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strtmanadammac9 September 2006
A definite must see for all Simpsons Fans.

It's funny, entertaining, believable, and the guest appearances are awesome.

Although I will not say what the opening couch gag is, i will say that it is one that many of you will prefer to see. I do not know if Lisa has played a repeated tune though.

The Storyline is Lisa is friendly to Fat Tony's son. As a sign of appreciation tony invites the Family over for dinner. As soon as Michael says he'd rather be a chef than take over his dad's role in the Mafia, Tony is shot by a rival family member. over the family business. Fat Tony's key assistants ask Michael to be the new king of the Mafia, but after he objects, Homer hits the plate and takes the mob on a major Spree.

This is an episode you do not want to miss.
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The Simpsons is Back!!!
adam26211 September 2006
The Simpsons is finally back for its 18th season and what many believe its last season. Season 18 kicked off with a great episode with great guest stars. We all know about the downfall this show took after season 9 but It looks like the funny is coming back.

This episode is full of great visual jokes and the couch gag was very funny. It's always good to see Fat Tony and its great to see an expanded version of his life and how he has a son. Although I thought the opening Act didn't help establish the story to much once Act 2 came around it really picked up.

If this is what we are in for this season I simply cant wait! and thats something I haven't been able to say about The Simpsons for some time.
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Something for Simpsons and The Godfather fans
FilmBuff19948 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This is a brilliant Simpsons episode and I think it will appeal to fans of The Simpsons and fans of The Godfather,the episode starts with the kids going on the bus to school and Otto has none of his usual heavy rock to listen to,he then discovers Metalica and asks them would they like to take a ride but Otto then discovers that Bart drove off with the school bus he then makes it to the school and gives Bart a spanking,with Principal Skinner not very pleased with him decides to fire him so Marge decides to pick up a few kids to drop to the school and the kids then discover that a kid in their school called Michael is the son of Fat Tony and everyone starts being scared of him Lisa then finds out that all Michael wants is to be a chef but is scared to tell his dad,Lisa then encourages him to make something for Fat Tony and other members of the mafia they then decide to shoot Fat Tony so Michael,Homer,and Bart take care of his gang while he is in the hospital.
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The best episode in years
astronautlovetriangle14 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Finally, it seems like the creators of "the Simpsons" have found out what has always been the base of their success and the element missing in the recent episodes, making them somewhat less interesting. Finally, they came back to have their characters live their unique roles, without tanking it to the max and spoiling the credibility. And the came back to pack the right amount of story into app. 20 minutes, as well as the right kind & amount of jokes, the right amount of movie references, and the right kind of involvement of all the classic characters the series has to offer. Although the episode is by far not the first adaptation of the Godfather theme by the Simpsons, it might well be the best of them. The characters, the music, the cinematic effects - but not taking it too seriously. Instead, presented in a humorous way which at the same time pays honor to the original. Fantastic.
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Incredible spot-on Fat Albert reference
Parker Lewis13 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Much has been said about the Godfather homage in this fine episode of The Simpsons, which is from season 18. At the time some observers thought this could be the final season of The Simpsons, but the series is now powering on to season 30!!

Michael Imperioli was an inspired choice to voice Dante Jr, and maybe there should be a spin-off for Fat Tony called "Fat Tony".

One of my favorite laugh-out lines is when Homer mocks the speech pattern of a character, mocking him with the classic line, "He's talking' like the guy in Fat Albert!" Love it!! Yes, I remember Fat Albert, and I know which character Homer is referring to, and finally the character is immortalized in The Simpsons!
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A Godfather parody? This was awful!
richard.fuller117 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Mantegna seems to be the one 'guest star' for a recurring character the Simpsons can get with no problem.

Unfortunately, it isn't grand to see Fat Tony appear again like Sideshow Bob, or even his brother, Cecil, whom I believe appeared for only one episode.

As it is, this was simply a terrible episode. You are about halfway thru the cartoon before you finally hear from Homer, and even then, he doesn't deliver anything new or memorable.

So Fat Tony is out, he turns to HOmer to fill in for him? Usually when in past episodes Krusty the Clown or Mr. Burns or Mayor Quimby would turn to Homer for assistance, there was a comical link for WHY they turned to Homer.

There wasn't one here with Fat Tony.

And the episode seemed confused about what the plot was supposed to be; was it Bart and Homer becoming the Godfathers or was it Michael wanting out of the family business? And Godfather jokes? Where was the horsehead in the bed bit? I would watch The Simpsons on my own and with my nephew.

My nephew is over twenty now and probably doesn't look at the show anymore, and I rather felt the show had run its course as well.

This episode didn't do anything to change my mind about that! I do rather suspect this could be and should be the final season of the Simpsons (and then all of that other rubbish like American Guy and Family Dad will vanish as well), so I will make it a point to watch the ending of what was once a great show, but the premiere episode of this season is clearly a sign that watching The Simpsons is going to be very difficult.
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Worst. Episode. Ever.
daveyellis10 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I can't believe this was the season opener. I am a huge fan of the Simpsons and this episode didn't even get a chuckle from me. I don't know what happened to the regular writers (maybe they are working on the movie) but this lot needs to be fired. Please bring back the regular writers!

There were so many obvious jokes/gags, but there were also some nonsensical beats. For instance, why was it funny that Bart wouldn't give Lisa a seat on the bus? Why is it funny that his skateboard says 'EVIL' on the underside? Why is it funny that Otto listens to Grand Funk Railroad? And why did he see a dragon that spoke? Seriously, are the interns writing for the show now?

Also, when the school kids find out about Fat Tony's son then everyone does the obvious gag of kowtowing to him, first Nelson, then Willie, then the music teacher, the kids in the lunch room and then Nelson again. It wasn't even a funny gag.

I hope the season improves or else this sharked has finally been jumped for one of my favorite shows. I almost had to watch 'American Dad' to cleanse my palette...almost.
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