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If they had to give Drac an “origin story” this literal-minded, at least they had the sense to keep it keen and lively, whittled to a point.
Charles Dance is the Nosferatu-garbed monster in the cave, a balding, toothy villain in the great tradition of British vampires — Christopher Lee, Gary Oldman, Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale among them. The moment he shows up, all shadowy menace and prophecy, “Dracula” gets interesting.
It works neither as a sweeping historical epic nor as an action-horror hybrid.
Armour-clanging, cloak-swishing tosh with okay battles, terrible dialogue and sadly little horror or heroism. Nowhere near as bad as I, Frankenstein – but what is?
The Guardian
It’s no-frills, B-movie modesty might have been winning, if it weren’t so dashed-off.
Village Voice
Too much of the last hour is a muddle of unconvincing, hard-to-read nighttime action scenes.
Much like the recent, widely reviled I, Frankenstein, this misconceived project mainly signals a need to go back to the drawing board.
Dracula Untold opts for the stately, staid approach, and even at a mere 85 minutes (sans credits) it’s something of a bore — neither scary nor romantic nor exciting in any of the ways it seems to intend.
Slant Magazine
It's a story arc that wouldn't be out of place on Game of Thrones, except it lacks for the HBO program's dense and surprising dramatic reflexes.
Time Out
Drab, silly and mind-numbing, this Dracula is strictly for the suckers.

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