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Rob Reiner's best film since the turn of the millennium Warning: Spoilers
Lovely, thoroughly enjoyable movie with lots of nice words and thoughts exchanged, some to make you laugh, some pretty profound to make you ponder on. Who would've ever thought that a story about two dying men could be such fun. Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) and Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman), so far complete strangers, with rather different economic and social backgrounds (billionaire hospital magnate and body shop mechanic), both terminally ill, thus inevitably at closing stages of their earthly lives, meet and, in order to try to experience things from their "bucket list" (a list of things to do before one "kicks the bucket", i.e. dies) before the final curtain falls, embark on nothing less than an amazing journey. Although age-wise much too "developed" for many youthful activities they engage themselves in, and despite their individual differences, however sufficiently open-minded and open-hearted, two protagonists, through their earnest performances and their great interaction easily draw us into their well believable story (with single fantastic twist at the end... (spoiler)... realization that rather than through eyes of the still surviving one, the story was told from the mind of his ensuing spirit), whether (constantly) putting smile on our face or tears to our eyes, ergo covering (well, for us viewers) one of listed items, "laugh till I cry".

...On a more personal note, eight years ago when I first saw this movie in a theatre, I was a solitary man, going fifty, thinking that I have already experienced things which could make my "bucket list" (climbed high mountains (Mont Blanc, Gross Glockner, Triglav, Durmitor, Fujiyama, Kilimanjaro... to name a few), visited Great Pyramids, well not Great Wall of China, but at least Great Wall of Ston, well not Taj Mahal, but instead many other magnificent temples (Angkor Wat in Cambodia, temple of Karnak in Egypt, temples of Nara, Japan... to mention a few), been on safaris in Tanzania and Rwanda...) to reference those matching items pursued in the movie. Now, after its second viewing, coincidentally on my wife's birthday, I'm almost sixty realizing that only by starting a family and having this cute little toddler of ours to chase and play with every day (and... quoting another listed item, in "kiss(ing) the most beautiful girl in the world", compete with her mother), I have pushed my life's wish list much closer to completion...

Finally, after a decade of his successes in 80-ies and beginning of 90-ies with movies that I have enjoyed watching very much ("This is Spinal Tap" (1984), "Stand by Me" (1986), "The Princess Bride" (1987), "When Harry Met Sally..." (1989), "Misery" (1990), "A Few Good Men" (1992)), "The Bucket List" marks Rob Reiner's successful comeback and it stands as his easily the-best-of-the-new-millennium directorial effort thus far.
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As much silly as serious
jdesando14 December 2007
"The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young." Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Now and then I should rethink what I've been learning all these years as a critic because I predicted The Bucket List would have all kinds of holes in it. It did, but they were tiny blemishes in an otherwise solid frame. This is a good movie, as much silly as serious. And therein lies the skill of director Rob Reiner, who makes sure Jack doesn't kill the lines with bluster and Morgan doesn't drown them in vocal sweetness.

Edward (Nicholson) and Carter (Freeman) meet in hospital where they have been given less than a year to live because of cancer. They bond, create the "kick-the-bucket" list of ten things to do before dying, and then do them. The hokey process shots at several of the world's wonders indicate the surety of Reiner's direction where he evokes the old Hope and Crosby road pictures and emphasizes that the journey is the important thing, not the destination.

Both men laugh and cry and change in subtle ways that make this not a maudlin exercise in death denial but rather a celebration of love through friendship, regardless of the grim future. Although Justin Zachman's script is overall weak given the actors' worth, there are lines that save it all from mediocrity: As Edward the cynic says, "We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round." As Carter the humanist says, "You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you." The two philosophies, fate and love, caress in a slow dance to recognition of life's true value.

The Bucket List is not half as sappy as I sound so far; it is a sober rendering of life's lessons at the end by two different men who find their common humanity.
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Put two Brilliant Actors together and what can you expect
nowego21 December 2007
A simple premise done magically is all I can say about this movie.

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson are by far and away two of my favourite actors. Jack Nicholson is just funny, no matter what he says or does, ever since Terms of Endearment he has made me laugh so hard that I cry and Morgan Freeman is just the best actor going around. I find it hard to remember a bad movie that he has done.

Probably not everyone will like this movie but it is definitely up there with the best feel good/sad movies that I have seen....and it has a moral that most of us miss in our hectic, live for the now short lives.

This is going to be up there with the best at the Oscars in 2008.

It will make you laugh and cry all at did me.
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Oscar worthy
katattack623 July 2007
You know that feeling when you walk out of a movie and think "God, that was just such a great film"? It takes a lot for me to think that... especially when it's a movie about two men who have cancer... but this movie really did it for me, as well as everyone else in the theater. I saw the movie at its first ever screening in Pasadena and it was just wonderful... even with temp music and unfinished visual effects! Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman were truly amazing together - it's a film about cancer, and yet the two were able to balance the comedy and the drama of the script in such the perfect way that the audience loved every moment of the movie. The script was quite original, which was such a breath of fresh air, and the acting couldn't have been any better. I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone - as it was such a feel-good movie that made you both laugh and cry at the same time - something you don't come across too often. Not only did the audience applaud the movie at the end, but EVERY single viewer who stayed to give comments agreed that the movie was "Excellent"... I can't imagine how often that happens. I'd be surprised if this movie isn't up for some Oscar or another come next year.
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A Magnificent Story About Friendship
desiplaya21 December 2007
Usually I'm not into these kinds of movies, but with the casting of Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman I had to see it. I'm really glad that I decided to give this a try.

The story is quite predictable, but I still enjoyed it. Never mind how impossible the storyline is because it is a great movie about friendship - how two men become great friends in a short time and help each other out throughout the time they are together. It moves along at a smooth pace and I never got bored, so the writer gets credit for that. The acting was top notch as Nicholson and Freeman draw forth the right emotion in the audience at the right time. The emotional parts are done just right, but the funny scenes are the best. I laughed throughout the movie but not as much as I would in a true comedy movie, but the comic scenes in this one really work and Nicholson is the "main man" in them. It does have a message at the end about how you should live your life to the fullest, how your family is important, and how you should be happy in life and the movie delivers that message perfectly.

Other than the predictable storyline and the sometimes cheesy dialog, the movie is great. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a feel-good movie.

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Good and decent tag team effort from two legendary veterans(Nicholson and Freeman) that teaches us about life friendships and touches our emotions and feelings.
blanbrn11 January 2008
"The Bucket List" is certainly a sentimental favorite that as a viewer touches your emotions and has you hoping for finding a friendship in the end, even though the film is funny and somewhat unrealistic. The performances from Jack and Morgan as expected are top notch, and I personally like Rob Reiner's direction of showing how an unlikely and odd friendship develops between two guys on their way out of life by doing the things they've always wanted. The "Bucket List" in many respects is a good happy fairy tale that most ordinary folks would dream about before they die, yet the character types played by Nicholson and Freeman make it so believable.

Jack Nicholson is billionaire hospital CEO administrator Edward Cole who as a grumpy and aging four time divorced playboy finds he has terminal cancer. With Freeman a character that's much different a blue collar working class auto mechanic named Carter Chambers who's a loving family man with a wife and kids and on the side a beloved history buff and trivia enthusiast yet he discovers his fate of having terminal cancer. Upon meeting in the same hospital room they share at first it's a cold and tough bonding only later to grow into a friendship by journey and discovery. The concept is thought up by Chambers by making a list called "The Bucket List" of things to do before we die. Oddly opposites agree the journey starts. The adventures include the heart pumping sky diving, auto drag racing, and trips to exotic locations and foreign countries. Many scenes like the mountain tops and pyramids seem unreal, yet are carried on by the witty and funny lines from Jack's character.

Most important aside from the journey and discovery of friendship and caring by travel and adventure a special bond is formed. Each has learned before they meet the end they have made each a better person that cares they both found what's important in life thru one another. "The Bucket List" isn't really a tear jerker, yet it's story of two terminal cancer patients provides the need for compassion as the viewer feels pain during the early scenes and you are certainly touched by the way the characters emotions grow by friendship you as the viewer feel your emotions have taken a good friendship journey. Finally this film is made even better by the performances of the two veteran legends Nicholson and Freeman. I highly recommend anyone view "The Bucket List".
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I've cried during many films....
somf27 December 2007
I, like you probably, love the movies. I want to laugh, cry , be scared, be informed. I love every genre. But only three films have made me sob. Maybe it is where I am in life right now. I am no spring chicken, but this film moved me like no other. Is it the best film ever? No. Neither were the other two that made me sob. For the record they were "Men Don't Leave", and "My Life". This is a better film than both of those fine films.

The operative word is sob.I have certainly shed a tear or two at countless films. You get a dedicated teacher and a bunch of misfit students, you'll get a tear out of me. You throw some adversity at an athlete or a team that overcomes it you'll probably see a tear as well, but this film just struck a chord. Not everyone who sees it will feel this way. I know that, but Nicholson is so damned brilliant as is Freeman. It is a joy to watch their characters for a little over 90 minutes, and the message, well, I hope it hits you as it did me. I wanted to go hug everyone that means anything to me. Sure the film has some flaws, but Reiner and company are to be commended. Thanks for opening up some feelings that I have spent years learning to hide. For the record I laughed a fair amount as well. Go see this film.
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The Wheels on the Bus
ferguson-612 January 2008
Greetings again from the darkness. Yes, this can be viewed as Hollywood formula with mass appeal and loads of stereotypes and clichés. On the other hand, it can be taken as a very accessible commentary on friendship, companionship and finding the joy in life. I prefer the latter. Either way, it does require a certain suspension of reality. Just ask Roger Ebert, who has made it his personal mission to bash the film.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are both in prime form, and after a string of weak films, director Rob Reiner does a masterful job of keeping Nicholson from going over the top and from having Freeman kill us with sweetness. Even more impressive is the pacing of the early hospital scenes ... nothing is forced, no line of dialogue or shot seems hurried. This is two patients coming to grips with their situation. While the worldly travels are impressive, my favorite parts of the film are the scenes between the two beds in the same room.

On the downside, will someone please tell Hollywood that Morgan Freeman in the cast does not mandate a blasted voice-over from the man? We know he has a great voice, but if the narration adds nothing to the story, please just let the film do its thing.

There are some laugh out loud moments and one-liners, but there are also some strong moments of drama ... death has a way of creating those. This is a combination of road trip, buddy film and coming-of-age ... very unusual for two senior citizens! So while the story line surprises are few, sit back and enjoy excellent acting (including Sean Hayes), wonderful direction and a few life lessons. Good stuff for a movie that all ages can enjoy.
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heart warming story of friendship-strong male performances
jewbearjosh3 January 2008
On new years day, 2008, I saw the film "The Bucket List." It was not my first choice of a film that I wanted to see. To be honest, however, I probably would not have enjoyed any of the films that I would have chosen more. This film is very well done. I liked the screenplay, by Justin Zackham. I liked the direction, by the real talented Rob Reiner. And I was very impressed by the acting. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did a superb job, playing two dying old guys who befriend each other, and together have the adventure of their lives. The film is very good. The plot involves this hospital owner-Edward Cole-who is dying from cancer, and another cancer victim-Carter Chambers-who meets Cole while getting treatment at the same hospital. After they both find out that they each have only a few months to live, they agree to travel together all over the globe, and follow this list of tasks. They call it the bucket list.

Nicholson gives a real touching performance as Ed Cole. He plays Cole funny, sad, stubborn, angry, strong, fearless, and loud. Morgan gives an equally touching performance as C. Chambers. He plays Chambers smart, cool, romantic, funny, fearless, and emotional. Both men are very moving in this film. They are great sharing the screen. I really enjoyed watching them play scenes together. It was for me a real treat. These guys, Nicholson and Freeman, are two of our finest actors. And this film is no exception.

Even though "The Bucket List" is a small film about friendship, and the meaning of truly living, I do not recommend it for the preteens. There are some very adult scenes. However, families with teenagers will enjoy seeing it together.

Josh Weinman
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A brilliant piece of art.
steeped2 January 2008
I was glad to catch this movie before it's release date here in Canada, so I know to tell all my friends and family, and anyone I can possibly reach to go see this movie.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman put on a terrific performance, playing two cancer patients who only have a year to live. They both decide to make a "Bucket List", a list of events they never accomplished in their lives. This list ranged from kissing the prettiest lady in the world to patching up the problems with their family.

The performances of this movie was phenomenal, but what really made this movie unique was the writing. We have all seen movies with a similar plot like in The Holiday when Queen Latifa spends all her money living like a Queen because she only has a few months to live. But instead the Bucket List is unique because it wasn't that completing this list made their last year worth living, it was the fact that the writers focused on the chemistry of these two men and how their friendship increased while completing this list.

The witty dialog, the brilliant writing and the great performance really made this movie a post-Christmas treat.

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You've seen this movie before, but Ol' Jack and Morgan make it taste better than average...
Benedict_Cumberbatch3 February 2008
A friend took me to watch "The Bucket List" tonight (it's usually the other way around, I take him to the movies I want to watch). As much as I love Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, I wasn't very excited about this... it looked really cheesy, and the reviews were not good at all (not saying I believe in most critics, but when I don't feel particularly curious about a movie AND the reviews are mostly negative, chances are that I'm gonna skip it). It turned out pretty good, actually... we've all seen movies about people who find out they only have some time left and make a list of things to do before dying (Isabel Coixet's "My Life Without Me", with Sarah Polley, is my favourite of them), and "The Bucket List" is not original or innovative at all, but Nicholson and Freeman alone make it worth seeing. It's not sappy as most movies about terminal patients, and it's entertaining enough. And even though it doesn't intend to be serious or thought-provoking, death is always a delicate issue, and this movie might make you reflect about how you spend your time: months ago, I was discussing with this same friend how, in movies, people only start living to the fullest when they get to know they're about to die. That's something we should all think about: to die, you only need to be alive, so we should all enjoy more the present instead of worrying so much about the future, because, unfortunately, there's no such thing as life guarantee. For its humor and tenderness, "The Bucket List" deserves a 7.5/10 from me.
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engaging examination of two men
antoniotierno4 February 2008
This story shows an excellent chemistry between the two leads, of course the result is a bit syrupy, but Bob Reiner has struck a nice balance between drama and comedy, showing both the sentimental factor but also values , good humor and poignant conversations. Everything is entertaining, also due to Morgan Freeman's and Jack Nicholson's class and capacity to display emotions. Overall it's convincing, despite not being that original and for not being a tear jerker story; of course many moments are moving and touching but never honeyed and trite. Landscapes shown in the movie are wonderful, though everything was shot in a studio and not on the spot.
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Reiner's The Bucket List is a treat for Nicholson and Freeman fans
tavm14 January 2008
My best friend and I went to see The Bucket List on our day off from work (actually, this friend of mine is unemployed right now) and we both enjoyed it. What a joy seeing two veteran Oscar-winning pros, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, on screen together! Their characters, Ed Cole and Carter Chambers, are two middle-aged men who suffer cancer at approximately the same time and bond sharing a hospital room (at the building Cole owns). The movie picks up when they see the world together. Also loved Sean Hayes as Nicholson's assistant Thomas (actually Matthew but Jack's character thinks that's too biblical) and Beverly Todd as Freeman's wife, Virginia. Didn't recognize Rob Morrow as the doctor which is ironic since I watched him for years on "Northern Exposure"! Corny and maybe contrived in spots but for the most part this was a heartfelt and occasionally humorous movie. So on that note, I recommend Rob Reiner's The Bucket List. P.S. Alfonso Freeman, Morgan's son, plays his son here. And the grandson of legendary director Frank Capra, Frank Capra III, is a co-producer and first assistant director here.
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A Magnificent Journey of Friendship, Discoveries and Redemption
claudio_carvalho15 June 2008
The quiet mechanic Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) is a man with a great general culture; has been married for forty-five years with his beloved wife Virginia (Beverly Todd) and has two sons – one lawyer the other engineer – and a violinist daughter. The caustic and bitter billionaire Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) owns many hospitals, has many divorces and one missing daughter. Following the policy of Edward, his hospital makes no exception giving a private room to him and he shares the same room as Carter. Along the days, they become close to each other and when Edward finds in the garbage the bucket list that Carter had prepared, listing all he wanted to do before dying, he includes his own items and invites Carter to a journey of friendship, discoveries and redemption.

"The Bucket List" has a wonderful screenplay, two fantastic actors and a predictable story about the journey of two terminal patients with cancer that find friendship, discoveries and redemption. The contrast between the two lead characters offers very beautiful moments with witty and spirituous dialogs alternating with funny and dramatic scenes. This is one of those movies that bring happiness to the viewer in spite of the unpleasant theme – illness and death. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Antes de Partir" ("Before Leaving")
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Enjoyable melodrama that it could have been a masterpiece...
Dr_Sagan14 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The premise is simple. 2 old men are struck by the sudden news of their terminal illness. They have 6-12 months to live so they decide to write a list with the things that they want to experience in the short time they have left. Money is not a problem since the one of them is a multi-millionaire who owns a private jet and mansions across the globe. So anything can be in their bucket list.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are playing the 2 men and it works well. There is chemistry between the 2 veteran actors.

The movie tries to be emotional using as vehicles the themes of family, respect, loyalty and of course friendship, but I think the director (veteran Rob Reiner) overpassed the line and turn this to a melodrama.

Overall the movie is fairly enjoyable and the only thing that someone can argue is the missed opportunity for something really great. A better script and a more refined structure could have made this well....even...a classic.
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Good, old-fashioned writing, acting and directing
john-denny5 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If you're looking for an action film with car-chases, blood and gore, death, seduction, stunning locations, then maybe The Bucket List isn't for you. Although, to be fair, it does have car-chases, blood and gore, death, seduction, and some of the most stunning locations the world has to offer. But it's not an action film. It's about people coming to terms with death, and what they want from life, and why do you have to wait until you're dying before you go and get what you wanted from life. And is there a purpose in life, other than "let's eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die." Obviously it's Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, so the acting is going to be brilliant. We don't know how he does it, but somehow Jack Nicholson never looks like he's acting. He looks like he really is the character - without the boring bits of course.

The locations are almost worth going for on their own. You almost want to die yourself, so you can have an excuse to break out of the rat-race and spend all your money on living. But then you think - hey, why do I have to wait until I die? Why am I earning all this money anyway, because I have to work so hard I never have time to enjoy life, so why don't I - then you realise that's what the film is all about.
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Simply a good story with good actors
nuhc18 March 2008
I can tell if a movie is good by the way it keeps me riveted to the story. And this is no exception. It's no surprise that a movie with highly talented actors like Nicholson and Freeman would be good. It's not that I'm normally attracted to movies with a deep inner meaning, but this is one movie which didn't beat you over the head with it. I mean, here are two guys who are facing death and decide to go out & do all the things they've ever wanted to. Some scenes are dramatic, others are funny, and in the end, the deep inner meaning just kind of shines through without a bunch of sappy sentimentalism. And yes, I did get a bit watery eyed near the end, which means this is a good story that you can get into & feel part of.
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Brilliant rebirth of an old story
petrov-s-a9 March 2008
The first thing that came to my mind after reading a small review on our local movies web-site was a film Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Thomas Jahn which is actually one of my favourite movies ever. And the question for me was something like "Is it possible for someone to make as much brilliant film as Knockin' on Heaven's Door was, basing it on the story that is pretty much the same?".

That was really striking, but the answer, it turned out, is yes, yes and yes. The Bucket List is the kind of a film after watching which you came out of the cinema realizing that it couldn't been made anyway except the way it was actually made. And the actors (Freeman and Nicholson were really perfect) were the only ones who could play such roles.

I don't wanna talk about the meaning of the film and it's essence, cause' everyone can find something special for himself. But it's a film that really worth seeing. And one more evidence of this were those tiny drops of tears which were running down my face as the light was turned on...
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A fantastic duo brings in the money
Mr-Mingz6 March 2008
I must say that watching this film was certainly a joy I was told that this was a must-see and i wasn't disappointed.

Morgan Freeman and jack Nicholson put on a great performance and made the film great.

Besides this, i think that the storyline is certainly well-developed and had a strong hold on me.

The only downer i cold point out would be the depressing beginning but that's about it! The rest was lovely.

I can guarantee that many elders will find this a warm-hearted flick to see.
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Too much for me to handle
Smells_Like_Cheese17 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
My mom and sister saw The Bucket List a couple days ago and told me that it was wonderful. So tonite my boyfriend and I decided to go ahead and see it, and I'm still in tears. The Bucket List unfortunately hit home so hard for me and I'm surprised at my mom and sister, since we have had quite a few family members that lost their battles with cancer. The Bucket List while is semi-uplifting, it just was almost torture. We have these two characters who we know are probably going to die and they're so lovable, we're setting us up for a painful story. I think that's the reason why, besides that it brought back so many painful memories, that I didn't really like this story. These two characters got to do so much that many would do anything to do, and I'm not sure how to take that.

Edward Cole has it all he could possibly want in life, he has tons and tons of money, lots of beautiful women, and the world at his feet. But all that changes when he is diagnosed with cancer, he is roomed with another cancer patient, Carter Chambers. They are both told that they are lucky if they have a year to live, so they make a "bucket list", things they would like to do before they die and Edward makes it so. They travel the world, skydive, race cars, you name it. But they end up with something more powerful, a loving friendship that will last eternally.

The Bucket List is incredibly made, I mean it's Rob Reiner, I will always give Rob the true credit he deserves. Including these amazing A-list actors, Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman who were just beautiful together. The movie has these incredibly gorgeous scenes as Carter and Edward are traveling the world, just amazing. But the film just had hit such a hard spot for me I think. It was a bit much to handle, same with my boyfriend who hasn't lost anyone to cancer, so while this was a charming movie about death and living life to it's fullest, we loose the characters that we want to live so much. The Bucket List is more for the older crowd I think, because it's a bit to handle for the younger crowd, I don't mean that as insulting, it's just too much and too painful to think about.

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It's like 4 seasons in one day
northernsean15 January 2008
Two of Hollywood's Greatest actors bounce off each other in this bittersweet comedy - the likes of which are a sad rarity. There are so many emotions portrayed by the two leading roles ( as well as supporting actors )it's like a roller-coaster ride in slow mo ... This is a must see for anyone wanting a feel good movie , it won't disappoint.This isn't a fast paced action movie with no guns a-blazing or exploding helicopters but a timely reminder that as acting goes, these two guys are far from "out to pasture", OK i'm slightly biased here as i have followed these two actor's careers for over two decades now and nothing surprises me about this movie ...GO SEE IT !!!
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Phenomenal movie...
paul_haakonsen18 March 2011
This Rob Reiner movie was simply fantastic.

The story told in "The Bucket List" is a very compelling and heartfelt one. And you must have a heart of stone if you are not swept up by the story. To summarize the story, then Edward (played by Jack Nicholson) and Carten (played by Morgan Freeman) meet in a hospital when they are both in there with terminal cancer. The two strangers start off a friendship that lead them around the world, and shows the strength a bond between people can share.

The cast in "The Bucket List" is marvelous. Of course with names like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman you know you are in for top quality entertainment. Both these seasoned actors do a tremendously great job with their roles, and they have really good chemistry together. The movie also have Sean Hayes (playing Thomas) on the list, and he was a nice addition.

"The Bucket List" is the type of movie that will stick with you for a long, long time. And the storyline really leaves a lasting impression. If you haven't seen "The Bucket List" already, then I strongly suggest you get around to it, because this is truly one of the more moving pieces of cinema in a long, long time.

Thumbs up for "The Bucket List", way, way up.
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Appreciating life
Petey-1030 June 2011
Mechanic Carter Chambers and hospital magnate Edward Cole meet each other in a hospital.They both have a terminal lung cancer.But instead of giving up, just waiting to die on a hospital bed, they decide to go on a journey.They make a list of things to do and places to go before kicking the bucket.The Bucket List (2007) is a comedy drama film directed by Rob Reiner.One of the reasons this movie rises from mediocrity to something better is the main actors, Morgan Freeman (Carter) and Jack Nicholson (Edward).They're both born in 1937 and they really know their game.Sean Hayes plays Edward's valet/servant Thomas.Beverly Thomas is Carter's wife Virginia.Alfonso Freeman (Morgan's real son) plays Roger.Rob Morrow is the doc, Dr.Hollins.This can be quite funny from time to time.I especially enjoyed how Carter kept giving answers to questions on Jeopardy while having a serious conversation.And the whole Kopi Luwak business is quite amusing.Also the drama works in this movie.The Bucket List doesn't make dying such a serious matter.Or at least you can make the best of it.
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Still Under-appreciated
matey-213 May 2011
I just thought I would write a review as this is the first time I have seen this movie being aired on TV. I did not watch again, but recommend to several friends, Having only watched the film for the 3rd or 4th time a month or two back. This movie is not being aired on a major channel, which is disappointing, although I hope people 'channel surfing' discover this film, as it is, at its best a beautiful film.

Initially, I saw this film shortly after losing a close fried to cancer. Although I can agree with many reviews that the plot is quite predictable, and that both Nicholson and Freeman do not stretch themselves. However, the connection between the two men and their different perspectives on death are really fantastic. As an outsider (close friend) of someone with cancer, this movie depicts two otherwise completely different characters; who only share their terminal illness. I found the bond portrayed between both actors both believable and beautiful.

There seems to be a little scepticism regarding this film ( I think the rating has improved since 2007) I myself saw it many months official cinema release - and with similar scepticism. I finished the movie with a tear in my eye, some of the thoughts of terminal cancer patients revealed. Beverley Todd highlights the distance of those who suffer and family members.

At best this film has touching and heartfelt moments which can be understood by all. It only misses the mark by being an exclusively cancer based film ( although this is not the main subject of conversation); I feel some of the sensitive and most evocative scenes may lightly wash over those who have not witnessed or experienced cancer sufferers first hand.
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Movie that makes you feel good
shreekara-199522 February 2015
What if you get to know about the day you die? It's said that knowing the day of death makes one liberal from all those chains and bonds and probably it shows a clear path to go with what you really want in your life, you are bought to this world with no intentions but in the course of life you gradually ''try'' to find a way of happiness just like the calf finding for the hay.

2007's 'The Bucket List' has that ''feel better'' stuff and the concept of Hope that always keep you alive and young, this movie is about a genius mechanic and the insane lonely business tycoon who are diagnosed with the cancer and decide to pursue in fulfilling their ''Bucket list'', they both get into some really crazy stuffs like skydiving, African Safari, racing cars, riding on the China wall and reaching the Himalayan summit with only intention to have their life fulfilled with joy and sense of content, both help each other to make feel better and lead their way in making their living meaningful, ''one day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching'' this single quote from this movie summarizes the entire story.

The movie takes you in its narrative pattern and helps in getting along with the character and their feelings all through the story, its Jack Nicholson an actual super star of his kind who truly grab your attention with his ''go free'' kind of role and Morgan Freeman as usual portray his typical classic way of performance, this work is something different from the traditional movie making style and try to convey the valuable message for the life, it's the journey of discovering oneself.
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