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Great Movie
asandlin15 November 2006
The movie was great. Two thumbs up. Kevin Zorbo was wonderful as the rancher Chance Coulter. He is still hot! He still makes a great hero. Kate Vernon did a great job as the mysterious woman, Hallie Boyer, in trouble, and Jessica Amlee, who played her young daughter, Kiley, did a good job too. I really liked the Last Chance Cafe owner, Madege Beardsley, played by Samantha Ferris. I love romance stories with happy endings and this movie fits the bill. I believe anyone who watches it will agree that it is a wonderful romantic story. I plan to watch it again the next time it comes on t.v. and if they put it on DVD will definitely buy it. I would like to read the book too. I hope to see Kevin Zorbo in more films like this.
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Wonderful movie!
renee052118 December 2006
I really enjoyed this movie. Kevin brought the character of Chance to life,so much so that you actually believed he was the character. Kate Vernon was good as Hallie,and I really loved the cafe owner,Madge. I haven't read the book, but want to. I hope Kevin can get more wonderful roles like this in the future. I highly recommend that you see this movie the next time it is aired. When it comes out on DVD,I will buy it. It was great seeing Kevin in a role like this,as the romantic leading man-it fits him perfectly. The author of the book,Linda Lael Miller,knew exactly what she was talking about when she said she was impressed with Kevin. Kevin is a wonderful actor,and this movie proves it!
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Sorbo only saving grace
susanmc71322 December 2008
Kevin Sorbo is the only saving grace of this movie. Somehow he manages to do an acceptable job of acting, in spite of a stupid plot, a horrible script, and a co-star that can't act. How 14 people could give this movie a rating of 10 is beyond me. This movie is basically a badly written dime store romance novel---extremely predictable and hard to watch (except, of course, for Sorbo). You can see him struggle with some of the more ridiculous lines, but generally he somehow manages to pull it off and even makes certain parts believable. However, again, in general, it's not worth watching (unless, of course, it is 3AM and there is nothing else to watch... which is how I got stuck watching it to the end).
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You can't say no to these people!
sol-kay25 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** The movie "Last Chance Café" is saved by the almost effortlessly acting of its star Kevin Sarbo as rancher and horse breeder Chance, or one chance in a million, Coulter. Sarbo is so likable that he seems almost out of place in the film that calls for him to have it out with the West Coast Mafia who are tracking down his girlfriend Hallie Boyer, Kate Vernon, and her 11 year-old daughter Kiley, Jessica Amlee.

Both Hallie and Kiley end up at Chance's Ranch when they check out of town, L.A, in fear for their lives. It turns out that Hallie got hold of a sh*t-load of documents that not only implicated her ex-husband Paul Boyer, John Novak, the local district attorney but almost every judge and politician, as well as the police commissioner, in LA county in being in the pocket to the Mafia! This, the secret documents, had already cost Hallie's father's, an ex L.A cop, life and will soon cost the life of his good friend and fellow L.A retired policeman Charlie Long (Scott Hylands), who gave Hallie the document, as well.

It's at "Chance's Pace" and the nearby "Last Chane's Café" that both Hallie and Kiley find a new lease on life in being away from all the troubles that they left behind in L.A. That's until a desperate Paul tracks them down and things start to get really out of hand. In that Paul needs to get his hands on the secret documents that Hallie has or else not only his future as a big city district attorney but his very life is kaput!

Not that convincing of and ending with Chance coming to both Hallie, who had since fell in love with him, and Kiley's rescue despite getting shot an left for dead by Paul! It seemed that the frantic Paul was using blanks, in that Chance was totally unhurt after the shooting, instead live bullets during the shoot-out.

Despite both Chance & Hallie getting hitched, with Hallie's Mafia pursuers no longer in the picture, at the end of the film the most heartwarming event to take place was the "Last Chance Café's" owner and short and long order cook Madge Beardsley,Samantha Farris, finally finding the man of her dreams! Selling the place to Hallie, who turns out to be a master chief, Madge takes off with the handsome and rugged trucker Garvin Cross who's been a regular customer at her café for the least three years! Madge was so busy looking for the right man in her life on the internet match-making sites that she didn't see him when he was right in front of her ordering Madge's delicious home-made apple pie and meatloaf!
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Not a bad movie for cable
rmalouin19 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Found this to be an average movie for cable. It does get a little long waiting for action. Kate is fine in this role after getting killed off from Battlestar. She was very good in Battlestar and adds that talent here. Kevin Sorbo should stick to action adventure, here he was a little stiff in the role. Still all in all a watchable pair. The writing in this movie is a little stale, in that we have seen much of this story line before. Big city girl on the run from bad husband aka Julia Roberts, this time the husband is in trouble with the mob, but we really never find out what the connection is about as the documents that Kate's father left behind the picture never really play into why the Mob wants her so bad or why her husband feels he must go after her. The whole final shoot out is not very tight. But in the end I watched and enjoyed Kate but not much else. Rating a 5 due to Kate's performance but she could only carry this movie so far.
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Music must go
brgregers5 December 2020
Great movie and actors but the music doesn't fit the movie.
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Except for Kevin Sorbo, terrible on all counts
juneebuggy29 March 2015
I'm confused by all the good reviews actually because except for Kevin Sorbo this is almost unwatchable. Bad acting, poorly written script (even though its based on a romance novel by Linda Lael Miller) low budget sets, terrible sound editing, ridiculous dialogue and a jumpy (yet predictable) plot -as it cuts back and forth to the "bad guys". Even by Lifetime standards this was a mess.

The only reason I managed to stick with this at all was because there was something kinda sexy about Kevin Sorbo. He plays an easy going rancher and as well as being able to act even manages to create some chemistry with (Kate Vernon) who one-dimensionalizes her way through her role as his love interest 'Hallie'.

The story follows Hallie as a woman on the run, fleeing her dangerous ex-husband and some other corrupt men in suits. When her car breaks down in a small town, a friendly guy named Chance Coulter (seriously) takes Hallie and her young daughter in, giving them a place to stay and finding her a job at the "last chance café" while she awaits car repairs and the audience waits for (A) them to fall in love and (B) the bad guys to show up. 3/8/15 Langley B.C as somewhere small-town USA
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Been done too many times
Western28 April 2019
Predictable! That sums up this film. Every line of dialogue, every scene, from beginning to end. It's a Hallmark moment or a sloppy Harlequin story. Complete waste of time. Format has been done so many times. Brat kid too but must not tell the kid the whole story. So one can guess wh as happens next.
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Great for a sleepy afternoon!
denrgal28 April 2019
YAY! Great cast. Enjoyed it! Kevin Zorbo was terrific, Kate Vernon...beautiful! Now I'm just writing filler words to have enough to post. Apparently IMDb likes long posts, so blah blah blah blah blah. HaHa!
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Could This Be The Cure For Insomnia?
stephenabell18 January 2018
If there were ever a time there was the last chance for you to watch this film I'd advise on missing it. Unless you like slow and laborious, go nowhere stories, with next to no storyline, that is.

The only real saving grace this film had were the actors and actresses as they really did try. Though they never quite appear to save the film as there's just too much wrong with it. There's bad dialogue, worse camera shots, inactive action sequences, and a storyline that appears cobbled together. If you took out all the unnecessary scenes for the pivotal ones, you would lose over half the film.

This to me is a waste of a decent cast. I've mostly enjoyed everything Kevin Sorbo and Samantha Ferris have been in, but not this. I cannot lay the blame at the feet of the cast at all because they all do a decent job with their characters. It's just that there's not much for them to get their teeth into. Which is a shame as the synopsis should allow for a multitude of interesting scenes.

Hallie (Vernon) used to be married to the District Attorney, even though her stepfather was against the marriage and had misgivings about her husband Paul (Novak). At her stepfather's funeral, she learns that he might have been silenced. An old friend of his passes across some evidence to Hallie at the graveside. She is shocked to see photographs of her ex in the company of corrupt cops. When her suspicions are confirmed she packs her daughter and herself into the car and off they run. The car breaks down but luckily for them, they're in one of the friendliest and littlest towns in America. She quickly gets a job in the cafe, a house on Chance's (Zorbo) ranch, and she doesn't have to worry about the car repairs - until she can afford it... where is this small town I wanna move in(?)

This all happens in the first fifteen minutes of the film, so the rest is going to be packed with the dirty cops and bent DA chasing her down... well... no! They'll kidnap the daughter to trade her for the evidence?.. no! There'll at least be a big shootout between the bad and good guys?.. no! The rest of the film is pretty much filled with mushy stuff, which could be forgivable if it were done well. This film had so much scope but you can push the storyline through the eye of a sewing needle it's that thin.

The only reason I'd recommend this flick to anyone is to show them how not to make a film - or how to make a boring film, especially if they're involved in trying to cure insomnia.
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