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David Strathairn: Admiral William Stenz



  • Admiral William Stenz : This alpha predator of yours, doctor, do you really think he has a chance?

    Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : The arrogance of men is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around. Let them fight.

  • Admiral William Stenz : [on mobilizing warheads]  I know you don't agree with this. But my first priority is to safeguard our citizens.

    [Serizawa shows Admiral Stenz a watch] 

    Admiral William Stenz : It's stopped.

    Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : Yes. Eight-fifteen in the morning, August 6 1945.

    Admiral William Stenz : Hiroshima.

    Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : It was my father's.

  • Admiral William Stenz : Gentlemen, you are being sent in by a HALO jump. Now, I realize not all of you have had hands-on experience. Frankly, none of us have ever faced a situation quite like this one before. I would not be asking any one of you to take this leap if I did not have complete faith in your ability to succeed. Your courage will never be more needed than it is today.

  • Admiral William Stenz : This is our needle in a haystack, people. M.U.TO. Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism. It is, however, no longer terrestrial. It is airborne. Now, the world still thinks this was an earthquake and it would be preferable that that remain so. Before we lost sight of it, it was heading East across the Pacific and had emitted enough EMP disruption to create havoc with our radar and satellite feeds and reduce us, for the moment, to a strictly visual pursuit. I emphasize "for the moment," because we will get on our game and we will find this thing. It is imperative that we do so.

  • Admiral William Stenz : Doctor, what do you mean by "hunting"? You think it's chasing this M.U.TO.?

    Admiral William Stenz : But if the M.U.TO. is his prey... The signal shows a call. Why call up a predator?

    Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : No, it didn't. I think Godzilla was only listening. The M.U.TO. was calling something else.

  • Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : Gojira may be the answer. I believe he's here to restore balance. He can defeat them.

    Admiral William Stenz : And what? We just stand by and watch? I'm sorry, doctor. I can't take that risk.

  • [watching the other MUTO wreck havoc on the news] 

    Vivienne Graham : It's almost 300 feet. It's much bigger than the other one.

    Admiral William Stenz : This one doesn't have any wings.

    Vivienne Graham : A different sex?

    Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : ...A female.

    Vivienne Graham : THAT'S who he's been talking to.

    Dr. Ichiro Serizawa : It must be a mating call. The female remained dormant until the male matured.

    Vivienne Graham : Now they're seeking radiation... to reproduce!

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