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Extremely Stupid Yet Extremely Funny Comedy Gold!
Dean_Jenkins3 February 2009
I watched step brothers yesterday for the second time after purchasing it on DVD. For me this is always the tough test when it comes to comedy. I watched it at a packed cinema which as you know in itself can make a film ultimately funny without being so. But i have to say this film still delivered the goods so well.

First up this film is STUPID it is ridiculous but it's a comedy with Will Ferrell in it what did you honestly expect?! But my god it's funny it really is hilarious Ferrell and Reilly make an awesome on screen team and the comedy moments just bounce off one an other , each man just helps make the others role as funny as it could have been.

It gives you hilarious jokes , stupidly funny scenes , it's one of those comedy's that so so often tries to catch you off guard and every time it absolutely nails it!

And underneath all the stupidity bonds are formed , compassion is found and what really matters in life is discovered. You almost feel as if you've learnt a little something

It's one of my personal favourite comedy movies and goes up there with some of the greats (Blazing Saddles , Burn After Reading , Superbad , Knocked Up , Anchorman etc.)
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Didn't like it at first, but each time I've watched it it's really grown on me
indiefan7719 December 2009
Personally, I think Talladega Nights is the funniest movie Will Ferrell has ever done so pretty much everything since then has been a slight disappointment (Blades Of Glory, Semi-Pro) and honestly, the first time I watched Stepbrothers I was a little disappointed.

But a few months later I popped it in and watched it again and for some reason it was just really funny to me the second time around. It completely grew on me. I think the plot is hilarious, two guys in their 40's still never growing up and still living at home. And I can't think of any better comedy team than Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to play these parts.

I'm probably going to watch this again tonight. It just gets better every time.
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a satisfying film that deserves a break
Scott-10130 December 2008
There's a difference between Step Brothers and Baby Mama. Step Brothers is not up to par with the best work of the Will Ferrell-Adam McKay writing team, but it is not like Baby Mama in the sense that it has made me lost faith in the brand. Many critics seem to not know the difference. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made 7 films together. Would critics have given this film a bigger pass if Will Ferrell and John C Reiley's film were called Talladega Nights II? What I'm getting it is I thought this film was plenty funny and certainly inventive enough. In fact, I stayed in the theater and watched it twice. The big stars of the film are not John C Reilly and Will Ferrell but Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins for holding down straight faces and being convincing as a loving dad and a loving mom of such silly characters. You could insert the characters played by Jenkins and Steenburgen into something like Cheaper by the Dozen or Gilmore Girls and it would still pretty much work.
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Yes, it is very stupid and yet I am ashamed to admit I enjoyed it.
MartinHafer2 August 2009
Okay, I must admit that this movie was incredibly stupid, offensive and awful...but somehow I still laughed and enjoyed myself. Maybe it was because the film had no pretenses--it never even tried to be deep or intelligent--just appeal to our baser instincts.

The reason I watched this film is because I loved TALLADEGA NIGHTS so much. Another Will Farrell/John C. Reilly film sure sounded great--even if it didn't match the quality or laughs of this earlier film.

The film is about two total losers who still live at home with their parent, even though they are 39 and 40 years old. On top of this, they both have the common sense and maturity of 7 year-olds---very, very slow 7 year-olds! And in both roles, Ferrell and Reilly both sounded like little boys in adult bodies--and this provided a lot of laughs. When both their parents met and married, however, both Ferrell and Reilly handed it like most immature children--they sulked and threw tantrums. Then, in a strange twist, the two losers realized how much they had in common and became fast friends. The problem, however, is that as friends they both had a lot of crazy and destructive energy--and perhaps it was better when they were fighting and arguing all the time! The film manages to entertain because it is well-written, plus the actors seemed to have a lot of fun acting like total idiots. This fun translated to fun for the audience as well. However, I should warn you that the movie is very, very crude--with lots of colorful language, a pair of fake testicles and lots of sexual references. While kids love Will Ferrell movies, I don't recommend this except for older and more mature audiences (that's ironic, isn't it?).

Overall, lots of primitive and crude humor that manages to make you laugh throughout. It ain't pretty, but it is fun and worth seeing.
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A combination of Fergie and Jesus…Step Brothers
jaredmobarak19 July 2008
I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever utter these words about a Will Ferrell vehicle, especially one with Adam McKay as collaborator—besides that Pearl video The Landlord on the internet last year—but here it is. Step Brothers is an absolutely hilarious film. From end to end, I don't remember the last time I've laughed this hard, without stop. This is what Ferrell needs to do, no more of those bio-spoofs of idiots that fall flat due to their tired joke. He is unstoppable as a part of an ensemble when he doesn't have to be the center of attention for an hour and half. The guy is obnoxious, and while funny, the more freedom he gets, the more annoying he is. Having a guy like John C. Reilly to play off of helps rein him in and give the audience a break, allowing the jokes to breath and not become stifled by the monotony of his schtick. Like Old School before it, Ferrell kills in smaller doses. He has shown me that ability again here and whereas I won't even keep Anchorman or Talladega Nights on screen when flipping through the television, I seriously can't wait to revisit this one again.

There is no bloated plot involved or even a love interest to distract from the comedy like the previous two "Everyman" entries in the Ferrell/McKay tag team's canon. I do believe that is the most refreshing aspect here; they finally see that you don't need a contrived romantic bent to be successful, we as an audience don't need to see the schlubby guy get the attractive girl, that is a cliché used way too often. We go to see a film like this to be entertained and to cause us to wet our pants with unstoppable laughter. As a result there are no lulls as even when the two stars begin to see how they must shape up and become adults for once, the awkwardness brings the laughs as well.

Step Brothers isn't winning any Oscars any time soon. With a premise involving the union of two older professionals, both of whom have 40-year old sons still living at home, devoid of responsibility, and lacking serious occupations, what do you really expect? Nancy Huff, (Mary Steenburgen showing that she is still around Hollywood), and Robert Doback, (Richard Jenkins letting his funny side out to complement the wonderful dramatic turn he gave in this year's The Visitor), are in love and perfect for one another. Their sons, unbeknownst to them at first, are also soulmates in the best friend platonic way. Completely the same person, right down to the hiding things in the kitchen while sleepwalking at night, Brennan and Dale are children trapped in adult bodies who waited forty years to be brought together. The chemistry between Ferrell and Reilly is unstoppable on screen, they are having fun, they must be improvising, and truthfully not a second falls flat.

With so many gags, one would think it'd all seem a bit disparate and thrown together, but the filmmakers and stars have sewn everything up nicely. You want a rap video that is the most offensive thing you'll hear all year? Get Brennan and Dale to create a music talent agency. You want an a cappella rendition of Guns N' Roses? Give Brennan a cocky, pompous brother who can afford singing/voice listens for his entire family—absolutely priceless, and Adam Scott kills in this role, "Pow!". You need some gratuitous fake nudity? Give Ferrell a chance to rub his genitalia on Reilly's drumset. Check, check, and check. These guys cover all their bases, not to mention the swearing quota. I am surprised that they approved an R-rating here because it is so vulgar. The fact that a couple lines from the trailer didn't make the final cut shows that the actors must have improvised and done multiple takes of each scene. As a result, I'm sure they all tried to be as creatively crass as they could and to fantastic result. Some of the gems that spew forth ever so naturally are one-liners that will be repeated over and over again.

Really, it is these vulgarities that make the film that much more enjoyable to me. I think that McKay and Ferrell took a page out of the Apatow machine's book realizing a hard-R can and will sell. No one holds back at all, some of the sarcasm even makes the characters cry because it is so harsh. I love this aspect as it plays into the fact that these are 8-year old adults. Their excess of childlike exuberance and simplicity of mind and life—and let's not forget the way their parents react by either screaming and going to the Cheesecake Factory bar or coddling them as only a mother can do—adds to the absurdity of the situation and the laughs. Dale and Brennan fight, bicker, and eventually do everything together because they aren't just stepbrothers, no they are brothers for life in terms of their internal makeup. Think you and your sibling growing up in grade school, multiply that to the nth degree in terms of sex, violence, and language, and maybe you will be able to imagine what's in store for you once you sit down at the theatre. Just don't forget to stay after the first short run of end credits as the best jungle gym park brawl ever is awaiting you. Those kids didn't even have a chance.
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Brainless and not funny
ApprehensiveSpaghetti24 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I only added the spoiler tag because I'm afraid IMDb might block me through some weird technicality. In any case...

I honestly fail to see how a movie that has a scene where a married woman sneaks into the men's restroom and surprises her husband's brother-in-law with rape is considered comedy. It's rape, any way you slice it. I've never found rape funny. I'm not condemning those who do - it is a fictional movie, after all - but what annoys me more is the pointed inclusion of such a scene in the movie.

LOGICAL VERSION OF THE SCENE: He comes into the bathroom. Just as she comes out of hiding and starts getting busy with him, we cut back to the dinner table they have just left. We come back once they've finished.

HOW IT REALLY HAPPENS (EVEN IN THE RATED VERSION): We get to be privy to the entire scene… oh no, you _see_ nothing, but there is absolutely nothing to this scene beyond the sex and noises. I felt my IQ drop 20 points.

This movie had the potential. Sadly, it never reaches that potential. It has a hugely creative setup and showed some of its funniest gags in the trailer, but that's about all you need to know about this movie. I'm astonished it even has any likable quality outside of the porn booth.

This movie would be okay and passable were it not for that scene. Yes, it ruined the entire movie for me. I can't even look at it anymore. When a movie stoops this low, there is nothing else to say about it.
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Painfully dumb. And not in the funny way.
joestank1511 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Step Brothers - Two 40 year old men (Will Ferrel and John C. Reily) who live with their single parents find those parents become married. The two men hate each other but soon find themselves becoming friends. They then learn to grow up.

Really, the usual thin plot premise has worked in other movies that Judd Apatow has had anything to do with remotely (producer) but seriously. This movie has almost no plot. It would have worked ten times better as a sketch on a comedy show (and did. Am I the only one who has seen Mr. Show with Bob and David?) than as a two hour long movie.

I have enjoyed both men's comedic and dramatic talents in the past, but after their most recent effort together: Talledega Nights, a movie that was tiresome and largely unfunny, who thought it was a good idea to bring them back together? Oh that's right, Adam McKay, the guy who directed and wrote that movie and also directed and wrote this one (There was a script? Really?). It felt like amateur hour at an imrov club. Occasionally something funny gets said or done, but you have to wait through a lot of crude, unfunny crap inbetween.

Reilly seems to have abandoned subtlety in comedy altogether. Ferrell plays an even bigger dumber lout than usual, still mistaking screaming for comedy. They are beyond quirky to the point of being cartoons. Make that cartoons you feel kind of bad for. Only Adam Scott comes out of this retaining his dignity as the sort of evil other brother to Ferrell's character. Seth Rogen shows up for a cameo scene to remind us how people can seem like real characters and still be funny.

Yes I love Anchorman, but I'm beginning to think that McKay is like a comedic M. Night Shymalan. He had one good movie in him. Period. The bar for taste could not honestly get lowered. There were some surprise laughs once in awhile, but I was considering leaving about half-way through..Once the "rift where the characters learn about growing up" occurs, McKay tries to squeeze this monstrosity into the cliché comedy mold, and it all feels even more awkward. Like only then they realized how ridiculous and unfunny it all was. The cartoons try to become actual people, and it's all just too painful. There is one bright light: Ferrell can actually sing (which I already knew from The Producers). Did we need to go through an entire movie to see it? Painfully dumb, Step Brothers gets a D+
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How can this movie get any worse
WakenPayne29 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is worse than Disaster Movie a worthy Candidate for the worst comedy made within the past 5 years. The plot is about these losers who still live at home, unemployed 40-year-olds who live with their mother and father they meet and they develop a relationship and get married Ferrel and Reilly hate each other and Ferrel does the worst thing in any comedy movie (besides Charlies Angels 2 with hiring those writers(even though writers isn't a word to describe them) he puts his balls on Reilly's drum set (no wonder earlier in this piece of crap he said "Don't touch my drum set") and then they find out they have more in common and they decide to start a new music band (REPLACE THE DRUM SET) and then Ferrels younger brother is in town this guy is a success with a love relationship Ferrel says he's an ###hole and the brother sells their house and they try to get it back by doing the unthinkable like dressing up as Natzi's and putting makeup on Ferrel's face trying to make out he's dead (if only it was real) and later Ferrel's younger brother runs out of people to sell it to and one night they release their first music video see they wanted to be in this band with 2 people the step-brothers and Reilly's father owns a boat and that's where they were filming it while it was in the water with nobody driving it. it hits a cliff not knowing what they did they made their parents break up the brothers cry now this is THE WORST CRYING I HAVE EVER SEEN and I have seen Muriel's Wedding and that scene in Charlies Angels 2 where Drew Barrymore thinks her friends have died the mother says it's not their fault but the father snaps some logic in them and say it is their fault and anyway Ferrel bury's John C Reilly alive and how he got past the broken up parents I don't know and Reilly gets out and they decide to grow up (they decide to stop acting like overgrown 4-year-olds and get a life) and Ferrel works with his brother and he does some festival or some crap and Reilly's the chef and the band doesn't show up so what does the father do he says go and act like overgrown 4-year-olds and do that band and Ferrel's voice changes everything in the movie (except thee quality) and the younger brother who his co-workers chant something extremely disturbing until that voice came on he decides to make peace with the brother so the movie changes from some 40-year-old losers acting like 4-year-olds to a gay finale like in High School Musical and Hairspray oh and Ferrel entered Therapy earlier in the movie and that stupid voice made the therapist in love with him but we change from a Gay finale to Ferrel and Reilly beating the crap out of little kids who earlier in the movie forced them to lick dog crap which I don't want to know how it became white. all in all the worst comedy I have seen since Charlies Angels 2 or Muriels Wedding
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Two middle-aged men, who still live with their parents, end up sharing a room and a life when their parents wed one another.
ltlacey10 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There are movies that are really bad, but are so bad they are actually good, thus watchable. B-movies from the 50s come to mind. Then there are silly movies with some chuckles along the way. Then there are stupid movies, and some are still okay, as there are some chuckles along the way and likable characters. Then there's Step Brothers. What the rating system needs is a zero or negative numbers as this movie does not even rate a zero. The group that was watching this flick were all Ferrell and Reilly fans, but after 20 minutes most had left the room. I'll have to admit that no one stayed to watch the entire flick, even the most die-hard Ferrell fan, so this review is only based on what was watched. And even then it was painful. What were Jenkins and Steenburgen thinking when they decided to be in this movie? Both are fine actors, and if not for them this flick would have been turned off sooner. But then, this movie is not about them, but 2 middle-aged men who have been coddled by their parents and not only still live at home, are waited on hand and foot. No one liked Ferrell or Reilly's characters at all and we had no idea what this movie was trying to prove. Maybe there's a point near the end. That's if you can stand to waste your time waiting for it. Our guess is that everyone learns to live peacefully with one another. Our suggestion, your time would be better spent cleaning your bathroom.
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Bloody Hilarious
Scars_Remain7 August 2008
I have been getting a lot of mixed reviews about this movie. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people are just plain grossed out by it. I'm in the love it category. There were a few unnecessary gross out scenes but the rest of it is just awesome straight forward comedy.

John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell are amazing. I also loved Talladega Nights so it was great too see them as co-actors again. The story is ridiculous, there's no doubt about that, but it's really fun and I felt it moved along very well. I was also laughing out loud at the humor in this movie. There are so many spot on jokes and so many quotable lines.

See this one if you're a fan of films like Talladega Nights, Superbad and Walk Hard. I think you'll find that is quite a bit to love about it.
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Same old, same old.
ruelland17 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It's taken four or five films, but it seems like Hollywood has run of out occupations for Will Ferrell to have while he acts like a man child. From anchorman to NASCAR driver and some other sports, the apparent remedy of this problem comes in Step Brothers: make him a jobless man child. Oh, and have two of him this time and get John C. Reilly to play the other. That's the basic set up for this, Ferrell's third collaboration with "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights" director Adam McKay, a tired, annoying, and sometimes cringe inducing display of the same shtick you've seen many times before.

The movie follows Dale (Reilly) and Brennan (Ferrell), two single, unemployable 40 year old losers who still live at home with their single parents (played by Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins, two very good actors that don't have much to work with). When said parents hook up and eventually marry, the two find themselves under the same roof and an hour and a half of them screaming and getting hurt ensue. The two despise each other at first, but eventually become friends, especially when their parents grow tired of their immaturity and force them to try and get jobs. This sets the stage for what essentially boils down to a series of sketches. One supposedly funny situation after the next that the boys find themselves in, barely connecting to form a plot at all, let alone something overly funny. Set pieces include Brennan's diabolically cruel younger brother, his crazy wife who finds herself infatuated with Dale, a street brawl with some grade school children, and a rap video (groan). Like previous McKay outings, this movie is a gag a minute, throwing out a lot of things, most of them missing the mark.

To deride the humor as stupid is incredibly pointless. That's what one is expecting with movies like these, and even people who loved this movie would freely admit that it's stupid. The "stupid" factor of the humor isn't even my major problem with it. I've enjoyed movies like Anchorman and the indefensible Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, but there has to be some kind of wacky and over the top charm to a film's stupidity in order for me to be on board. Not only are Dale and Brennan un-charming, they're barely even likable, and even a little creepy. Seeing these men scream obscenities, beat the crap out of each other, act like children and destroy the lives of those around them wears thin very quickly without any charm acting as support. The film also suffers from a degree of unoriginality, nothing is recycled directly from the previous McKay movies, but I couldn't shake off the feeling that I've seen this all before, or that McKay and Ferrell weren't even really trying anymore.

Ferrell and Reilly are gifted actors, and have proved in past films that they can be funny, but they have nothing to do here but repeat the same joke over and over again. Dale and Brennan are moronic man sized children, look at how stupid and childish they act, etc. etc. I'd be liar if I said the film was devoid of any laughs, because it does deliver some, but they just feel cheap, coming solely from Ferrell or Reilly's tone of voice or facial expressions, and not from good writing. You also get the feeling that, if nothing else, the actors are having a good time, which keeps the film from being something truly terrible. I'm also a sucker for randomness, and it succeeded at making me crack a smile a few times because of it. But the majority of the jokes just don't work; coming off as McKay trying to be as immature and senseless as possible (think Ferrell rubbing his balls on a drum kit is funny? Then you're in luck).

The supporting characters don't help much either, most acting as one note and unlikable as the step brothers themselves. Brennan's brother and his wife try to be so frantically funny you feel like patting them on the back and saying "You came on a little strong". Steenburgen and Jenkins try their best, but as mentioned, they simply have zero material to work with, forced to simply act as straight-men to Dale and Brennan's idiocy. Until, of course, the movie finally decides to have some sort of conflict and makes the parents fed up with them, eventually resolving in conclusion just as asinine as the rest of the film. By that point I couldn't have cared about the characters any less.

The film is bad, but not terrible. It's far too uninspired to get that strong of a reaction from me. It is simply McKay and Ferrell reusing their tried and tested formula once again, and failing completely in an attempt to capture any real sense of comedy or fun. If you loved the other movies made in this vein, then you'll surely like this too. If you find yourself tiring of Ferrell with each release, then save yourself some time and skip it, because "Step Brothers" will probably be the film that'll break the camel's back. Then fart on it or something.
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Painful to watch is the minimum I can say about this horrible film
Jessica Carvalho9 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Brennan Huff's mother and Dale Doback's father get married and go to live together. Since Brennan and Dale still live with their parents (even having 40 years old), they need to live as step brothers. They don't like each other and don't get along. The main problem will come when they start to shake their parents' wedding.

What a HORRIBLE movie! I haven't laughed even once! It is as bad as ''You Don't Mess with the Zohan '', but even more retarded! (If this is possible!!) How can someone even laugh with those ridiculous situations? The two lead characters seem two retarded men whose main objective is to destroy their family's lives. They behave like babies and they are what? 40 years old? I cannot believe this movie has almost a 7 in its rate. This only proves how many people with bad taste live in the world.

Don't even bother to watch this movie, or you are going to lose your time with one of the most pathetic movies ever made by humanity.
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Funniest Ferrell/Reilly Movie To Date!
J_Trex2 August 2008
I liked Ferrel & Reilly as the racing team in "Talladega Nights" but this was even better. The physical comedy was outstanding and the acting itself was pitch perfect. Many critics commented on how well they did given what they had to work with, but I think the script was excellent. Some of the lines were brilliant, but you really have to give the actors credit for improvising. After Ferrell revealed his singing talents when he sang "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About", when Reilly gushed on and on about how great he was, and then said "I'm not sure, but towards the end I think I saw you turn into a Unicorn", I lost it. I really lost it when Ferrell's brother & his family were singing in the car "Sweet Child of Mine". It was a real classic.

Hell, I think I'll buy this when it comes out on DVD. I can't say that for many comedies ("Anchor Man" is one).

Don't miss this one. It's a scream.
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Disgustingly abysmal.
Lawrence Griffin31 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I hate this movie. It is degrading to the intelligence of anyone who actually condescends to watching it, it offers nothing of worth in any category and it loses itself in a festering ball of pathetic, sorry ass-felching crap that I would rather have a root canal than watch again. It's about two thirty or forty year old guys who live with their single parents. When the parents end up meeting at a business conference of sorts, the two men are forced to try and get along. Well, they don't, and what follows is a gamut of immature genitalia jokes, farting jokes, masturbation jokes and, to top it all off, Will Ferrell's balls rubbing on a drum set. I swear I'm not making that up.

So, yeah, the jokes are by far the worst part. Will Ferrell had a hand in writing this screenplay, and to that I say, don't let this man touch any more scripts. Seriously, this is awful. Do you still think jokes about penises and masturbating are hilarious? Do you like watching grown men cry and shout curses at each other at the top of their lungs? Well, then, you're a disgrace to humanity, and this movie is for you! Every moment of this godforsaken piece of cinematic bowel cancer is just painful, every last minute of it. It's clear that there is a story trying to happen here, but when you have dialogue about wanting someone to crawl into your vagina and live there, well, it's a bit hard to let it blossom. I swear, I'm not making that up, either.

The worst part about this movie is that our two main characters are supposed to be likable, more so than Will Ferrell's brother character, played by Adam Scott. The brother is made out to be a horrible, obnoxious and rude person who takes pleasure in talking down to and humiliating his older brother, who, if I might remind you, is forty years old and living at home. Yeah, this movie wants us to feel sorry for Will Ferrell and his new buddy, but the problem is that they're even worse and more asinine than the brother is! It doesn't work as an inspirational coming-of-age story not just because the two characters are already OF age, but because we don't like the two main characters! They're insipid, shallow, rude assholes and I just wanted to shoot them for the better part of the story. It doesn't work as a comedy because nothing is funny, it's just sad.

Yeah, and there's one part where they try to bury each other alive, which is where the movie officially hits an all time low. It's like something you'd read out of a tabloid newspaper column after you've already read through everything worth reading. Or maybe like something off of one of the online 'weird news' categories. It's pathetic, and all it really does is make you embarrassed to still be watching this movie.

So then we get the end of the movie, which turns things around and sees the two guys reforming themselves and starting to live real lives. It is kind of nice, at least as an apology for the rest of the insufferable crap on here, but in the context of the movie? It's like two completely different films mashed together, and it's even kind of insulting that a movie that features insurmountable levels of grotesque and puerile farces against the film industry's integrity would actually try to have, in the same movie as the dialogue about crawling into a woman's vagina, a "moment" between the two brothers. Yes, we're expected now to put down our barf bags and pick up a tissue box. Good god.

Well, I don't buy it. This movie is wretched. It is unpleasant, it is unfunny and most of all it is mostly unwatchable. I've never seen anything quite so shameless. This whole movie is actively detestable and hateable. Never before have I seen a movie that made me feel quite this dirty. If you think this movie is funny then you have terrible taste in comedy. Utterly worthless tripe on every level.
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Very Bad
servais_le_roy17 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw this movie and i only thought, please register to IMDb to have the right to make a review and rate this movie with the worst rating there is. I never thought that watching a movie would be such a waste of time. The story of two 40 year old adults being mentally in the age of 10. First they are foes, and then they became friends, only for so long to become foes again so they can be friends and stepbrothers again in the end, so they can save the day and live all together happily? Who writes this scripts and who approves them? Sure, some scenes were funny but they don't save the whole impression.Who Wrote the ratings in this page? The producers? PS: I have to give at least one star... No way passing around
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It doesn't get much worse than this
ctomvelu129 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Is it possible that I have finally found a movie worse than MANOS? Surely STEP BROTHERS is in the running! Two aging, jobless fellows are thrown together when their parents marry. They fight like 4 year olds until dad decides to sell the house and toss them out. They then join forces to defeat his plans. Other than always dependable character actor Richard Jenkins as the dad, I have never seen worse acting in a major motion picture. Ferrell and Reilly are embarrassingly bad, and Mary Steenburgen as the mom is given nothing but bad lines and very little to do. I can't imagine what this turkey must have been like to sit through in a theater. As it is, I went to turn it off several times but decided to stick it out to see if it might redeem itself in the end. In fact, it only gets worse. Wait until you hear Ferrell trying to sing opera. You'll cry, and not in a good way.
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They had more fun making it than I had watching it
spgarner27 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Will Farrell tea bagging a drum set is not funny. John C. Reilly in bicycle shorts or a Chewbacca mask is not funny. The two stars pulverizing a playground full of eleven-year-olds is also, you guessed it, not funny. In fact, it is desperate and pathetic.

It is small consolation that one of the egregious scenes in the movie takes place after the credits roll. Unfortunately though, the aisles and exits at the theatre I saw Step Brothers at were clogged with spectators who, beyond any intelligible reason as far as I can tell, were amused enough by the first 100 minutes to stick around for the encore, so I was stuck.

I find it necessary to qualify my above remarks, as well as those I have not yet written down, by saying I do not object to raunchy, low-brow humor. Any one of the images mentioned in the lead of this review could have been as funny as the pie scene in American Pie or the testicle/zipper shot in There's Something About Mary. But there needs to be some context and perhaps a little motivation as well. We need to know why something is funny, and understand how it fits in with the world its movie occupies. The images themselves do not suffice, no matter how shocking or disgusting.

If you are not yet familiar with the general set-up of Step Brothers through the movie's excessively aggressive and ubiquitous marketing campaign, it is rather simple. Will Farrell and John C. Reilly play two slacker children- one is forty years old and the other is pushing forty with a short stick- whose successful, motivated single parents get married, and therefore begin the weirdest Brady Bunch type family in movie history. Farrell and Reilly's characters hate each other upon sight and bicker insufferably until they realize they are cut from the same degenerate cloth and then become best pals.

Eventually, the father, a revered and important physician played by Richard Jenkins, becomes so enraged by the overgrown adolescents' antics, that he delivers an ultimatum to them. Get jobs and move out by the end of the month. I feel this is all the plot exposition this film deserves, because Step Brothers is more about a series of failed gags and profanity for profanity's sake.

I consider myself to have a very high tolerance for explicit, raunchy sexual behavior and an even higher tolerance for foul language, but even I found Step Brothers to be puke-inducing, more than a bit rough. Remember the tea bagging scene mentioned in the lead. We do get to see every hairy inch of Will Farrell's scrotum. It does not advance the plot. It is not the logical conclusion of a series of events. It is not executed with any sort of subtlety or surprise, it is telegraphed a week ahead of time. It serves no function whatsoever except to show Will Farrell's testicles because Farrell, who co-wrote the script with director Adam McKay, thinks it is funny. It is not, and neither are the endless gags which continually use sex, genitalia, cursing, etc. as bludgeons. It is not so much a movie as an exercise in arbitrary weirdness and manic perversion.

The clerk who sold me my ticket said that while most of the younger audiences seemed to love the film, many middle-aged moviegoers had left the film enraged, demanding to be refunded. To me, this does not demonstrate a schism in tolerance, but a schism in taste. Today's middle-aged moviegoer grew up with Animal House and Porky's, and was quick to embrace the aforementioned American Pie and There's Something About Mary. And anybody willing to put down ten bucks to see a movie starring the man behind Old School must have been prepared for some politically incorrect humor. However, in Step Brothers it is not funny, just depressing, mean-spirited and reprehensible.

Even more depressing, is the fact that there is a kernel of a good idea here. There is endless comedic possibility of two social misfits with Peter Pan complexes who are seemingly oblivious to all real world expectations. Unfortunately, this movie is completely unwilling to push the frontiers of any sort of substance whatsoever. It just falls back on the same safe, broad humor that so many of Farrell's previous efforts are marked by.

Worse yet, is that the two lead characters' quirks are made less interesting by the supporting characters in the movie. Everybody is pretty much the exact same. Even the supposed smart, successful people in Step Brothers behave like social deviants, giving Farrell and Reilly nothing to bounce their energy off of. They hardly even stand out as weirdos. Even the straight-laced father succumbs to visions of being a T-Rex. It is not a fantasy, but a goal.

There is something potentially fascinating about a successful doctor who aspires to be a member of a different species, one that is extinct to boot, but like so much of the rest of the movie, the joke is undercut by the tone of the rest of the film. The undeniable chemistry between Farrell and Reilly is the only thing that makes this film supportable. They really embody these characters and go all the way with them. Unfortunately, that is all the way to the toilet. The film displays many symptoms of Farrell's classic "Ain't I cute" syndrome.

This film makes the classic mistake of believing goofiness is an adequate substitute for wit. All comedy writers, directors, and actors would serve themselves well to observe a few basic lessons. Smart people are funnier than dumb people. Secure, well-adjusted people are funnier than zany outcasts. And most importantly, a bad gag done loudly is even more annoying than the same bad gag performed at a humble volume.

In a summer of surprisingly strong major studio releases, Step Brothers does what it can to taint the cinematic gene pool.
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Ferrell and Reilly Stepped It Up For "Step Brothers"
SidelinePictures26 July 2008
It's safe to say that the hilarity and stupidity of Ferrell and Reilly's characters in this movie was pretty close to perfect. You might think they're creepy and just too pathetic, but it's a given that's what they were going for. You'll be close to crying when it's all said and done feeling as though you laughed through the whole thing. This movie was certainly a great way for Will Ferrell to step back from his non-stop drunk and over the top characters, and to finally play opposite someone as funny as he is. And in a Rated-R film, no less.

Brennan Huff's (Ferrel) brother in the film played the successful and insulting jerk to Ferrel's and Reilly's character. His role could've been a little less obvious with his cruel characteristics and not so sudden and constant with his remarks. Other than that, however, there really wasn't any other flaws in the characters or story that would make anybody leave the theater or quick watching.

The outrageous dialog between the Step Brothers was comedy at its finest. If it wasn't a joke, but simple dialog, it would still get plenty of laughs, all because of the delivery. Director, Adam McKay couldn't have done better with this film. It is a must-see, no question.
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Step Laughter
C G4 January 2009
This was quite a funny movie. Of course the entire premise is utterly ridiculous, two "grown men" ages 39 and 40, still job-less, living with their parents? It seemed to me that these two guys acted like 9 year-olds, but that is what makes it funny. I think this movie was even funnier than Talladega Nights, Ferrell & Reilly's first collaboration.

There was a very thin and outrageous plot, but it lent itself to tons of improvisation, and in turn creating some of the ridiculous scenes, circumstances, and dialog. And seeing Mary Steenburgen curse like a sailor was hysterical. Ferrell and Reilly both play their characters to the hilt, as does Adam Scott, the evil younger brother, and his insane wife played by Kathryn Hahn. Overall there is an equal amount of slapstick, dialog, and potty humor (well okay, probably a bit heavier on the potty humor).

Though the movie itself is very hysterical, there are also some equally good bloopers, cut scenes, etc. on the DVD bonus materials. These are as hysterical as the movie was. I highly recommend renting the DVD and watching the extra features.
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Worst Comedy ever
weyeski17 September 2010
This was the worst movie I've ever watched. It starts out with a "Bushism" and I have to wonder why. Was it to get you in the frame of mind for mistakes, because that is what watching this film was. I really don't see how any sane person could enjoy this movie. I don't know how to express how bad this was. It's stupid! Zoolander was stupid, but made light of something in a very elaborate way which made the stupid funny. This movie is just Stupid!! How could this have a rating of 6.7 ? I now have no faith in the rating of comedies on IMDb. I used to read the rating number and decide if it was worth watching. No more.
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Grow up people...
John Doe28 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers

I wasn't expecting much from this. I did not like Talladega so I knew I will not like this. I saw it because of the good comments it received here. The film depicts two grown up men playing teenagers. Both have a huge parental complex and cannot live if the umbilical is broken. They become step brothers and their behaviour is very predictable. They hate each other in the beginning and they start doing the same old: pranks on one another. Unfortunately, the jokes and ideas these two grown up men have used to be funny when I was twelve. Putting your balls on a drum set, 'gina jokes and all that tasteless humour is beyond me now. This film took everything to the extreme. You had a bad joke but that was not enough. It had to be pushed, and pushed, and pushed until it became so lame that the premise wasn't even funny anymore.

The plot thickens when Dale shacks up with Derek's wife. Derek is Will's brother in the movie. Typical brother, very successful but the biggest moron on the planet. So, back to the shacking. That was so random and it lowered the quality. Her lines were taking from a porn film and they were very explicit. The scene where she pees in a cubicle is simply overkill.

What was funny in this film, I do not know? Every scene involves explicit sexual organ description or sex related images.
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beresfordjd14 January 2011
This movie will suck the intelligence out of you. I just cannot believe that any grown up actor would want to be part of this pile of manure. What on earth were they thinking? It has no redeeming features at all. It suffers from an unbelievable story and even more unbelievable characters. It is a sorry state of affairs when people who are interested in movies (they must be if they are part of IMDb) can say this rubbish is the best comedy they have ever seen. How dumb can you be? I feel really dumb myself because I keep trying to watch Will Ferrell comedy movies-I should know better because there is not one I could say I really liked. The only decent film I have seen him in was Stranger than Fiction. He seems to repeat himself over and over in each movie, none of them with any idea what comedy is. Avoid this, and anything with Ferrell in it, like the plague. You will be less intelligent after watching this crap. If this is the sort of thing that makes you laugh then you are beyond sad. It is witless, dull and without any kind of merit. I was horrified to see that Mary Steenburgen would lend her talents to this pile of ordure. It is though it was written by 15 years olds but not performed as well as 15 year olds would manage. Will Ferrell is his usual lame self and John C Reilly must have felt like he was dying inside - he is so much better than this. To think that an adult would read this script and think that it was worth doing is beyond my comprehension. Everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. It seems to me that anything with Judd Apatow attached to it will be of this sort of quality, likewise Will Ferrell.
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Horrible - Not funny
mark-702-1215282 April 2010
This movie is about two adults who live with their parents, because they "have not grown up"

This is a clear example of a horrible move, but because the media tells us we are going to like it people say its funny. This is not intelligent humor, it is not situational humor. This is humor aimed at children but rated R. This is Will Ferrel at his worst.

The two main characters had fun making it - that I am sure of.

I decided to give it a complete shot, despite the fact that half of the theater walked out. There are a few funny moments but predictable.

Recommendation - Don't see this trash. If you must see this, borrow a friends DVD so that you don't waste any money.
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Do Americans have a sense of humour?
rowmorg8 August 2009
Anything from the Apatow stable is devoutly to be avoided by anyone with a sense of humour. Humour involves irony and social commentary, qualities entirely lacking in the Apatow opus. Apatow enjoys laughing at the idiot goyim and giggling about it all the way to the bank. In Apatow comedies, the joke is on the audience. Stepbrothers is more of the same. Two grown men try to do more inane things than each other while acting like nine year-olds. At some point Will Ferrell is sitting on the toilet with his drawers down. He reaches for toilet paper (so we know that he has had a bowel movement) and finds the roller empty. Looking round, he notes the rug that surrounds the pedestal and pulls it up. He is about to turn and wipe his rear with it when -- CLICK! --- I switch off the DVD player and the further adventures of these two morons will never be known.
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Extremely disappointed!
nathanmeffan14 October 2008
I am a huge fan of Will Ferrell normally but I just finished watching this movie and feel I need to warn others that it is the worst movie with him in it that I have ever seen.

The actual story went nowhere and was boring, the characters were lame and the jokes just weren't as funny as other Will Ferrell classics. The 'toilet humour' in it is terrible, you would think this movie was made for 8 year olds or people with a similar aged sense of humour.

The high point of the whole movie for me was when the end credits came up because i'm not one to leave a movie halfway through (although I was very tempted with this one!).

So before anyone actually watches this movie, if you like Will Ferrell movies it DOES NOT at all mean that you will like this one, I thought it was a huge let down! and I want that hour and a half of my life back!
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