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commando19841 January 2007
This is the second movie i saw with my son and i have to admit that this one is worser than Plop and the Violin . There was more story in that movie than Plop in the city. Sorry, but no good rate this time! There are to many scenes with music in it. It wasn't very exciting sometimes. There were not much laughing scenes in it. The actors tryed very hard to do the best they can, but still.. The cheerleader of the music band was very cute.

Anyway, my son liked it, and that's the most important!! ;-) And, if there is a next movie of Plop, we will go see that one to.

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Meets expectations
Pascal Zinken (LazySod)2 January 2007
Or "Plop in the City" as the international title would go. There isn't much to say about this one - starring the same characters as the ones in the series this is another film that brings the crew behind the gnome Plop and his friends together. In this adventure one of the gnomes, namely Lui, eats the forbidden fruits and turns into a human sized gnome. Needless to say, that is a problem for the other gnomes and a problem for him as well - so he goes to the city.

It's the same level of fun as the series - kids liking the series and the previous film (Plop en het Vioolavontuur) will very probably like this one too and the parents/guardians accompanying them to the cinema will very probably fall asleep just as hard as with the other ones. The kid I took to see this film had great fun with it, just like he did with the previous one.

Acting isn't great, but it isn't entirely bad either - it is what one expects from a fairly low budget children's film. The story is fun enough and there is even a slight bit of tension, for a kid at least. Fun enough, and applicable for children from ages 2 to 6 or so.

6 out of 10 over-sized gnomes
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