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What do the "Girlfriends" like to do for fun between takes? Golden takes us shopping. Persia takes us inside the recording studio. And Tracee reveals they often have dance-offs.
Feb. 2006
According to Jim
BTS of According to Jim - exclusive cast interviews and a visit to Larry Joe Campbell's home where we meet his beautiful family. See how he plays super dad at home - he's got six kids.
Feb. 2006
The Office
inFANity brings you an exclusive visit to the set of The Office - before they were a mega-hit! Fans' questions are answered, cast members attempt to answer a fun quiz about each other, and they participate in a hilarious mock job interview / performance appraisal. "Dwight" takes us on a tour of the break room & the prop designer reveals lots of hidden gags worked into each set - so look closely!
Jun. 2006
Go behind the scenes of Bones - learn how well the cast really knows their biology! Fans' questions are answered; Michaele supports a local no-kill animal shelter; also David Boreanaz explains how secret items in his pocket help him get into character.
Jun. 2006
Exclusive interviews with the entire cast, including the late Stanley Kamel (R.I.P.). Cast members reveal hidden talents & their own Monk-ish neuroses. Tony Shalhoub gives us a set tour of Monk's apartment, Tony's private trailer, and invites us to indulge in his favorite drink - Turkish coffee!
Sep. 2006
Deal or No Deal
Deal? Or No Deal? That's the question on America's mind these days as the TV Guide Channel's original series inFANity goes behind the scenes of NBC's hottest game show. InFANity: Deal or No Deal will explore gaming strategies with Howie Mandel, reveal which Briefcase Ladies are single and sit down for an exclusive interview with the mysterious Banker himself. Plus, this episode of inFANity will provide viewers with tips on how to be selected as a contestant, and we may even get a quick peek inside those heavily guarded briefcases.
Oct. 2006
What would you do if suddenly you became aware you had super powers? TV Guide Channel's series inFANity goes behind the scenes of NBC's new break out hit "Heroes" where ordinary people must come to grips with their extraordinary abilities. InFANity: Heroes will have exclusive one on one's with the large cast, creator Tim Kring, and famed comic artist Tim Sale. Fans will be given a tour of the set as well as go on location with the crew! Plus, InFANity will explore the world of big budget special effects that puts this show on the map each week.
Dec. 2006
America's Most Wanted
It's time to fight some crime with an in depth look at Fox's long running hit "America's Most Wanted." From Washington, D.C., InFANity brings you a first-look at their newly designed Crime Center. We'll also discuss the show's most notorious cases with the legend himself, John Walsh and an arsenal of directors and producers from the show. Plus, learn all about those amazing re-enactments, the show's connection to the US Marshal's office, and how you can make a difference by calling 1-800-CRIME-TV.
May 2007
Extreme Makeover Home Edition
Lisa Joyner joins Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in NY as they makeover yet another deserving family's home as well as a playground for needy children. InFANity learns the logistics of how they do it - from the hundreds of volunteers, to the builders, to the tear-jerking moments - all the way to the exact moment of "Move that Bus!"
Aug. 2007
Dog Whisperer
Who do you call when Fido turns fierce and bites the hand that feeds him? Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, of course! TV Guide Network's inFANity goes behind the scenes of National Geographic Channel's Emmy nominated-reality series "Dog Whisperer" as the popular pet show enters its fourth season. With our exclusive on location access, we'll get the secrets behind Cesar's tried and true techniques first hand when he tackles several new canine cases. Plus, we'll pay a visit to his famous Dog Psychology Center, learn the crew's most memorable dog tales and meet Cesar's wife ...
Sep. 2007
Access Hollywood
inFANity goes behind the scenes with the fast-paced news show Access Hollywood. Billy Bush gives us an amazing set tour, Nacy O'Dell invited us to her workout video shoot, & Tony Potts takes us out in the field as he chased down Mel B. It's all in a day's work for these hosts!
Sep. 2007
Ugly Betty
In the superficial world of haut couture, one less-than-fashionable underdog has the courage to face it head on. She's ABC'S "Ugly Betty," and inFANity is bringing you exclusive access from the set of MODE magazine. Go backstage with the show's Emmy nominated Production Designer and Costume Designer to see just how they keep MODE so stylin' - super flashy sets and ultra hip wardrobe! Then go one on one with the entire ensemble cast from Vanessa Williams to Rebecca Romijn to the break-out star America Ferrera, and find out which stars admit to being a "Betty" before ...
Dec. 2007
InFANity takes one-stop shopping to a new level as we go deep behind the scenes of the QVC Network - one of the largest retail powerhouses in the world. Head-quartered in Pennsylvania, see what it takes for them to air non-stop live programming 24 hours a day. From the ever-smiling hosts, to the effervescent vendors, to the hundreds of thousands of products ordered and delivered every day - inFANity learns just how they pull it all off. Take an exclusive tour of the network's 165,000 sq feet Studio Park and see some hilarious moments that QVC would rather forget - ...
Jun. 2008
Army Wives
Lisa Joyner travels to South Carolina to the set of Army Wives - where they shoot right near an authentic Army post & Naval base. She learns the proper way to wear a uniform & salute, and she also partakes in numerous one-on-one exclusive interviews with the talented cast & crew. Learn how the production designer made a set look like the Iraqi desert. In the cast quiz - find out who really knows their military terminology & who's just faking it!
24 Aug. 2008
Divorce Court
InFANity goes behind the scenes of the long running syndicated hit series Divorce Court as they celebrate their 10th season of production.
16 Oct. 2008
Behind the scenes of Showtime's creep out hit, Dexter.
30 Oct. 2008
Ghost Hunters
With exclusive access, inFANity probes the paranormal & everyone's favorite team of investigators - SciFi's Ghost Hunters. Tour a haunted ship docked in San Diego, learn the ins & outs of all the equipment they use, & relive their scariest moments ever (on or off the show). Learn how they each got their start in this unusual field & how Jay & Grant's weekend hobby became a reality show juggernaut. The episode is topped off with a visit to the Ghost Hunters favorite haunt - The Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King's "The Shining."
11 Dec. 2008
Best of Quizzes
Best of inFANity's many quizzes over the years. From "Two and a Half Men," How many bathrooms does Charlie Sheen have in his house? From "How I Met Your Mother," do you know the lyrics to Robin Sparkle's "Let's go to the Mall"? From "Ultimate Fighter," you'd be surprised to learn how many of these tough guys know all about My Little Pony.
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
Behind the scenes with Are You Smarter Thana 5th Grader: what makes this simple quiz show so tough for adults? Hear how Jeff Foxworthy went from working in computers to taking the comedy world by storm. Special Guests: Tom Arnold & Omarosa.
8 Jan. 2009
American Idol
Everything you ever wanted to know about the judges, the finalists, the auditioners - memorable and terrible. The successful career (and recent family tragedy) of Jenneifer Hudson; On Braodway with Taylor "Soul Patrol" Kicks; The girl who cried & cried for Sanjaya; and What's William Hung doing now?
12 Mar. 2009
Law & Order
Behind the scenes of Law & Order. Shot on location in NY, it's the procedural crime drama that started them all. Exclusive cast interviews. See how they "blew up" an NYC street corner.
19 Mar. 2009
Jerry Springer
Behind the scenes with the Ringmaster himself, Jerry Springer. Tour his office, hang with him in the makeup chair, walk with him down the hall to the sounds of rabid fans chanting "Jerry, Jerry." Learn how they select their memorable show guests.
26 Mar. 2009
Behind the scenes with the cast & crew of NCIS.
2 Apr. 2009
Behind the scenes of the new incarnation of Aaron Spelling's famous teen drama 90210. Exclusive cast interviews from the new cast & some of the old.
16 Apr. 2009
The Doctors
Behind the scenes with the syndicated break out show "The Doctors." Exclusive interviews with the TV's wisest MDs. Get a tour of the set (and a dance lesson) with Drew. Go mountain biking with Travis & Jim. Fans get all their embarrassing health questions answered.
18 Jun. 2009
The Bold and the Beautiful
Behind the scenes of the most popular soap in the world - CBS' The Bold & The Beautiful. After 22 years on the air, this cast has lots of secrets to share including hidden "spotters" for the loves scenes, nude underwear, and how to dress like a diva.
7 Jul. 2009
Behind The Scenes of Showtime's Weeds. What are they really smoking on set? Exclusive interviews with all the cast.
Nov. 2009
Sesame Street
Sesame Street celebrates it's 40th anniversary.
27 Feb. 2010
A behind the scenes look at NBC's newest prime-time drama. Includes exclusive interviews with all the main cast members as well as a set tour of the Braverman house with their extremely talented Production Designer.

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