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  • Two co-dependent high school seniors are forced to deal with separation anxiety after their plan to stage a booze-soaked party goes awry.

  • Seth and Evan are best friends, inseparable, navigating the last weeks of high school. Usually shunned by the popular kids, Seth and Evan luck into an invitation to a party, and spend a long day, with the help of their nerdy friend Fogell, trying to score enough alcohol to lubricate the party and inebriate two girls, Jules and Becca, so they can kick-start their sex lives and go off to college with a summer full of experience and new skills. Their quest is complicated by Fogell's falling in with two inept cops who both slow and assist the plan. If they do get the liquor to the party, what then? Is sex the only rite of passage at hand?

  • Seth, Evan and Fogell are three teenage guys who love to drink and desperately wish to get laid. When a girl that Seth really likes, asks him to get the drink for her party, he sees this as a perfect opportunity to make her his girlfriend. The trio plan out how to get the alcohol, even including Fogell's new fake ID, but things won't got smoothly for the trio. Seth and Evan become separated from Fogell (now called McLovin) and they still haven't got the alcohol for the party that night.

  • High school seniors Evan and Seth have been best friends since they were kids, Seth the leader who is all talk and no action, Evan on the most part the faithful follower. They are part of the "out" crowd, meaning that they have few other friends and especially few in the "in" crowd. They have done everything together by themselves but their plan to be roommates at college falls apart when Seth is not accepted to their school of choice, Dartmouth. Evan decides still to attend Dartmouth and room instead with their mutual friend, the boyishly nerdish Fogell, which Evan decides not to tell Seth about if only in not wanting to make Seth feel like he is being abandoned for another known quantity. Their initial plans to hang out together by themselves for graduation takes a turn when two weeks before graduation, the pretty Jules invites Seth, and by association Evan, to her house party that evening. Knowing that Fogell is getting a fake ID made, Seth, with Jules' money, offers to purchase all the alcohol for the party. Seth believes that the alcohol is his and Evan's ticket to losing their respective virginities that evening at the party, Seth with Jules, and Evan with Becca, who he knows likes him, but whose advances he has been unable to act upon out of shyness and insecurity. But the road to purchasing the alcohol and being the kings of Jules' party takes a less than smooth path, based largely on Fogell's cluelessness about his new ID, the actions of a couple of adolescently-minded police officers, and Seth and Evan's own attitudes of what they need to do to be popular, if only for this one day. Through the process, Seth and Evan may come to a clearer picture of what their friendship truly means, and where they fit in life.

  • Hilarious comedy about two high school seniors who have been best friends since they were young and are preparing to finally graduate. They aren't exactly "popular", however, that won't stop them from doing whatever they can to finally lose their virginity before college to the prettiest and coolest girls in school. When one of the girls asks them to get alcohol for the party they set out on an adventure to get it and bring it to the graduation house party. Unfortunately, the trip turns out to be a lot more difficult then they had originally planned. Will they make it to the party with the alcohol in time? Or will they miss the final chance to lose their virginities to the girls of their dreams and lose each other in the process?

  • Counting down the days until they part ways, the lifelong friends and high school seniors, Seth and Evan, set their minds on the best distraction: losing their virginity before heading off to college. Of course, as this is easier said than done, only the fake ID of the team's third-wheel buddy, Fogell, and rivers of alcohol can help them impress the opposite sex, in the summer's biggest party which is only hours away. Now, as a desperate search for booze in the town's liquor stores begins, an unexpected brush with the law threatens to put a premature end to the boys' hot dream. However, the clock is ticking, the stakes are high, and their ambitious plan must bear fruit before the end of the night. How good does it feel to be superbad?


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  • Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) are about to graduate from high school. Best friends for years, they face an uncertain future: Evan has been accepted into Dartmouth but Seth will have to attend the local state university. Both boys are notably horny but still virginal, something they want to correct before leaving for college at the end of the summer. Neither is particularly popular, as evidenced when a particularly obnoxious classmates stops them before school one day to not invite them to his graduation party. Seth and Evan do have female classmates to whom they are attracted. Seth is pretty sure that Jules (Emma Stone) returns his interest, but Evan is oblivious to the fact that Becca (Martha MacIsaac) wants to get with him. Seth resents Becca both for the trouble she caused for him in first grade when she revealed his obsession with drawing penises, and because she threatens his close relationship with Evan. In home economics class, Jules invites Seth and Evan to her graduation party that night. When painfully nerdy friend Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) reveals that he is about to get a fake ID, Seth is determined to provide the alcohol for Jules's party. Because Becca will attend Jules's party, too, Seth is convinced that he and Evan will have sex that night.

    Things immediately go wrong. Seth's car is towed when he parks in the faculty parking lot. When Fogell arrives with his fake ID, Seth is appalled to learn that Fogell has adopted the name "McLovin." Believing that the ID won't be accepted, Seth plans to shoplift vast quantities of liquor from a supermarket but chickens out at the last minute. Instead, he and Evan send Fogell to a liquor store. Much to his surprise, Fogell successfully uses his fake ID to buy the liquor. But before he can leave the store, he is knocked unconscious by a robber. Because they went to ogle a buxom woman down the street, Evan and Seth don't see the robbery. They do see the police car arrive and assume that Fogell is being arrested for using a fake ID. Distraught at having neither the alcohol nor the $100 Jules gave him to buy alcohol, Seth panics. He is then hit by a car driven by Francis (Joe Lo Truglio). Francis is desperate for Seth not to report the incident to the police and agrees to procure alcohol for them. Even though Francis is creepy, Seth and Evan accompany him to a house party miles from the liquor store. Shortly after getting there, Francis is beaten up by the home owner, Mark (Kevin Corrigan). Evan is angry that Seth has dragged him to this dangerous party and announces he will no longer allow Seth to dictate the course of their friendship. Seth accuses Evan of deserting him as a friend. Seth returns to the party to steal alcohol. He dirty dances with Mark's menstruating girlfriend and winds up with a blood stain on his pants. When Mark sees this, he picks a fight with Seth. Evan tries to call Becca but can't get good reception on his cell phone so goes back into the house to use a landline. He finds himself trapped in a room with cocaine snorting thugs who mistakenly think he is the golden-throated brother of someone else. He sings "These Eyes" to placate them. Eventually, Evan and Seth manage to escape the party with large amounts of alcohol concealed in two large laundry detergent jugs.

    Meanwhile, Fogell was not arrested by the police. In fact, Officers Slater and Michaels (Bill Hader and Seth Rogen) seem to be impressed with his taste in alcohol and ability to take a punch. Fogell winds up spending the night with them. He helps them subdue a violent drunk at a local bar and then shares a beer with them. They reveal a rather casual attitude towards police procedure and even let Fogell hold their guns. Slater and Michaels receive a call to break up a fight at the party Seth and Evan are trapped at. On the way to the party, Slater runs into Seth, knocking him to the ground. When he discovers alcohol in one of the detergent jugs, he plans to arrest Seth and Evan. But while Slater and Michaels try to devise a plan to explain the damage to the squad car, Fogell, Evan and Seth escape along with the detergent jugs and all of the alcohol Fogell bought, which he had been carrying with him while patrolling with Slater and Michaels. They take the bus to Jules's party. On the way, Seth learns that Evan and Fogell have already decided to room together at Dartmouth.

    Becca is already there and already drunk. Evan learns she has spent the evening drinking heavily and announcing her intentions to have sex with him. She drags him to Jules's bedroom and drunkenly tries to seduce him. He resists, wanting their relationship to be more than physical. She throws up. Seth has no greater luck. Convinced that Jules will sleep with him only if they are drunk, he gets inebriated but is surprised to learn both that Jules doesn't drink and that she would prefer they hook up when both are sober. Confused, Seth passes out; on the way down, his head slams into Jules's, giving her a black eye. When he comes to, he sees Slater and Michaels have arrived to bust the party. He rushes inside and, finding Evan drunk and passed out, carries him to safety. Michaels and Slater find Fogell in a bedroom about to have sex with Nicola (Aviva). Slater is angry that Fogell abandoned them but Michaels calms him down. They tell Fogell that they knew his ID was fake but remembered how much they hated police officers when they were Fogell's age. Wanting to demonstrate to him that cops could be cool, too, they took him out on patrol. They all agree to be friends. To impress the ladies, Fogell has Slater and Michaels drag him away as though he were a dangerous criminal. Then they go to a deserted parking lot, do donuts in the squad car, then trash it.

    Evan and Seth go back to Evan's house. They make miniature pizzas and climb into their sleeping bags. They confess that they will always love one another as friends. The next day, they go to the shopping mall; Evan wants a new comforter to take to Dartmouth and Seth needs new pants. There they see Becca and Jules. Becca thanks Evan for not taking advantage of her drunkenness and Seth apologizes to Jules for his own embarrassing behavior. Becca and Evan decide to go shopping for comforters and Seth will help Jules buy makeup to cover up her black eye. Secure in their friendship, Seth and Evan are finally comfortable being apart.

    Summary: Two high school best friends forever (Jonah Hill, Michael Cera) go on a mission to provide alcohol for a graduation party in hopes of losing their virginity.

    After facing the fact that both Seth [Jonah Hill] and Evan [Michael Cera] will both be going to different colleges next year, it seems more imporant than ever that they go to a high school party, and achieve some of their long time goals; including, but not limited to, losing thier virginity with the girl of their dreams by getting them wasted and being their "regret hookup." Their awkard friend Fogell [Christopher Mintz-Plasse] gets a fake ID, with just the name McLovin [it was either that or Mohammid], and agrees to get liquor to bring to Jules' [Emma Stone] aka Seths dream girl's graduation party. All seems to be going well until McLovin is suckerpunched in the liquor store by a robber. When the police come, they try to get a story out of the clerk, but she is too worried about her exam tomorrow, so their question McLovin, which they give offer to give a ride home [more hillarity ensues].

    All in all the boys almost / briefly get laid, and learn that its just better to man up and confront the girl than try to / count on her geting wasted if you like her.

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