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Perfect casting is what makes this movie wonderful
Dragoneyed3631 July 2008
I was completely astonished the first time I saw the movie, Definitely, Maybe. It truly was, as my summary suggests, absolutely wonderful, and that has mostly to do with the performances by the casts' dedication, though the plot and execution of the entire film was remarkable, as well, and the whole atmosphere and the way the movie folds out is incredible.

It was so touching and completely entertaining from beginning to end, while being humorous and overall fun at the same time. The acting was great, as I have said, and the script was great, because of everyone who worked on the films' professionalism and believability. They did a perfect job on this movie, and I thought they couldn't have done better with what they had to work with.

There was some material I found a bit iffy, and at one point I felt as if I was losing interest, just a little, but this movie is so uplifting that I couldn't manage to look away, and it kept being miraculously beautiful and enchanting that I couldn't help but be so interested. It deserves any positivity it receives, and I hope that many more people will watch it, because it is an excellent movie, that needs to be spread around for it's wonderfulness. Go see it if you haven't!
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Great storytelling makes otherwise ordinary rom-com something special.
RikerDonegal21 March 2008
When his ten-year-old daughter starts asking awkward questions about his impending divorce - and his life before she was born - a thirtysomething Manhattan dad sits her down and tells her the story of his three great loves. He changes the names to keep the surprise of who he eventually married, and he spins a charming story - spanning fifteen years - of loves lost and found and lost again.

And found again.

Ryan Reynolds (one of my all-time favourite performers) has seldom been better, Abigail Breslin (who appears frequently to comment on the story being told) is as genuinely charming as ever, and all three girlfriends are wonderfully cast. The story moves along at brisk pace and it's easy to see why the hero would fall in love with each in turn (at various stages in his life). What's not as easy to see is which one he will eventually marry. And, as well as successfully concealing the identity of the mother, the film makes you wonder many times how it will all end. Yes, it's a romantic comedy, so you're conditioned to expect a happy ending, but this isn't your typical romantic comedy so you're expecting a non-typical ending.

And you're right.

The ending is just as clever as the rest of the movie and it makes for a great story overall. It's a very modern story. I think it would have been called "a sophisticated sex comedy" in bygone days. Which just means the characters are a bit more mature and closer to real life than you normally find in this genre.

What could have been an enjoyable B-grade rom-com is lifted up by unconventional storytelling and a little extra effort spent to get the ending just right. Grade "A" from me.
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A Believable Tale with a Big, Big Heart
Neil Turner7 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This turned out to be a surprisingly good little romance with touches of humor. I must admit that I wasn't expecting much when I sat down to watch this film, but it turned out to be a total viewing pleasure for me. One of the reasons for my low expectations is that I had just watched Chaos Theory in which Ryan Reynolds plays the role of a family man whose life is turned upside down. In fact both films start the same why in which an older, wiser Ryan tells the story in a series of flashbacks. From there on, they couldn't be farther apart. Whereas Chaos Theory is a mess of hysteric scenes and overacting, Definitely, Maybe is a believable tale with a big, big heart.

The film begins with Will Hayes (Reynolds) contemplating his divorce papers saying to himself that he never expected to be at such a place in his life. Not only is he getting a divorce, he is a successful advertising man - a career path he never intended for himself. The great joy in his current life is the time he gets to spend with his daughter, Maya.

There is a very humorous scene early in the film when Will goes to pick up Maya at school for an overnight visit. It seems the children have been given an introductory sex education lesson and there appears to be chaos and disorder caused by the first realizations of the facts of life. That evening, Maya, who is no slouch in the brains and maturity department, wants to know the story of her parents' romance and marriage. Will decides to tell her the story of the three women in his life that had influenced him the most, but he does not disclose to Maya or the audience which is Maya's mother.

Using this premise, we are treated to a look at the life and romances of an interesting and very likable man. The tale starts with Will leaving his college sweetheart to go to New York City and work for the Clinton campaign in 1990. As the story progresses, we see Will maturing and changing from an idealistic young man to a somewhat wearied and discouraged citizen of the Clinton era. Along the way, he develops relationships with three extraordinary women - one of whom would become his wife and Maya's mother.

I have read several reviews that do not praise Ryan Reynolds for his portrayal of Will, but I disagree. Reynolds is a suitable actor, and this part of Will might have been designed for him. He shows us the wide-eyed innocence of a young man first delving into the mire of politics and is then able to show that same young man matured and much wiser of the world. His performance is very good.

Maya is played by Abigail Breslin who at a tender age is an excellent actress. Maya's character is extremely precocious and asks some very adult questions for her age, but she is still a little girl at heart. Breslin give the viewer a perfect Maya. I wonder if she will continue to be the consummate actress into her adulthood. Hers is definitely a career to follow.

I've stated in previous reviews that I am a sap for tenderhearted movies such as Definitely, Maybe, so I may be biased in giving it five stars, but five stars it is. If you, also, enjoy a film with a heart, give this one a watch.
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Definitely a must see movie
robertallenandersonjr9 April 2008
I just saw this movie today and I loved it. I was the only teenage guy in the theatre also. The movie had a great message to it about always being happy. The little girl in this movie was also great she brought a lot to this movie, with out her this would not have been a good movie. The acting was good and the direction was especially good as well. I saw this with my dad today and it brought tears to his eyes. So this movie was also a tear jerker. For someone that loves romantic comedy movies I think would love this movie. It was a little slow moving but I kind of expected it to be. After it got near the end of the movie though it really got you thinking and wishing for him to end up with the girl he was meant to be with. It kind of also took little twists which were good as well. Ryan Reynolds did a terrific job in this movie playing a father who is going through a divorce. Then his daughter tries to help him find his true love. This movie was everything I hoped for so I think that you should definitely take someone to see this movie and have a great time.
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Maybe the 'Best romantic comedy since Annie Hall'
napierslogs10 July 2010
"Definitely, Maybe" was marketed with the line "Best romantic comedy since Annie Hall." At first I was appalled because it must be a lie, and how dare they put it in the same sentence as Woody Allen. But as I struggled to find many examples of what could be the best, I relented my negativities towards this film.

It is just your standard romantic comedy but with a few differences to set it apart. Instead of just one, we have three main relationship stories being told. And they set it all to the rise and fall of Bill Clinton's presidency. A fitting and very refreshing political addition.

Ryan Reynolds, as handsome and funny as ever, tells us and his 11 year-old daughter about his three past relationships. They spend way too long building up these relationships because the course they take is pretty obvious from the get-go, but at least he ends up with the right girl.

I view "Definitely, Maybe" as just a collection of some very funny scenes. As Reynolds picks up his daughter after school and she tells him about the sex ed class they just had, it's impossible not to laugh at the confused and crude Abigail Breslin. It may be wrong to have kids saying some of the things they did, but it's hilarious.

The filmmakers seem to view it as more ground-breaking than it really is, but "Definitely, Maybe" is still good and funny and maybe (only maybe) the best romantic comedy since "Annie Hall"(1977).
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Good movie.
godzillandg23 April 2008
I heard about this movie almost a year before it came out. I'm a big Ryan Reynolds fan. I wondered if the movie would ever come out and then I heard it was going to be released on V-day. "YES!" I thought "finally". Then the girl I went to see the movie with was five minutes late so that meant that I missed the set up to the movie. But the movie was utterly enjoyable just the same.

I like the idea of mysterious romantic comedy. Where we don't quite know who the mother is. But it is pretty clear who he wants to be with. And you know that's enough. The story was well crafted, the players were phenomenal, and the experience unforgettable. I really enjoyed this movie because, well, it's the guys point of view. All "chick flicks" are from the woman's point of view, it degrades the man in most cases except for "the one" that the girl is meant to be with but he does something to tick her off so therefore all men are scum. In this, yes we address the issue of men are scum, but we move into the unfamiliar territory of men and their emotions. We don't want women to know that we have a side like that but it is there just the same.

Oh! Whoops! I loved the interplay between Ryan and his on-screen daughter. Where he would go off into something that he should be changing and then realizes it is much to late to go back, so he does what any normal parent would do. He lies. He lies his butt off to dig himself out of the hole he is burying himself in.

The end of the movie is good to... but I won't go into that here. See the movie when you can. I think you'll enjoy it.
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A Nutshell Review: Definitely, Maybe
DICK STEEL13 April 2008
One guy and the four loves of his life. Writer-director Adam Brooks paints a very romantic tale that I could have seen some personal relation to, and reinforces the notion that perhaps timing is everything. You may have met the most perfect person whom you believe to be able to forge a relationship with, but circumstances sometimes will decide otherwise, and when it happens, it's way beyond one's control.

Abigail Breslin burst onto the scene with Little Miss Sunshine, and hasn't been looking back since. Given Dakota Fanning's been past her age for such roles (yeah, they disappear come adolescent and may return once they enter young adulthood), Breslin's now having the world fawn over her performances (next up, Nim's Island), and here she has great chemistry with Ryan Reynolds, even if Reynolds might look a little too young to be playing her dad.

But Definitely, Maybe's not all about Breslin as it serves more of a romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds taking on the lead man-boy role as the father who has to satisfy the curiosity of his daughter Maya (Breslin), who's given a headstart in life thanks to a rather candidly explicit sexual education lesson. In wanting to find out if she's an accident because of her parent's impending divorce, she gets her dad to recount his love life history in a romance- mystery, changing names in order for her to guess who her mom is.

And so begins a tale which harks back to college days where most of us have their perennial sweetheart, and from there we follow Will Hayes (Reynolds) as he goes to New York to work on the Democrat ticket for Bill Clinton's election. Then on he meets the other 2 lovers April (Isla Fisher), the photocopy girl who bickers and banters with him in office, and Summer (Rachel Weisz), who's into much older men.

It's probably easy for me to connect with the messy love life of Will's as he flits into and out of favour and love with all three women at one point in time or another, what with his long distance relationship not working out with Emily (Elizabeth Banks), having sharing instant connection with April but they're always seeing different partners and being unavailable, and with Summer, it boiled down to professional differences having to take its toil on the relationship, because one's not willing to sacrifice for the other. I thought these were really real issues that would creep in and how well it works out, will again depend on timing and circumstances.

But the mystery portion turned out to be somewhat a letdown as it was abruptly solved, perhaps knowing that the game is up and there's nothing else interesting to hold it down together. That doesn't detract the movie from moving on to the more important last act though, which I found to be immensely moving, well, again based on personal reflection on what could be. The other moment that stood out (I told you this was quite personal) was that bit on the brushing of the hair. I remembered quite clearly I was on the receiving end of something like that too, which took me by pleasant surprise when it happened. It's easy too with Will, as his taking a hiatus from the dating scene to focus on his professional life, resembled my mindset at some stage too.

Anyway, what also made the movie stand out, was its setting in and weaving through the 90s tracing Bill Clinton's rise and fall, a period where I and some of you, grew up in, what with all the pop culture of the time referenced, as well as the music. The soundtrack's peppered with songs that defined the era (Nirvana, anyone?) and having Massive Attack on it, is always a massive boost for me since they're one of my favourite trip-hop bands. A Clint Mansell score on top of it all, makes this movie musically a breeze to sit through.

Definitely, maybe a winner? But of course! It's definitely highly recommended, and goes into my books as a contender for movie of the year since I enjoyed so many moments of it, cheesy goosebumps and all. Oh, and I would surely welcome and get for myself those wireless earphones.
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Seen worse. Seen a whole lot worse.
stephenm-1811 February 2008
For some people, the romantic comedy genre is there to be sneered at. It's a lower art form subscribed to by the uneducated masses, the same plot regurgitated through a word processor with names, dates and locations changed: ("Girl meets boy, she's feisty, he's snobbish, they don't see eye to eye - How oh how are they ever going to end up together by the end of the movie?"). Admittedly, I'm not the biggest advocate of the ol' romcom, but this film falls into the "watchable" category of romantic comedy. Of course it's phoney and sugar-coated. Of course it has no resemblance to real life -

For goodness' sake it's a romantic comedy! If it wasn't shallow and improbable it'd be called a "drama"! I don't understand people who post comments on this site, taking potshots at films like this for being dumb and schmaltzy. Look at the poster before you go in. If it's got young people with good teeth on the poster, the title is a bit twee and the font is in pastel shades, chances are, it's a romantic comedy. If you don't like that kind of thing don't go in!

Anyway, my girlfriend took me to see this film yesterday (missed Cloverfield) but it was OK. Seriously. It was OK.

Ryan Reynolds is a solid enough lead, with enough comic talent to keep things ticking over. Abigail Breslin is charming too. Kevin Kline seems to growing gracefully into more senior roles, and Rachel Weisz, Elizabeth Banks and Isla Fisher are all comfortable enough as Reynold's love interests.

The script isn't belly-laugh funny but it has it's moments, there's some good use of news footage from the time in which the story is set, and the plot ticks over nicely. There's also a bit of guessing for the audience too, and my bet is you'll stay to end if only to find out how it finishes.

So there it is: a better than average romantic comedy. Not weighty. Not cerebral. Not challenging. Just a mildly diverting story, about a nice bunch of nice looking people having a nice time and getting their nice little lives sorted out. Nicely.

To give this film the scathing it's had in some quarters, is like a food critic cruelly reviewing a bag of crisps. That is to say this film is not meant to be "food for thought" it's just a snack. And if you get your kicks out of inflating your own ego by raving about how much a dumb film like this offended your sensibilities, then "for shame!" is all I can say. You weren't led blindfolded into the cinema. You knew what you were getting into. It should have been obvious from the poster that this film is a romcom.

Trust me, as a man that's been dragged to more than his fair share of romcoms, this one is by no means bad.
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A nice romantic movie for the nostalgic viewer
bcastori-120 February 2008
As usual with romantic comedies, don't believe much of the negative critique you read about this movie. The move is very entertaining, very romantic, and will play on your nostalgic side if you have one. If you're a 20 something that has been in and out of some significant relationships, this will hit close to home, in a positive way. I wouldn't suggest this movie for a first date because it's not quite light-hearted and happy enough. Watch this one on a second or third date OR watch it with someone you've known for a while who you are about to reveal your feelings to. I promise you - it'll set you up nicely...
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Saw an advance screening and actually enjoyed it!
ucanusemy18 January 2008
and that's saying a lot since I'm not a "romantic comedy" kind of gal.

The little girl is fabulous. Good casting. She's adorable without being perfect. Kevin Kline was an absolute delight as an unapologetic drunken writer/professor who also happens to be quite full of himself. Rachel Weisz (whom I normally do not care for) was completely (and unexpectedly) charming. Ryan Reynolds was also a good casting choice. Unexpectedly believable as a dad.

The bulk of the movie is him explaining to his daughter, bedtime story style (told entirely in flashbacks) about love and how he met her mother, with her being the proverbial "happy ending". Except ... she seems to be the only one who notices that her Dad really isn't happy at all. Isla Fisher also shines. Watching her character grow from someone who is completely devoid of any direction or purpose into a real woman, complete with self-esteem, was a nice touch.

Loved the relationship stories. It's amazing what you don't see when you are in a relationship, only to come to a realization much later. Anyone who has ever traded a trip on the QEII for a proverbial three hour tour on the S.S. Minnow relationship-wise will totally relate.

The fact that Ryan Reynolds sometimes gets so carried away with the story that he forgets he is talking to a little girl leads to a few (ok, so it's a lot) contrived chuckles along with a couple of genuinely funny moments.

It's not going to win an Oscar or break a box office record, but if you want a completely enjoyable two hour escape ... see this movie.
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One of the best rom-coms EVER
A_Different_Drummer7 September 2014
Hollywood and its relentless bias for quantity not quality has made cynics of us all. In the case of this lost gem, it is no coincidence that (as of the date this review is penned) the top rated IMDb critique basically says that the writer was expecting junk ... and yet was pleasantly surprised.

Sterling praise, that.

Folks we need to (sorry for the pun) look at the big picture here. The Romcom is a tried and true Hollywood tradition that goes back to the days of ... oh ... Claudette Colbert and Doris Day.

When it doesn't work, it is usually still entertaining; and when it does work, it is magical. This one is magical.

Forget the cynicism for a moment and you will see the all the components are there: the writing is so sharp it cuts (especially the last scene with the door speaker); the direction is gentle and unobtrusive, and all the actors (ALL!) are excellent and engaging.

Ryan Renolds, if you can look past the career error known as Green Lantern, is a natural romantic lead, engaging and always moving forward, taking the viewer along. Since this is a story about a man looking for Mrs. Right, the female players have to sexy enough to appeal to the male viewer yet still relatable and sympatico for the distaff members of the audience. Again, spot on.

Isla Fisher may possibly have given the performance of her career here because she is required to build a presence in a movie where she is offscreen most of the time. And she pulls it off. Which in turn makes the ending that much more fun.
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Definitely Watchable
Kristine28 February 2008
When I first saw the trailer for Definitely, Maybe, it looked like an alright film that was probably just your average Valentine's Day love fest movie. But I got to see it for free, if the price is right, why not? So I watched it and actually I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Ryan Renolds, I love the guy in comedies, I haven't seen him in drama, so I was a little skeptical, but after seeing Definitely, Maybe, he pulled in a good performance that surprised me. The only thing I have to say I was a little disappointed in was Abigail Breslin, her performance in Little Miss Sunshine was wonderful and heart warming, Definitely, Maybe didn't bring in her best performance, who knows? It could've been the script or director, but she pulls a decent enough performance to where the movie works and puts a different twist on the average romantic comedy.

Will Hayes has it all, a great paying job, a beautiful daughter, Maya, and a nice home, but unfortunately he is getting divorced. Maya comes over and wonders how he and her mom met. Will keeps saying no, but after tons of begging, he finally decides to go ahead and tell her. But he puts a little twist, since he went through a few women before her mom came along, he tells her the whole story, but through three women, Maya has to solve the love story mystery and find out who her mother is.

Definitely, Maybe was different than the average romantic comedy and that's what I liked about it, it seemed also like it was just more real and not what women should have expectations about. It goes through the serious up's and down's of a relationship, the on and off's as well. The cast did a good job of pulling the film together and making the film very decent. I would recommend Definitely, Maybe, it's worth the watch and was a pleasant movie to see.

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A journey into someone's life!
yashwantsept29 November 2011
It was without the least expectation that i saw this movie's trailer and i was like "wow!! should be a good entertainer,must have good laugh-out moments and so on" and this was the reason why decided to see this film. I love drama movies to the core personally and i happened to see this movie without expecting much,just a few light-hearted moments and i thought it would be over.But i was so wrong, this movie had more than romance and comedy to it. It had a soul to carry over and the portrayal of Ryan Reynolds as Will Hayes is mind blowing.

Will's just some guy next door in the movie but every guy next door has a soul right? and a story to tell.Next to him Abigail Breslin is the show stealer.Performances by all the lead actresses are wonderful despite the story focusing on will's character.Rachel Weisz in particular as a career oriented girl was awesome. Adam Brooks succeeds in bringing out the emotions very well. In my opinion the emotions are not seen on screen rather they are felt off screen,by us.The wide spectra of emotions like love, pain, loneliness, anger, betrayal and most of all hope are felt by an attentive viewer.This is not just a time-pass movie, i would say its an awesome experience into someone's life and don't miss it.This movie has an everlasting effect on me. This movie will always be on my list of favorite films.
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Much better than I'd hoped
mooie7230 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Can I just say how nice to see Ryan Reynolds in a movie where he's not a total schmuck? I love the premise of this movie and trying to explain to his daughter (Breslin) just how complicated and fragile we can make relationships. She insists from the start that it's not that difficult. You love each others - you should be together. End of story. But he does such a beautiful job explaining to her the choices and changes in his life that led him to the point he was at (divorcing her mother) that it was really sweet and heartwarming.

Breslin is adorable as the precocious daughter and Isla Fisher was absolutely perfect as April.

Definitely a MUST SEE for any divorce parent whose had to have that talk!
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A better example of the genre
clevelander15 June 2011
If you were looking for an evening in (or out) watching a romcom (and don't we all feel that that sometimes), choose this one above some of the more well known and popular examples. It's well-crafted and tries hard to avoid many of the well-known clichés. Plenty of twist and turns: sentimentality, yes, but not laid on with a table-knife rather than a trowel. Admittedly not quite Harry met Sally or Annie Hall, as, though competently acted, the characters are still romcom cyphers. But marvel at the script-writers' solid achievement of entertainment and engagement. Competent production values keep it rolling along to the last second, without padding. If it had just added those witty little touches of human observation that characterise a great movie it might have made it into my "8" rating, reserved for films that have something outstanding.
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my new fav romantic comedy
rmirabelle13 July 2009
Quality romantic comedies are becoming quite sparse. Call it a cultural shift. Blame the influence of reality TV. But for whatever reason, the modern romcom has become almost a caricature of itself. Definitely, Maybe is maybe, no definitely, an exception. Smart, funny, and wonderfully acted, it's romantic comedy done right.

First and foremost, it's wonderfully written. Every character is self-consistent and fully likable, which makes the movie a joy to watch. The story can be as far fetched as you like if the characters within it adhere to a consistent reality - in fact, when characters are consistent, you WANT exceptional things to happen to them. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief wholeheartedly as long as I sense the characters are not being asked to do the same. You can forgive the few contrivances in this story because each contributes meaningfully to the overall plot without distorting it.

Secondly, it's wonderfully cast and played. Strong performances all around.

Finally, this movie gets better the more you watch it.
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I Definitely liked this movie, and Maybe you should watch it.
Etrival18 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
First, allow me to say that the screen father/daughter chemistry of Abigail Breslin and Ryan Reynolds is wonderful. The two deliver Oscar worthy performances in hands-down the best romantic comedy I've seen.


I do my best to write my reviews without any spoilers, but if you want to see the movie without a more descriptive plot outline than the back of the DVD case, please, do not read further.

Ryan Reynolds plays William Hayes, an advertising executive and father to Maya Hayes. When Maya first learns about sexual education at school, and asks why one of her classmates is considered an 'accident', William is coerced into telling Maya the story of how he met her mother.

They create sort of a game, in which William changes all the names of the women in his life around the time he met her mother, and Maya gets to play "Guess Who's Your Mom!" Beyond that, I refuse to give spoilers, however, I will say that the love interests of Reynolds are fantastic. Elizabeth Banks is wonderful as Emily, a bright star to add to the cast. Rachel Weisz brings yet another in a long line of brilliant and captivating performances and adds another notch to her proverbial acting belt, as Summer Hartley, and last, but certainly not least, Isla Fischer is captivating in her role as April Hoffman and delivers a tear-inducing performance.

Yes, I admit it freely, this movie was very touching and I shed more than one tear over the heartrending and heartwarming experiences of William's trials and tribulations in finding love and happiness.

This movie is rated a deserved 10/10.
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Has its heart in the right place but don't expect much outside of a few good performances.
capggg13 February 2008
Decent but contrived comedy that has its heart in the right place but depends more on old plot twists than telling a compelling story. The mystery of who's the mom of Abigail Breslin's character is really easy if you're in tune to the laws of romantic comedies and the story of how it happens just does not jell very well at all. It's more a romantic who dun it than a romantic comedy and you get bored after a while with it, especially when you can see the ending already before the actual film ends. But the film has its heart in the right place and it's not hard to like it, especially if you have a few very good performances that are giving the film more than it deserves. Ryan Reynolds does a great job as the hero of the piece and he has great chemistry with Rachel Weisz, who is just flat out fun, sexy and charismatic. Kevin Klein is fun as well as the other man in Weisz's characters life. Too bad for Reynolds though that both Weisz and Klein are not in the film that much because they are the best things about this movie and while they are not on screen, Reynolds basically has to fiend for himself in dealing with less interesting characters and predicament and that's where the film begins to lose its charm. Isla Fisher is adorable and sweet but there is nothing much to her character that we have not seen before and Elisabeth Banks is fine with a character that she manages to give some life to despite the fact of how one dimensional she is.

The film has a warm heart but it takes quite a lot for it to make the viewer forget how contrived it really is and its loses its focus on what it wants to be and that's not a good thing if you want the viewer to stay interested in it.
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The setup might feel cheap, it's an engaging, usually sincere romantic tale
Movie_Muse_Reviews28 June 2012
There's not a lot of mystery in romantic comedies, aside from perhaps "who's the baby daddy?" which is coincidentally not too far off from the hook Adam Brooks uses in his film "Definitely, Maybe."

There's a comfort in the romantic comedy formula, in the predictable end of a tried romance. We derive a bit of pleasure as a romance plot drags us along the string of "will they or won't they?" even though we know in our hearts what will happen (because if it doesn't happen, our hearts will be broken and the movie will get bad-mouthed).

"Definitely, Maybe" does as good a job of any rom-com at doing just that. We are sucked into the story with a premise nearly identical to CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother," in which young Maya (Abigail Breslin) presses her father, Will, (Ryan Reynolds) into telling the story of how he met her mom. Seeing as the couple is a pair of signatures away from a divorce, he's not thrilled at the prospect of reliving those moments, but for our entertainment, he indulges.

The catch, of course, is that the story involves multiple women, and Maya must guess which one turns out to be her mother. Thus begins a long story that begins in 1992, when young(er) Will sets out for New York City to work on the Clinton campaign and leaves his serious girlfriend, whom he refers to as Emily (Elizabeth Banks), behind.

The '90s American history backdrop definitely gives the film its own flavor. Brooks eventually tries to draw an analogy to the former president, but it's half-hearted. Nonetheless, Brooks uses the opportunity to take an amusing jab at President George W. Bush among other humorous moments of hindsight and it's a welcome aspect of the story.

On the job he meets the copy girl (Isla Fisher), April, one of the mother candidates. She's into rock music and edgier guys, and despite an attraction, things never seem to fall into place for them.

Then there's the woman referred to as Summer (Rachel Weisz), a sophisticated and confident aspiring journalist Will becomes particularly passionate about and eventually starts dating.

So will it be Bachelorette No. 1, 2 or 3? Brooks definitely spent some time crafting this story to constantly bounce back and forth between the women as Will encounters them at multiple points in his life, constantly casting doubt over each one. The three actresses are stellar as well, so it really helps that even if you pick side, you kind of like all the characters for different reasons.

Reynolds holds up well as a romantic lead. He's a rather passive participant in his own love life, which is a bit frustrating but endearing. You genuinely root for his happiness despite fully understanding just why his love life has been so flawed. The impact it has on Maya is also sweet in all its obvious nature. She becomes as engrossed in the story as we do, though with a child-like innocence. Eventually she realizes that love really is as complicated as they say.

The riddle doesn't last nearly as long as it could, but for a romantic comedy it lasts longer than most. At some point the characters have been so fleshed out and certain details put in play that you can start to put the pieces together and figure out exactly how it will end. To Brooks' credit, however, he made what will be seen as a popular choice.

"Definitely, Maybe" hits all over the rom-com spectrum if the left end represents fabrication and tons of cheese and the right is honesty, realism and poignancy. There's a rather cloying scene in which Will and April hang out on April's birthday after her boyfriend ditches her for a gig and the tension is forced and painful, but there are also some extremely normal relationship dynamics at play in Will and Summer's relationship.

The film does the balancing act of fantasy and reality quite well. If all rom-coms were brutally honest, we wouldn't see many of them if any off the indie circuit. "Definitely, Maybe" is pretty much mostly sincere, however, and it's mystery hook — though contrived — is sorta certainly the key to making it all work.

~Steven C

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noncommittal film for the evening with your girlfriend
ruuuuta14 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The beginning was a stupid tragedy. A 9 year old girl speaks about things such as penny, vagina, make love and so on.. It wasn't funny at all, it was stupid and even disgusting...

The story about girls was not so bad, quite interesting, with details and we didn't know how it will end. Just that little girl was too intelligent for a girl, she was aware of everything, unbelievable... The girls especially April was perfect, just the man was stupid not to choose her...

A lot of romantics elements, f.e. kisses, time in bed and so on, it is not so bad.

The end was unpredictable, often this type of films ends in other way, the end was good, really good, just one thing.. Let's think realistically.. How can little girl be happy that his father found other woman who is not her mum,I don't believe that, but anyway, the end was not so bad..

All in all, if you have free time or just want noncommittal film for the evening with your girlfriend, you are welcome. But if you want a comedy or very interesting film, don;t choose, it is not a comedy, it is a romantic film without comedy elements.
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Definitely a feel good film..May be an enjoyable one for all...
SivakumarBalachandran29 April 2011
If you think this would be a usual romantic comedies then the answer is a no. This movie is about a dad who explains his daughter who has just finished her sex ed class about his love life with three beautiful woman. He starts the story as a mystery where the daughter has to find her mother among the three...With this line I don't want to talk about the story watch the rest..

Coming to the casting part of the movie three love interests of Ryan Reynolds where so good in their roles particularly Isla was outstanding.

Ryan has done justice to his role. The cute daughter was pretty good particularly you will enjoy her enthusiasm about raising questions to her father about sex.

At last to conclude this movie is a feel good movie and can be compared with the film He's not just into you like this is a reverse version She is not just into you.

I would give 8 on 10. great movie Enjoy.
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A Somewhat short version of "How I Met Your Mother" done in romance all the way!
Amsomnia Studios27 January 2011
Once again I am here to give a review, and this time it is Definitely, Maybe, a movie that I in the beginning wasn't sure of, some of you may know I am not a huge Ryan Reynolds fan, but I got to be honest, with the movies that he has been in over the last years I have slowly began to grow fund of his acting, this is one of those movies, one that surprises me.

It is in a way a hybrid of "How I Met Your Mother" yeah I know they don't have anything to do with each other, but the story in this movie is something like it, just one girl asking her father about it, and of course not an entire series, three women, who is the mother, three women who is his love really?

Storyline 10/10 – The storyline is definitely the stuff that makes this movie flourishes, the story is simple in a way, and it is about a daughter who after having had sex class at an early age asks her father about how he met her mother, that's actually it.

The thing that steals the movie is of course your own idea of who her mother is, in the movie the daughter is wondering, but you the viewer is as well are trying to find out in your mind who is the real mother and who is his real love, in the beginning of the movie we find out he is divorced.

I am not going to ruin anything for you in this review, I will however say this watch the movie for the story, it may be a little simple but as the story goes on it gets complicated haha.

Definitely, Maybe Is also a hidden message for you, that's all I am going to give you, a hidden message that you should keep in mind when watching it, because that will be the clue, I felt that was a really cool idea! Actors 9/10 – Some of the actors are hit and miss, but those that steal the show is surely the three women the daughter and yes of course Ryan Reynolds, and since I have already stated before I am not really a fan of him I will have to almost retract my opinion, because he is beginning to win me over with his acting.

There is not that many actors in this movie, and most of them don't really have that much of an impact, those that does are those that I have already mentioned and they steal the story which is also the point of the movie, stay focused on them, I guarantee a new experience.

Soundtrack 8/9 – I got to be frank I am not that fund of the same music in many movies, yes there were some great ones but those that you will remember will be "Nirvana" and Frank Sinatra, the other part of the soundtrack is made just for the soundtrack.

And they are all played out well, some of them don't really have a big impact but they all try to set the mood of the movie and in some way they all do, I especially liked the music played in the ending of the movie, no not a song with voice and no not at the credits a little before, when you see this movie you will know what I am talking about.

When I watch these movies I always try to listen to the music, some of them can be so ripping, some of them can be so wonderfully done, and much of the music done directly for this movie do set the mood and are ripping…

Special Effects N/A – Didn't really notice any, yes of course the obvious camera angels and other places where the camera might have been held or moved differently but they aren't really special effects or anything they are just to give the movie a different feel, so basically it really has no effects and if it does then I haven't seen it.

Overall 9-10 – I can give this a big nine basically because of the complicated story done so simple, and the actors play their parts so well, the music is also a lot better then what I expected, I don't really look for reviews when watching a movie, I don't care, we all have different opinions on movies, some will like it some wont.

You will just have to try it out, give it a try and just basically merge yourself into this simplistic story that can at sometimes feel so complicated, maybe you are wrong when you wonder who will be the woman who is the mother and maybe you are wrong in knowing who is the love of his life, but no matter what give it a try.

This movie is much better than your average love flick; it challenges your preconceptions in a way, well thank you for reading another review done from me!
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The best romantic comedy of the decade!!
lopcar19933 June 2009
This movie is a relatively stand alone romantic comedy.It doesn't follow the formula set up by other great and well know Rom Com's before it most, notably An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle. This film brings it's own sense of style, grace and beauty to a genre mired down by bad and very bland romantic Comedies, this film brings the genre out of the dark ages and gives it some great possibilities for the future.

Definitely, Maybe was a good film for three reasons and three reasons only, 1.) It tells a story, a good story, and it sticks to it not trying to side step the plot that has already been set up. 2.) it brings together a great cast that also brings along there own charms and styles to this film. 3.) it showcase a warm and loving story that is so sweet and deeply rich with pain and love. All in all this movie showcases one of the most well made and well thought out romantic comedies I've had the pleasure of seeing in a long time.

Ryan Reynolds(who shows some serious acting chops here.) just keeps on impressing me, from his comedies to his dramas, he's got it nailed as one of Hollywood's rising stars. He brings such subtlety and humbleness to his character. More than what the character actually needs. Rachel Weisz is beautiful as always and does exceedingly well in this and plays her charter out more than the rest and really stands out of the other two women. Elizabeth Banks was alright in this, the movie could have done without her character but her's was essential to the story, she doesn't make her character very believable or showcase any depth or real emotion at all. Banks was pretty much bland in this. Isla Fisher was alright. I'll give her a passing grade on the fact that she actually tried to put in some emotion. But she does fall short allot of the time and Reynolds has to pick up some of the slack. Abigail Breslin (who I love.) didn't really impress me much as Reynolds precocious and at sometimes annoying daughter, she did display some good emotional moments and she does good with what she's suppose to do. All in all the cast does hold up very well.

This is one movie that I love to watch over and over and over and over again, just for the story none the less. It was a great story and a great movie and it deserves to be relished and adored for it's hip and cool vibe, it's sweet and kind nature and it's dedication to love and the hard times it can give us. None the less Definitely, Maybe is a love story that can't be ignored, or missed for that matter It's also a movie that will become a classic as time goes on, and it will go down as one of the best Romantic Comedies of all time. Non the less it's a refreshing and engaging film. Definitely, Maybe delivers.
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A Surprisingly Watchable Chick Flick
jfmvp31 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ladies, you know we gentlemen love to complain when you ask us to watch a chick flick. There's the moaning, the groaning, and ultimately, we give in. That's because we love you.

But I wasn't groaning after watching "Definitely, Maybe" with my girlfriend. I think my list of truly watchable chick flicks is around ten or less, and I'm sure I've seen over 200 romantic comedies in my day. But "Definitely, Maybe" makes that exclusive list of ten, with others like "Pretty Woman" and "Clueless" -- sorry, I can't really think of any others offhand.

What "Definitely, Maybe" is, is realistic about love. Love's not as perfectly defined and obvious as other chick flicks tend to make it seem. Love takes trial and error, it takes practice, and mistakes.

That process is one we follow throughout this film. Ryan Reynolds is adequate in the leading role, though the standouts are Isla Fisher and Rachel Weisz, as two of Reynolds' three love interests. Elizabeth Banks is forgettable in her role, though I did enjoy her in "Zack and Miri" and "Role Models." Abagail Breslin is there, playing her typical cutesy daughter role. She's fine, though she tries awfully hard to live up to the expectation of cuteness. Nonetheless, she gets it done.

But back to the plot...sure there are some clichés that pop up at different junctures in this two hour "love" story, but there aren't as many as you'd expect. Reynolds is forced to deal with true heartbreak, once in a traditional fashion, and the second time, not so traditional. Not at all, actually.

On the negative side, the conclusion of "Definitely, Maybe" is predictable. If viewers are watching and listening closely, then they'll know who Reynolds ends up with long before the end credits roll.

But fellas, we know we can't have it all when it comes to chick flicks. Most of the time we're just looking for hot actresses to keep us occupied in the movies of this genre, and we have them here with Fisher and Banks. Fisher is ridiculously hot.

All in all, there's something authentic about "Definitely, Maybe." And, I must say, the score is OUTSTANDING. Really, the background and foreground musical choices are perfect. It helps the film linger a bit longer than it may have in the first place.

Guys, if your women are asking you to choose between a bunch of chick flicks this weekend...lean in the direction of "Definitely, Maybe." You definitely will make it out of this one alive. And maybe this time around, with this particular chick flick, you won't want to smash a folding chair over your own head. Best of luck with that.
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could be anybody's story...
vipin kumar21 March 2009
I think the story in this movie can be anybody's story. It often happen with people going in and going out of relationships without knowing who they love actually... Sometimes the timing decides, sometimes the circumstances do it otherwise.

The way movie has been presented is quite nice. It kept me guessing till the very end who was the girl's mother actually. But I was able to guess whom William Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) loved actually. It felt like it was my story, and believe me, you will feel like it as your story if you happen to watch it with a free mind.

Performance wise I believe, Rachel Weisz gives the best performance from the actresses, but maybe it's because she plays the major role in the movie. Isla Fisher was fine, and actually I liked her character the most. Specially, when William Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) practices to propose his then girlfriend on her and she says, "Definitely, Maybe..." My rating, 9 out of 10, it's a good romantic movie that I think, most of the guys would like to watch, and many couples will enjoy...! And don't forget to watch the proposal scene, that has to be the best scene in the movie.... When Isla Fisher replies... "Definitely, Maybe"....

thanx vipin
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