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kelly-gaudreau13 September 2021
Immaturity at it's best. I love it! Did you love it? If so, I think we just BECAME FRIENDS!!!
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Ridiculously funny comedy
masonsaul14 April 2020
Despite a few jokes that fail to land, Step Brothers is still a ridiculously funny comedy that is gleefully stupid. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are perfect and have incredible chemistry. Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins and Mary Steenburgen are all great. It's consistently funny throughout and at points hilarious. Adam McKay's direction is great, it's well filmed and well paced. The music by Jon Brion and the soundtrack are both good.
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Good Laughs
Michael_Elliott23 December 2008
Step Brothers (2008)

*** (out of 4)

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play spoiled brats who are still living at home with their parents. Ferrell lives with his mother (Mary Steenburgen) and Reilly his father (Richard Jenkins) but when the four move in together after the parent's marriage all hell breaks loose as the new step brothers can't seem to get along. Sometimes I can't understand mainstream critics who seem to walk into R-rated comedies and get upset that they're not watching some screwball comedy from the 1930s. Is this film stupid? Yes. Is the film raunchy? Yes. Is the film at times mean spirited? Yes. None of those yes marks matter because in the end the film is funny and that's the main thing. If you want a thinking man's movie then you might want to go elsewhere but if you want to laugh then this film offers up plenty to enjoy. I've never been a big fan of Ferrell but I thought he was terrific here as the lazy bum who can't stand to be out on his own. Reilly is equally great and putting the two together makes for some great chemistry as the two really know how to play off one another. I think a big key for the film are the supporting performances by Steenburgen and Jenkins as their straight forward approach to their "kids" makes for plenty of laughs and their constant struggle to stay sane is something I'm sure many parents could relate to. The film is full of dirty dick jokes, masturbation jokes and various other sexual jokes but I found myself laughing extremely hard. The first thirty minutes had tears running down my face but after that the thin plot shines through with most of the jokes being hit and miss but at the end I certainly laughed more times than I didn't so that makes this a winner in my book.
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Extremely Stupid Yet Extremely Funny Comedy Gold!
Dean_Jenkins3 February 2009
I watched step brothers yesterday for the second time after purchasing it on DVD. For me this is always the tough test when it comes to comedy. I watched it at a packed cinema which as you know in itself can make a film ultimately funny without being so. But i have to say this film still delivered the goods so well.

First up this film is STUPID it is ridiculous but it's a comedy with Will Ferrell in it what did you honestly expect?! But my god it's funny it really is hilarious Ferrell and Reilly make an awesome on screen team and the comedy moments just bounce off one an other , each man just helps make the others role as funny as it could have been.

It gives you hilarious jokes , stupidly funny scenes , it's one of those comedy's that so so often tries to catch you off guard and every time it absolutely nails it!

And underneath all the stupidity bonds are formed , compassion is found and what really matters in life is discovered. You almost feel as if you've learnt a little something

It's one of my personal favourite comedy movies and goes up there with some of the greats (Blazing Saddles , Burn After Reading , Superbad , Knocked Up , Anchorman etc.)
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I'm gonna rub my ballsack on your drum kit
deloudelouvain19 May 2015
Okay the story itself is incredibly stupid. I don't think there are any 40 year old males on this planet that still act that childish. But nevertheless it all doesn't matter to me. To me a comedy is about relaxing, enjoying and a lot of laughing. And with this movie I get it all. There are some really hilarious scenes that my wife and I still talk about after ten years so to me that says something about the quality of the humor. Other movies I just forget about it, but then you have some gems like this one. The whole movie turns around two actors, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. They really lift this movie to another level. The other actors are good as well but they don't really matter. It's all about the funny relationship between the two step brothers. Perfect movie if you like that kind of silly humor.
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A combination of Fergie and Jesus…Step Brothers
jaredmobarak19 July 2008
I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd ever utter these words about a Will Ferrell vehicle, especially one with Adam McKay as collaborator—besides that Pearl video The Landlord on the internet last year—but here it is. Step Brothers is an absolutely hilarious film. From end to end, I don't remember the last time I've laughed this hard, without stop. This is what Ferrell needs to do, no more of those bio-spoofs of idiots that fall flat due to their tired joke. He is unstoppable as a part of an ensemble when he doesn't have to be the center of attention for an hour and half. The guy is obnoxious, and while funny, the more freedom he gets, the more annoying he is. Having a guy like John C. Reilly to play off of helps rein him in and give the audience a break, allowing the jokes to breath and not become stifled by the monotony of his schtick. Like Old School before it, Ferrell kills in smaller doses. He has shown me that ability again here and whereas I won't even keep Anchorman or Talladega Nights on screen when flipping through the television, I seriously can't wait to revisit this one again.

There is no bloated plot involved or even a love interest to distract from the comedy like the previous two "Everyman" entries in the Ferrell/McKay tag team's canon. I do believe that is the most refreshing aspect here; they finally see that you don't need a contrived romantic bent to be successful, we as an audience don't need to see the schlubby guy get the attractive girl, that is a cliché used way too often. We go to see a film like this to be entertained and to cause us to wet our pants with unstoppable laughter. As a result there are no lulls as even when the two stars begin to see how they must shape up and become adults for once, the awkwardness brings the laughs as well.

Step Brothers isn't winning any Oscars any time soon. With a premise involving the union of two older professionals, both of whom have 40-year old sons still living at home, devoid of responsibility, and lacking serious occupations, what do you really expect? Nancy Huff, (Mary Steenburgen showing that she is still around Hollywood), and Robert Doback, (Richard Jenkins letting his funny side out to complement the wonderful dramatic turn he gave in this year's The Visitor), are in love and perfect for one another. Their sons, unbeknownst to them at first, are also soulmates in the best friend platonic way. Completely the same person, right down to the hiding things in the kitchen while sleepwalking at night, Brennan and Dale are children trapped in adult bodies who waited forty years to be brought together. The chemistry between Ferrell and Reilly is unstoppable on screen, they are having fun, they must be improvising, and truthfully not a second falls flat.

With so many gags, one would think it'd all seem a bit disparate and thrown together, but the filmmakers and stars have sewn everything up nicely. You want a rap video that is the most offensive thing you'll hear all year? Get Brennan and Dale to create a music talent agency. You want an a cappella rendition of Guns N' Roses? Give Brennan a cocky, pompous brother who can afford singing/voice listens for his entire family—absolutely priceless, and Adam Scott kills in this role, "Pow!". You need some gratuitous fake nudity? Give Ferrell a chance to rub his genitalia on Reilly's drumset. Check, check, and check. These guys cover all their bases, not to mention the swearing quota. I am surprised that they approved an R-rating here because it is so vulgar. The fact that a couple lines from the trailer didn't make the final cut shows that the actors must have improvised and done multiple takes of each scene. As a result, I'm sure they all tried to be as creatively crass as they could and to fantastic result. Some of the gems that spew forth ever so naturally are one-liners that will be repeated over and over again.

Really, it is these vulgarities that make the film that much more enjoyable to me. I think that McKay and Ferrell took a page out of the Apatow machine's book realizing a hard-R can and will sell. No one holds back at all, some of the sarcasm even makes the characters cry because it is so harsh. I love this aspect as it plays into the fact that these are 8-year old adults. Their excess of childlike exuberance and simplicity of mind and life—and let's not forget the way their parents react by either screaming and going to the Cheesecake Factory bar or coddling them as only a mother can do—adds to the absurdity of the situation and the laughs. Dale and Brennan fight, bicker, and eventually do everything together because they aren't just stepbrothers, no they are brothers for life in terms of their internal makeup. Think you and your sibling growing up in grade school, multiply that to the nth degree in terms of sex, violence, and language, and maybe you will be able to imagine what's in store for you once you sit down at the theatre. Just don't forget to stay after the first short run of end credits as the best jungle gym park brawl ever is awaiting you. Those kids didn't even have a chance.
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a satisfying film that deserves a break
Okonh0wp30 December 2008
There's a difference between Step Brothers and Baby Mama. Step Brothers is not up to par with the best work of the Will Ferrell-Adam McKay writing team, but it is not like Baby Mama in the sense that it has made me lost faith in the brand. Many critics seem to not know the difference. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made 7 films together. Would critics have given this film a bigger pass if Will Ferrell and John C Reiley's film were called Talladega Nights II? What I'm getting it is I thought this film was plenty funny and certainly inventive enough. In fact, I stayed in the theater and watched it twice. The big stars of the film are not John C Reilly and Will Ferrell but Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins for holding down straight faces and being convincing as a loving dad and a loving mom of such silly characters. You could insert the characters played by Jenkins and Steenburgen into something like Cheaper by the Dozen or Gilmore Girls and it would still pretty much work.
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Plenty Of Laughs With Ferrell And Reilly
atlasmb14 April 2017
"Step Brothers" is a comedy in the vein of dumb and dumber, with a pair of good comic actors (Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly) portraying two losers who still live with their parents and lead irresponsible lives.

Reilly is the perfect foil and he is fearless when it comes to committing to the role. But no one is better at playing the man-child than Will Ferrell (except maybe Paul Reubens). The nonstop punchlines combined with some physical humor are a feast for this twosome.

This is not highbrow humor, but its among the best of its kind.
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A Laugh Riot!
namashi_119 October 2012
'Step Brothers' is A Laugh Riot! Sure its absurd & talks in monkey language, but hey, that's what this comedy is all about. If you want to have a great laugh, don't give 'Step Brothers' a miss!

'Step Brothers' Synopsis: Two aimless middle-aged losers still living at home are forced against their will to become roommates when their parents get married.

'Step Brothers' has two splendid performances. Cast as step brothers, John C. Reilly & Will Ferrell are at their comedic best. The comedic veterans pitch in superlative performances, that amuse & entertain you all through.

Also terrific is Richard Jenkins, who shines the brightest amongst the supporting cast.

On the whole, 'Step Brothers' is a pretty good effort.
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Bloody Hilarious
Scars_Remain7 August 2008
I have been getting a lot of mixed reviews about this movie. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people are just plain grossed out by it. I'm in the love it category. There were a few unnecessary gross out scenes but the rest of it is just awesome straight forward comedy.

John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell are amazing. I also loved Talladega Nights so it was great too see them as co-actors again. The story is ridiculous, there's no doubt about that, but it's really fun and I felt it moved along very well. I was also laughing out loud at the humor in this movie. There are so many spot on jokes and so many quotable lines.

See this one if you're a fan of films like Talladega Nights, Superbad and Walk Hard. I think you'll find that is quite a bit to love about it.
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Didn't like it at first, but each time I've watched it it's really grown on me
indiefan7719 December 2009
Personally, I think Talladega Nights is the funniest movie Will Ferrell has ever done so pretty much everything since then has been a slight disappointment (Blades Of Glory, Semi-Pro) and honestly, the first time I watched Stepbrothers I was a little disappointed.

But a few months later I popped it in and watched it again and for some reason it was just really funny to me the second time around. It completely grew on me. I think the plot is hilarious, two guys in their 40's still never growing up and still living at home. And I can't think of any better comedy team than Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly to play these parts.

I'm probably going to watch this again tonight. It just gets better every time.
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Utter, stupid, perfection
enigmaticsince873 August 2021
This movie was a massive risk. On paper the premise is hilarious, but it all relied on Ferrell and Reilly to fully commit, and boy do they commit. I would never have thought I'd enjoy this so much, but 10 years since my first viewing, it's still my go-to movie on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
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The greatest movie of all time.
seanstylesdj3 October 2021
Nothing much to say that if you love comedy this is the best!
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Warning: This film is very dumb. Warning 2: It is also hilarious to watch.
diac22814 June 2009
Welcome to Masterpiece Theater. In this program, we study, analyze, and praise only the most prestigious, mature, sophisticated, and acclaimed works in modern cinema. The next film in our program features male nudity, random humor, quirky one-liners, obscenities sprinkled like spices on meat, and enough immaturity to make Saturday morning cartoons appear to look like Mozart's 22nd piano concerto. The highly sophisticated and charming Will Ferrell teams up with dashing John C. Reilly as they deliver us a trip down a level of integrity rarely ever seen in movie-making. The result is a comedy so low in the intelligence scale, it doesn't require anything past a 2nd grade education to truly appreciate what a show they've put on.

In this comedy full of Shakespearean integrity, we find two men who fail to live up to their dreams, being forced to share the same house and the same parents. With their personalities being so alike, they start clashing like two extremely powerful magnets facing each other. However, as time moves on, they become close like brothers (as the clever title states) and attempt to succeed with each other's help. This script, helmed by Reilly, Ferrell and Adam McKay (Our director), combines crude humor with more heart than a dead flea for approximately 98 minutes. So, it's never too long and never too preachy.

Full of whimsical material, Step Brothers never quite loses focus in the art it's portraying. Whether it's engaging in a nasty battle against much younger kids, having to come in contact with feces, rapping about anatomy below the waist, fighting multiple times, making detailed threats about extraneous activities, speaking like a careless sailor, or even playing around with an extremely dangerous weapon in multiple instances, our heroes of the story encounter many, many obstacles. Just when you think the plot runs out of ideas, we get another surprise.

That being said, before engaging in a viewing session with this work of classy art, one must develop a taste for it. If you didn't quite comprehend the quality of Anchorman or Talladega Nights, then odds are you will not appreciate Step Brothers. You must be immune to absolute stupidity, absurdity, and crudeness that you just usually do not see. Ferrell has perfected his art of being a lovable oaf with the smarts of a sack of refined beans. If you do enjoy this sort of art though, then there's no reason why you will not engage in a spirited chuckle once in a while. You will be referencing the movie long after the credits roll; it's just a part of nature.

Bottom Line: On the offchance that you missed every hint towards sarcasm in the previous several paragraphs, Step Brothers is quite possibly the most immature movie in the history of modern film-making. With that being said, as long as you have the acquired taste and are willing to accept stupidity for a long period of time, you'll have a blast. The chemistry between the actors is phenomenal, as Ferrell and Reilly seemed destined to work together. The plot throws our main characters into many different scenarios, disallowing you a chance to see what's going to happen next. Step Brothers, a hall of fame candidate in any Masterpiece Immature Theater.
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Funniest Ferrell/Reilly Movie To Date!
J_Trex2 August 2008
I liked Ferrel & Reilly as the racing team in "Talladega Nights" but this was even better. The physical comedy was outstanding and the acting itself was pitch perfect. Many critics commented on how well they did given what they had to work with, but I think the script was excellent. Some of the lines were brilliant, but you really have to give the actors credit for improvising. After Ferrell revealed his singing talents when he sang "Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About", when Reilly gushed on and on about how great he was, and then said "I'm not sure, but towards the end I think I saw you turn into a Unicorn", I lost it. I really lost it when Ferrell's brother & his family were singing in the car "Sweet Child of Mine". It was a real classic.

Hell, I think I'll buy this when it comes out on DVD. I can't say that for many comedies ("Anchor Man" is one).

Don't miss this one. It's a scream.
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Sibling warfare
Mr-Fusion1 July 2018
Yeah, I'm not going to lie: my inner 12 year-old loves this movie. Or at least parts of it. Whenever Will Ferrell and John C Reilly are at war, it sends me into a fit of giggles - and totally feels like they'd ad-libbed half this stuff. It's when these scenes are awkwardly melded into the overall family story that the humor starts to go flat; despite the cast involved.

That said, Rob Riggle steals every one of his scenes. And Reilly's random "Boats and hoes!" outbursts has been in my head for ten years now.

It's so lovably dumb.
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Step Laughter
marimbadaddy4 January 2009
This was quite a funny movie. Of course the entire premise is utterly ridiculous, two "grown men" ages 39 and 40, still job-less, living with their parents? It seemed to me that these two guys acted like 9 year-olds, but that is what makes it funny. I think this movie was even funnier than Talladega Nights, Ferrell & Reilly's first collaboration.

There was a very thin and outrageous plot, but it lent itself to tons of improvisation, and in turn creating some of the ridiculous scenes, circumstances, and dialog. And seeing Mary Steenburgen curse like a sailor was hysterical. Ferrell and Reilly both play their characters to the hilt, as does Adam Scott, the evil younger brother, and his insane wife played by Kathryn Hahn. Overall there is an equal amount of slapstick, dialog, and potty humor (well okay, probably a bit heavier on the potty humor).

Though the movie itself is very hysterical, there are also some equally good bloopers, cut scenes, etc. on the DVD bonus materials. These are as hysterical as the movie was. I highly recommend renting the DVD and watching the extra features.
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boats and hoes!
FeastMode1 July 2019
Really funny. good premise and lots of memorable moments (about 5 viewings, 1/17/2021)
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Gets too much hate
ebraun-9291818 October 2021
A lot of these reviews are really harsh. This movie is a pretty decent comedy. Yeah the plot is paper thin, but that's definitely not the point of the movie. John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell are a great duo and it's got a lot of laughs. It doesn't run too long, which is perfect. Just overall a solid movie. 8/10.
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Thin but often hilarious
zetes27 July 2008
A movie with a paper-thin premise – two grown men (or man-children – they act like they're six, not forty) who still live with their parents resent each other when they become step-brothers. The two men are played by Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, and director Adam McKay, who directed Ferrell in his best vehicle, Anchorman, lets them do pretty much whatever they want. It's just these two dopes playing off each other for an hour and a half. It's impossible to defend the movie as cinema, and I think most people would find it extremely obnoxious. But I really like these two actors, and I laughed myself silly at Step Brothers. Besides the two leads, Adam Scott is hilarious as Will Ferrell's d-bag little brother, who, unlike his brother, is a great success. Also Kathryn Hahn as Scott's wife, who becomes smitten with Reilly after he punches her husband. She has the best two scenes in the movie.
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the most ridiculous ever
cinemamoviecars6 October 2021
Everything in this movie is silly, the characters are like cartoons, is so much fun that i cant believe dont have a better rating. Is really funny, everybody here says the most ridiculous things u can ever imagine, and all works because the plot works.
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Ferrell and Reilly were just fabulous!!
sauravjoshi8514 October 2021
Step Brothers is a comedy film directed by Adam McKay. The film stars Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Richard Jenkins, Mary Steenburgen, Adam Scott, and Kathryn Hahn.

The middle aged men who are still leaving with their parents are forced to live together when their parents gets married.

For me i just loved this film and this film is all in all a purely hilarious film, the film is full of comic scenes and the duo of Ferrell and Reilly had done a tremendous job and i can watch this film again and again.

The plot of the film is interesting and the execution is superb, the screenplay of the film is crisped and is filled with lots of funny scenes. The acting is superb and both the leads were terrific, the climax of the film is good, A laugh riot.
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nicolehmearns24 October 2021
Never gets old, only gets funnier. Not everyones cup of tea but I loved it.i made this account just to review this film. Definitely deserves a higher rating.
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Absolutely Hilarious!
g-bodyl9 January 2011
Step Brothers is one of the funniest movies I have seen over the past recent years. This and The Hangover are my favorite comedies from 2008-2010. I was laughing so hard at this film that I cried like a little baby. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are just perfect for these roles. I never thought much of this at first.

This is about two 40-year-old men who still live at home with their parents and are jobless. When the parents decide to marry, the brothers meet each other. They hate each other dearly and would do anything to make each other lives miserable.

The acting is very good. I don't like Ferrell much. The only previous movie I liked him a lot was in Elf. John C. Reilly was great. The cameo by Seth Rogen had me laughing so hard.

In reality, there are some people out there who are like these men. This movie can relate to some people.

Overall, this is hilarious. I forgot to mention I love the car scene where Brennan's bro is singing "Sweet Child of Mine." I rate this film 9/10.
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Fantastic Performances From Both Will Ferrell And John C.Reilly,
lesleyharris3017 August 2012
Step Brothers is a fantastic and hilarious comedy movie with fantastic roles from Will Ferrell and John C Reilly as the immature,forty year old step brothers.Hopefully,a sequel will be made shortly,like Will Ferrell said,he will make one as soon as hes finished with the Anchorman sequel.which been that two great Will Ferrell movies are getting sequels,let hope this man doesn't disappoint,but I'm sure he wont,because his characters are hilarious.

Nancy Huff (Mary Steenbrurgen) and Robert Duback (Richard Jenkins) fall in love and get married very quickly.There two sons,Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C Reilly) are not happy about this and don't get along at the beginning,but when Dale punches Brennans brother Derek,the two get along well and decide to plan a future in music with each other.
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