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Braeden Lemasters out acts the adults
spider_gc25 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The boy playing the autistic child in this episode shows that child actors do not get the credit they deserve. For a ten year old boy, even a professional actor, to portray a character without dialouge, the feat is outstanding. As the other reviewers, (and yes, I'm a guy too) I broke down at the end of the episode. Watching Braeden emote the stiffness and wandering gaze of an autistic child, while reaching out toward House and touching a part of the "outside world", had me in tears. (And did you notice House playing with the game in a later episode?) As an exceptional education instructor, I always view shows that deal with the special population with a grain of salt. Cudos to the writing staff for this one, and once again, a super big round of applause for Braeden. He definitely should get some sort of award for this role.
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Ashton Burse29 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This was truly a grand episode of House. The autistic child was perfectly portrayed. The teenage girl he encounters during his clinic hours also adds some humor to the episode. None of the main characters have been left out in this either: Wilson, Cuddy, Cameron, and Foreman all are involved throughout the episode. The autism really helps the seriousness of the episode, but also gives some humor, such as when Foreman asks Wilson to check the autistic child for cancer. The child's PSP hand-held, shown throughout the episode helps to build up the ending. The ending also happens to be one of the really great ones of the series, the moment the child gives House the PSP is a truly moving moment. Another great episode in a great season, I don't see how people can vote so low.
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No rain man here just REAL AUTISM 2006 style !!
miss_calais14 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
BRAVO !!! Finally we see a low functioning child with Autism as close to reality as possible. For years Autistics have only been compared with the Rain Man , now thanks to House Autism has been shown in a true to life form ! This was a wonderful episode that made me laugh and also made me ball my eyes out crying. So many parents have been in the similar hospital nightmare experience with a child that cannot speak - HOUSE explored this as well as the ignorance that can sometimes come from 'normal' people mis informed about Autism. THANKYOU !! Do not miss this episode ! - this is one not only for all the HOUSE lovers out there but for anyone and everyone affected by Autism around the world !
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It's a scream
xredgarnetx9 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
An autistic child begins screaming in pain, and House and his crew are off to the races. The kid gets worse and worse, and being autistic, cannot verbalize what ails him. House must take the kid in hand, literally, but will the kid's parents let him? It becomes apparent during the course of the episode that the boy's parents have coddled him, but coddling is not a word to be found in House's dictionary. A subplot has a creamy, dreamy, 17-year-old gal from a previous episode insisting that House have sex with her. She's pretty persistent, House is flattered but flustered, and Cuddy is furious. The result is some very funny dialogue and a laugh-out-loud situation involving the chest-baring gal, a stethoscope-wearing House and a shocked Foreman in an exam room. For film buffs, the end of the episode is more or less lifted from MERCURY RISING. It works. I cried. And I'm a guy!
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Heart-breaking ending
ahmedzarka18 April 2018
I never had my eyes tear in a TV show but this episode's ending definitely did
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