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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of destruction, mayhem and creature violence

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman jumps onto a man start kissing him, sex is implied (not explicit)
  • A wife kisses her husband and a phone call interrupts them; after the call, she kisses him goodbye several times as he is about to leave and she says that they will be apart again for some time and the camera abruptly cuts away to Japan. Sex may be implied. (not explicit)

Violence & Gore

  • Two monsters are shown attacking cities, killing people, and causing mass destruction. Godzilla's fights with other monsters are fairly violent and cause a lot destruction.
  • A female monster as tall as a skyscraper has six powerful, black legs and one pair of small legs, a wolf-like head with a beak and an abdomen filled with glowing red and black eggs; soldiers nearby find a nuclear device covered in white slime and a nuclear sub wrecked on land; the monster eats submarine parts and sends out a shockwave, followed by a fireball that kills many soldiers (we see them on the ground, dead from the blast but without blood or wounds).
  • Godzilla grabs the female by the head, holds her mouth stretched open, atomic breath down her throat and rips her head off to kill her, dropping the head into a bay (we see some black gore around the torn neck).
  • Godzilla dives under ships and a bridge in a bay while soldiers shoot at it without effect; it roars loudly and fights a screeching monster, each monster biting the other in the neck without bloodshed; several buildings fall and people run, screaming as Godzilla knocks the other monster out and then finds a female monster and they fight; the other male monster joins the fight and after all the monsters bite, screech and slap each another Godzilla grabs the male monster by the neck, breathes blue nuclear fire down its throat, and then uses its tail to slap it into a building to be killed.
  • A nuclear warhead explodes in a bay, sending a shockwave and flame toward the shore, knocking Godzilla out; the camera cuts to Godzilla lying on the ground and it begins to breathe, stands up slowly and walks into the bay as people cheer loudly.
  • We see an explosion in the night sky and a fireball falls to ignite part of a forest as a piece of flaming equipment hits the side of a hill and rolls away from the camera; two army scouts encounter a male insect-like monster and turn to see the train they just came from on fire and racing toward them; they fall into a river as a bridge collapses, and one of the men is rescued and we see him covered with dirt and crumbled concrete, and he has a bloody mouth and nose.
  • A soldier breaks the cap off a large gasoline supply, sending hundreds of gallons into a chamber where mutant eggs cover a nuclear device; a monster's black beak, mouth and fangs fill the screen as it screeches loudly and the gas ignites and burns all the eggs and an explosion throws the soldier to the ground (we see some blood and scrapes around his mouth and nose).
  • Power fails in vehicles, boats, ships and airplanes, sending three planes falling into the water (the occupants presumably die); a male insect-like creature stalks by and grabs a nuclear device from a ship, stomps through a city and gives the device to a much larger female creature after they rub beaks; buildings have fallen while empty cars have been smashed and the female creature destroys a part of town by stomping through it.
  • We see a huge gouge in the ground at a mine in the Philippines and hear that 40 men fell into the collapsed ground; inside, a group of men wearing hazmat suits discover many fossil vertebrae and ribs and a large, bony fossil that emits radiation on a Geiger counter.
  • A man with a bloody nose, mouth, and face sits on a medium-sized boat, dazed and unable to disarm a nuclear warhead on deck; the man falls over to his side and bright light fills the screen as an image of his dead father appears, telling him to continue his work; the camera cuts to a scene of a stadium filled with survivors of a monster attack and we see the man from the boat walking with a crutch and wearing a bandage and elastic support around his forearm and hand.


  • About 4 scatological terms, 4 mild obscenities and 19 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh God, Oh My God, God and Jesus.)
  • Name-calling (maniac, crazy, crackpot and cuckoo.)
  • Stereotypical references to the Japanese, Americans, the US military, scientists obsessed with a theory, men, women and parents.
  • "Damn it" is said once.
  • "Hell" and "Shit" are often used.
  • "Holy shit" is used a couple of times.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man sets a drinking glass of an unknown purple liquid on a table. May be implied that it's codeine (sizzurp).
  • We see mixed drinks on a tray in a casino.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The battles between Godzilla and MUTO are VERY intense.
  • Destruction is very heavy in the film as many civilians are killed.
  • The images of bodies and corpses on the beach and city aftermath can be disturbing to some.
  • A bird unexpectedly hits a window. This only serves for a small jump-scare.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A creature has its head ripped off, could be upsetting for some young viewers.
  • Godzilla falls over a few times, as if to die. Viewers might be led to believe that he died but he comes back.

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