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you don't want it to end
charambo17 April 2007
Its about time the Philippines made a film that can be shown all over the world. This film shows the talent the Philippine film industry has, from actors, director, to the whole crew. Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby, make and excellent film couple. The director Cathy Molina, makes full use of the Manila locations. Sights that I remember when I was on holiday. Although their next collaboration " You got me " was not as good, I think Toni,Sam and Cathy will go a long way.

From the city to the villages, the feel was right. From the very start of the film you want to find out who Wills ( Sam's character ), real parents are, and you don't really want Sally ( Toni's character ) to go to the States. So sit back and enjoy the film. You won't be disappointed
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A great Filipino romcom. It only needs a bit of editing.
jcranma1 January 2009
(8.5/10)) Quite a humorous flick that steers away from cheesy and corny territories. In addition, it is able to touch upon the issues involved between the Filipinos who have a desire or not to go abroad and the point of view of foreigners who are of Filipino descent who find themselves in the country. Keep in mind that the film is able to keep the humorous tone and scenes while doing that. The two leads have chemistry and do well in general. There are a few instances when the plot is unfocused and the pace breaks down a bit. Gonzaga has talent and shows potential for more, but she goes a bit overboard at times. A bit of restraint coupled with her talent and potential would help her in doing great in future projects. Compared to Filipino romantic comedies, this film would garner at least a 9.5/10. Compared to other romantic comedies from all lover the world, I rate this one an 8.5/10 at the least. If you want something that is similar, check out "All About Love".
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The Best Romantic Filipino Movie ever to be seen!
conradz5820 January 2007
This Film "You are the One" is the best romantic films that any Filipinos directors has made. Not too corny, not too sour, it's sweet.I believe that Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga has made an excellent acting on this film and it's quite surprising that their roll on the film is sweet and hilarious. I think this film deserves a 10 out of 10 because watching this film is like better than watching Hollywood romantic films only this is a Filipinos romantic movie. The director of this film has made the best romantic films ever seen in Philippine Cinemas, as I said "not too corny, not too sour, it's sweet". This is the only film that you will ever watch that is not too corny for other people to find it as too disgusting, too boring or may it too much. If you are looking forward to watching this movie, you should watch it now.

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Adorable movie!
jvongill16 August 2007
This was one of the first Filipino movies I saw, and thought Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby were adorable, but not overly sugary. It was also nice to see a movie without gratuitous love scenes. The scenes that were borderline showed no nudity. Very refreshing to not have to sell movies this way. Our 12 year old daughter loved this movie as well, as she would like to visit the Philippines sometime, but knows no Tagalog. We are all trying to learn the language, and movies like this are getting us on the way of learning the culture as well as the language. Well directed, acted and written-wonderful date movie as well as "girl's night" movie!
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Really Amusing
katyzone15 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
*****May contain tiny spoilers.***** Great flick. At 1:50 it is long enough to flesh out the main characters and all the minor characters look like they are having fun! Not too preachy about the differences in the two cultures, just factual asides that are not really delved into, which is very lifelike; after all, pretty much everyone is their own person in the end no matter where you are from.

The old 'boy meets girl, boy loses girl then boy gets girl back' plot is twisted a bit for freshness, and fate plays a tremendous part, but doesn't it always? This movie was perfect for me on a rainy Thursday afternoon, and I think you will enjoy it too.

Subtitles, of course. Halfway through the movie I didn't even read half the subtitles as there is lots of English spoken. I also really enjoyed seeing the foods they have over there and I would love to try some out from there!
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