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Zero if I could
ljklipp7 June 2018
This woman is sooo obnoxious and overbareing.. she treats most of her guests horribly and talks over them because she THINKS she is the expert on everything!! Today she was second quessing the CIA agent she had on today!!! The she was cooking pitas and started throwing the forks around with the food on them out of frustration !!! Maybe she needs her cup she is always cupping!!! Get her off the air!!!!!!'n
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Not what I expected
latrese-6957713 September 2018
The only good thing is outside the studio you're covered in case it rain. We waited outside forever. It's so small in the waiting room. Some people had to stand up. She didn't offer any hot tea or coffee. Instead they gave us stale chips. We signed a waiver for prizes. We didn't receive any. Since she is a chef I thought she would give out treats. Cookies, brownies, cookbook or something. Its very cold in the studio. It made us sick. We taped 3 segments so we sat in the studio for 2 hours. They didn't let us go to the bathroom afterwards. We had to use the fast food restroom down the street. We were so upset. Never again.
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I like it.....
hs40719 September 2006
Then again, I like Rachael Ray. She is fun, sweet, fresh, and such a joy to watch. I have to alter just about everything she makes as I am a vegetarian...but it's great to see her with a program that shows more of her personality. After all, she is a television personality. I think it's cool that she is so inviting with her fans and still appears to be down-to-earth. The studio audience appears to be rather small, but that just makes for a cozier environment. Some people have posted that the show sucks. I guess it depends on your own interpretation of it and of her. If you notice the early episodes of 30 Minute Meals you will see a completely different personality than in those of the past few years. I'm sure she will find her comfort zone with this show as well. Good luck Rachael!
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nick33728 November 2006
Here is a rundown of a typical Rachael Ray Show: 1. The awful theme song begins to play, and Rachael descends wearing her Snapcrotch outfit in this bizarre cargo elevator. 2. She begins running around screaming and/or insulting the audience, then yells at them sit down. 3. An awkward monologue. (The next are in any order) 4. A segment tooting Rachael's own horn (i.e. "I Lost 500 Pounds with Rach's Recipes, "Rachael Ray Saved my Life," "Rachael's Fashion Tips.") 5. A totally useless D.I.Y. tip (i.e. how to engrave words into casserole dishes, how to use your washing machine as a salad spinner, how to build a tube of lipstick with a light on it.) 6. The unleashing of horrible recipe on the unsuspecting audience (reaction shots of first bites are never shown). 7. A celebrity guest with an awkward interview, followed by some obviously scripted questions from the audience. 8. A person who gets help from one of Rachael's cronies (i.e. the I say yes to everything woman, the I own nothing but overalls lady, and the I can't find time to put on makeup housewife). What would they do without you Rachael. *gasp* Reasons that this show should be avoided like the plague: 1. Fakeness: Rachael Ray claims that entire show is unscripted. Many people who have attended tapings of the show have claimed that the entire show is scripted. Many of these same people have also mentioned that there is even a very strict dress code for the show. 2. Her show jumps around too much: Where as Oprah, who is the highest rated talk show host of all time has a definite theme for her show, Rachael's jumps around like an ADHD soda child on crack. Her show averages perhaps 10, short, worthless segments a show. On second you will be getting fashion tips from Kojo, and the next Rachael will be making gross stuffed "Spanish" peppers with manchego cheese, and the next their will be a giant anaconda up on stage, and the next, well you get the picture. 3. Rachael is a poor host with bad ideas: Aside from her grating personality, Rachael's hosting ability is terrible, at best. Her questions for her celebrity guests are poor, and often times not even relevant to the interview, and her segments are unappealing and offer little educational, or humorous value. In conclusion, you need not waste your time with this schlock. It will be canceled soon anyways.
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I cannot stand Rachael Ray
bibikatusic10 March 2020
This woman wears the worst clothes, does grunting sounds, cooks horrible easy recipes ( meant for guys ) and worst of all INTERRUPTS her guests ALL THE TIME!!!
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genecarey-2719113 December 2019
Idk how stay at home moms watch this garbage. Just watched a solid 10 minutes and anytime the guest would start talking about themselves or answer a question from Rachael, they would get rudely interrupted. You can visibly see the guest stars uncomfortableness.

Personally her voice and personality annoy me. Wont be watching this show. Nor do I recommend it to anyone. ANYONE.
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So disappointed
slwtalk2475 October 2019
I've just started watching the show because I haven't had access to the channel until recently. I have been so disappointed in the show. Mainly because Rachael has a terrible, rude, disrespectful habit of TALKING OVER HER GUEST, CUTTING HER GUEST OFF AND FINISHING THEIR SENTENCES. Perhaps this stands out to me because I too was guilty of this. It wasn't meant as rudeness but more of a nervous habit. I have worked hard to overcome this problem. I see lots of people have commented about this and sadly she doesn't see them or doesn't care. I do think her ego is possibly a lot more inflated because she tends to brag on herself and John too! I'm glad I can record the shows because I fast forward to the cooking segment for recipes and skip the rest. Please someone who has access to Racheal, call her attention to these annoying habits!!!
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hydebee28 September 2006
it seems like if you are going to post here it going to be a 10 star rating ,nobody ever seems to dislike anything ,well i am honest, some don't like that but here we go, rachel ray show is just plain awful.!!!!!!, this show reminds me of the snl character linda whatever if she had a cooking -whatever show.i must say i liked rachel on the food network on $35-$40 a day but i am sorry she does not have enough life experience to make her interesting day in and day out,give me ham on the street, anthony bourdain , interesting folks,but most of all i find her annoying, she actually told a member of the studio audience to "shut up" yes in a kidding way but shut up is shut up, and who cares about her pet stories, sorry rachel you been cancelled!!!!
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Typical Oprah Empire claptrap.
BlackJack_B12 November 2017
I'm sure if you're a stay-at-home mother from the Bible Belt or a homosexual you will love Rachael's show. Everybody else will see it for what it is: another example of crass, overblown, intelligence-insulting American television claptrap. I have no clue why American television needs to be shrill, overblown, hammy and unwatchable. Everybody screams or overacts and Rachael Ray is a prime example.

Sadly, all of these daytime talk shows are one and the same with the same formula regardless if Oprah Winfrey's Empire was responsible for it. However, as long as there's a steady stream of stay-at-home mothers from the Bible Belt and homosexuals out there, these shows will continue to thrive. They enjoy the non-stop motormouth of Rachael and her equally loud guests. At least when Jesse Palmer shows up he doesn't overact; he's Canadian, after all.

Avoid unless you're the typical Oprah fan.
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Love the show, love Rachael. Sorry, haters.
eddi_stjames26 February 2007
I've been a fan of Rachael's since the beginning of 30MM on the Food Network, so I have seen her grow over the years. The minute I saw her interact with Oprah, I predicted that this show would happen, because I saw how taken Oprah is with her, and with good reason: she comes across as very natural, and willing to laugh at herself, which is very engaging. The set is appealing, and there are some fresh ideas (I love the lazy Susan that the audience sits on). There's just enough of a celebrity segment, and she stays away from controversy and debate (there's enough of that on daytime TV). The show is a lighthearted escape, and she hasn't moved away from her strength (cooking), which is very good planning. I know there are people who hate her and hate her show; that's OK, you can't please everybody. And somehow, I think Rachael knows and accepts that. So just turn the channel; I don't think she'd mind.
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A Real stinkbomb.
afijamesy2k18 September 2006
It's hard to believe that oprah winfrey produced this piece of junk, the show couldn't even hold a candle to cooking shows of the past, including emeril lagasse, rachael ray is the most annoying talk show and cooking show host in TV history, not since ainsley harriott has had a terrible cooking show host I've watched, at least ainsley harriott has some good moments and some style, this one has no style at all, she's terrible as host, the kitchen looks atrocious, the writing is horrible, the teleplay is over the top and the opening credits are so bad, it makes me sick. Now I Enjoy cooking shows that had a cool sense of style, but this has absolutely none of that

This is one of the worst TV of the year.
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High Energy, Wholesome, Daytime Entertainment
rfindley-221 September 2006
Rachael Ray appeals to viewers of all ages and backgrounds, beginner cooks or "seasoned" veterans. You'll be dazzled with a variegated presentation of delectable yet time-efficient dishes, jazzed up with her unique brand of spunk and candor. Most importantly, this hip chic keeps her audience drawn in by stimulating all five senses. Let me explain. Her program provides enlightenment to your visual sense, auditory sense, and sense of feeling through a rich, luminous ambient backdrop, light-hearted, casual, yet engaging topics, eye-pleasing, appetite wrenching meals, and her hearty smile and laugh, which will simmer down anyone's nerves.(Sense of smell and taste are rewarded when you test out the recipes in your own kitchen and among your own family and friends). Check out her show guys.
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Yay cheese
syncopatedrhythm7 April 2020
I want to throw something at my TV when she cooks. "Now you add some Parmesan". Cut to audience cheering, huh? " Throw in some bacon", yay! Why would the audience cheer for ingredients? Not to mention she is a shrill Harpy, negative infinity stars please.
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Whatever she supposedly has is lost on me
caa8215 June 2008
Although the figures are higher in proportion to other areas of society, I don't object to the extremely high salaries for many of today's entertainers and athletes.

A-Rod, LeBron or Brady all have deals either well with 8 figures, or the low-9 area. Ray Romano and Jerry Seinfeld could actually become billionaires from their shows, huge residuals and fees they currently demand. Even their cast members, and all of the "Friends" group reached near or over 7 figures per episode. Letterman's earnings for one show could solve most people's financial problems, and a week or two's take care of many for life.

But all of these are based upon sound supply/demand principals, and the financial benefits they bring to their employers. And all perform their crafts ably.

But then comes along someone like Rachel Ray, who reaches a level of earnings far beyond any apparent level of talent or skill. I find her shrill, annoying, and with a forced "perkiness" that's as phony as the proverbial "3-dollar bill."

A friend of mine is responsible for special meetings, events and convention plans for her firm and its affiliates. One of the major talent sources has hundreds of clients available from the $5-10K level, to a handful who get $200K and up per appearance. (This area includes Trump, Seinfeld, Lance Armstrong, Robin Williams, and, no kidding, Larry the Cable Guy.)

There are a greater number in the $100,001 - 200,000 range; list included the likes of Bill Cosby, Steve Martin and even cable guy Larry's benefactor, Jeff Foxworthy.

This category includes Rachael Ray. I suppose I have to admit there may be sufficient demand for her "talent" and offerings to justify her talk show and there may be some out there who'll pay more than $100K, + first class air, hotel suite, all expenses and limos door-to-door, for just a couple of hours of her whiny prattle at their organization's event.

I just can't figure how-in-the-hell this could be possible.
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Annoying Rachel ray
binger-078366 July 2021
Big mouth she can't let anyone talk and contradicts her husband I turn her off cause her mouth is annoying.
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ichoosejesuslife8 January 2021
Watched a portion of her show today for the first time in a VERY long time, now I remember why I stopped watching. She's so obnoxiously annoying!! Of course, the show is now being filmed from her home because of the pandemic and her husband is her "co-host" I'm guessing. Well, he was making a drink for them as she's waiting for her french chicken whatever dish to cook in the oven and he names the drink "Midnight in Paris" but Rachel puts him down by saying that the dish she's making is southern french and far from anywhere close to Paris... So he renames it "Midnight in southern France" or something like that.... The dish she's making is something Provincal and when John says, "Provincal" she corrects him!! Rudely corrects him, may I add. She even says something like, "Seriously?" and gives him an awful, disapproving grimace (such as a parent gives their child when they do something embarrassing in public) and continuously corrects him, degradingly!!! It was awful!! I felt bad for her husband, but he didn't seemed surprised or even annoyed by it. Apparently he's used to it, or he just puts up with it because he either loves her very much and is too scared to say anything or he really likes her money.... Why else would anybody take that kind of crap??? Especially on NATIONAL TV?? She clearly wears the pants in that house!! And speaking of clothing... Is it always freezing in your house, Rachael?? You were wearing some kind of jacket and John was wearing a flannel shirt like a jacket or sweater over another shirt. You kept pulling your jacket closed and tighter around you as though you were getting chilly. Turn on some heat already!!
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First Show
cvf6418 September 2006
Loved today's show!!! It was a variety and not solely cooking (which would have been great too). Very stimulating and captivating, always keeping the viewer peeking around the corner to see what was coming up next. She is as down to earth and as personable as you get, like one of us which made the show all the more enjoyable. Special guests, who are friends as well made for a nice surprise too. Loved the 'first' theme and that the audience was invited to play along too. I must admit I was shocked to see her come in under her time limits on a few things, but she did it and by golly I'll be writing those recipes down. Saving time in the kitchen means more time with family. Those who haven't tuned in yet, find out what channel and the time, I assure you that you won't be disappointed.
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She's so manic!
karingrear3 July 2020
I like the dishes she does on her own. However, when a guest (even a CHEF) prepares their own dish, she interrupts during the talking points, takes over the explanation and the dish. Her impulsive behavior is the reason she messes up when doing crafts, burns the toast, and spills food. She's worst when John is present and is so bossy with him. Rachael shows that she to be the center of attention and an expert with each guest that she always introduces as "her friend". Please tone down the perky-ness; it's not cute from a 50year old.
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Loooove It!
imafishtank9 December 2006
OK, so I loved Rachael Ray before, but now, I ADORE her! How innovative. I love that she has a cooking section- I admit that occasionally I skip that part, only because it makes me WAAAY too hungry! But I also love that you can get the next day's grocery list on her website. I love that she has regular helpers and that she's made some of her viewers become her regulars. I love how personable she is and how creative she is. I also like how she does her Mystery Guests. She just seems so much more genuine than so many other talk show hosts. She still gets a little starstruck occasionally and I love that. I love that she talks about her personal life on there and reminds people how happy she is. She's even mentioned tabloids before and it's so funny! She also has the funniest stories! Anyway, I'm a fan for life. Even my 2 year old knows who Rachael Ray is and he loves her too!
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Hairdo sucks
mrgrtmnfrd13 August 2018
Rachael, love you, your show. But your hair is the pits looks dry, like you just woke up. Need a new hairdresser, this one doesnt know your hair type. Please
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A delight a treat of fun a host that's one sexy and liked cook!
blanbrn13 February 2016
Many times during the afternoon in my spare time or before I go into work on some downtime I will tune in and watch "Rachael Ray". The show is so lovable and fun it's a downright joy to watch! Done in front of an audience the show always has well known guests like movie and TV stars with even well known authors and sports figures making appearances all interviewed by Ray. And the show has segments of health advice and beauty tips showing stories of real people and the audiences play games and even Rachael from time to time has fashion segments as people model right in her studio and the show always ends with Ray cooking a delicious dish of some great looking food! And she's bright and funny and must I say that Rachael Ray is so cute and pretty really I think she's one sexy cook. Watching this show is one good way to pass time off in the afternoon!
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Rachael is the best!
queenelizabeth-554952 October 2019
I love Rachael Ray! She not only gives great recipes but she teaches you how to cook by explaining why she does what she does. Anyone can follow a recipe but you are learning to cook when you know why you are doing certain things. I love her personality and the variety of her show.
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