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Surprisingly Hilarious
Datura61825 April 2007
I was able to catch a screening of 'Superbad' last night in NYC and I was very pleased with the movie. I'm sure most will compare this to an 'American Pie' like comedy, but it's so much more than that. There were some "shock value" moments, but very well done to tip the scale more to funny than to gross.

It is a teen movie, so 'Superbad's plot is obviously basic. It's the performances of the 3 friends (Seth, Evan, and 'McLovin' Fogell) that really make it great. I am big Michael Cera fan thanks to the brilliant TV series "Arrested Development", and other fans will be delighted to see his equally hilarious performance as Evan. The movie has the sexually driven banter and gross outs that will appeal to 'American Pie' viewer and the smart timing and acting that will appeal to the 'Arrested Development' viewer. What was really surprising to me was the touching (platonic) relationship that Evan and Seth have. Also, 'McLovin' Fogell, is an absolute nerdy delight.

The only negative thing I noticed that it was a bit drawn out toward the middle, but it really picks up after. Overall it's a great time and might just be a success at the box office. Bad teen comedies are a dime a dozen, but 'Superbad' is a shiny golden egg!
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Funniest Movie I've Seen In A Long Time
unscripted126 July 2007
I got to see an advanced screening the other night, complete with an interview with the cast. I figured this movie could go either way, especially when you consider "40 year-old Virgin" and "Knocked Up" were funny and entertaining, but they weren't exactly loved by all.

I am happy to say this movie was wonderful. The jokes are crude, but dead on, and unlike recent movies with a similar style, like "Clerks 2," the plot moves on without any real downtime (you know, where the plot slows the progress of humor and you find yourself checking your watch). Jonah Hill and Michael Cera have that best friend chemistry that this movie required as well as being dead on with their jokes. The real star of the movie, however, was newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who took the role of Fogell and OWNED it. I got the chance to chat with the actors and I was not only surprised to hear that both Mintz-Plasse and Michael Cera are 18 and 19 respectively.

For the type of movie this is and the brilliant script that Seth Brogen has presented, there is no reason why anyone, young or old, can't relate to this off-the-wall comedy. See this movie!
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Hilarious and also in many ways heartwarming.
wwe79617 October 2010
This movie is one of the funniest of the 21st century. The jokes are hilarious, and it is spoken by a great cast. Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Seth Rogen, and others are excellent in their roles. The characters they play you really latch on to you. They are extremely likable in many ways. The dialogue is also superb. It's a fast moving script that gives many great lines by the end of the movie. Also at the end I sorta felt some happiness. It's one thing to make me laugh throughout, but to make a vulgar comedy like this actually make my heart warm is a very big plus. It's a film about friendship, and that message manages to find its way through all the vulgar stuff.

4 stars out of 4
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Absolutely hilarious!!!
nrbucco-114 April 2007
I have been lucky enough to see two advanced screenings of Superbad in Burbank. It is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. When I read the summary, I was a bit skeptical. The "high school comedy" is not exactly my cup of tea. My love for Michael Cera's performance in Arrested Development drove me to the theater and man was I glad I went. This is not your typical high school comedy. The writing is much smarter and funnier and the acting is superb. This movie so far transcends American Pie and its ilk that it cannot really even be compared. Go see this movie!!! I have a feeling it is going to go off the charts once the buzz gets around about how hilarious it is.
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Best Teen Comedy Since the Original "American Pie!"
Mehrdad117 July 2007
Well, I just got back from the Superbad screening tonight (thanks to the folks at MySpace) and I must say that this is a very special teen movie. It has that same element of transporting you back to your high school days that the original American Pie had. Michael Cera does great as the awkward teenage kid, basically a reprise of his role as George Michael on Arrested Development. But it is Jonah Hill who absolutely rules this movie! He had me laughing from the beginning to the end. His "silly fat-kid" character is the only one in the history of movies that shows what it truly feels like to be the funny fat kid in high school. I should know, I was one! Gosh, I just can't believe how well he portrayed the unmitigated hell that was P.E.! Emma Stone and Martha Maclsaac also give very realistic depictions of teenage girls. None of that fake, over the top nonsense. The most over-the-top character was "McLovin" himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who did a great job of having us laugh with him as much as we did at him.

All in all, I think that everyone should be sure to watch this movie when it comes later this summer.
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Excellent, hilarious teen movie with likable characters, for a change.
Ben Morse15 July 2007
Superbad is a teen movie. It also will draw comparisons to American Pie, in it's "losers try to get laid" themes, and occasional gross-out comedy. But the comparison is unfair - Superbad is a funnier, more subversive and more importantly genuine movie than American Pie or any of it's awful sequels were. The three central characters have a believable, likable relationship, that the film takes time to establish. Cera, Hill (who deserves special praise, for turning what could have been a really unlikeable character into a sweet, if loud-mouthed and crass, teenager) and Mintz-Plasse bounce of each other perfectly. The movie creates some funny situations, and more importantly, hilarious dialogue throughout. Aside from one comedic misfire - an overly long (and poorly judged) gross out sight gag involving a pair of trousers and a dance - Superbad had me laughing constantly. It's sweet, it's funny as hell, and it's established a load of new talent.
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Holy Crap This Movie Was Amazing!!!!
dafteskimo18 July 2007
Okay, so today i went to an advanced screening of this movie. It was really last minute and I didn't know much about it other than it was from the makers of The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up and it looked pretty funny.

I expected it to be funny, but my expectations were blown out of the water. It was extremely smart and pretty much believable. Well, some of the situations are a little ridiculous, but what's a good comedy without a little nonsense? But the characters were all so awesome.

There were a few parts where i was a little uncomfortable. There are some pretty explicit drawings in it so you might not want to see it with younger siblings or parents. But I'm telling you, this movie was super funny.
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Definitely the best Apatow-group film yet
MovieAddict201619 April 2008
I enjoyed "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," but didn't feel it was entirely worthy of all the enormous acclaim it garnered. And for all the praise "Knocked Up" received, I thought it was fairly average. So I wasn't expecting much from "Superbad." However, I'd have to say it's the smartest and funniest Apatow film yet. I know he didn't direct it, but his influence is distinct. And in the past I've felt indifferent towards Apatow's brand of humour, but combined with Rogen's sensitivity towards the teen condition here, it works really well.

People have compared it to John Hughes' better teen comedies, but I don't think the approach is entirely similar. "Superbad" is cruder, ruder, a bit more focused on the sex & alcohol jokes. But it works really well because it captures that dynamic - better than "American Pie" because it invests more care into its characters. One of the strengths of "Pie" over other films in its genre (such as, say, "Slackers") has always been its characters, and "Superbad" similarly relies on its characters for support. Plus, it's just really funny.

The performances all around are pretty funny, even if the Fogell/McLovin pop culture references are ruining a good joke (kind of like "Yeah, baby!!" ruined Austin Powers when 20-year-old frat boys around the country thought it would be funny to shout the phrase every five seconds).

Jonah Hill and Michael Cera have great chemistry and another one of the strengths of this film is that its teenage characters actually do look their age (even though Hill is in his early 20s, he still passes as a senior). But it was Bill Hader and Seth Rogen who stole the show for me as the clueless cops.

Overall this is just a funny, well-made film with heart. It doesn't mock its characters or their predicaments but casts a knowing eye on the high school experience. It captures all this very well and was certainly, in my opinion, far superior to "Knocked Up."
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One of the best comedies of the year
vovazhd3 November 2007
Superbad may look like a typical high-school movie on the cover, but its actually much more. It follows a trio of high-school seniors that decide to have one last party before leaving for college (and one last shot at grabbing a girl). The trio consists of Seth, Evan, and Fogell. They make a likable main cast that is very easy to compare to. Their acting style is ideal for this type of film. Joining them are several other intriguing characters. My favorite were the two police officers, Slater and Michaels. Pretty much every scene with them made me laugh; from their references to other movies to the spoofs on being an officer, its classic slapstick comedy.

The plot is definitely a strong point, unlike many comedies today. Most of the movie follows two distinct plot lines that join up at the end. Inter-weaved in the plot are countless jokes that kept me laughing almost the whole time. The plot itself involves booze, partying, and law enforcement, and somehow works these in to make a very absorbing story. Also, the particularly close friendship between Seth and Evan is an element that surpasses the comedy genre. The plot as a whole has plenty of unrealistic details, but manages to successfully meld comedy with some deeper meaning.

The comedy aspects are some of the best ever. Some of the jokes were a little disgusting (mainly the part about Seth's childhood), but I gotta admit they were hilarious. The beer aspects were pretty cool, and the sexual jokes did their thing. The law enforcement spoofs and McLovin gags were probably my favorite.

The movie as a whole is among the better comedies ever. I liked it more than Knocked Up (7/10). It still suffers from some of the weaknesses inherent in the comedy genre, but has a lot more value than most movies nowadays. Highly recommended for people in high school or college, and also recommended (albeit to a lesser degree) for everyone else.
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The only film I was compelled to walking out of
shamalicious11 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I would give this film a negative rating if I could. Although saying that, I'm not sure if I can give it a fair rating because I walked out of the cinema.

This was by far the worst film I have EVER seen, and I've seen a few bad ones! The characters are annoying, and there was no dialogue apart from all the possible profanities you can think of. Don't get me wrong, crude can sometimes be funny, hell I quite liked American Pie and 40 Year Old Virgin, but they at least had a bit more depth than this waste of our money. Cringe factor out of 10 was 100000 for this movie. It was vile, truly vile. I lasted till the part with "the blood" (those who have seen it will know what I'm talking about), when I looked at my boyfriend and we both decided enough was enough.

It takes a lot to make me truly uncomfortable when watching a movie but Superbad took it to a whole new level. Please don't waste an hour and a half of your life watching this garbage.
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Hilarious, gross, yet smart movie
vincelutton18 July 2007
Superbad was an absolutely hilarious film. There were so many mind bogglingly hilarious one-liners in the film that I will need to watch it again to see which ones I missed while I was laughing. This is one movie that I will definitely watch every time they rerun it on cable in the future. It had its completely gross-out teen moments, but those were grounded by its hilariously absurd and witty (also gross) conversations. Michael Cera was great, and most Arrested Development fans should find his performance here just as entertaining as his take on the George Michael character he played on that show. He is absolutely awkward and downright hilarious. Jonah Hill is the funniest he has ever been, confidently spouting out uproariously funny lines at every hot girl in sight.
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As others have said - Superbad is superbad
pnixon1825 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Thought this was going to be funny. Turned it off half-way through and replaced it with Fast Times to try to relieve the depression "Superbad" thrust upon us.

This was a weird buddy movie. "Friends" talking about how to hide a boner and how great it felt? Are you kidding me? Reminded us of those feminine deodorant commercials where the women talk about their problem "odor". Huh??? I agree with the poster who laughed when the fat kid got knocked over by the car - that was funny for all the wrong reasons. And then the guy jumps out and says "I'll do anything?" I was waiting for him to offer "sexual favors". And when the two got into the car with the guy, I was waiting for them to be driven to be raped by a bunch of older guys or something.

The two cops reminded me of Cadets Blankes and Harris, and I would not have been the least surprised to see a Blue Oyster Bar prominently featured.

There seemed to be a strong sexual overtones throughout the movie, but it involved Seth, Evan, and McLovin and little else.
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This film is SUPER-BAD!
This film sucks! To me, it is just the film "American Pie" dressed up, re-shaped and tells the story of hormone-driven teens who decide to drink and try to get laid. Not much story anymore. Every teen movie now-a-day's take the story from "American Pie" and try to cover it up and pass it off as an "original" story? It's not. Lame over-acting to attempt to make the teenagers of this generation "laugh"/lame script/lame story that HAS BEEN USED NUMEROUS TIMES IN TEEN-FILMS. I don't know how people can class this as "comedy." It was funny first time round when "American Pie" was released but now that there is soo many movies released that show hormone-driven teens, under the influence of alcohol who want to have sex, my love for the original "American Pie" (which was at one time one of my favourite films) has worn off! Superbad (2007) is SUPER-BAD!!
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Very disappointed.
treezy-112 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is not the sort of film that I would normally watch. I saw a preview for it, and thought that very thing and discounted it. However, several factors made me rethink this decision, including two 4 star ratings in Empire Magazine and the local paper, and hearing that it was done by the same guy that was in Knocked up (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

So, last night I went.

And it was awful. From the first scene I wanted to leave, but I can't leave films ever (just in case they improve). I thought the character of Seth was completely unlikeable. He was insensitive, rude, obnoxious, incredibly crass - actually I can't think of a single redeeming quality. Evan's character was nice and it just didn't make sense for them to be friends.

I just think that it didn't know whether it wanted to be over the top crazy-funny (which might have worked better) or just normal funny (which IMHO really didn't).

McLovin was probably the best thing in the film, but even the few bits where I chuckled could not save the film. It was a shame as it had a great opening titles sequence.

And while I could definitely get the Evan and Becca thing, the Seth and Jules thing just didn't work, as he is such a horrible person, and she actually had substance. Just because Seth carried Evan, doesn't mean he doesn't still think about women like they are a piece of meat.

I just don't get how this film is so highly rated. I simply don't.
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Stupid beyond belief
bbvaughn118 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I've heard tag lines that this movie will be "this generation's Porky's." Not even close. Tries way, way too hard and as a result is just plain stupid. Every other word is the F-word? Um, yeah, that gets old real fast. The plot is as old as they come: Male high school student buddies have two weeks 'til graduation, want to have sex before said school is out, must get alcohol along the way or this quest is apparently meaningless, experience unrealistic obstacles along the way, blah, blah, blah (yawn). Nothing unique here whatsoever. Just when there's an opportunity for a clever, funny line they decide "Hey, let's pepper that line with more F-words." Well, at least it lives up to its name, it is Superbad.
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It wasn't super but it was bad
tinchy2112 May 2009
Giving it 1 and even that's generous. Grossly overrated movie i've ever came across, really makes me question people's morality and intelligence at the same point. Looking at it as a female made me scared. Seeing that nothing has changed, women are still inferior and only serve for some sexual object and that is it. Ugly guy gets a model looking girl...but could an ugly girl get a model looking guy? It's pure brainwashing, seeding false morality and abominated view upon women. I really am scared it got such high rating...what kind of a person thinks this is even remotely funny? I'm not a Christian i'm not 60 years old either. I'm 24 and a female and i do have values that seem to be lost or rare to find in this days society. Sadly. If you have similar point of view as i do don't even bother with this garbage of a movie. Waste of your money, time and brain cells. It felt like my IQ has lowered after watching it.

Sorry for any possible grammar mistakes, English isn't my native language.
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Astonishingly bad
Tin Tin-31 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Something that hasn't been picked up as frequently as I suspected it might have been is the 'trivia' section fact that the idea for this, er, 'movie' was dreamt up by two 13-year-olds.

Boy, does it ever show. In 30+ years of movie-going I have never seen such a pile of puerile, unfunny, self-indulgent nonsense.

Quite disgusting, and it's incomprehensible to me that anyone over the age of ten could find this plot less mess amusing or worthwhile.

Thankfully it's no longer the case but to see this odious crap in the IMDb top 250 a few weeks ago was staggering. It's slipped away now that the brain damaged people who rate this film have left their '10' and been readmitted to their secure unit.

At one point, this film rated higher than Scarface. The latter film is the topic of discussion and retrospectives well over two decades after its release and I would bet than in another couple of decades people will still be talking about Tony Montana's exploits. 'Superbad', if there is a God, will be forgotten by Christmas. Amen to that.

Avoid this prurient rubbish at all costs, unless you have a mental age of 10, in which case 'Superbad' is the mothership.
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The name says it all.
perbaby216 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I tried to enjoy this movie. I gave more effort into trying than I've ever attempted. It was a sorry excuse for a movie. I'm sure this movie adds more to the stereotype of how truly messed up American culture is...teenagers consumed with sex, beer, and drugs, who have an EXTREMELY limited vocabulary. The only reason I didn't walk out was because I was visiting my brother in another state. It's kind of hard to walk out of a movie theater and go home when you don't know where the hell you are. This movie took two hours of my life I will never get back...they could have been spent watching a movie that was actually original and not coated with the F word more than Louisiana was coated with water two years ago. I sat through Napoleon Dynamite...which, in my opinion, was terrible. But at least that movie was slightly original.

If it hadn't been rated R, this would have been the perfect movie for an eight year seems like only people with the brain of one could possibly enjoy such trash.
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Absolutely appropriately titled.
udit-mendiratta13 May 2008
I don't understand how this movie can have a rating of 7.9. Maybe the people voting on this one first reduced their IQ's by about a 100 points. I think that the name of this movie says it all. When you go to see it (which I suggest you don't) you can expect to have a SUPERBAD time. The maker of this movie seems to have no train of thought. The storyline is completely mind numbingly dumb. The two main characters are completely gay for each other. You can hear the word "fuck" at least 2 million times in the movie making your ears sick of hearing it by the end of it. Add to all this it is two hours long at the end of which you might feel like killing yourself. Take my word for it skip this movie, its as bad as it could get.
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Awful, just Awful
loveisgood18 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is the regular college comedy crap you always see. Same perveted jokes, same perverted characters. Look! Here's Jonah Hill. Who would have guessed he would be in another high school/college movie like Accepted? He is the worst actor ever. Get used to it.

The movie is just awful. They spent about five minutes about Seth's obsession with using his artistic skill to draw the human male reproducing organ known as a Penis. Haha.. He's drawing a penis at the age of eleven? Where have I seen this before? You can just guess for yourself.

Furthermore, this movie is just awful. I do not recommend it but you can see it at your own risk. And for crying out loud, don't bring your children. I don't want to have to sit at another R rated movie with an eleven year old saying, "COOL!"
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Did not live up to the hype that media and audiences give it
masterpogi26 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I had high hopes for this movie. The previews made it me think this was going to be a very funny movie if not he funniest movie of the summer and/or year. The media and audiences also adored this movie calling it hilarious but also heartwarming. I remember reading in the LA Times some quote suggesting this would be to American Pie what teenage John Hughes films were to "Porky's" and I enjoyed most of those movies mentioned in that analogy.

It wasn't that Superbad was a terrible movie, but it wasn't a great movie either. It did have its moments of hilarity, but it also had its moments of boredom. I was expecting to be laughing throughout the whole entire movie, but I was only laughing here and there. I did understand every joke, but it seemed like it tried too hard to sell it to me.

So if you're looking for a comedy that you want to laugh non-stop and enjoy, you may not want to see this unless you force yourself to laugh at every single situation in this movie, laugh at almost anything, agree with critics, or listen to the majority. My nephew said he loved it and it reminds him of his high school years. I stated that he was only seventeen and hasn't even graduated or matured. However, if you're looking to laugh on and off periodically, then I recommend this movie for you.
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Super sad
jcrespin16 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I have to hand it to Apatow. If you hype any movie enough, you sell tickets. While the 40 year old virgin was good, and knocked up was an average comedy, this movie was sub-sub standard. Maybe, that's why they call it Superbad, because it really is. My wife and I could not wait for this movie to end. It dragged and dragged on.

This movie sucked after the first ten minutes. It's like watching a Kevin Smith movie with the profanity, but without the comedy. If you want to see a great buddy profanity comedy, watch Clerks. Most of the dialogue by the 2 best buddies is very gay. Sure everybody knew someone like the fat guy that mouthed off in high school, but they weren't these characters who are practically flaming homos.

The whole police chase was downright lame. Finally, I actually felt creeped out when the buddies meet a possible pedophile. "Hey are you guys on MySpace?" I recommend watching the first ten minutes then walking out.
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Top 250? No, Bottom!
filmimperator4 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After I looked "Superbad" two questions came into my mind. First: Why should Seth Rogen write a screenplay after he acted so well in "Knocked Up"? and 2nd: Why was this movie rated to Top 250 in IMDb? "Superbad" hasn't a story (underaged people only cruise around to get alcohol for a party) and the gags aren't funny. All the plot is about male virgins who want to have sex and talk about it, about alcohol and strange cops who are kids in mind. That's all. Yes, sometimes some jokes about vomiting or drunk people are funny, but they can't be the only content of a movie. Yes, the story and the stereotype characters are entertaining on a low level, but there should be more than the average plot of "American Pie" to fill 90 minutes and more. Critical oder serious elements I hadn't found during looking the movie and so I wished, that this teen-trash is over soon. Maybe other people would be found, that this movie is very funny and brilliant. But "Superbad" only repeats elements of earlier puberty comedies without vary the gags oder the story. Only weak this movie.
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I've changed my mind...
CromeRose4 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm deleting my original review because, even though I still think some of the things in this movie are looney, over time, and having watched it on DVD numerous times since my first viewing, it has now become one of my favorite raunchy comedies. Despite that the character of Evan is a wishy-washy little twerp, and Seth is a selfish dipshit, I've now decided that they're both hilarious. And McLovin is classic. The cops are still a WTF!?!? but hey, the things some cops do in real life are even more bizarre.
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Only film I have ever walked out of. Terrible.
quis_ego16 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I don't think I watched enough of 'Superbad' to be able to review it fairly, if I'm being honest. I lasted until just after the section that recounted Seth's childhood obsession with drawing dicks, and realised "hey, it's sunny outside, I'm in swingin' London.. I have literally got better things to do than sit here and watch this". Congratulations to 'Superbad' on being the first film that I have ever walked out of.

Big slaps in the face to intelligent media like the Guardian for hyping this up as a rip-roaring comedy. I liked previous Apatow films, but this just wasn't funny. At all. It was incredibly dull, nothing but end-to-end euphemisms for breasts, vaginas and shagging with no actual dialogue inbetween. Not a single laugh was heard in the half-full cinema up to the point where I left. Not one single giggle. Does that sound like a rip-roaring comedy to you? I gather after I left, there was some plot and character development, and it actually got funny, but the first half hour was just too stinky for me to sit through, to get to the better bits. Ah well.
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