Little Mole Poster


Episode List


Season 1

Krtek a autícko
Mole awakens, and tunnels to the surface. He discovers a nearby roadway, bustling with traffic. Mole then imagines himself driving a car. Mouse laughs at Mole. Mole examines some parked automobiles, and plays around in one parked car. He then finds parts to a damaged toy car. He partly fixes the toy car, then finds a repair shop to finish the job. Overjoyed, mole drives his toy car away. Soon after, he finds his friend Mouse. Mole gloats a bit, because Mouse laughed at Mole's dreams of driving a car. Mole drives home in his toy car, and lies down to sleep.
Krtek zahradníkem
Mole digs out of his burrow with a spade. Tired, he naps. A leaking garden hose soaks him. Mole sets about fixing the leak in a variety of ways. Eventually the leak floods a nearby hole, bringing out a mouse. Nearby, the flowers are wilting for lack of water. Together, Mole and the mouse set about solving the problem. Eventually, the hose altogether ruptures. Mole digs an irrigation ditch from the leak to the vicinity of the flower bed. Mouse places the leaking hose into the ditch. The flowers are restored to health, and Mole and the mouse celebrate.
Krtek a lízátko
Under a park bench, a mole emerges from his tunnel. A few moments later, two children leave a lollipop nearby. Perplexed by this odd item, the mole begins to find a use for it. The mole utilizes the lollipop as a fly swatter, a wheelbarrow, a flag, and a road sign, etc. Mole is unsatisfied, for the lollipop never quite suits his purposes. Along the way, three bees relentlessly ridicule the mole. Eventually, the mole plants the lollipop with some flowers. Rain dissolves some of the sweet lollipop onto the mole's paws, and he licks them clean. The bees finally end their...
Krtek a muzika
Mole relaxes on his bed, with the gramophone playing. Mouse knocks on the door, and it opens. A gust of wind rushes in, knocking down mouse, and breaking a phonograph record. Mole is unhappy about his broken record. Mouse tries to cheer the despondent Mole by bring various round objects as intended replacements. Meanwhile, various animals in the trees play different musical instruments, and the notes settle to the ground like falling leaves. Mole and Mouse collect the notes in bowls, take them inside, and mix them up. They then knead the notes into dough, and cut it ...
Krtek a vejce
Mole discovers a chicken egg. He tries to locate the mother, but has no luck. Mole spies a tray of eggs entering a building, so he jumps onto a tray of eggs, which rides on a conveyor belt. As they ride, the egg partially hatches. The conveyor belt carries them into a cookie and cake factory, where mole shelters the chick during a trip through the machinery. Finally mole and chick emerge unharmed; they exit the factory in a box of wafers. Mole returns the chick to her mother, and then crumbles a wafer to feed it.
Krtek a karneval
Mole awakens in his burrow to the sound of fireworks. He tunnels out to find the trappings of a carnival (but no carnival-goers). As he explores, a guard dog pursues him. After eluding the dog for a while, mole uses a mask to frighten the dog. The dog then drops into a well (or perhaps a fountain), which traps him, because the walls are too high, slick, and steep for an escape. Feeling sorry for the dog, mole helps the dog get out, and the two animals become friends.
Krtek a kachnicky
A fox tries to steal the eggs from the nest. But the little mole can trick him. Later the little mole's life is in danger when the fox catches him.
Krtek a kamarádi
The little mole's friends steal his cherries. But the little mole has an idea how to make them feel ashamed.
Krtek a oslava
The little mole is baking cookies. His unsuspecting friends see smoke coming from the molehill and try to put out the fire.
Krtek a robot
The little mole buys a robot to do the work for him. But two rats have other plans.
Krtek a uhlí
The little mole's hill is full of coal. He wonders why his friends are so happy about the black stones. But when it is getting cold and snowing the little mole finds out how useful the stones are.
Krtek a weekend
The little mole enjoys his weekend at the pond. But too much preparation for the short trip has also a negative side.
Krtek a houby
The little mole tries to get rid of two annoying mushrooms. But a bad conscience can sometimes lead to a better solution.
Krtek a maminka
Two rabbits are falling in love. Later, the little mole witnesses the birth of three rabbit babies.
Krtek a metro
The little mole invites his friends to an underground trip. They end up at a beautiful beach. But the sea is not as peaceful as it seems.
Krtek a zajicek
A little rabbit runs after a butterfly and loses his mama. The little mole saves him from a fox and from drowning and finally brings him back to his family.
Krtek a potopa
After a heavy rainfall everything is flooded. A mouse has lost her home so the little mole and his friends build a new house.
Krtek a snehulák
The little mole plays with a snowman. After some time it is getting warmer and the little mole must find a way to save his friend.