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Actually one of the better episodes
blanche-24 June 2008
I had to chuckle at the previous review of this - obviously, the reviewer isn't familiar with this series and therefore can't possibly know that this is one of the better entries. Cathy Davis (Lea Thompson)(Jane Doe in her role as a CSA agent) is called by Darnell (Joe Penny) to help investigate the theft of a $150 million Vermeer painting at a Los Angeles museum, which previously belonged to a Jewish family and was taken by the Nazis. The daughter in the family, the only survivor and now quite elderly, has sold the painting to the museum. Discovering what happened to the original involves an insurance agent (Elaine Hendrix), an art collector (Phil Casnoff) and a waitress (Julianna McCarthy), a neo-Nazi (Mark Rolston) and a few others. The plot isn't bad, though elements of it can be figured out.

The good thing about this episode is that there is very little of Cathy's banal family life - the fewer scenes at home, the better. If the series is to continue, let's hope that's a trend.
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Jane Doe-Keep Her Anonymous *1/2
edwagreen18 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Muddled story with stolen art, American Nazis, and an entire host of things included.

Despite a stellar cast, the film suffers from constant confusion. Why was that art dealer killed? Would we actually think that an elderly Holocaust survivor was trying to fool people with the Veneer portrait? Do we have to be told that villain Philip Casnoff is thrown off the helicopter he flees to? Since when does a blonde dish have the name of Agnes? What an art investigator she is!

Lea Thompson directed and starred in this mess as a housewife who goes on student field trips and also doubles as a secret agent. The mixing of the two is hard to believe as well as realize here. Thompson always has that bit of anger on her face when she is acting. I can't blame her here given the material that she has to work with.

Joe Penny, as the cop Frank, is taken in by Agnes, Elaine Hendrix, and he looks entirely confused by all this.

Nice seeing William R. Moses in the part of Thompson's husband. Remember him in Perry Mason? I always wondered what became of him. He is given so little to do in this film.
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wildman115 January 2009
The majority of this storyline has been copied from a MGM movie.

Please watch the remake of The Thomas Crown affair to understand just how lazy the writers have been in copying elements then substituting in poor dialogue.

Disgraceful that writers get away with this!

For the record I do not watch the show but it was left on between channel flicking when I started to notice mild references which caught my attention. They even mention Piece Brosnan.

Truly cringe worthy, please watch TTCA to fully appreciate my annoyance.
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