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TV thriller lacks thrills
SnoopyStyle5 July 2014
Victoria Bodeen always had psychic abilities. She was beaten by her abusive father for her devilous powers. As a child, she had visions of her best friend Hope being murdered. As an adult, Tory (Claire Forlani) returns to Progress, North Carolina to open a store and face up to her demons. Her father remains a suspect. She reconnects with her cousin Wade Mooney (Chad Willett), formerly chubby Dwight Collier (Jonathan Scarfe) and Hope's brother Cade Lavelle (Oliver Hudson) who still carries a torch for her. Hope's mother Margaret (Jacqueline Bisset) and Hope's sister Faith Lavelle (Josie Davis) still blames Tory. Tory's visions continue and it turns out to be a serial killer who's killing on the same date that is soon coming up.

Claire Forlani may not be big enough to hold the center of this movie or just as likely there aren't enough good actors to play the other characters. This is suppose to be a thriller but there is a distinct lack of thrills. The father is the only one that is threatening but he really doesn't have many scenes. His scenes with Tory are the only truly exciting scenes in the movie. The flashbacks don't have any tension and look like cheesy older effects. TV writer/director Stephen Tolkin is in charge and it looks like a TV movie. It's certainly doesn't have any cinematic style worth mentioning.
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Poor TV Movie Adaptation
sunwarrior1316 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Carolina Moon, also known as Nora Roberts' Carolina Moon, is a made-for- TV movie directed by Stephen Tolkin, which stars Claire Forlani, Oliver Hudson, and Jacqueline Bisset. The film is based on the Nora Roberts novel of the same title.

This tense tale of second sight comes to the screen in this drama directed by Stephen Tolkin. Lately, Tory Bodeen (Forlani) has been experiencing a series of frightening visions that seem to be beckoning her back to her small hometown. As the visions become increasingly intense, the brutal murder of Tory's childhood friend Hope is subsequently revealed to have been but the first in a brutal series of slayings that rocked the tightly knit community to its very core. Every year the killer claims another life, and now it seems that he has anticipated Tory's return. Now, as Tory attempts to catch the killer before becoming his next victim, her blossoming romance with Hope's handsome older brother Cade (Hudson) proves that the only thing more powerful than passion is the fear of death.

While the TV had a good premise,it was boring and it brings nothing new.Also,it lacks fun and entertainment.Too bad that Roberts' novel had a poor TV movie adaptation.
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First Class Nora Roberts TV Film
whpratt121 February 2007
Fantastic portrayal of a Nora Roberts novel which had me spellbound from the very beginning of this film to the very end. This film captures your attention on two very young girls swimming in a lake and one of the girls, Claire Forlani,(Tori),"Hooligans", has the ability to see visions in her head that tell her deep dark things that have happened or going to happen. Oliver Hudson,(Cade Lavelle) and Josie Davis,(Faith Lavelle) both give great supporting roles along with Jacqueline Bisset,( Margaret). There is some torrid love scenes involving Faith Lavelle along with a few laughs and bad child abuse scenes which happened to Tori when she was very young. This is a first Class Nora Roberts TV film and is definitely not your routine television entertainment. FIRST CLASS Enjoy
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Murder under the August moon
sol-kay23 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
**SPOILER ALERT** Mind numbing and overly complicated murder mystery that has continued without a stop for some 18 years after young Hope Lavelle, Shae Kibbler, was mysteriously murdered back on August 23, 1989.

It's when Hope's friend Tory Bodeen, Claire Forlani, saw in a vision Hope being murdered in the woods without coming to her aid that she, not Hope's killer, was held responsible for Hope's death. This convoluted thinking had poor Tory suffer deep guilt feelings that eventually lead her to leave town, Progress S.C, and never return until she was 30! We already saw that Tory was abused by her drunken father Han, Shaun Johnston, when she was a little girl over her unique psychic ability to see things happening miles away and even through solid objects. Instead of feeling blessed by him having a daughter with such God-given abilities Han, a religious fanatic, took them to be the work of the Devil and brutally beat Tory every time she used them. like the time she was to go out in the woods to spend the night with her friend Hope which in fact would have prevented, by seeing or sensing Hope's killer before he struck, her from being murdered!

Despite of her having nothing at all to do with Hope's death Hope's mother Mrs. Margaret Lavelle, Jackie Bisset, has held Tory responsible for her daughters murder suspecting that she knows who the killer is and is keeping it from the authorities. While back in Progress Tory soon gets romantically involved with a old flame, from grade school, of her Cade, Oliver Hudson, who just happens to be the late Hope's brother! You can just imagine what Cade's mom, Mrs Lavelle, feels about that relationship.

As we soon find out Tory's drunken and now drug addicted dad Han had spent the last nine years behind bars and despite not being indited in Hope's murder everyone in town feel he's the one who murdered her! In fact since Hope's murder in 1989 every August 23rd a young girl, who would have been Hope's age, is murdered somewhere in the country under the very same circumstances that Hope was killed with Han being the #1 suspect in their murders. You would think if anyone, which is almost the entire town of Progress, suspected that Han was the notorious and on the loose "August 23rd Killer" how can they explain the last nine killings which at the time Han was behind bars and in no position to commit them!

The film "Carolina Moon" gets even more ridicules as it goes along with Tory now accused, by the very vindictive Mrs. Lavelle, of what seems like a series of murders, that in fact she prevented as a police psychic, in the New York and Miami areas. With the dreaded date of August 23, when the next murder is supposed to take place, just a few days away Han who's on the run after brutally beating his parole officer, who was to test him for drugs, ends up getting killed, with the cops hot on his tail, in a car crash. That's after he supposedly, off camera, murdered his wife Siri, Maureen Rooney, and definitely, since we all saw it happen on screen, robbed and beat up his estranged daughter Tory at her gift and antique shop, that she just opened, in Progress.

***SPOILERS***The ending was about as predictable as it can get with Han, despite his long criminal record, exonerated of Hope's murder by just being killed off with some 15 or more minutes left in the movie. You just knew that the real killer will eventually show up just to fill in the time left and surprise those of us watching the movie. Which in fact he did show up but didn't surprise anyone in who he was since, due to the process of elimination, you easily figured out identity! Which the very in-tuned and psychic Tory, until it was almost too late, couldn't!
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A Deceptively Good Whodunit - Just Beware The Accents.
Stephen_A_Abell20 July 2017
This film is based on the Nora Roberts novel of the same name. I have to confess that I do have a soft spot for her TV movie adaptations, I particularly liked Midnight Bayou, Tribute, and Northern Lights. If you've seen any of these then you roughly know what to expect.

In Carolina Moon Stephen Tolkin tells the story of Victoria Bodeen and her psychic ability of second sight. When Victoria "Tory" Bodeen was young her life was a mixture of good and bad. The good was her best friend Hope and the adventures they had in the local woods. The bad was her religious zealot of a father, who saw Tory's psychic gift as a curse. One that needed beating out of her. One nighttime, Tory was meant to meet Hope in the woods, though her father had whipped her so bad that she failed to make their rendezvous. Suddenly her gift kicks in and she has to watch helplessly as her best friend is killed. Worse yet, it's through the eyes of the killer. Her father moves the family away a few weeks later and Tory leaves them as soon as she can. Eighteen years later and she's returned to her hometown to try and find peace from the ghosts and memories that have plagued her. It's not long before Tory is having visions of other murdered girls... do these have something to do with Hope's murder? Is her killer still out there? Are they still active?

Tolkin does a splendid job of casting suspicion onto just about everybody in this film and that is where its strength lies. I had a good idea of who did it, and I was correct, though I was thrown off the trail more than once by other possibilities. As for the direction, Tolin doesn't do pretty or interesting, though there were plenty of opportunities to enthrall us. However, he stays to the standard point- and-shoot style of most TV movies. Sometimes it's nice to have a sweeping shot or an interesting angle. The pace of the film is in keeping with the style; generally, the film has a steady and even pace. Tolkin does speed it up a little to create a little tension near the climax of the film when the killer is revealed. More suspension and tension wouldn't have gone amiss with the psychic visions and the daughter and father scenes - this would have shown her distrust and terror of the man.

For the most part, the acting is above average and though I do like Claire Forlani her fake southern accent does start to irritate, though her acting is on par. It's Oliver Hudson who could win the Redwood prize in this film as there are more than a few scenes where his acting is wooden. It's Jacqueline Bisset, Shaun Johnston, and Josie Davis who are the strongest and most believable in their characters which make this movie stronger. In fact, Johnston as the Bible Bashing and Daughter whipping father is so realistic and believable I wanted to hit him myself.

I would recommend this to everyone as it's a good film about youth, friendship, overcoming loss, and rebuilding relationships. All of that tied up in a whodunit murder mystery with a paranormal twist. I did enjoy the film though I'm not sure I would purposefully watch it again... but who can say, it does have Claire Forlani in it...
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The most over - the - top ham acting in history.
qormi2 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I hate movies that are filed with terribly fake Southern accents. This was the terribly fake Southern accent movie from hell. Not only that, but the acting was unbelievably horrendous. Lines were shouted, faces contorted with constant mugging. The direction was completely inept...don't you need qualifications to a certificate or something? It was just as bad as the acting. The dialogue seemed like it was written by a middle school student. So let's see.....bad southern accents, shouted out lines, ham acting, inept direction....complete disaster. The lead actress obviously thought she was Scarlet O'Hara and this was Gone With the Wind....she was the most unbelievable ham may ways can I explain that this movie stunk? Okay, I'll stop now....
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Worth Watching
nowego15 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have never read any of Nora Roberts' books and didn't realise this was a Telemovie until visiting this site after watching it, so I was quite surprised to find it was a telemovie. I was very well done for the most part.

The acting on the most part was good and I thought Claire Forlani did a very good job. As someone else commented Oliver Hudson's acting was a little wooden, but not having seen him before I can hardly be a judge of his work other than this movie.

This is the type of movie that I like, lots of extra plots, twists and psychic moments, although I picked the killer in the first 10 minutes.

Some of it was predictable but it was still worth watching.
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Spaceygirl15 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
'Carolina Moon' is an adequate made-for-TV movie about a girl with psychic powers who returns to the town where

she grew up in and where her childhood best friend was murdered. Turns out that every year on the same date another

young girl is murdered and Tori, played by Claire Forlani, must solve the mystery before she ends up dead. Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black, CSI New York) is the female lead and does a pretty good job of it, ably supported by the rather delicious Oliver Hudsom and a still luminous Jacqueline Bisset. The script, adapted from a Nora Roberts novel, is bog-standard and the plot

is tediously predictable. That, however, is offset again by, like I said, the rather delicious Oliver Hudson.
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Quite bad
Agnelin1 November 2009
This is a terrible movie. It starts out well, and the premise is intriguing and engaging: a young woman, Victoria, returns to her native town of Progress, North Carolina, many years after her parents and she left following the rape and murder of Victoria's best friend, Hope, which was never satisfactorily resolved. Victoria is also a natural-born seer or clairvoyant, although she can only see the past and the present, not the future. Now she feels as though she is back in town to find some peace of mind, and also to, somehow, reconcile with her past. It won't be easy, because she will be haunted by her past, and meet with the hostility of Hope's mother. But she will also find allies...

I said that it is a terrible movie, because it takes little to go all wrong, lame, boring, and lacking any coherence, sense, pace, or inner logic at all. The mystery part of the movie quickly loses steam as it tries to turn into romantic comedy with bits of family drama and comic relief that never really works. The characters turn into one thing then another and yet none of them is a full character that we really care about, the closest to that being the leading character of Victoria. The ending comes about quite abruptly and out of nowhere really, and it doesn't make any sense either.
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I guess the book was pretty good.
CMUltra19 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I read a lot of high hopes from readers of the book that this would be a faithful adaptation of Nora Roberts' story. Not having read the book, I don't know if this adaptation was faithful but I do know it wasn't good. Actually, the screenplay was the best part of the movie so kudos to Nora Roberts.

I planned ahead and watched Carolina Moon because of Claire Forlani. I've never been sure if she's a good actress. She's been decent in some movies, average in others and really bad in this one. But, Forlani wasn't alone. The performances were all over the place. Oliver Hudson was wooden and boring. Josie Davis was hammy. Then, amidst all this B-rate acting, there's Jacqueline Bisset! She didn't have a lot to do other than portray bitterness but, even sleepwalking through that, she was miles ahead of the others.

Still, Forlani remains one of the most breathtaking women in movies and I was not disappointed in that capacity here. I believe Forlani can be more than eye-candy but, until she turns in a good performance in a good movie, she continues to excel at that. And, I'll continue to faithfully watch everything she participates in. Fandom is fun that way.

This movie though, Carolina Moon, was pretty bad. In addition to the bad acting (fake Southern accents are really distracting) the direction was pedestrian. It wasn't horrible. It was just the boring made-for-TV caliber you're used to seeing on Lifetime.

If you're a fan of any of the stars you can probably enjoy Carolina Moon for that reason, as I did. If you're a fan of the book you might enjoy seeing the story on the screen, albeit in a lackluster form. Otherwise, this movie is unremarkable.
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Great movie...keeps you guessing.
Gore_Won13 March 2008
I love movies that do not sing the praise of religion, where the true character of the gospels are laid bare for all to see. Rather than show us churchgoers who live and let live, Carolina Moon shows the vile side of religion, which is as essential to the character of faith as the sunny bright side illogic usually shows.

The abusive father is one way to look as patriarchal religions, as is the subservient mother. This movie shows both. Not just another TV movie, Carolina Moon develops its characters and its plot. It's no masterpiece, but if the plot is not gripping enough, the girls make it alright.

Oh, and who fixes up the dog? Sorry, not a god.
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Better than your average TV movie
ArthurDental16 March 2008
Once it started rolling I forgot this is a TV movie, until I chanced upon the IMDb page and started reading the comments. I'm very surprised to see a few very negative comments about this film. It may not be the perfect supernatural thriller or mystery story, but it's got great acting and some beautiful actresses, which let's face it, does help, and I'm not talking about supermodel, centerfold kinds of looks. (For those interested in men, they aren't bad either. Well, most of them.) It is of course about a psychic woman, but only touches upon the supernatural and does not run away with it. It has a villain, a serial killer, but keeps you guessing at who he, or she, may be. And unlike so many stories set in America's Bible Belt, you can't tell the good and bad guys based on their religiosity, their gods. It does confront, somewhat in passing, many grave societal issues, including child abuse, religious violence, gender inequality, and others, without being overly dramatic or moralizing.

This movie is a breath of fresh air, made with care not only about the writing, the dialog, but also a care to avoid the clichés that make most TV movies so pedestrian and predictable.

I never read the book, so it could well be superior. All I know is, Carolina Moon ain't bad at all.
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*Warning* this is one bad movie!!!!
kreidler2 October 2007
The story is about a psychic woman, Tory, who returns to her hometown and begins reliving her traumatic childhood past (the death of her childhood friend and abusive father). Tory discovers that her friend was just the first in a string of murders that are still occurring. Can her psychic powers help solve the crimes and stop the continuing murders?

You really don't need to find out because, Oh My God! This was so so so so bad! I know all the Nora Roberts fans will flock to this movie and give it tons of 10's. Then the rest of us will see an IMDb score of 6 and actually think this movie is worth watching. But do not be fooled. The ending was predictable, the acting TERRIBLE (don't even get me started about the southern accents *y'all*) and the story was trite. Just were warned!
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The worst film I've watched recently
registered_acc3 February 2010
A total and absolute waste of time. Bad acting. Bad story. Predictable. Simple. Pathetic. After a while I was only watching to see what happens, since I'd already invested my time into it. Totally surprised Clair Forlani played in a weak movie as this. Honestly - just don't bother.
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Very close
trammie720 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Carolina Moon is one of my favorites by Nora Roberts and I was glad to see that the movie was a close rendition of her book. The screenplay conveyed her version in a cohesive script that kept, not only quite a few of the actual happenings, but a good share of the dialogue.

Claire Forlani spoke and acted much as I had pictured Tory from the story, nervous and nervy, refusing to give up and trying to fight her ghosts of the past. Oliver Hudson's Cade reminded me of a young Cliff Robertson, a low key, but strong and steadying presence, gently compelling her to see her true worth and make her believe how he had always seen her.

Josie Davis played Faith very much in character - on the surface, sassy and superficial, but showing flashes now and again of her true depth. Her long-suffering boyfriend, Chad Willett as Wade, was a good match, especially when he reached the limit of his patience. Jacqueline Bisset was perfect as the cold, implacable southern mother.

Nora can be proud of Angels Fall, Montana Sky, Blue Smoke and Carolina Moon. None of the movies can, of course, touch the words and worlds she creates in her novels, but they pay tribute to a great writer.
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Dire, absolutely dire
Painfully wooden acting, poor direction, and the plot was formulaic to say the least. It wasn't too far into the film (thank goodness!) that we guessed who the murderer was, so we just skipped to the end to confirm it. Even the inevitable scene where the plucky heroine is alone when she discovers who the villain is, was dull as ditch-water, and we couldn't be bothered to sit through it.

I haven't read the book, or anything written by the author, so I can't comment on how close the film is to the novel. Wouldn't have thought having her name associated with this movie would do the writer's reputation much good though ...
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Carolina Moon dubbed most terrible movie
lillielove9 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie for the hot guy--and even he sucked! He was the worst one--well, okay, I have to give props to that freaky police officer rapist guy too, he was even worse. The guy wasn't that cute in the end, he had the most terrible accent, and he was the most definite definition of hicksville idiot that can't stand up to his mom for the one he "loves" there's ever been. Overall, and if this makes any sense to you, when I go to pick up movies at the video store, I think to myself as I read the back of a movie that looks so/so, "Well, at least it can't be worse than Carolina Moon." The most terrible movie, and the most terrible writing, acting, plot--everything in it made my gag reflexes want to do back flips. It was THE most horrid movie I will ever see, with Gabriela way up there too. I hated it, and trust me, if there was any number under 1 IMDb had for rating, I'd choose that in a heartbeat.
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sarahcu928 November 2007
Of course Nora Roberts fans are not compelled to give her movies tens because we all know that a lot of the time the books are VERY different from the movie, but this movie was amazing.

It had so much feeling! When people were feeling tense on screen the viewers also felt just as tense. The actors and actresses in this movie MADE their characters what they were. They were a lot like you would imagine them from reading the book, but they also added their own personal touch to the character and you could tell that.

I am sure that Nora Roberts is VERY proud of all five of her movies (Angels Fall, Blue Smoke, Carolina Moon, Montana Sky, Sanctuary) and as she should be! I definitely recommend all of her movies to anyone who is looking for a classic romantic, funny, mystery thriller.
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DaniWill19 February 2007
No way did this feel like the usual TV movie. This movie was so exciting. And the directing wasn't like TV. It was like a movie. Everything moved so fast and you could feel the heat and the sunshine. And acting was just awesome Faith and Tory and Wade and Cade, they were all amazing, and the best part is the director and the writer actually made it funny the way Nora Roberts is when you read her. I loved the part where a certain character (don't want to do any spoilers here) got in a car crash and Tory was seeing it in her head--awesome, I practically jumped out of my chair it was so tense. Ten stars!! I can't wait to see it again. Nora Roberts should be proud.
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lindamarion13 March 2007
I loved this movie even more than reading the book! The acting was good, and the plot kept me in suspense throughout the movie. The special effects made the movie even more suspenseful.

The setting was beautiful, and all of the characters were played well, although I have to admit, I hope I never meet anyone like a few of the characters in this movie. I don't know how Nora Roberts keeps coming up with fresh new stories so frequently, but I think Carolina Moon is one of her best stories.

This was a high quality, well done movie. It seems more like a movie you would see at a theater rather than on TV.

Definitely worth watching.
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bbanng86-18 June 2007
This movie was nothing like the book.

Everything was mixed up or changed. Most of the movie was things that weren't even in the book.

This movie never should have been viewed. It was a great disappointment to me when I enjoyed the book so much and then to watch how this movie trashed the entire thing.

I would never recommend this movie to anyone that is a fan of Nora Roberts or J.D. Robb.

Honestly this movie is not worth watching with how off from the book is really is.
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Oh this was bad. very bad.
a-novotny14 September 2007
I don't leave IMDb comments about films but this.... this film was bad. very bad. I fast forwarded through most of it, stopping where I hoped the acting had improved since the last scene, only to continue with the fast forwards. Formula plot -- once the obvious murderers were discounted, there was only the one left. And that was in the first five minutes. Scene by scene it felt as though I'd already read the script before because there were no surprises, no mystery. The Tori character... bad bad acting. A true waste of time on DVD and a definite 'let's go to bed early' option if it's the only thing on television. If you watch this film, you will find yourself realising you'll never be able to get back the time you've just wasted.
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Bad - ridiculous
JonahHex-128 November 2009
First, let me state that I have no idea who Nora Roberts is. So the book may have been great, but the movie isn't.

I have spent my entire life living in the Peidmont region of NC. I have never heard southern accents as ridiculous as the ones in this movie. I have lived in two small NC towns and Charlotte and Raleigh. On occasion, you will meet people with a strong southern accent, but I have never encountered a town where everyone talks like a bad imitation of Gone with the Wind.

In response to Gore_Won from the atheist community. Your comments reveal more about your warped psyche than it does about the movie. If we were to stretch our imaginations and pretend that there is anything realistic in this movie - which there isn't - then the truth is that bad people such as Tory's father will always find some justification for their actions. The author chose religion as a counter to Tory's supernatural abilities. Your supposition that "the true character of the Gospels" directs a man to beat his daughter is about the most perverse and misinformed interpretation I have ever heard. Before you start spouting off about the Gospels, maybe you should read them first.

Back to the movie. The dialog is flat, unnatural, and unbelievable most of the time. In particular, many of the things that Kade said to Tory are inappropriate and do not match the mood, context, or way they are said.

The "exciting twist" at the end of the movie is lame, predictable, and lacks any credibility. Some have also claimed that Jacqueline Bisset does a wonderful job in this movie, but the truth is that the bitter mother character is also a stale, predictable, one-dimensional character. Is that Bisset's fault? I don't know.

If you have a choice between watching this movie and a twenty year old rerun of the Muppet Show, I recommend the Muppet Show.
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