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Great build-up, but...
gogoschka-115 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Remember 'Jaws'? Remember the way you only got to see little glimpses of the shark or just the remains of his victims for nearly half the movie? Instead, you got to meet half the town first and all the main characters while fear and paranoia slowly spread across the whole community, and when the great white guy finally did make his entrance - boy, what an impact he had.

Now, that was 40 years ago - but would it be possible to make that kind of movie today? To show restraint despite a budget of 160+ million dollars and all the latest state of the art CGI-effects the blockbuster factory has to offer?

As it turns out, it's not quite possible; at least not as far as this latest version of 'Godzilla' is concerned - but that's probably not for lack of trying on director Gareth Edwards' part. The young director ('Monsters') has stated many times that 'Jaws' was a huge inspiration for him on this movie, and it is hardly a coincidence that the (human) hero in 'Godzilla' shares the same name with the hero in Spielberg's masterpiece (they're both called Brody).

Edwards made it very clear that he wanted to take an "old school" approach - and as far as the beautiful, haunting build-up of the first half of the movie is concerned, he actually succeeds. The atmosphere of mystery and dread is tangible; the human element is there, the acting and the dialogues are solid, and the production design is breathtaking (especially the apocalyptic images of an evacuated city in Japan which was left to decay for 15 years, overgrown with plants and with packs of wild dogs running in the streets).

The "muto" design - when we do get a first glimpse at a creature - is otherworldly and frightening (as good monsters should be), but as the movie progresses into the second half and the creature-action increases, the quality of the pacing, the dialogues and the acting inexplicably decreases. The movie sadly starts to feel flat, and although there is one great creature scene after another, and although those scenes get more and more intense as the storyline steers towards the inevitable showdown, it's hard to stay invested in the human side of the story.

After the first act (when there was actually still some real acting required from the actors), there are virtually no interesting moments anymore when the human protagonists interact, let alone lingering scenes where the characters get to talk long enough to one another to even try to build such a thing as chemistry. So when the finale does arrive (which looks absolutely beautiful, by the way), you admire its epic scale, but since there is nobody to care about, it's hard to feel thrilled.Sure, you kind of root for Godzilla, but since you only just met the guy, you don't feel too much attached.

Ultimately - despite a great build-up and a fantastic looking finale - 'Godzilla' is a valid effort but only rarely a thrilling one. Unlike in 'Jaws', there are no interesting human characters here who could help create the kind of tension-heavy atmosphere or sense of impending doom the way Chief Brody, Hooper and Quint could 40 years ago.

Trying to show restraint alone is not enough to create a sense of wonder the way seventies cinema did - you also need the kind of character-driven scenes where someone says: "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

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Are you kidding me?
babyvett-3-89026817 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So, I should start by saying, I went to this move not expecting a lot. My husband wanted to see it, however, so off we go.. Dear Lord, I think I'm going to find the sappiest chic flick available (even if its torturous for me to sit through) just to get payback for him making me sit through 2 hours of this crap. At least the popcorn was good!!

I liked Godzilla himself.. But, I think out of the entire 123 minutes, you see him only 20 minutes, maybe? And most of that is just watching his spiky back in the water as he swims. The rest of this movie is watching the main actor, who, in my opinion, has about as much acting depth as Kristen Stewart, look like a total tool. The shining grace, I thought, was that this movie had Ken Watanabe in it. I like Watanabe but even he looked like he was suffering from a bad case of the Taco Bell revenge and couldn't find a bathroom for the entire movie.

I spent the majority of this movie picking out dumb stuff that just amounts to bad writing. Example: Okay, the two bad monsters (which, in my opinion resemble a cross between those white strider things that the muppets ride in "The Dark Crystal" with a bit of "Aliens" thrown in to make them somewhat scary?) have the ability of creating EMPs, killing all electronics and causing aircraft to fall out of the sky.. We learn this early on in the movie, probably in the first 30 minutes. Think the military learns their lesson?? Nope, lets continuously throw about 600 billion dollars worth of F-35s and Battleships in the mix just so we can have it continuously plummet into the water. Another example: They know these muppet hybrids like to eat Radioactive materials and I guess can smell it. And hey, there's one making its way from Vegas to San Fransisco. So lets strap a huge bomb on a train and slowly move it from Vegas to San Fransisco along the same exact path that the critter is going. What kinda harm could that cause? Its not like the thing would smell it on the train and come after it, right? And why is it, the military storms into a radioactive storage facility but has no clue that an entire half of mountain has just been blasted out by muppet hybrid #2 (who's much bigger than #1) and this 30 story tall critter is somehow making its way towards Vegas completely undetected?

And while we're on the subject of the bomb, what the heck is up with the "breeding" of the two muppet hybrids anyway?? You got a male, you got a female (complete with some glowy bulging egg sac thing that they give us a really good closeup of.. They meet up to reproduce.. which involves the male giving the female the long, phallic shaped, radioactive bomb which she then rubs between her legs all over this glowy egg sac.. WtF?? How the heck did these things breed before mankind started making huge phallic shaped missiles anyway?

Oh..Did I mention the acting was bad?? I don't recall liking ANY of the characters, with exception to the dad (played by Bryan Cranston) and he dies within the first 20 minutes of the movie. There are characters that seem to have no purpose whatsoever besides trying to find a way to fill a 2 hour movie with irrelevant fluff. Lil Asian boy on the elevated train in Hawaii? Didn't see any point to him.. The main characters wife and little boy?? Added nothing to the story to be honest. (And what military wife who knows her husband is in danger isn't waiting by the phone for news? Nope, phones ringing and she's doing whatever.. Or tells her co-worker she's unavailable?) The acting had no depth to it, everyone came off very flat and honestly, unlikable. There's no emotion whatsoever. Hey, a couple of muppet hybrids are destroying our city, oh well. A huge Godzilla is barreling towards our aircraft carrier? Don't panic.. lets stand at the guardrail and watch it peacefully because any emotion such as fear would be too much to ask.

Pretty sad when the most exciting thing about this movie is a bird hitting the bus window.. Although, to be honest, the CGI on the actual fight between Godzilla and the muppet hybrids was nice, the whole 5 minutes it lasted. Then, Godzilla jumps in the water and the credits roll. Best part of the whole movie.. Compared to the other 121 minutes of this movie, the credits are the best 2 minutes overall.
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Utterly contemptible
taner-ali15 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This film has no plot. I wouldn't have an issue with this if instead they had filled most of the two hours with scenes of Godzilla destroying things and killing people. However, the monster himself receives a pathetic amount of screen time, only appearing halfway through the film after the plot has already focused its attention on two giant bugs. They are unimaginatively designed, have no basis in Japanese mythology like the titular monster, and their only purpose seems to be to diminish the impressiveness of Godzilla. The character development in this film is non-existent. Every character, from the wise but ignored token Japanese bloke, to the soldier's wife whose sole purpose is to wait at home to comfort him, is a dull Hollywood cliché. Unlike the viewers, the film believes its characters are fascinating enough to merit the laughably corny near-death and family- reunion scenes towards the end. Instead, the audience is left laughing in bemusement at the overly sincere expressions on the protagonist's face as he threatens a giant monster with a handgun. Whenever Godzilla and the insects finally begin to fight, before anything happens there's an instant cut to yet another tedious shot of US soldiers shouting about nothing in particular. The film's sole purpose is to showcase the might of America's armed forces and ability to survive under a crisis; and it doesn't even do that well, given that the navy can't even tell when Godzilla is swimming directly under their ships. Of course, setting the story in Godzilla's homeland of Japan would not interest American viewers, so the monster decides to swim across the Pacific Ocean in order to wreak havoc. No doubt Godzilla will receive acclaim from morons due to its high-tech but utterly unimaginative animation techniques. However, this film's cutting-edge CGI does not justify its lack of plot, excitement and meaningful characters.
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Godzilla 2014: Should You Watch It?
matthew-rehlinger15 May 2014
Scenario 1: If you are going to see this film because you really enjoy classic Godzilla movies and you hope the music and campy theme of those films are represented in this one, you absolutely should go see it. Godzilla here looks much more like the beloved behemoth than it did in the '98 movie, the music hearkens to the classic Japanese overtures of the old Gojira film era, and the camera work has the comically silly nature of Sam Rami's Spiderman series.

Scenario 2: If you are really excited to see a deep, human film with camera angles and writing that really tell a story that is thematically transcendent such as "District 9" and the Korean film "The Host," this is not your film. The script is filled with overtly simplistic rhetoric and one dimensional characters (intentionally,) the scenes somehow manage to have very little tension (even for me, the pilot episodes for most sitcoms seem more tense than Gozilla,) and as stated above, the camera-work is intentionally hammy. It should also be noted that to add a human element, the director overuses children to the point that it ends up feeling very obvious, as though he did it to be intentionally campy.

Scenario 3: If you are one of those people who really just want a fun popcorn flick such as Pacific Rim, with some solidly choreographed action like in the over-the-top bulletfest Battle:LA, I would say proceed with caution. The fight scenes are less intense and more majestic, like any classic monster movie, and as such the human aspect of the combat is relatively insignificant, less so than any other monster movie I've ever seen. There are no little monsters for anyone to shoot at, if that's your thing.

Scenario 4: If you are interested in this film because you love the talented work of Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe, and/or Aaron Taylor- Johnson (three of my favorite actors) and are excited to see what they bring to the table, you should probably sit this one out. Bryan Cranston's role in this film garners far less screen time than advertised, Ken Watanabe spends literally every second walking through the scenes with the pained expression of someone who just walked in on their parents, and all three of the actors give off the vibe that they are very much aware of how cheesy their lines are. Everyone else's performance was similarly forgettable.

Honestly, I'm a stickler for deep, human storytelling, but I've also had a softspot for the classic, silly fun of many Godzilla movies, including my favorite, Godzilla vs. Destroyah. All told, depending on which camp you fall under, this will be an entirely different movie for you. As Godzilla movies go, I'd give it a B. As darker, more serious monster movies go, I'd give it a D+.
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I hate modern film-goers
lukemh129 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If Jaws was released today, everyone would complain how it took too long for the shark to turn up. WHAT HAPPENED TO ATTENTION SPANS?!

When I saw it in the cinema people couldn't even get through the opening credits without being on their phones. These are the same type of people who complain about how the human characters are dull (Yet the 1998 Godzilla characters were too ridiculous) but tell you off for saying the same thing about Pacific Rim, saying "But I just want to see action"

The people who complain about there being too little action also complain about how Transformers has too much action. The people who complain about Cranston not being in it enough complain about movies using popular actors just to get people to watch it. The people who complain about it being dark and realistic complain about the Marvel movies being too light and unrealistic.

The people who complain about this movie are whiny, hypocritical and missed one of the most beautifully choreographed movies, with the most impressive visuals even when the monsters weren't on screen, a great soundtrack that inspired terror and a cast that although lacking in the third act, made up for a great introduction and middle (Cranston and Watanabe) and some of the most epic-scaled action I have seen in the last 10 years. Cloverfield was a shaky mess that wasted the monster and Pacific Rim had sporadic fights that gave no real sense of scale.

I can't wait for the many sequels that will most likely have a lot more Godzilla now they are confident (given the box office)to use more CGI and money. He will be fighting some of the most iconic villains from the Godzilla universe, and hopefully all the idiots who watched and hated this movie won't watch it and me all the people who cheered through the first one will get to watch it in peace.
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A Tedious, Heartless Film
rasmushelms28 May 2014
For fans of monster movies, "Godzilla" was surely one of the most anticipated releases of the year. Therefore, the most surprising thing about Godzilla is not how empty the story is, but rather how little there is of the monster in the movie after which it is named.

The plot in "Godzilla" is disposable. It only exists as an excuse to unleash the film's titular character. However, is it too much to ask for an original plot with characters we could care about? Here, the back story is cliché-ridden and the characters simply serve the function of moving the story forwards. As such, one would expect that Godzilla is at least given ample screen time. Surprisingly, this is not the case, and the majority of the film's focus seems to be on the military attempting to find out how to kill Godzilla and the MUTOs, which look like giant, angry cockroaches. Ultimately, it is left up to the score and the Michael Bay-esque dub-step reminiscent sound design to create tension.

Its almost futile to talk about the performances in the film because despite the strong cast, the characters are so one-dimensional that nobody delivers a memorable performance. Bryan Cranston and Juliette Binoche do their best with the little screen time they are given, and the couple of Aaron-Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are given the impossible task of creating interesting characters from the uninspired script. More worrying, however, is how unnecessary Sally Hawkins' character is and how the script manages to make Ken Watanabe look like a second-rate actor, as his character rarely changes expression from the looks of intense thought or surprise.

Overall, "Godzilla" did not work for me at all. Not only is it a film without heart, but it a film meant to thrill that ends up just being tedious. I could have left halfway through the movie. I just didn't care how things would turn out.
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Just awful
maxim-imbert17 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the most terrible movie I've ever seen. A torture. I could barely stay still on my sit. I almost left the room 1 hour before the end. But I stayed, hoping for something good to happen. But something good never happened and the ending is even worst that my worst expectations.

The trailer was such a lie. I was expecting something dark, mysterious and brainy. Something like The Dark Knight. Instead it's only military crap, dinosaurs fight and worthless American patriotism. Makes me sick. The movie dies with Bryan Cranston. The only problem is that his part doesn't last half an hour.

Godzilla wasn't an earthquake. It wasn't a typhoon. It was just sh*t.
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This is a bad joke...
Heart_McBlue17 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
First I need to tell that I am from Central Europe. I am not writing reviews but I can't be silent. This was terrible. This was 1st time when after movie everybody was talking how bad it was. And everybody I mean whole cinema.

First 20-30 minutes were watchable. It was looking to be a solid movie, but after that everything goes wrong. And I mean everything... Bad dialog's; good music in very bad moments and several styles of it; main character immortal; American happy ending style; no logic in this movie anywhere; many mistakes noticeable for everyone...

If a Uwe Boll have more money, he will make this movie better. When I was watching Sharknado, I was less shocked by stupidity like in this movie. It is waste of your time and money and watch it only when you want to punish yourself.
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Godzilla falls flat on his face, even in 3D
Critomaton19 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I begin? Nothing in this movie works. The 3D effects are the worst I've ever seen. In almost every major scene featuring the monsters, they appear completely flat and in the background, with one or two humans in the foreground in 3D. But the humans are so small (in a flawed attempt to convey the enormous scale of the monsters) that they just seem like silhouettes watching the same movie you are, as if somebody in the audience stood up to block the screen. It's almost as if the director pre-rendered the movie for Mystery Science Theater 3000...

There are lots of other monster scenes where some minor object (broken window pane, windshield wiper, train passenger, etc.) gets in the way in a botched attempt to create depth. It never works - the monsters always seem fake and flat.

Nothing about the plot makes any sense. We're to believe the monsters could completely obliterate a nuclear power plant without being noticed. Then, when they re-appear after 15 years (couldn't they have waited a few more years like the cicadas?), they can effortlessly elude radar tracking, satellite imagery, and a hundred million iPhones and just sneak around, silently munching on nuclear submarines. We're also to believe that nobody is really sure whether Godzilla is friend or foe, so the U.S. Navy will arbitrarily alternate between sailing right next to him and shooting at him with rockets.

With all of the nuclear power plants in the country, which are like catnip to these suckers, somehow a major plot element involves luring the monsters away from population centers with a single nuclear weapon on a train.

The score is so loud, intrusive, and overly dramatic it's mind-numbing.

The M.U.T.O.s (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms) are as generic and uninspired as you could possibly imagine. Just think of every mantis-shaped bug you've ever seen in any movie, and that's them. Throughout the entire movie I was distracted trying to remember where I'd seen them before - and I just remembered, they're a rip-off from Starship Troopers.

Every time a monster fight scene starts, it ends abruptly before anything interesting happens. In this movie, Honolulu, Las Vegas, and San Francisco supposedly get destroyed, but you can't really tell and won't really care. I think maybe 60 seconds was spent on the destruction of Honolulu and about 30 seconds on Las Vegas.

The guy from Kick-Ass (I can't be bothered to look up his name) plays a giant walking cliché. So do half of the Olsen Twins (edit - it wasn't until I lost a bet over the cast of Avengers: Infinity War that I learned that Elizabeth Olsen is a sister of the Full House Twins, not one of them. Sorry Elizabeth. This movie still sucks). So do two - count 'em two - precocious endangered kids.

The scene on the Golden Gate bridge is one of the dumbest I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure that bridge wasn't designed to hold a bunch of M1 tanks and - even if it was - they probably wouldn't be in a traffic jam with busloads of kids. I still can't figure out whether the bus driver was supposed to be a hero or a maniac for trying to mow down every pedestrian/soldier/policeman on the bridge just to save the walking cliché's son. And all those ships in the bay! Toy ships dropped in a bathtub would have a more organized formation.

It doesn't really matter that Godzilla isn't in the movie that much. You'll just want the movie to be over. It doesn't matter that Bryan Cranston dies early on in the movie - you'll just want the movie to be over. It doesn't matter whether Admiral David Strathairn gets his SitReps from the TV news instead of looking out his window at the 600-foot-tall monster. You'll just want the movie to be over.

It doesn't even matter that military people repeatedly "pronounce out" A.S.A.P. even though in real life they'd probably just say "AY-sap". You'll just want the movie to be over A.S.A.F.P.

I think what bothers me the most is the overuse of helicopters. I mean, I love helicopters. Blue Thunder is one of my favorite movies and Airwolf was my favorite TV show. I don't watch Westerns because there aren't enough helicopters in them. But the excessive use of helicopters in this movie made even me want to scream "Enough with the helicopters, we get it, you can make them look 3D! Too bad you couldn't do that with the giant monsters!"

Honestly, this latest installment of Godzilla is just as unwatchable as the Emmerich brothers' fiasco, and even Godzilla 1985 was more interesting.

To those positive reviewers who claim that it's not fair to compare this to Pacific Rim because they're different kinds of movies, I say: You are correct. Pacific Rim is an enjoyable, well done monster movie with good effects, and Godzilla is the exact opposite.
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In a word...EPIC!
canadian5814 November 2014
I wasn't going to review this film, however, after reading mostly negative reviews, I felt I needed to put in my two cents worth. I am definitely in the minority on this one. I loved this film. It captured my attention instantly and held it for the entire two hours. Sure, the plot is familiar, but anyone who expects a new plot for one of the oldest, most famous monsters ever, is nothing but kidding themselves. This is a new version of some of the old "Godzilla vs....." movies. Not similar to the 1998 film in which one monster stomps around and destroys the city. Sure, that also happens here, but not without an epic battle between Godzilla and other radioactive monsters. Yes, most reviewers are complaining that Godzilla only appears for 10 minutes in the movie. This is true, as the other monsters have more screen time, but most of the film is built on suspense, and in my opinion it works very well. There is still plenty of chaos and destruction for the action buffs. The human story (about Ford Brody and his family) is quite weak and almost non-existent. But that does not take anything away from this epic monster movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it is VERY entertaining. 10/10
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Although effects and sound are technically impressive, it is quite unsatisfying and superficial
bob the moo5 October 2014
I'm no great fan of summer blockbusters and for sure am resistant to the idea of paying over the odds to sit in a crowded room and be disappointed. This usually sees me picking up with such films when they are cheaper to get on rental and just watch in my own home. With Godzilla I will admit I was tempted to join for the spectacle because in addition to this the film had the appeal of quite a starry cast list in addition to being from Gareth Edwards, the man who famously made Monsters in his bedroom and on the fly. This suggested that perhaps there would be more to it than just effects and big money shots. That said, I had heard negative things and I did approach it with low expectations because after all, it is just a Godzilla movie.

The film does try to create a human story to ground the audience and it casts wisely with Cranston, Binoche, Watanabe, Hawkins and others – all people who have a good presence in front of the camera. I was not to know that so many of the names that drew me to the project would be removed from the film pretty early on – a device that has impact for sure, but doesn't seem particularly brave since one suspects that the reason people like Cranston got onboard was that they were promised a lot for only relatively small parts. This leaves us with Taylor- Johnson and his quest to get home; a quest that never really interested me but at the same time is constantly pushed into the middle of the action no matter what or where it is. This saw my interest in the human side waning as the film progressed, leaving just the action.

On this front the film pushes things as hard as it can. The makers clearly know their action genre because this is a film that understands that soldiers running with guns and speaking in tough military dialogue while music pumps in the background, can grab an audience – so it does it, lots. Considering I didn't care two hoots for them, I was surprised by how much time I spent watching soldiers sweeping areas with guns pointed – it did start to bore after a while. The monsters and their destruction is nicely hinted at first, but eventually the film plays all its cards and we have lots of action and knocking down of buildings. Unfortunately much of it plays out in darkness – something which helps the atmosphere but limits how much can be seen. Technically it looks good and the money is all up on the screen (in the darkness) but it is probably the noise that makes the most impact and even on a lesser system the roars and thuds of the monsters are engagingly meaty.

Unfortunately this is really all that the film does, and it is quite uninvolving and unsatisfying. There is a lot of very good noise and big spectacle, but we have to experience through the human characters who we increasingly do not care about, and when the action really ramps up, it is detached from any sort of reality and I found myself appreciating the technical work rather than getting lost in what could have been dramatic and thrilling. As a blockbuster it probably has enough noise about it to be a distracting two hours if you have a good enough home entertainment value.
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This is One Great Godzilla Movie!
stephen0864016 May 2014
Being a fan who used to go to the movie theater in the 1960's to watch all those great (and cheesy) Godzilla movies. This new Godzilla movie is the Godzilla movie I have been waiting my whole life for. Not that 1998 SonyZilla that was so disappointing. But this movie, I know that all the long time fan's like myself will watch it over on over again. I will go back to the movies next week to see it again. Can't wait for the Blu- ray. I honestly do not see what all the haters of this movie are thinking. It's a Monster movie. Plain and simple. For 2 hours I was entertained. I went today to the IMAX with two good friends and their son's and we all liked the movie. No spoilers here so I will not discuss what happens in the movie but I was surprised by a few things. But that is what Gareth Edwards wanted. Why disagree. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole movie. When GODZILLA shows up I just have one word. AWESOME! This is the Godzilla, all of us long time fans have been waiting for. And the MUTO's are really cool too. It must me sad to go to the movies and come out mad all the time. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Any REAL FAN of GODZILLA will enjoy this movie and THE EFFORT IT TOOK TO MAKE IT. I cannot wait to see it again. LONG LIVE GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS!
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Not really a review but an explanation towards all the critics...
malekrodeen15 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Critics have lost their way. They have rated this film average/below average because they dislike the tease of Godzilla in the movie and say an improvement would be having him centre stage every scene he's in. When you look back to some of the greatest, most tense horror/sci-fi films like Jaws or Alien, you will see that they don't always show the creature from the start, but little snippets, building tension throughout the movie. They call this a B-movie because they enter the screening with the mindset that its cheesy because they don't understand the meaning behind Gojira itself, making it sound like just another monster movie when it's not. The fans are speaking out, showing their appreciation for the movie and love for the view Gareth is giving Godzilla, but the critics do not. Never listen to them; their opinions don't stand for the millions that actually GET what the director was trying to establish here.

Also, if you're a monster movie type of person, go see this. If you're not, don't go see it. It is that simple. Don't go judging on how bad an actor is in a film when you can't even memorize a single line. Don't go writing a review that is completely biased just because you do not know the concept and origin of Godzilla. Half of these reviews are trolls anyway so it is best to ignore them (and including me if I sound ignorant). If you like monsters or Godzilla, go see it and make up your mind. If you don't, then spend your money on something else.
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vict15768 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In my opinion, this movie was insane. Godzilla was not really that much in the movie, but when he was he kicked ass!

I don't understand people bitching about the movie wasn't like pacific rim. I liked Pacific rim, but i think it was a good idea to make something different. This monsterfilm is much more realistic, and is much, much better made (CGI). In my opinion Godzilla was way better than Pacific rim.

Bryan Cranston appears in the trailer like he is the main character but he dies in the beginning of the movie, which i think is really misleading. He's son takes the spot, and must travel from Japan to U.S.A to get his family away from the danger. The son (Ford Brody) is a very boring character because we don't see him so much and he doesn't seem very sensitive.

In the end Godzilla actually saved mankind and just go in to the ocean and swim away, which i think was a really unpredictable ending.

So don't watch this movie if you just want some meaningless monsterfight. Watch it because you wanna se a "realistic" movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat - With monsters in it.

And this was the best CGI i have ever seen in a movie.

(Godzilla has atomic breath)
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It was better than my expectations..
mmamasali22 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It is my first review..I waited this movie since announcement.Since movie's release i checked RT score and metacritic.Some were disappointed.Maybe they are not monster kind person. First in IMDb it was 9.3 ,when i checked.After that it started decreasing. In 16th of my i immediately bought a ticket and went to watch it.Unfortunately in my city there is no IMAX 3d theater ,so i handled real 3d. When movie started first part was kinda drama. Bryan Cranston acted perfectly.Maybe he will be nominated for best actor in supporting role.Emotional part describes history of Godzilla and arising new MUTOS.After first break action part was just stunning.I was amazed by CGI and sound effects. Roar of Godzilla and other monsters makes you thrill.In movie i think i saw Godzilla just about 20-30 minutes, but when i saw ,it was cool.That few minutes was enough for my expectations..(sorry for my English mistakes)
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See this on the big screen - it's worth it
phd_travel19 May 2014
This isn't the usual kind of disaster action movie. It's a bit more serious and the disaster scenes aren't rushed. It's better to see this on a big screen because some of it is in the dark or under dusky skies.

Effects are good not dizzying or overdone. The assorted monsters move naturally and are relatively realistic. The various locations from Japan to Hawaii are nicely done too though SanFrancisco could have been a bit brighter during the destruction. The Golden Gate and other landmarks aren't that precise but I get that things had to be spread out to accommodate the monsters.

The basic plot isn't needlessly complicated though I got a bit lost in the details with the tactics to kill the monsters and the nuclear link to the monsters. The story about the people is secondary to the monsters which is good as it doesn't intrude.

The main character played by a sensitive looking Aaron Taylor Johnson isn't some superhero type saving the day. He is more a in the thick of things observer which is refreshing for a change. No way out bravado here.

Elisabeth Olsen isn't a drop dead gorgeous love interest, more every day ordinary. Her screen time isn't that much. Bryan Cranston (why didn't he age?) and Juliette Binoche (who did her hair?) also lend solid support.

Ken Watanabe looks right for his part but his diction isn't clear enough for relaying the plot through dialog.

Overall it's a good solid and well made big screen action disaster monster movie that deserves a big screen watch.
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Did I See The Right Movie??
mark-allsop20 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is the first time I've seen a movie and felt cheated … genuinely cheated and lied to! The reason is because 90% of the trailers depicted Godzilla as a threat, something to fear, the city levelling monster we all know and love. The trailers were very good at misleading me to think that it was Godzilla that made all that mess in the woods, tearing that train in half, causing that fire ball at the airport … but none of this was to be! It turns out that Godzilla is a boy scout who protects us innocent little humans when the, apparently very incompetent, Navy boys are busy miss firing their highest grade weapons at a bridge full of school buses.

At least we get to see Cranston do his thing though! A favourite actor of mine and almost everyone else in the world! … One of the reasons I wanted to see this movie! The great Brian Cranston vs. Godzilla! He will be so good in this film! He's amazing "it wasn't a typhoon!" oh I'm getting Goosebumps! ... *10 minutes later* ... Nuts!!! Whatever! I could deal with that, but another major flaw is Godzilla's origin story in his own (First) movie … it's taken care of by a couple of pictures and some real smart person telling us that he's been around all this time, sleeping in the drink! Now this only feels like a slap in the face to the fans when you realise how much time and effort was put into the origins of the big, evil, baby having insect. The whole first half of the film is dedicated to the 'bad guy' alone! … Why did the filmmakers think we'd care that much?? I guess I could also deal with that too … it's a Godzilla movie; surely we'll be treated with some awesome action scenes between the two/three monsters throughout! … right?? Wrong! The first fight, for whatever reason, cuts away before we see anything good and all we get is a glimpse on a telly … The second fight? The same gosh darn thing happens! Just as Godzilla stands up in the city with his best 'come at me, bro' pose and just as you finally sit up and think "finally! Something good is going to happen!" … it cuts away to something far less exciting! … *rolls eyes* And I guess I could maybe deal with that too … I could deal with all that stuff and forgive the movie if it had an outstanding climax! You know, something worthy of the "King of Monsters" … but this was not to be … I found myself glaring at a dark blank screen that was supposed to be the climactic battle having no idea what I was looking at … half why through the "fight" I finally realised something that broke my heart … this was a bad movie. A bad movie I'd been looking forward to since the first teaser.

The film ended. I had a quick power cry during the credits … and my brother and I left the cinema wearing our black ties due to the death of our childlike hopes 'n' dreams we had while walking into the screen 2 hours beforehand.

See it if you must! By which I mean someone puts a gun to your head, walks you to the cinema, buys the tickets and sits next to you the entire time with his pistol pressed firmly against your temple.

Otherwise, save your moneys and time.

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Godzilla 2014: a must-see for any Godzilla fans!
Gemma-ledbury25 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So I just got back from Godzilla...

Okay so I'm a bit hype from just seeing it, so I need to calm down, yet Godzilla was such an amazing movie with incredible effects and a simple yet awesome storyline! The movie director has obviously stayed true to the original Godzilla, equipped with atomic breath and spikes that glow blue, a long tail and a spine-tingling roar! Just before you read on, SPOILER ALERT.

What do you think of when I say Godzilla? The king of monsters destroying Japan, right? Well this movie totally flipped the tables and made Godzilla more of a "saviour" of Earth. However, he was only hunting the Muto monster pair, not protecting humanity, yet he wasn't destroying humanity either. He was more chaotic neutral in this movie, but that's a good thing! Instead of aimlessly destroying things, Godzilla only destroyed things by falling on them or throwing the Muto into them whilst fighting, he didn't strive to destroy humanity, we humans were only in the way.

People may complain that there is no enough footage of Godzilla, but I think it's good that film directors can focus on something else other than Godzilla destroying stuff, we've had enough Godzilla movies of him knocking down Mach-5 air jets and stepping on cars, so it was pretty awesome to see that the movie was more based on the human element rather than the monster element. It's a change for the better.

People complained that the acting wasn't good, but I think it was, and people are probably only saying that because the actors involved in the movie weren't well known or that famous. If it had been Brad Pitt acting everyone would of said the acting was amazing.

I liked how the monsters also showed emotion, like Godzilla and how he seemed sad when he knew he was dying, and the female Muto when she realised all her children had just gone up in flames. Godzilla didn't die by the way, guys, it just seemed like he did. But then he got up, let out a fearsome roar and made his way back into the Ocean as if saying "See you next movie, guys!". I really liked how the Muto died. The male Muto (seeing as he was very small compared to Godzilla) got crushed by Godzilla, and the female Muto took a atomic breath to the throat before Godzilla ripped her head off and threw it into the water. The characters also seemed like they had some sort of connection with Godzilla. For example, when the main character realised that Godzilla was about to get double-teamed by the two Muto, he used A LOT of fuel to blow up all the Muto eggs, resulting in both Muto ditching Godzilla to go see what had happened.

My favourite moment was when the female Muto was about to destroy the boat carrying the atomic bomb. Everyone thought Godzilla was dead at this point, and it seemed hopeless. Until Godzilla came out of no where and preformed a fatality on the helpless Muto.

So overall, I thought it was an amazing, epic entry to the series! It's a MUST-SEE for any Godzilla fans, as I'm planning on going and watching it a second time.

I'm so glad this didn't turn out like the 1998 Godzilla, I was kinda worried it would be just another revamp of Godzilla when I was walking into the cinema, but I came out almost in tears from the awesomeness I had just experienced.
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Classic Fun
spacemanjupiter18 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
To all the turds here that think they know what a Godzilla movie should be, and to all the so called 'critics' that couldn't enjoy a movie if they played the star role, this movie isn't supposed to be a Schindler's List or Godfather, and if it had been it WOULD have been garbage. Too bad you couldn't enjoy it because for anyone that grew up actually watching Godzilla like I DID, this movie is nothing but pure greatness and just enjoyable to experience. I'm not going to sit there and nit pick a freakin Godzilla movie for AAA acting and story lines even though I thought both were just fine here. Anyone who has to do that with a Godzilla movie shouldn't be watching ANY Godzilla movies because you have no idea how to appreciate it for what it is and ALWAYS has been.

All I know is this. I haven't been this excited for a movie since Jurassic Park in 1993. When I went to see Jurassic Park everyone in the audience was cheering and standing up to clap for the great parts in that movie. It was exhilarating. I was 18 at that time and felt like I was ten. I had so much fun watching it. This was exactly the same. I'm sitting there, 39 years old and felt like I was ten again. There were great and memorable parts in the movie, and this all adds up to what is called a good movie. Everyone stood up at the great parts and clapped, people were wahooooing, Godzilla couldn't have been more badass looking and animated, and I've watched it multiple times at home again, still yelling and probably waking up my neighbors at the good parts. If that isn't a sign of a good movie I don't know what is, and anyone who is a true Godzilla fan would have noticed some great homages to the original movies.

Another gripe I'll address is the fact that he didn't show up till halfway through the movie, and wasn't stomping throughout the 2 hours. This is what made the movie special, and this is what made Godzilla so special in his role. If they had shown him throughout, people would have been desensitized quickly by his presence, and the movie would have just ended up another CGI fest with no soul. Not to mention some of the old movies were the same way. People would have been ready for the movie to be over with by the end of it, but as it happened, everyone was cheering at the very end wanting more Godzilla, and that's exactly how it should have been. They couldn't have done it any better. And for the people that think it was cheezy for him to ride off into the ocean in the end, GO WATCH A GODZILLA MOVIE and learn a few things. For anyone who is a true fan and grew up with these movies, get the movie and watch it if you haven't already. It's Godzilla at his best.
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It had it's moments
vegaseaglesfan123 September 2014
Finally sat down to watch this movie today. After all the hype it had had it's fair share of great moments but in the end felt something was missing. I'll agree with many that Godzilla wasn't shown as much as he should have and maybe that was what missing or maybe it wasn't. Needless to say even though Godzilla doesn't make many appearances in this movie it still is a rather good movie with a an interesting story line. The best way to go into this movie is to not buy into Hollywood's hype because if you go into it like that you will be disappointed greatly. Overall I was satisfied with Godzilla. Great story, special effects, and even the acting was pretty solid. Worth the 2 hours for sure. Sit back, grab some popcorn and beverage and enjoy!
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Absolutely breath taking
iglfranks199825 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I LOVED this film. The sounds and special effects and editing of it was just amazing. Godzilla was teased and then revealed extremely well. A lot of people complain that they didn't like the short amount of screen time he got, but i think it was great directing and writing! It wasn't too 'destroy everything' but it wasn't too much drama. All bad reviews of this film I've seen have been mainly because (spoiler) Bryan's character died early on which wasn't forbade in the trailer. I think the surprise of it was very good and really change up the film with that person 'who was right in the end'. I think this film was phenomenal and i wouldn't be surprised if it wins an Oscar for best special effects.
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Don't understand why people hate this movie
zamfir_paul9023 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
As I was reading through the other reviews I noticed one thing. People have split (mostly) into two camps. In one camp you can find those that utterly hate the movie, and in the other one you find those that adore it. Weird enough, there were very little that were in between the two camps.

Let's talk about why people hated this movie. From what I have read those that hated the movie, hated it because:

1. Because Godzilla was not center stage. "ugh incredible, I have to wait to see Godzilla? Gawd what a draagggg.. like in Pacific Rim I didn't have to put up with this, I want my money back!!". 2. And because of the way he was designed. "Ugh, that design omg... they put no effort in creating him".

I for one have to say that I love the fact that Godzilla is not in every-freaking-frame of the movie. The first half of the movie you barely see him and in the second part you have glimpse of him and later on entire scenes with our beloved lizard kicking ass and taking names.

And I really love that! They managed to build up the suspense, making Godzilla look very mysterious and making you say "oh look, there he is!" and then poof, he disappears after a building. I had the feeling that I was witnessing those events, like I was right there. This kind of filming should be done more often, I find it a really smart and a more spectacular way of shooting a movie.

Of course, when you compare this way of filming with Pacific Rim (because everybody compare the two) you'd naturally say that yes, Pacific Rim has and advantage over Godzilla.

But in all honesty you cannot compare the two because from my perspective, Pacific Rim is an upfront, here is everything we have to offer kind of movie. It is really generic, you are not surprised by anything. But if you look at Godzilla, oh my... you really have all of the suspense and intrigue that keeps you hooked and makes you want more and more! I think that this movie would have not been as good if Godzilla would have been non-stop from start to finish. It's really refreshing to see a movie like this rather than the generic-action movies like Pacific Rim, Transformers etc. that give you everything on a silver platter and a lot of the times make you say *pfft, boring*.

*Being mean* I think that the people that hate having to wait in order to see Godzilla, are those types of people that have no patience, they are those people that need action, lots of explosions, effects and mindless fighting and a bad script. You have transformers and lots of other such types of movies. If you have half of a brain you would understand this movie.

And concerning the design of Godzilla I think it's great. It looks a lot like the classic lizard but with a couple of tweaks here and there.

I myself was a big fan of the 1998 Godzilla (hey, don't judge... I was 7 years old back then, I didn't know better) and because I hadn't seen any of the old and classic versions of this monster (except from what I saw on cartoon network)I had to compare the 2014 with the 1998 lizard. But I love love love the new version.

Everything about this new Godzilla is great! From design, script and shooting, everything in my opinion is an improvement to an otherwise bland way of making movies like we have nowadays.

So try to have some critical thinking and don't judge this movie because you don't have everything thrown at you from the get-go. Sometimes a little bit of mystery is good and in my opinion they were just building the suspense for the sequel where we will probably have more prim-time lizard action.

Looking forward to seeing the sequel!!!
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Godzilla, tears of joy
josephfrench123459 May 2014
First, let me just say the cgi in this film just blows my mind. I have never seen it done as well as this, this was like Pacific Rim times five. I thought this movie would be a joke, until I saw it, but now I can believe I even thought that. overall just a beautiful film, one for the records, your pal John. The acting by Bryan Cranstons is as good as Breaking Bad, and should win some awards. Yes the movie has some awkward scenes with some bad acting but overall I could barely tell. This movie is like the Dark Night, just great action shots, really wish I could see it again. Overall, this is going in my collection, great movie recommend it to everyone.
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Even worse than the 1998 version.
antsmiff17 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Worse film ever! save your money and don't go. Godzilla is only in the film for a maximum of 10 minutes, the rest of the 90 minutes or so, that I lost of my life, is filled with mediocre acting that was about as exciting as treading on an upturned plug with no shoes on. I got the impression that the majority of the budget was spent on the sets and actors, leaving the effects for Godzilla until last, which resulted in him having minimal time in the film. Literally, up until the 70 minute mark, you only saw a tail and a few spines from his back. When a headshot finally materialised, it was only for a matter of seconds. I genuinely feel short changed and would strongly recommend that anyone planning to see the film should wait for it to come out on DVD.
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Godzilla - The TRUE King of the Monsters is born...
purenxk13 May 2014
Godzilla has found a true admirer in Gareth Edwards. Someone who set out not only to envision a new future for Godzilla but to protect the previous Godzilla's long 60 year history, a man capable of delivering a Godzilla for our time. After seeing Gareth Edward's 'Godzilla' it is my opinion that he has succeeded in mastering the vision for the monster that Tomoyuki Tanaka had in mind 60 years ago. Even though the original Godzilla will always be just that - the original, Gareth Edward's Godzilla is for me the first TRUE and complete representation of the vision of Godzilla. Executed in the most masterful of ways in direction by Gareth Edwards and in overall story by Max Borenstein. In delivering the picture that he has Gareth Edwards has completely put to shame directors such as Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich, Zack Snyder and the other go-to blockbuster directors. Injecting a surprising amount of suspense into this 'Godzilla' Gareth's Godzilla will have you on the edge of your seat and holding your breath in anticipation of what is next to come - something a Godzilla movie has not done since 1984. Unlike many of the reviews that I have read, I found the pacing of this movie to be absolutely fine, in fact I would have personally preferred a few more opportunities to catch my breath and gather my wits. Gareth Edwards has clearly given Godzilla the strongest opportunity for continued box office presence that he has ever had in the United States (although the burden of that task in my opinion seems almost insurmountable - and in all honesty - I would prefer to see this 'Godzilla' remain as it is, a superior standalone). A rebirth of epic (but not overwhelming) proportions this Godzilla harks back to the radiated and devastated scenes of Tokyo in Tomoyuki Tanaka and Ishiro Honda's original 1954 'Gojira' capturing with somber respect and sadness the human toll in stark contrast to most summer blockbuster movies in recent memory (especially 'Man of Steel' and 'Star Trek Into Darkness') Gareth Edwards and Max Borenstein can now rightfully join the likes of Tomoyuki Tanaka, Ishiro Honda, Akira Ifukube and Eiji Tsuburaya as masters of Godzilla.
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