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Decent enough episode.
Paul Andrews25 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Blade: The Series: Death Goes On starts as Blade (Sticky Fingaz) is determined to track down the mutant Vampire & Marcus Van Sciver's (Neil Jackson) right hand man Fritz (David Palffy) who has become the first successful recipient of a serum called Aurora developed by Vampire scientists which allow their kind immunity to sunlight & silver. Meanwhile Marcus himself has his hands full with rogue Vampires known as 'ashers' who are addicted to a drug made from the ash remains of dead Vampires, Blade is told to speak to a guy called Cain (Ryan Kennedy) in his search for Fritz while Marcus & his people are also looking for Cain as he is the biggest producer & supplier of ash. As both Blade & Marcus close in on Cain they all end up in the same place at the same time where it's a fight to the death!

Death Goes On was episode 2 from season 1 of the made-for-TV Blade: The Series, directed by Michael Robinson & David Straiton this is a watchable enough episode but nothing overly special & to get the most out of it you will have had to have seen episode 1. The script by Geoff Johns & Barbara Nance obviously has to take into account the lower TV budget & if your expecting huge set-pieces & stacks of top notch CGI then forget it because that's not how this series works. This is one of those show's which has a distinct central story unique to each episode but also has plenty of sub plots & regular character's which are developed throughout the series, in this case over 12 episodes. Blade: The Series is not a show where you can suddenly watch one episode halfway through the series & understand completely what's going on & it's not advisable to watch it out of sequence either.

The series generally looks pretty good & is well made, it's definitely smaller in scale than the films with average fight scenes which don't last long & consist mostly of a few kicks & punches. There's some gore here, a Vampire pulls his own fang out, someone has spikes nailed into their arms, someone is impaled on a huge piece of wood, there are a few gory neck bites along with some blood drinking & there's a quick decapitation. Personally I think the acting is alright but it's the absolute babe of a villainess Chase played by the gorgeous Jessica Gower who stands out as she seems to enjoy playing the most evil character in a show full of evil character's, she steals every scene she's in & I love it when she gets to be totally evil!

Death Goes On (nice title) is an OK episode, there's a bit too much talking in it & if you aren't familiar with Blade: The Series then I doubt you will have much of an idea what's going on & the brief recap of episode 1 before it starts isn't much help.
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