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MPAA Rated PG for some suggestive humor, brief mild language and action

Sex & Nudity

  • At the very beginning of the film there is a painting that we see full screen with a fully nude man and -everything- is obvious.
  • Clouseau is aroused by a conversation about a woman's clothes being ripped off as a result of clumsiness. The conversation includes a detailed description of her low-cut blouse, "creamy white mounds," and the shape and movement of her backside among other details.
  • Clouseau says, "You are like a brother to me. A hot, sexy brother in a dress." He also unintentionally says, "Enough of this foreplay," and "Feel free to use her in any way you wish," and "I'm sorry you cannot satisfy your wife!"
  • A woman grabs a man's leg.
  • Brief Cleavage is present in the film.

Violence & Gore

  • Some scenes are played for laughs.
  • Clouseau is shown trying to put a parking ticket on a window with the windshield wipers on, and the man closes the window on his hand. He then drives, dragging Clouseau along with him and he stops violently, and catapults Clouseau across the city.
  • Dreyfus' office is raided by the SWAT team in two scenes.
  • Clouseau falls down a chimney and through the floors of multiple fireplaces.
  • Clouseau is seen setting a restaurant on fire twice.
  • Clouseau dresses as the pope and goes out on the deck of the Vatican, but then falls over and hangs on by a flag. The flag rips, resulting in Clouseau landing on a flagpole and falling off.
  • Clouseau fights with two kids, and it ends in him dangling them by their legs over the balcony.
  • A corpse is seen on a crime scene, no blood.
  • A woman shoots a handgun several times, no one gets hit.
  • A criminal is stopped by a metal tray to the face. The tray retains the imprint of the person's face. The person is unhurt.
  • A woman shoots a diamond and the sparkles go flying everywhere.


  • Milder terms, like "ass" and "damn".
  • Clouseau calls an Asian man "His little yellow friend" He is later asked if he is racist towards Asians.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Champagne is seen consumed at a party.
  • Nicole wants a bottle of wine.
  • Clouseau tries to pick out a bottle of wine, but bottles of wine fall out of a shelf, then Clouseau catches them and throws them back at some people. Played for laughs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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