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Teaser trailer for new horror comedy Zombie Driftwood

With comic book adaptation The Walking Dead getting rave reviews on the small screen, stories involving reanimated horrors are refusing to lie down any time soon.

Next to jolt back into gruesome life is Zombie Driftwood, a low-budget British horror comedy which launches at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square, London, on November 19 and 20. A trailer for the film is included below.

When American passengers on a Caribbean cruise ship are mysteriously turned into zombies, one of the last outposts of the British Empire finds itself under siege by a grisly army intent on cannibalism, boozing... and souvenir shopping.

Zombie Driftwood is set in the Cayman Islands and tells the story of a group who defend a beach bar from the oncoming forces of zombie armageddon.

Caught up in the mayhem are the members of a touring British metal band and a zombie Hitler who hopes to lead the
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