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  • Lydia's too young to drive in the human world, but the Neitherworld is another story, so she and Beetlejuice buy a wrecked car which they rebuild and bring to life at a Deserted Neitherworld Auto Factory, naming him The Dragster of Doom ("Doomie" for short). However, the brain of the car (the carburetor) which "Bee-gor" stole is an abnormal brain, which causes a Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation every time Doomie sees a dog!


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  • Lydia wants a car, but is too young to drive...in the real world. She and Beetlejuice decide to put together a "Dragster of Doom" in the Neitherworld, complete with abnormal brain. Doomie is a joy until he spots a dog, the sight of which turns him into a sort of vicious were-car. Lydia's lamentation that Doomie is a handful sends the depressed vehicle to the scrapyard, and his owners must rush to save him before he's completely junked.

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