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Awesome show!!
petegiddens31 October 2006
This show rules! It's the funniest most original cartoon for ages. Three insane stunt daredevil brothers, Xan, Adi and Enk who speak their own made up language and travel the world causing chaos wherever they go. You can actually start to pick up the language after a few shows because they repeat the same words a lot, so you learn how to swear in their language! My favourite episodes so far are the ones where they gate crash the Olympics and also the one where they sword fight with the Queen in Buckingham Palace! Comic timing is excellent and you never know where it's going next. Some great surreal touches too. Apparently it has just been nominated for a BAFTA in the UK and I'm not surprised - it's the funniest animation since Wallace & Gromit. When can I buy the DVD?
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Really good show
vincent_romeijn18 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers is one of the best shows i've ever seen.The show is really funny. It started with 2,5 minute shorts in 2002,and now there's a real show. Well,they deserve it.Pesky has won awards with this show.It was showed in more than 50 countries in 2002. The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers are doing stunts in every episode. It's just a really funny,good and fine show. Maybe the shorts are still some better than this series,but that does not make this show bad.It always remains good. Really ,this is a good show. Fine voice-acting and good animation make this show better than a lot of other Animation-Shows.

Rating 10/10.
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Go watch the shorts to see where this series came from
sat-elite5 November 2009
Original, and if anything, shows humour can cross all boundaries.

Don't believe all you read, the original series (pilot short plus seven others), paved the way for a nominated animation comedy that spans their delivery into nearly fifty countries.

The capers of Adi, Enk and the 'boss', Xan take them all round the world, sometimes with a load of specialist equipment, sometimes with almost nothing.

My favourite is the Monsters of Mayhem, if just for the noises of the electrical supply and eventual failure of the stunt.

Visit the site dedicated to the brothers trio, you won't be disappointed. Yazhaa !
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Flash animation cartoon
atomius8 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The amazing adrenalini brothers are three stunt performist brothers, Xan, the leader, Adi, the fat and clumsy one and Enk the weak and vulnerable one always put up to do challenges far beyond his capabilities. This is a flash animation, so let's pass the 'praise the good quality' segment and continue into the world of the synopsis. The plots are generally centred around a simple setting, a general view of a famous/stereotypical location such as London, NY etc and a desire by the brothers to entertain despite often being seen as annoying. Generally (a) local(s) will make trouble for them by trying to prevent their stunts but they will save the day by fixing a problem by completing them. Extremely crazy show that is fairly short and should be kept that way. The progression from the original ones to the better made and more complex current episodes was fine, but the point of this show is quick, fast entertainment, lets not make big budget films from it!
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Who would've thought...
the_moody_youngest9 October 2006
This show is very very bad. It has the most unfunny script I have ever seen, these new shows are getting really really dumb. I really wish these people would just stop making a fool out of themselves and leave the shows that are on, on. Because they don't need to waste MY time and everyone else's time by putting on crap like this. Because they really need a new comedy on TV. That's where I come in. I like creating TV series and this has really got to stop with these stupid things.

I rest my case. This still is the second worst show I've ever watched, Being Ian is the first, and I really hope it gets canceled because I find it quite annoying.
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Brilliant! Yazah! Wahupa! Grundimax!
lucyrfisher25 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The three Adrenalini Brothers are an acrobatic troupe from Brindoosia (sworn enemies of neighbouring Balkan state Grimzimistan). They speak a made-up language but it's easy to pick up the basics. (Other characters speak English.) From the top, Enk is a tiny but talented character who looks like a liquorice allsort with a moustache. Xan is never without his purple shades and ponytail and is constantly flashing his gold tooth in a grin. Adi is the strongman and has the biggest moustache. He is a simple character and most things make him laugh. Their pimped Adrenalinimobile holds many secret weapons, including a sewing machine. The trio travel the world, meeting Dracula, the three bears, sealions and the genie of the lamp. Wherever they go (Australia, the decks of the Titanic), they put on a display of juggling, tight rope walking or whatever, but it somehow always leads to disaster rather than applause. But whatever happens, the brothers end with a "Yazah! Adrenalini!" This brilliant series is very, very funny, despite what the other commenters have said.
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