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The instant hangover after watching this film would surely be Zindaggi doesn't rock. Rather it sucks.
xpics9 October 2006
"Zindaggi Rocks" is a kind of a film that might appear interesting with its two-liner plot outline narration given to the actors or the producer. But when those two lines are developed into a 200 hundred-page screenplay it loses its impact and charm. That's because the screenplay could well have been completed in just hundred pages and the movie could have been half its runtime length making it more crispy and gripping. But a Bollywood filmmaker can't resist the temptation to cram the film with emotions, drama, romance, comedy and a dozen songs (even if none of it is mandatory) thereby hampering the actual essence.

The movie opens with Dr Samir Rehan (Shiny Ahuja) being summoned by the police for some investigation. Don't ask why the cops summon him, because it is never explained in the film.

The entire movie opens in flashback mode with Shiny's (or whoever has dubbed for him) emotionless and bland voice-over. Shiny is a doctor who falls in love with Sushmita who plays a rock star (well that's what we are forced to believe).

But then the actual story of the movie begins when we get to know that Sushmita's adopted son needs a heart transplant desperately. And we get to know this only post interval. This means that there is no story in the first half at all. Just unnecessary and insipid scenes going on and on! Even in the second half, the film takes too long to deal with the core theme and wastes unnecessary reels on verbose dialogues, abstract poetry and redundant songs. If that's not enough there is also a romantic angle between the 10-year-old foster son and his classmate. Add to it some incomprehensible, metaphorical 'durkut raja' fables forced in.

The major flaw in the film is that the emotions portrayed by the characters fail to connect with the viewer. While the film squanders a lot of time in the Sushmita-Shiny love story you still don't feel any chemistry happening between the two.

A word of advice to the director ? just smooch scenes between couples doesn't ensure smooth chemistry. While Sushmita goes over-the-top most of the times, Shiny is as faded and expressionless as possible. Even the emotional bonding between Sushmita and her adopted son doesn't strike a chord with you. And what on earth made Moushmi Chatterjee do a double role as the simple and sophisticated sister, in a film where she was boring in both. While her Bengali accent is evidently irritating in her simplistic avatar, as the stylish tomboy sister she hams hysterically. Also why did the director want a wannabe cowboy character (Ravi Gossain) in the film? And what was Kim Sharma doing in the film? Inflicting more pain to the audiences' senses? Blame it to the lousiness of the director of the incapability of the actors but the performances in this film are plain below average.

Another bone of contention is that why did the director Tanuja Chandra want Sushmita's character to be that of a rock star while the film's storyline doesn't demand anything of it? In fact even the film was promoted as if it was about the life of a rock star. Sushmita looks old in certain frames and despite having the charisma to pull off a rock star isn't used to her potential.

The music is peppy at times but an overdose of it spoils it all. The background score is not at all in sync with the proceedings on screen. At many instances the scenes turn out to be unintentionally funny. Editing is as good as absent from the film.

The instant hangover after watching this film would surely be Zindaggi doesn't rock. Rather it sucks. Let me not use any more rhyming words to describe the state of mind.
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First half is awesome
goelshek20 December 2006
I've just finished watching the first half of the movie and couldn't resist commenting on it. I laughed and smiled and clapped with his movie more than I have in the past 20 movies. I don't know why its 3.7 and don't know what the second half holds. But so far, Sushmita and Maushmai Chatterjee's work is mind-blowing. Their laughter and happiness comes across as so sincere and natural that you can't stop yourself on laughing with them, even if the dialogues are cheesy and stupid at times. Shiny Ahuja stands nowhere as compared to Sush. His eyes are expressive and voice full of sadness, but he fails to emanate the spark and doesn't bring the charisma that is required of this role. I'm sure this is one of those movies that I like and the world hates. I hope I continue to enjoy the movie and the second half is equally good.
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This movie is gonna make you cry,laugh and will compel you to fall in love with your life....
meetarijit25 September 2007
This movie is superb.You can watch this movie for many reasons.like Susmita Sen's superb acting,the awesome story of the movie.Especially if you wanna be proud of being a human being and wanna find a new meaning of your life.The script of the movie is very good.And the way the director tells us the story thats really commendable.You can watch this one.This movie is gonna make you laugh,its gonna make you cry badly.And finally this movie is gonna be one...which will prove that line once again."Our sweetest songs are those which tell of our saddest thoughts".But the only difference is that in this movie the sadness came to give eternal joy to mankind.
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Two thumbs up for Bollywood.
hansbearnl11 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
After I watched this movie I had only one 'but', namely, they should have chosen a different title, cause the title doesn't cover what the movie tells us. I am a bit surprised about the other comments for this movie, cause if there is any good Bollywood blockbuster, it is this one. Even those who don't like Bollywood movies will acknowledge that this movie shakes everyone's foundations of love, faith, life. It is all about controversial choices, that each of us one day night have to make, and some of these ugly choices are made "easier" for us in some countries like the Netherlands where they have euthanasia in the law. It is a terrible law, and I am not proud to be Dutch. I hate this law, but at the same time I understand the terrible choices people have to make when suffering and death enter our life. Still, as this movie shows, it is a big question if we as humans can make decisions as if we are God, and you can disagree with the choice that the mother makes in this movie. Nevertheless, this movie has done this with a great delicacy, and even the music is appropriate at the right time. This way it didn't just become a Bollywood movie, but a great Indian story about the hardships of life. Two thumbs up for Bollywood!
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This movie rocks!
AishFan20 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Zindaggi Rocks is a movie with a different flavor and different attitude. It is a sweet, emotional story that helps you embrace life. Z.R. is a film about a mother, played by Sushmita Sen, and her 12 year-old son. In the big picture, as stated by director Tanuja Chandra, it is about the multi-layered woman who has a child, a career, and a love interest. Sushmita's son in the film is fighting for his life due to a heart condition. The scenes towards the end are real tearjerkers and deeply touch your heart. Unlike movies that are emotional for the sake of being emotional or those that show the traumatic lives of individuals to show the dark side of the world, Z.R. does the same but maintains a positive outlook on life and illustrates an important message. Every single person has his/her share of problems and goes through periods of their life that will try to drain the most out of him/her. However, we must keep living; we must keep rocking! This life and every moment of it is ours. We must either live it up or watch it pass by. Sushmita displays this message by her never-say-die attitude. She brings smiles and love to everyone even in the midst of her son's deterioration. Don't misunderstand this to mean that one should completely forget and drop all their problems and start partying (as this is impossible); that is not the message at all. Sushmita does fall apart at times and is almost unable to bear her son's state, but she never lets that kill her spirit. It is as alive as ever, and she tries her hardest to accomplish her goals. Sushmita was absolutely fantastic! Probably her best performance yet! It doesn't look like she's acting but as if these are real snippets from her life; no one else could have done half a decent job as her. The kid was pretty good too. Shiny was also good although his role wasn't too demanding. Mousmi was good, while Kim was weak. Songs are excellent!! All tracks are great--some are slow and melodic. One is a Sufi/Arabic number, while the others are an interesting, unique mix of Hindi and true Western rock that I have never seen come out of Bollywood before. The female rockstar, a definite first in India, played by Sushmita who would go to any length to save her son's life, really showed how admirable and strong a woman is.
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One should watch this movie which go with everybody's life
kcarai7 October 2006
At the concept level, 'Zindaggi Rocks' is indeed a story to reckon with. A mother makes an ultimate sacrifice to save the life of her ailing son. The story has a potential to stir emotions and to provoke thoughts.

The film is the story of a singer, rock star Kria (Sushmita Sen) who has an adopted, 12-year-old son Dhruv. Kria has a stern mother and a fun-loving Aunt (both roles played by Moushmi Chatterjee).

The final moments of the film does bring a tear to the eye.

Indeed a great movie to watch.

Zindaggi Rocks ;-)
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I'd pay if Tanuja Chandra would stop directing movies
bollycritic10 November 2007
Tanuja Chandra needs to go to film-school. True, I have never been either, but I know a horrible film when I see one. Oh course Tanuja is in excellent company in Mumbai thanks to the likes of Sohail Khan, Siddharth Anand and Kunal Kohli, all of whom have repeatedly directed some of the worst films in the history of the world.

Why do her female protagonists always have to be so angry or scream obsessed? And why are Tanuja's films always so BORING? The plot here is preposterous, and I could not care less for the lead character, no matter how much I love Sushmita Sen. This woman just does not know how to direct.
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