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Season 1

25 Sep. 2007
Pilootaflevering (pilot)
Recent college graduate Sara De Roose, a rather unsightly good worker without any fashion-sense, auditions for the job -also coveted by the bitchy receptionist Britt Van Hove- of executive secretary in fashion enterprise Présence, to gentleman Simon Van Wyck, the successful commercial director above designer Marnix Standaardt, who just heard his father Léon Van Wyck is finally about to step down as director general (CEO) and leaves the choice of his succession to the board, which means the financial director Alexander de Lannoy, orphaned son of the other co-founder, ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.2
Now Sara has dragged drunk commercial director Simon from his Porsche just before it exploded after the fashion show, saving his life without serious injury so he can come to work the next morning, his father, CEO Léon who's about to step down, insists Simon must show his appreciation; when he learns Sara is a college graduate who wanted the executive assistant job, Simon decides to give her that job; as his fiancée Helena insists to keep Britt on, the compromise is to create as second EA job, but instead of sharing the office desk with Britt, Sara gets a glorified ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.3
The reconverted filing cabinet she must use as office makes Sara consider to decline the secretary job, but that changes when Simon's division of labor almost turns rival Britt into the window-dressing. The mysterious ex-con Koen is back in Antwerp, and seems to blame Thomas for his sentence. Sara notices Simon's "business meeting" is actually fashion journalist Brenda, a floozy, and tries to cover versus his fiancée Helena, who hears about it from Britt. Still nobody listens to Sara about the errors she alone spotted in the Powerpoint presentation, which Helena ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.4
Simon still insists to Helena that Brenda is just an ex and a fashion journalist, but shares a hotel room with the old bag in boxer shorts, claiming his engagement to Helena is to get her vote for the CEO post. Sara is caught trying to spy in Alexander's PC, gets invited to go out by ex-con Koen when he hears her tell to Arne she likes runner Thomas, who is hitting with the new supplies clerk, then gets dumped by Britt with the hurried representatives from the Dutch firm Van Veen, who are not amused Simon is absent at the agreed time; her clumsiness amuses them enough...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.5
Supply clerk An Verbiest is happy to hear from runner Thomas he isn't engaged either, while Simon is a hopeless flirt. Desperate now Simon seems to have turned against her, Sara accepts to go out with Koen and writes a farewell notice. Alexander sees his CEO cards go sour when Simon pops champagne: Van Veen has placed its major order. He tells Sara to tear up the resignation she just failed to nick from his desk and even that he needs a woman like her; she stupidly imagines that to be meant romantically. When she refuses to give information about Présence, Koen dumps ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.6
The board vote for the next CEO approaches. Britt plays double game, promising Alexander to sabotage Simon's presentation while kissing his lieutenant Lieven. In the pub, Anne is surprised how strongly Thomas feels about Koen's verbal abuse of Sara; when Arne shows the ex-con the door, Thomas even fights to enforce the expulsion; later his mother Ellen embarrasses the brave gentleman in the firm as if he were an unruly schoolboy. Alexander plants doubt in the mind of founder Léon, Simon's own father's, about spying on his files using Sara. Sara switches the ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.7
Sara was happy to see Simon triumphant at his acceptance champagne reception, even got commended for her help, but appalled to be ordered to put his reckless bet with Alexander on paper and sad he's taking his father's office and leaving her in the converted broom-closet, now far from him. Even Sara's dad Hans, the only one who bothered to bring colleague Martine to hospital and visit her, thinks Sara is too good to rush pucking up Simon who's thrown out of his taxi for throwing up drunk as a skunk and help him change shirt in his office before he heads for his ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.8
Helena fixates on Simon's changed shirt, supposing him unfaithful, ironically the one time he was too drunk to cheat on her; Britt eagerly confirms Simon lied about being with her all night, Sara saves his bacon by bringing in the vomit-soiled shirt, as reward he decides to keep his office close to hers. Thomas barks bitch Britt off, his bossy mother nags such a dangerous enemy can easily cost him his job, hinting at some earlier drama. Designer Marnix isn't prepared to work even harder to serve Simon's ambitions, and considers his plan to launch a perfume line '...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.9
Alexander refuses to give Sara numbers for her efficiency study, but fails to get his sister Helena on his side, she even intends to work out an alternative plan for Simon with Britt. Sara's dad Hans is finally tempted to try his grateful colleague Martine's car; their nursery boss Roger is as grumpy and impatient as always. When Simon plays with Lieven on the 'ideal partner choice' DVD he confiscated from Britt this stirs another of Sara's absurd pink dreams about him as her adoring lover. Meanwhile Simon keeps fooling around with Brenda behind Helena's back, working...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.10
Designer Marnix obviously won't hear about saving on fabrics, so the CEO intends to replace some top-quality used for the creations with knock-offs for actual production. Marnix gets wind of it, and Alexander dares him to make his theatrical threat to leave serious. Sara realizes she should demand a pay fitting her new responsibilities, but swallows her complaint about the minimum wage for Simon's bet's sake. Thomas's mother Ellen De Graeve admits to a colleague she always told the boy his -in fact emigrated- father was dead, but he just returned to Belgium. Simon ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.11
Gay designer Marnix teases hot runner Thomas about his straight crush for Annie. Simon has another flirt date, swimming with model Margot. Since Helena viciously opposes Sara collecting 'her' shops' sales data for Simon's business plan, Sara gets them working with Arne from his pub PC; they are quite disappointing, so Simon decides on the spot to launch a publicity campaign, Sara should budget it. Britt and Helena spot Lieven dating Brenda. Ex-con Koen taunts Thomas.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.12
Thomas is embarrassed by the theft -as he suspects by Koen- of the GPS from the Présence van he neglected to close up properly; his ma worries Koen will become as big a problem as 'before', Marnix promises to cover the boy if necessary, but Thomas decides to pay for a new one himself. Britt and Alexander manage to sneak into Sara's computer guessing her password is 'Simon' but Simon catches them before they had a good look at the numbers. Sara's pa Hans's colleague Martine has to help him start his ancient car, he finally asks her price for hers. To Simon's surprise, ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.13
The rumor Présence would close some shops causes panic, especially with Anne whose mother works in one, but after a threatening visit from her labor union mate and Steven, Simon tells Helena it was just a hypothesis, Sara has an alternative: a contest for Antwerp's graphics students, dead cheap, and carried by the board. Now he needs money for a car, dad Hans insists even more Sara should go for a more fitting wage. Flattery won't make Marnix consider any savings on fabrics. After Simon slips out to Marnix the wedding dress he designs for Helena won't be needed for ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.14
Sara picks Simon's initialed engagement ring for her rival Helena, but can't get it off after trying it for size; Lut helps her get it off, but now she drops it down the sink drain, Thomas gets it out but Simon gets it a day late and all dirty. Her dad Hans has decided to take a loan to buy Martine's car but the bank decides his income and mortgage disqualify him. Simon demands a year to prepare a wedding in style. Brit plays games to make Sara seem unreliable.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.15
When Sara takes dad's car loan on her name, he notices her minimal wage. Thomas and Annie get stuck in the elevator. Mother Ellen and girl-friend Annie decide last-minute to throw a surprise party in Arne's café for Thomas' birthday. When Marnix catches Lieven kissing Britt while searching Thomas, she suggests he sends Sara on an errand, who just arrived back, Simon is not amused, she grumbles to be demoted to interim runner, but is tickled-pink she 'must' receive the arts students submitting campaign ideas, but Britt makes Lieven allow her to handle part- the boys, ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.16
Only Alexander opposes Sara's campaign choice at the board: carried. Simon agrees to update her contract and charges her with a campaign budget, but the numbers confirm his 10% bet with Alexander is practically hopeless. Britt tries in vain to make personnel chief Lieven block Sara's promotion, then asks Helena the same raise. Silly Sara fantasizes the surprise party preparations are for her from Simon, till she's invited to Thomas's birthday. When Présence's computer network crashes, Britt claims Sara let a virus in, so she gets Arne, who solves it and e-mails around...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.17
While Thomas' party rocks, vindictive ex-con Koen swings his bat in the underground parking, especially at Sara's dad's 'new' car, and he had 'postponed' the insurance; Thomas guesses right. Lieven assures Simon he lets no girl sleep with him, just to avoid steady hassle. Simon's retired dad Leon clearly still worries about Présence. One consoling cuddle from Simon when she arrives late in tears sets her romantic fantasies in motion once more.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.18
An extra zero in a supply order has caused a huge overstock. Simon and Lieven try to hide the problem, especially for Alexander, Marnix refuses any cooperation, just now Simon's pa Leon drops by, bad for his heart. Sara is told to falsify the numbers, but Alexander finds out soon; Sara insists on a loan, based on her business plan, which banker Hermans pre-approves. After a written order to help solve the stock problem (recycling?) Marnix gives his notice, even Thomas can't find his designs portfolio, Simon has no choice but grovel in the designer's gay bar and agree ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.19
Marnix has his demands promised and triumphs in a rather ostentatiously queer way. Leo has an urgent cardiology appointment. The police has caught Koen, but he denies everything. Now she has no car, Thomas drives Sara to the golf club where he once was a professional caddy, to deliver business papers to Simon, only her cheap appearance means no-entry. Britt has financial problems, so she flirts and asks Lieven for a loan, in vain, then signs for papers from the bank she shows to Alexander, who tells her to open the envelop 'by accident', for which simple service she ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.20
While Alexander already knows as Britt opened the bank's envelop in Sara's name, Simon and Lieven conspire in the gym how to keep the loan secret. Simon reproaches Alexander to have read the papers, he counters the board will be asked for a check-up of all numbers, Helena leans rather to her brother. Simon's retired pa Leon promises his cardiologist to take it really easy but can't stop worrying about Présence. Sara is tickled when Simon promotes her to personal assistant, even retrograde, but is asked as a favor to doctor all numbers into a fake budget, and Arne ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.21
Thomas's innocent date makes Annie jealous. Arne brings Sara and Hans champagne to make up and celebrate her official promotion properly. Pa panics when the wallpaper proves beyond repair because he can't afford a professional, but Lut offers to do it for free. Simon suggests his parents should visit their foster child in Ivory Coast to distract dad Leon who has a weak heart. The bitchy battle of Simon's secretaries continues.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.22
Lieven joins the doubts about Sara's promotion, Simon still believes her despite the lie she threatened to fire Britt. Leon claims a clean bill of health and accepts to take an African holiday. Thomas is shunned because of his misunderstood date with Tine who kissed him till he gets a chance to explain properly. Alexander claims all numbers in Simon's absence, the boss insists they must doctor the accounting. Leon already knows about it but is turned away by Simon, Sara lies for him. Hans treats his wallpaper-volunteer to a home-cooked dinner, privately as Sara is ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.23
Simon orders Britt to buy a small gift for a girl, to be delivered by -oops- for Sara. At Lut's suggestion, Hans trades the wallpaper in for painting, the next day, they choose a red shade. Simon can't be bothered with his wedding details, least of all a day before another crucial board meeting. Sara worked late and arrives late next morning. When Simon blatantly tells Britt she's now Sara's subordinate, she's ready for Alexander's web; she sends Sara on a wild goose chase to Marnix, but instead of copying deletes the 'updated' numbers.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.24
Sara convinces Simon to delay the board meeting so she can re-enter the data Britt deleted; Alexander suggests to Leon it's dodgy, and urgently demands an audit; Alexander has a friend waiting to do it his way, Daniel De buck. Now Britt has refused the job, Marnix recruits Ann as creative fitting model; Thomas likes the sight, but an innocent cellphone photo he takes causes her to run off to Arne, where he brings her flowers and even uses the L-word, but doesn't want any colleagues to know. Meanwhile Simon goes on preparing the launch of a perfume line and lures ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.25
Britt and Helena are convinced Simon's lack of attention is work stress, actually it's just flirts and floozies, this time including perfume rep Michèle, who drops the engagement ring; Sara must retrieve it before Helena notices, launching a bubble bath and champagne fantasy with her as good as imaginary 'dream prince'. Thomas is back in favor, kissing in the lift. Britt no longer buys Lievens excuse his place is too messy to receive her, or anyone, she cancels their date; Alexander secretly desires her. Helena convinces Simon to take a day off together, so Sara gets ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.26
Sara has made an ass of herself by not noticing an obvious, hilarious anomaly on the publicity poster proof prints she approved: the boy's zipper is open! Simon is livid, orders the whole batch canceled to avoid ridiculing the firm Présence, but Helena agrees with Sara's suggestion to try it out as a humorous campaign, altering the slogan to 'nothing is perfect'. Simon's rude reaction finally gives Sara the courage to stand up for herself as she does way more then her job description entails and complain he's so often unavailable, with amazing results: she gets ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.27
Sara is proud to get Simon's commercial division's financial operations mandate. Alexander believes this only proves Simon is desperate the audit will bring him down, and complains to Leon, who asks Helen to reconcile the heirs. Simon shows Sara fine figures when Michèle Devos makes her perfume firm's offer, she's secretly jealous he has another flirt; Arne warns Sara she's probably being set up as stooge when the number dodging leads to a lawsuit. Thomas' mother Ellen De Graeve must choose: keep hid dad Patrick De Graeve (she made the kid believe he is dead) at ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.28
Simon chews Sara out for spilling coffee, then tells the board he won't tolerate further scheming against his authority. Dad Hans continues the house painting, Sara brings Chinese. Simon is down after a row with his fiancée and gets Sara for a pep-talk in a restaurant, as his personal confident, but says he's sure she ain't in love with him, then rushes out leaving her stranded with the bill and without transport. Simon's parents plan a drink on Présence before they depart for Ivory Coast.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.29
Simon demands Lieven's help to get cheaper fabrics from textile baron Felix Van Uytsel, then misses his parents' going away party. Hans manages to make up with his colleague so he'll get lifts again. Thomas saves Annie's bacon when she forgot to order copying paper; he doesn't know it, but the stock clerk in the shop is his dad Patrick De Graeve, Annie who recognizes him tells Ellen. Simon gives Sara homework while he will be on business trip to Milan, but first invites her along to Felix' grand evening party.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.30
Simon and Lieven are off to Milan, Sara is named the CEO's representative. She shows Felix's fabrics to designer Marnix, who is immediately convinced, but calls the prices excessive; Felix wines and dines her and throws in a fancy watch, to Britt's utter shouted fury. Thomas meets his dad Patrick (still ignoring each-others identity), who works in the storage of the shop where he'll regularly pick up paper for Présence, and is naturally drawn to him. Alexander has Brit ask other fabrics quotes. Simon suspects Felix's 30% rebate is at the expense of the quality...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.31
After Felix told her the rebate is based on partial substitution with polyester, Sara agrees to consider Alexander's alternative fabrics offers, but designer Marnix says he'll strike till Felix' good stuff is ordered. Britt keeps the expensive pen Felix sends to help Sara decide, and Alexander calls it bribery. Now the plant nursery is doing badly, dad Hans is at risk of firing, the pink slip follows in the mail. Daniel thanks Alexander for convincing his boss to promote him.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.32
Marnix uses cute runner Thomas as male fitting model. Felix and Sara are pleased to have signed the fabrics contract at a celebratory lunch, after talking to Arne she realizes his gifts smell after bribing- especially when she finds 50,000 Euros on her bank account, but intends to keep it now dad Hans is fired and his car was wrecked. Alexander shows Marnix the torn-up contract copy with Felix's impossibly low price, he reminds Sara he expects the best quality. Thomas takes Patrick's advice about caring courting, realizing he never took as much to a man old enough to ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.33
Thomas enjoys Ann's company, but is utterly sick of shopping, he rather joins Patrick in Arne's pub. Alexander is happy with Daniel's recording to bring Sara down for bribery, and her boss Simon, who just returned from Milan. When Sara offers her dad Felix' money and explains it's dirty, he insists she returns it at once. Simon says she should wait till he has considered the matter, then tells Lieven it could serve him to start a sports firm, all the risks remaining with Sara. Hearing Britt brags she'll get Sara's job after an axing, Simon orders Lieven to stay her ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.34
Britt's hope the tape will be Sara's end is frustrated, when Alexander plays it Simon's dismisses it, as Sara hoped, remarking it was cut. Dad Hans finds job-hunting hard, Sara suggests an interim agency. Simon tells Lieven he wants to use the foreign front firm he plans to found with Sara's money from Felix to cheat on VAT (sales tax), lets her do all the work but gives no details, only a 25% raise; Alexander gets wind of it but Britt can't get him details. Thomas and Ann exchange secrets. Simon lunches with reporter Brenda.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.35
Despite Arne's warning it smells like a dodgy front company, Sara intends to execute Simon's orders with the 5,000 Euro. Ann is disappointed Thomas's shared secret is his musical soft spot for old-fashioned singer Paul Anka, while she confessed she moonlights as nude model in art school, which he even wants her to give up, even before she admits she also draws, even male nudes. Helena nearly finds out about Simon and Brenda, but remains suspicious. Just then Michèle stops by, next Brenda. Sara was told to prevent designer Marnix discovering the lesser fabrics quality,...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.36
Having shared in Simon's anger after Britt blew the secret fabrics-substitution, Sara intends to leave Présence completely as her beloved CEO is unreasonable, his plea and promise no longer to use her for private matters convince her. When Leon calls from Ivory Coast, Marnix reassures him there is no serious problem, then gets Simon to bet: if the new collection sells less then last year's, they'll go to his gay bar the Pink Panther as drag queens. Thomas and Sara make practical preparations for the fashion show, but the abandoned factory site Marnix chose was just ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.37
Simon calls Lieven to a bar at night, getting desperate as the business seems to slip between his fingers. Fashion reporter Brenda Vermeulen's article is published; Simon promises revenge and blames Marnix, who tells Thomas and Ann it's time to look for another employer. Ingrate Simon pays no attention to Sara's announcement the new firm is ready. Alexander announces even before Brenda's scandal the firm's accounts are nearing bankruptcy under Simon. Sara suggests to Simon to risk Felix's 50,000 Euro speculating on the stock market, Arne promises to help her- it ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.38
Thomas really can't stomach Ann is drawing and even kissed hunky nude model Sven, gay Marnix' joking suggestion to pose himself gets a vicious reaction too, only Patrick understands him and convinces him to prove he's not excessively jealous. Sara's dad Hans is getting desperate for job prospects. Marnix guesses right Simon has new resources when he hears the fashion show and his quality fabrics will go trough, Alexander smells a rat. Britt hopes to be taken along to Turkey but Lieven says it's a working trip, she points out she would have to obey Alexander as acting ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.39
Simon takes Sara out lunching, Britt makes Lieven treat her. When Brenda calls, Simon rushes back to his office to meet her, but refuses to take her to Turkey- until she promises positive exclusive photo-shoot coverage. Thomas refuses to tell his ever nosy mother anything anymore, then goes to Arne's pub Chocolat talking with Patrick, ma sees them here, tipped off by Lut, who insists it's time to tell Thomas the truth. Sara convinces Simon her firm must give Présence a loan now, in case Alexander, who insists to stay behind during the shoot, arranges a thorough audit,...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.40
Thomas' terrible mood over Ann's nude model drawing and friendship with that very stud, Sven, makes mother Ellen think again whether to tell him Patrick is his dad, but the couple makes up. Leon tells Simon either he or Alexander must hold the fort in Antwerp during the Turkish photo-shoot. Simon tells Sara her firm is to be only a loan vehicle, without any actual activities, till Lieven, their only other confident, confirms the tax office would get suspicious: she gets a free hand, on her own responsibility. She's disappointed she must stay home watching Alexander, ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.41
Sara tries to convince herself Simon's trust outweighs missing out on Turkey, a prize the other girls go to great lengths for, Britt even throwing herself at the travel agent for an extra ticket. Now Thomas meets nude model Sven, a cop's son, they hit on, even go out together, but suddenly Ann objects. Ambitious Marnix and virtually broke CEO Simon agree on two models for the,photo-shoot, Marnix' choice, and best quality fabrics, paid for by another loan from Sara's front company.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.42
In order to keep Alexander in check during Simon's absence, Lieven must forgo the Turkey trip. Sven tells Ann his feelings for her are deeper then superficial friendship.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.43
Arne reassures Sara getting the top model Viviane Verminne, which Marnix absolutely wants, can't be too hard. Sven tells Ann he saw in his cop ma's computer Thomas has a criminal record, he's furious when she blames him for not telling her, even invites Sven for a drink instead of Thomas, whom she tells she lost her trust in him. Britt accidentally knocked Sara a bloody nose and deliberately gets chewing gum in her hair, jealous to learn Sara is to negotiate with the modeling agency, where she gets a facial make-over from ex-model Mrs. Bossiers, but is told Viviane is...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.44
Top model Viviane Verminne's present employer accepted a bid from Sara to let her off there for three days, but Simon didn't now yet, tried to charm her, a former flame, and is told that blows it anyway; Sara lies to take the blame. Thomas is desperate now Ann no longer trusts him, blows off at Marnix, at Arne where he gets thrown out as a drunk and at Patrick; only the last -his dad, neither knows yet- gets him to tell in tears, they find to be both Paul Aka fans. Sven is tired of Ann's endless ranting about Thomas. Alexander is furious Simon leaves him behind but ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.45
Sara taking Britt's front desk is reason for havoc but goes trough now the Turkey-party leaves Présence headquarters, including Britt, who wasn't invited but scammed a ticket, and even invites herself to Simon's hotel room. In Antwerp only Lieven still stands by Sara, who resists Alexander's first verbal assault; Arne is her witness for the notary's deed to found 'her' firm. Marnix couldn't choose two models, but finally follows Thomas's suggestions, whose Paul Anka music strikes Lut. When Sven refuses to be told off Ann by Thomas, the desperate lover gets violent. ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.46
Simon dines and wines his fiancée romantically on the pier, their only evening without Marnix' Présence photo-shoot crew, who arrive the next morning, even photographer Bo is under his tyrannical orders, but complains to Simon. Sara and Arne are proud to have founded her firm, baptized Ecomoda, Alexander catches them putting the papers in a company safe. Ann tells Lut Sven wasn't an interesting conversationalist in Arne's pub. Hans prefers Lut's home cooking-invitation to Martine's fancy restaurant date. The accountant accepts Alexander's orders to deliver the ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.47
Britt asks Brenda to suggest a compromise for Marnix and photographer Bob's dispute whether to shoot the models out or in the water; her idea to do it on a yacht is a hit, she's promised a private thank-you from Simon, for which Britt provides the excuse: the start of a cycle of lies and deception... Ann stays late in the office so Lut can go cook for Hans, and thus overhears Thomas tell 'to Lut' how he loves and misses her and regrets his fight with nude art model Sven, whose silence about it both admire; the lovebirds finally make up. After wining in Arne's pub, ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.48
Sara phones to Simon the quarterly figures are even worse then expected: 18% down. Thomas and Ann tell each-other between kisses they're both virgins. Lieven gets Lut to redecorate Sara's broom closet office as a surprise, she accepts if Thomas, Ann and Hans may help; to get her out Lieven gives her a ticket first class to bring Simon the full report in Turkey. While the photo-shoot goes great, gay Marnix melts burning with desire for a hot Turkish stud, Simon has a quickie on the yacht with a model, yet escapes getting found out.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.49
Thomas takes Patrick's advice in Arne's pub: the main thing about a first time is to take one's time, then refuses categorically to tell his far too nosy ma anything about a girl-friend. In Turkey, where the shoot goes well, Sara has arrived despite Marnix's perfectionism angering photographer Bob, according to Lieven's plan but to Simon's anger. Meanwhile the renovation of Sara's office progresses well, even gets her a fine city view, but Alexander orders her safe moved to his office and calls his friend, accountant Daniel, who puts him in contact with ex-con Koen ...
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.50
Thomas and Ann volunteer to clean the brushes so they can fool around in Sara's office. Thomas pays Koen 5,000 Euro to get the documents out of Sara's safe. In Turkey, drunk and cranky Simon shouts at Sara to leave him in peace, she falls from the yacht and experiences him diving after her as romantic; he got nightmares, they meet sleepless on the beach, but he's off fast. Back home, she is kept out of her office long enough and hands Alexander the quarterly figures before the safe is cracked.
25 Sep. 2007
Episode #1.51
Sara is delighted with her now bright office, to Britt's furious envy, only Alexander still seems a valid ally for her. Thomas enjoys fooling around enough to suggest living together, An fears their low budget would make that a recipe for frequent fights. Simon promises Felix cash payment for a 20% rebate, Lieven fears another Ecomoda-loan to pay for it gives Sara even more power. After Britt's gazes at her safe after it is moved back into her office, Sara moves the papers to Arne's. Offended by an urge to speed up his new collection, Marnix takes a day off to visit ...
5 Dec. 2007
Episode #1.52
Simon refuses Sara's thank you-office plant, scorned Sara wants moral revenge by building up Ecomoda, but can't spend enough time on it, so she hires Arne to do most of the work. Marnix' absence inspires the lovebirds further frolicking in his sanctuary. Simon is delighted to hear Ecomoda is starting to trade in fabrics, so Présence can easily absorb it later, Lieven finds growth even more scary. Alexander pays Koen his half up-front the burglary, which he specifies in detail, and lets him in. Ellen blames An for son Thomas's intention to move out.
6 Dec. 2007
Episode #1.53
Sara and Arne -who ignores Alexander's sneer to wait for her outside- hope to maximize Ecomoda's profit on fabrics by wholesale. Hans and Lut are amazed how clumsy Sara is in the kitchen; his colleague is also fired. Thomas and Ann enjoy another private evening in absent Marnix's domain, night watcher George nearly catches them. Lieven warns Simon Britt may be on to Ecomoda. Koen sneaks past George, beats the safe but finds only cash, not the documents Alexander hired him for, Thomas hears something while going to the johns.
7 Dec. 2007
Episode #1.54
Nightguard George finds innocent Thomas standing at the emptied safe, a body-search shows only condoms; Simon decides no police and believes in his innocence, but he feels shunned and mistrusted, even by Ann, as he tells Patrick. Simon is relieved the papers were not in the safe, but without the money he must cancel Felix' cash contract, Marnix says without his fabrics only five pieces per shop may be sold, which means he wins the drag queen bet. Sara has an idea: buy alternative fabrics from Ecomoda. Koen breaks off all contact with Alexander.
10 Dec. 2007
Episode #1.55
After the safe robbery, Alexander is certain Simon dares not tell the police because he and Sara keep secrets for the board. Marnix can only be persuaded to help Sara select Ecomoda's new fabric suppliers by keeping his drag queen promise, prepared painfully professionally. Arne takes charge to rush the search for fabric samples. Hans learns sacked ex-colleague Martine is disappointed in her husband. Lieven reminds Britt he's still not even considering a steady relationship. Sara warns Ann she must stand by her despairing boy-friend Thomas.