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In case you've been tied up with Oscar mania and are ready to go back to the actual movies, there are new ones. Whether or not it's safe to go back (yeah, that time of year) is another issue entirely. Links go to trailers.

The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire are taking their highly publicized Oscar wins to their highest screen counts yet and asking for the public's stamp of approval. Kate Winslet is a Time cover girl and Slumdog is on the cover of EW. How much more money does Slumdog have in it? It recentl cracked 100 million.

This isn't really about the theater counts but I'd love your opinion on what's going on with Entertainment Weekly these days? If you ask me they're phoning it in now that they have almost zero real competition. They skipped both pre-show Oscar covers this year which is, I guess, neither here nor
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Spring Preview: A Guide to the Season in Indie Film

  • IFC
Spring is a season of renewal, particularly in the movie business, where the completion of the awards derby allows Amy Adams to segue from playing a solemn nun in "Doubt" to a klutzy crime scene cleaner in "Sunshine Cleaning." Along with "Sunshine," there are plenty of festival favorites about to get their day in the sun, whether that's in theaters, on DVD or on demand online or on TV. This preview recognizes the many ways to get your indie film fix, as well as the special events you might want to head out to if you live in New York or Los Angeles, including "The Brothers Bloom" director Rian Johnson's week-long con man movie "Festival of Fakery" at L.A.'s famed New Beverly Cinema, about which we recently spoke to the director. But regardless of whether we're watching films from the past or present, we're looking forward to the next couple months.
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Video: The Nearly Naked 'Other' First Lady!

Jennifer Siebel Newsom is sexy, sultry and seductive. But this movie star leads a double life! She’s a leading lady … and a first lady! Jennifer is the wife of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. “This is not First Lady behavior,” Jennifer laughs. “He [Gavin] is the nicest guy ever. He’s got a huge heart.” Mayor Newsom, a rising political star in California who’s seriously considering a run for governor next year, tells “The Insider” he was “utterly unprepared” to see his wife’s nearly naked sex-scenes in her movie ‘The Trouble with Romance,’ which Jennifer also co-produced. The mayor says that he saw the film for the first time sitting right next to Jennifer and her parents! “If that’s work, it’s an interesting job she’s got!” he jokes, adding that he supports his wife's acting career. Catch Jennifer in 'The Trouble With Romance,'
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Move Over Josie Davis - Lesbians Love Portia Dawson

Actress Josie Davis plays a part in the new movie coming out this February 27th called The Trouble With Romance.

The movie is the directorial debut for Nicolas Cage, with an intriguing trailer and look into the trouble with love and romance. One storyline in the movie includes a lesbian encounter between Davis and co-star Portia Dawson. When asked about the movie by the World Entertainment News Network Davis mentioned the scene telling WENN "I'm not into girls and the scene was not easy for me. It was definitely a challenge." Now, I don't know if you have ever seen Portia Dawson, but she is a hottie! I know there are plenty of lesbian actresses who would have loved to play Josie Davis' role just for a chance to romp around with Portia Dawson a little.

To add insult to injury look what else she told WENN:

"It was really hot on the set,
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