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Wonderful movie. Something for everyone.
sandrat10917 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw this movie at the Directors Guild of America and absolutely loved it. Theater was huge and was completely sold out. Basically, it's four stories about relationships connected together. Each story looks at issues men and women deal with but from totally different points of view. Some of the stories are serious and some are very funny. My personal favorites were the 2nd story about a married couple trying to spruce up their sex life, and the 4th story about a prostitute. A lot of the men seemed to like the third story but it was a little gross for my taste. The filmmakers spoke after the screening, and though they say it was made for a low budget, it didn't look it at all. It looked as professional as any studio movie to me. The director's visual choices were very stylized, and I like how he changed it for each story. Based on the great performances, he definitely seems like an actor's director.
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Fun and Amusing. I enjoyed it.
Seneca W18 March 2009
Okay, if you want a dark, edgy movie or something with really deep messages, this film isn't for you. But if you're looking for light entertainment like "Love Actually" or "Four Weddings And A Funeral" then it might be up your alley.

Yes, it's light and frothy, but clearly by design, and that's why I liked it, especially with all the depressing news out there lately. I'm sure there will be artsy film snobs who pooh-pooh it for catering to us commoners. But as a typical movie goer, I found this funny, surprising and a welcome escape from the real world. For a low budget movie it looked great, and by the end, I actually found myself reflecting on my own personal life.
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Great little indie movie
thatcat1916 March 2009
I saw this movie at a screening on campus at Columbia. It's a fun, wacky movie with some sweet endearing moments. My friends and I liked it a lot, especially the last 2 stories. Considering how low the budget is, I thought they did a good job.

If you like light-hearted relationship movies you'll enjoy it, and if you don't, then you won't.

Probably falls into the chick-flick category but there's some stuff that the guys in our group found funny too.

If you check your cynicism at the door, it makes some interesting points about love.
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Charming Little Movie With A Great Ending
henry225856 March 2009
I saw this movie at the Quad over the weekend and really enjoyed it. It's a cute little movie that mixes laughs with some genuine heart and insight about relationships. Jaded cynics will probably bag on it for being too commercial, but if you don't take yourself too seriously, it's a fun way to pass the time. The cast was great and gave strong performances, especially the call girl in the last story who is so cool and smoking hot. There's also a crapping scene in the movie that a lot of folks were talking about. I read that the filmmakers took a lot of heat for this scene but it was flat-out hilarious and the audience in the theater was busting out laughing. I'm glad the director had the balls to really go for it. Folks who don't like that scene either have no sense of humor or they've never seen a Farrelly Brothers movie before. If you like romantic comedies that aren't afraid to go there, check it out.
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Pure entertainment
FHurwitz2923 March 2009
I always know I should see a film when people have extremely volatile opinions about it - either they love it or hate it, nothing in between. This film totally fits in that category. (I avoid movies if their reviews are in the middle because then I know it's bland and who wants that?) Personally, I thought this was an adorable movie. It's unpredictable, funny, and very touching. The actors do some beautiful work, the writing is clever, and the directing was very polished. I read several reviews before I saw it, and what intrigued me the most was how incredibly different they were. It almost seemed regional with San Francisco and Chicago loving it, but NY not getting it at all. Regardless, I loved the soundtrack and the camera work. Very impressive for an independent film.
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making it to the ending was torture
seedpetal24 April 2015
the trouble with romance surrounds the situations that arise in 4 different relationships over the course of one night in the same hotel. each one is completely different, yet they each make a different point about love. about whether or not love is worth it in the end, despite all that has happened between them. the movie explores deep issues and makes some good points, but that's where it ends. God awful writing!!! the script sounds like it was written by a 16 year old, and each one of the lines was executed in the poorest manner possible. horrible acting!!! i may have enjoyed it better if the stories weren't back to back and they took scene breaks. the soundtrack was most unmemorable, if there even is one. the scenery was CHEAP. don't watch this movie unless you are trying to punish yourself!
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