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Geekdom for the win!
miriamlaufey-13 September 2007
I just came home from the cinema after watching this movie, and I'm absolutely in love with it.

Normally, when seeing an Icelandic film, you have to keep in mind that we're a small country with a small film budget, but Astrópía is one movie that has nothing to fear when being compared with big countries. In fact, I am proud to say that it was my country who came up with the idea for this wonderful film.

The story is about Hildur, a blond bimbo, who needs to get a job for the first time in her life after her boyfriend has been arrested. She gets a job at a geek shop called Astrópía, and slowly learns the way of the geek and how to survive a battle against orcs and ice witches. Through her friendship with her fellow role players (or party members), she grows into a stronger and more independent person.

This movie will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter without being degrading towards us geeks. In fact, the moral of the story is that geeks rule! At least that's what I think. But even non-geeks can enjoy it a lot, and get a glimpse into our silly little world.

The outdoor scenes are beautifully shot. Iceland simply is a perfect place for fantasy adventures with its mountains and waterfalls. The dialogue is well written and realistic and the characters are just adorable. It has wonderful humour, interesting action scenes and will make you love geeks, if you don't already.

Seriously, this is one of the best films I've seen this year and it deserves every single star I've given it.
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Dorks are good people too
bangsi13 October 2007
Not expecting much of anything when going to the cinema to watch the film Astropia, or Dorks & Damsels, I truly thought I was going to see some kind of a dorky female Schwarzenegger action hero. I was more than slightly overwhelmed by the imagination of the writers. How the world of reality is overtaken by the fantasy of role playing games works quite well. The film is low budget and stands no comparison to Hollywood action films, so don't expect any high-tech computerised scenes. But the love of the actors for this film is obvious, it shines through and that made me happy watching the film. The filmmakers do an excellent job and so do all the actors. Just go see it and have an enjoyable time.
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Fresh and original
mart-4522 April 2009
Just saw this film on the Horror and Fantasy Festival in Haapsalu, Estonia. This is a remarkably warm, funny and well executed film and Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir does very good work in her feature film debut as the brainless bimbo, who suddenly faces the need to earn her own living and gets a job as a salesgirl in nerd universe. It's beautifully shot and edited; the actors are very likable and the storyline is interesting and fresh. The film is funny without overly trying to be so and sweet without being cute. This is fun for both adults and children. Heartily recommended. Congratulations to everyone involved.
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All about daydreams
halldbe26 August 2007
This movie portrays a young woman that thinks she is living the good life but because her boyfriend is arrested for misdeeds she finds herself alone and miserable. She struggles to get her life together and finds a job in the most unlikely place, a nerd store. There she finds new friends and journeys along side them with the power of imagination and RPG.

What is really brilliant about the story is that her "real life" was perhaps more of a fantasy then the RPG. Its an excellent mix of drama, comedy and adventure. Although the picture is graphic at times it still leaves a lot to your imagination which I really love.

A movie for everyone and I think anyone can relate to it.
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Indie LARPing magic!
mexomorph23 January 2009
I saw this at FantasticFest 2008. Great LARP'er story, will appeal widely to nerds & geeks of all levels. The movie has the style and pacing of a comic book, even transitions done in panels, which don't feel gimmicky. Much like "Revenge of the Nerds" this film does the "hot model falls in love with a dork" plot, but without coming across as cheesy. Also reminded me of "Clerks" set in a comic store, in Sweden, but it could have been made in the US as far as the story goes (apparently RPG'ers share a common bond the world over). Clever effects and editing, great characters & actors, had me hooked on the first day of the festival. Another film I watched more than once, and holds up well with repeated viewings. Deserves a wide US release.. catch it if you can!
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A good nerdy fairy tale
msb-utils3 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The story is a nerdy fairy tale. The princess, the hero, the evil villain... they're all there. The movie follows in a childish, naive storytelling way, but it is very enjoyable. The actors are good, they fit well into their characters. This film is obviously full of references. You can have some good laughs, even if you're not into the RGP/cult horror/star trek/star wars universe.

The special effects are simple but well done, and that serves also to display the differences between the "real world" and the "fantasy world" in which the characters oscillate. They find themselves facing real emotions, mixing their imaginary stories' adventures with actual events to help them on the way.

I recommend it for those who want a light movie, to relax and have a good time.
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Fantasy role playing can help you find your true self!
gee-159 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
A beautiful but superficial young woman is forced to make her own way in the world when her slimy boyfriend is arrested for fraud. She finds herself working at Astropia, a store of movies, comic books, and role playing paraphernalia and starts making steps towards real independence.

This is a terrific film! The characters are eccentric and engaging but still seem like real people. The main character (Hildur)is a rather blank bimbo who find herself (and true love) through the magic of role playing games. If Dungeons and Dragons (2000) had been this movie, I doubt any so called "geek" would have objected. This film pokes fun at the nerdy world of role playing but it is with genuine affection not scorn. In fact one of the best scenes is where Hildur (after having played a few times) talks with genuine enthusiasm about the experience to a potential customer and we see her light up for the first time.

The film is a bit rough around the edges and the special effects are not up to Hollywood standards but it is charming with a capital "C". Highly recommended!
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The Icelandic Reese Witherspoon in a sweet, fun/silly movie
panspermia27 May 2012
Were this an American movie, the producers would doubtless hope to cast Reese Witherspoon in the lead. It's the story of a bimbo girlfriend who has to fend for herself after her slimeball car-dealership-owning boyfriend is arrested. Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir starts out as a plastic-y trophy and grows into someone cute, warm, and surprisingly capable. It's a trajectory not unlike Legally Blonde, and Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir handles her role as Hildur as convincingly and engagingly as Witherspoon did in her corresponding role.

I don't play role-playing games, or even video games, and my taste in movies tends to the heavier stuff, but I like to praise the rare lightweight upbeat movies that work for me. It's not saccharine, and while Astrotopia (what Netflix calls this movie) is clichéd in the overall arc of the plot, it is relatively fresh in the moment-to-moment of the movie. I'm not big on visual gimmicks, but the scene-fades into comic-book panels are precisely appropriate and an added little delight.

The scenes and characters in the nerdy fantasy store where Hildur finds work were reminiscent of the record store scenes in High Fidelity. Not exactly new territory, but enjoyable in the same way.

Overall the movie had a nice quirky quality without being too darn cute or shoving its upbeat-ness down the viewer's throat. I enjoyed it a lot more than I had expected I would.
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Bimbo to nerd is progress of a sort
petesherratt12 February 2011
This is a comedy played for laughs and all you can ask of it is that it is consistently funny and it is exactly that and not very much more. Although it has some fantasy scenes that are well executed, they are taking part in the imagination of the characters and I wanted to see what was really going on as well, but perhaps the film makers knew that this would beggar belief in the outcome of the plot. Ultimately it doesn't matter because the jokes about real people speaking in fantasy parlance and fantasy characters speaking like real people is still very funny as is the concept of educating a superficial bimbo in the ways of "the force" (nerdism). This is the kind of film that I hope Hollywood picks up to be remade with some stars and a more refined script, hopefully making the Icelanders a fortune.
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fabio-dastolfo22 November 2012
I was hoping for a Gus Van Sant or Inarritu style about the geek society. I guess i'm expecting too much from the cinema right now, it will take more years till this aspect will be dissected more psychologically than just the stereotype is portrayed.

Astropia is supposedly a light harted comedy about geeks. Nothing wrong with the incipit, the problem comes with the realization. Directing and editing is slightly above amateur work. The opening scene seems cut out from a TV shows and the several comic photos are, stylistically, just out of place. The movie plot is flat and uninteresting. The few comedic scenes could be funny if made right but due to the actors and directors inexperience they just drop dead. Afterall is a boring movie who could appeal to geeks just for a single view.
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A nice idea that falls flat
fudbot-137-2049127 July 2015
I was really looking forward to this movie, since I did enjoy The Guild web series. Unfortunately, this movie is made very amateurishly, almost as if it was written by a high school student. I found myself fast forwarding to the LRPG parts after about 45 minutes of boring superfluous exposition. It wastes too much time on the character development. Normally, I do prefer it, but in this instance, it just seems to be used as a means to make the movie longer than it needs to be. The story is basically a revenge of the nerds type movie, with a few funny scenes but overall kind of harsh on the audience it's meant to entertain.
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