The 50 Best Action Movies of the 21st Century Thus Far

Since the dawn of the 21st century, action cinema has undergone a bigger change than perhaps any other genre. As the tools with which filmmakers craft their works have continually advanced, a sort of renaissance has begun wherein action films stepped firmly into their own. Often put in the same category as horror — not taken seriously as a form of artistic expression outside of its core fanbase — action has had to boldly announce itself as a viable medium through which big set pieces, but also big ideas, can be presented and explored.

With the highly anticipated John Wick: Chapter 2 arriving in theaters this Friday, we’ve set out to reflect on the millennium’s action films that have most excelled. To pick our top 50, we’ve reached out to all corners of the globe, choosing an array of films ranging from grand to gritty, brutal to beautiful. The result
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After All These Years ... Mike Marvin Talks The Wraith

A dynamic if occasionally confusing confectionary of Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, John Hughes and George Miller, The Wraith remains one of the definitive guilty pleasures of 80’s sci-fi horror and a perennial favorite for those nostalgia nights in the company of a few select friends, a six-pack of beers and a bag of chips. In spite of its dated synth/soft rock score, awkward dialogue, bewildering concepts and – for the most part – unsympathetic teenage ciphers, it does retain a sleek brio and self-confidence that continue to hold the attention.

The literal borrowings from High Plains Drifter, Shane, The Road Warrior and The Thing are often distracting, but if its influences are plain to see, less visible to the casual viewer are the pain and tragedy involved in its troubled production. With the recent special edition DVD release of The Wraith (review here) from Lionsgate and the 25th anniversary of the film fast approaching,
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Criminal Empires for Dummy’s Gets a Cast

Gary Oldman, Malin Akerman and Milo Ventimiglia have joined Michael Clark Duncan in the cast for Criminal Empires for Dummy’s, which will be the first full-length feature directed by Cliff Dorfman, according to Variety. The article states that the film’s plot “centers on a charismatic young man (Ventimiglia) who relates the rules of running a criminal empire through flashbacks to his own rise from a tragic childhood and the ghetto to multinational kingpin.” Given Dorfman’s work on Entourage and the subject matter of his 2006 short Shoot, it’s likely that his take on syndicated crime will be very stylish, a little mean, and not without humor, though the short description sounds more like epic drama along the lines of Denzel Washington’s American Gangster.

The article states the $10.8 million movie, written by Dorfman, is supposed to begin filming in New Orleans later this month. This will mark a major milestone for Dorfman,
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