's hand with the glass (we see a large cut and blood flows from it).
  • A car explodes with a girl inside, although she is not actually seen after the explosion
  • A small smoke trigger detonated by a pen ends up apparently connecting with another flammable mechanism inside a building, causing a large explosion.
  • A car chase begins, with bullets rattling the windows and doors. The car crashes, goes off the road, and hits a tree: the occupants get out, and the car explodes. A character is kidnapped.
  • The brothers are briefly seen being beaten, hit and mistreated while traveling from foster home to foster home as children.


  • 2 F-words, a couple of S-words, 3-4 uses of Goddamn, 1 use of Bitch, 2 incomplete uses of Son Of A Bitch, 1 use of Ass, 1 use of Bastard, 1 use of Idiot, 1 use of Hell.
  • Religious profanity is seldomly present (Jesus, Jesus Christ).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many characters drink, with one of them doing it to excess at times.
  • A bar scene is depicted in which many people drink and smoke.
  • A man is seen having a glass of wine at a table.
  • A man drops a whisky flask, which a camel picks up off the ground with its lips and drinks.
  • A woman drinks from a bottle and acts dizzy.
  • A man is seen with a glass of whisky in his hand and says he has been drinking (he acts dizzy).
  • A girl is rarely seen without a cigarette in her mouth. In one occasion she smokes inside a hospital and blows the smoke on a doctor's face.
  • A man smokes.
  • A man is seen with a cigar in his mouth.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a great deal of violence and blood in this movie although much of it is fake since the Blooms are con men.
  • Many explosions.
  • One car flying and spinning in the air as it leaves the road, ending in an accident against a tree.
  • A car explodes after we see a woman enter, but it is implied that she was not inside (a large truck blocks the view of the car before it explodes, and the woman is known both for using pyrotechnics and disappearing suddenly).
  • We see several shootouts, some with handguns and some with automatic weapons.
  • Two emotional moments involving two characters' deaths.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is being held in a chair. There is a lot of blood on his face and shirt. A shootout begins. Another man fires his gun (with real bullets). It seems like he was severely injured. The "injured" man pretends to die, then says it's fake. It actually isn't; he sits on a chair and dies for real from gunshots received in the exchange. Later, a man sees blood on his sleeve and shirt that has turned brown in color (as real blood does when it dries) and realizes that the man he just left was truly mortally wounded.

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