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  • After robbing the Merchants Bank in Cambridge, Massachusetts, four thieves—Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), James "Jem" Coughlin (Jeremy Renner), Albert "Gloansy" Magloan (Slaine), and Desmond "Dez" Elden (Owen Burke)—blindfold and kidnap assistant manager Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall), holding her hostage until they can release her on the beach and head back to Charlestown (north of Boston), the town they call home. When they later learn that Claire also lives in Charlestown, Doug decides to befriend her in order to determine what, if anything, she told the FBI about them. As Claire and Doug get to know each other, they fall in love. Doug begins to dream about running away to Florida with Claire. However, wanting out of Charlestown isn't the same as getting out.

  • The Town is based on the 2004 novel Prince of Thieves: A Novel by American author Chuck Hogan. The novel was adapted for the movie by director and actor Ben Affleck.

  • After Jem hit the bank manager in the head with his assault rifle, blood pours from the man's head. However, it's later revealed that he's in critical condition in the hospital.

  • It can be confusing because the robbers all wear identical looking rubber masks with nun's veils, but you can identify them based on where they are when they don their masks. (1) Gloansy drives the minivan and, once the gang changes to the Jeep (their first switch car), he continues to function as the driver. (2) Doug is on the left side of the backseat. During the robbery, he is the one watching the street for police and the one who briefly gets taken hostage by the overconfident driver. (3) Coughlin begins on the right hand side of the backseat. He raids the truck, packs the money, and shoots the guard holding Doug hostage. He is also the first one to shoot at the police during the resulting car chase. (4) Dez is driving the Jeep Cherokee to the switch point.

  • When Doug's crew passes from the Jeep Grand Cherokee being used as the first switch car to the Dodge used as the second switch car, they stop in their tracks when they notice a police officer sitting in his cruiser across the street, staring right at them. They stare at each other for a suspenseful moment.... and then the cop looks the other way like he didn't see them. The police officer was a middle-aged man, by himself, armed only with a pistol facing four masked men armed with fully automatic assault rifles. He did the smart thing by letting them get away as trying to stop them likely would have gotten him killed, whereas he was alive and could report what vehicle they escaped in, including a physical description and license plate number.

  • The reason why Doug and Coughlin are able to escape the first part of the Fenway Park shootout by using their cop disguises is because of the intense chaos: the FBI SWAT team thought they were dressed as paramedics, since that was the disguise the crew were shooting at them with. Therefore, no cop can tell just exactly who is shooting at who, other than that Gloansy and Des are offed. The scene is total chaos, and thus, given the need to immediately secure the scene, none of the BPD patrol officers realize that there are two cops among them that are not two of their own. As to how Frawley tracks down Coughlin, he happens to overhear a Boston Police Department captain telling Dino that security says two cops robbed them. This tells Frawley to start scanning the faces of uniformed patrol cops looking for two who don't look like they're acting accordingly. He picks Coughlin out when he notices Coughlin walking away from the action carrying a duffel bag.

  • It's unclear. Certainly everyone in the neighborhood thinks that Doug is Shyne's father. In the conversation between Doug and Jem, however, he denies that he's the father. It's clear from the film that Doug's biggest desire is to get away from Charlestown and the life of crime. He clearly doesn't love Jem's sister Krista (Blake Lively) and sees her as someone trying to tie him to his old life.

  • Doug calls Claire while watching her apartment from a building across the street. He asks her to meet him, but she tells him to come to her apartment. Through his binoculars, Doug can see Agent Frawley (Jon Hamm) and several other FBI agents and cops there waiting for him. She assures him that there is no one there, so Doug tells her that he'll be there in about an hour. Just as they're about to hang up, Claire tells him how much she wants to see him and adds, 'It will be just like one of my sunny days,' a signal to warn him that he'll die if he comes to her apartment. While the police wait for Doug to show up, Doug puts on an MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority), drives a city bus to an Amtrak station, and catches a train heading south. After an hour passes and Frawley realizes that Doug isn't going to show and that Claire's parting words about her 'sunny day' was a warning, he calls off the wait but reminds Claire that the FBI is a national organization. Going to his car, he finds a note from Doug saying, 'Go f**k yourself.' Some time later, as Claire is working in her garden, she finds a bag full of money, a tangerine, and a note from Doug, suggesting that she can make better use of the money than he can and informing her that, for the first time in his life, he's leaving Charlestown. Claire donates the money anonymously to finance the renovation in his mother's name of the Charlestown hockey arena. In the final scene, Doug stands on the deck of a fishing shack, looking over the water, while his voiceover reads the last line of his note to Claire 'I know I'll see you again...this side or the other.'

  • Frawley had figured out that Claire tipped off Doug. He turns to her and says "You know Claire, we're a national organization" saying basically that if the FBI didn't catch Doug in Boston, they would catch him wherever he fled.

  • It's a reference to the town of Tangerine, Florida that Doug mentioned earlier in the film. It's a hint to Claire that he's going to Florida.

  • Doug leaves Charlestown because he wants to live a new life outside of the corruption, even if he has to leave Claire. He also leaves because, as an armed felon and wanted fugitive who's been on the lam from the law for quite awhile and has just killed Fergie and his henchmen Rusty in their own flower shop, he's doing his best to avoid going back to prison and serving a much longer term in a Federal Penitentiary. Doug skips town for Florida without Claire for the following reasons: (1) Doug had gotten what he really wanted out of Claire; a promise from her not to turn him in, especially when Claire tipped Doug off to the Feds with a "sunny days" code right when the Feds were on the verge of catching him and sending him to jail. (2) As an armed felon and wanted fugitive on the lam from the law, he had no choice but to skip town right away. (3) At some level, Doug knew that, no matter where he was, he'd eventually be hunted down, caught (perhaps violently), and either sent to serve a long, hard time in a federal penitentiary for his crimes or gunned down by the law.

  • Screenplay Explorer here.

  • According to Affleck and the producers, it was not easy to cut the movie since the plot is very complex: they had to balance out all the different elements—action scenes, the relationships between the characters, the depiction of the residents of Charlestown, the investigatory work, and (especially) the love story of Doug and Claire. The love story is very important since it is the reason for Doug to leave his former life behind; also, it offers an inside view on victims of bank robberies (and not just the bank robbers or the police officers). The problem—which is not at all Affleck's (neither as a director nor as an actor), Rebecca Hall's or the plot's fault—is that there have been too many love stories already. Since the love story is the part of the plot that was shortened the most for the theatrical version, most of the additional scenes from the extended cut develop Doug's and Claire's relationship a little further. It's important that Claire talks to Doug about the bank robbers from Charlestown, or about her injured colleague. It is also important that the two gangsters (who were badly injured by Doug) get a chance to speak. However, these are the scenes that slow the movie down a little bit. Nonetheless several other scene extensions and additional footage can be found throughout the entire movie. Both the theatrical version and extended cut are available on the Blu-ray release whereas the DVD release only features the theatrical version.

  • Yes. Warner Bros. released a third cut of the movie that contains an alternate ending as part of the Ultimate Collector's Edition. No additional changes have been made to this version apart from the alternate ending.


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