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Season 1

28 Jun. 2006
Blade joins forces with Krista Starr to help her get revenge on an evil vampire who killed her fraternal twin brother.
5 Jul. 2006
Death Goes On
Krista has a bad dream where she bites her mother's neck. Both Blaade and Marcus starts to hunt an ash dealer, Cain.
12 Jul. 2006
Marcus orders Krista to deliver a bag to Vanessa, and Blade hunts the doctor who makes vaccine to vampires for Marvus.
19 Jul. 2006
Blade is caught by a group of vampires called Bad Blood, a group that Blade first turned.
26 Jul. 2006
The Evil Within
A bloody ritual visualizes for Krista where Boons is heading. Blade focuses on Vanessa Simms who is very pregnant, as Krista searches for the Aurora vaccine. Marcus gets a surprise visit.
2 Aug. 2006
Hardly alive Chase is brought home to Marcus who orders Krista to bring back Vanessa.
9 Aug. 2006
An old friend from Blade's childhood is murdered.
16 Aug. 2006
Turn of the Screw
Krista asks Blade for help as her mother has run away, and Alex wants to save Chase from Marcus.
23 Aug. 2006
Angels & Demons
Marcus seeks Krista's love and sympathy by showing her how he was turned into a vampire.
30 Aug. 2006
Bethany asks Shen to find her sister who's disappeared from a waitress job in a night club.
6 Sep. 2006
Charlotte and Thorne suffer an air crash. Blade and Collins go to the crashed plane to investigate.
13 Sep. 2006
Marcus plans a full-scale attack on the pureblood Vampires as they gather to celebrate their ultimate triumph and Marcus prepares to execute his apocalyptic plan.

 Season 1 

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