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More than "A Man and His Dog" film
rage_2123 January 2009
After reading some of the outlandish bad reviews, I had to comment on this film. I know people's perceptions differ, but some of the bad reviews are so exaggerated and are, lack of a better word, incorrect! I was hesitant about going to see just another generic man and dog film. It was my girlfriend's idea, and I figured it would be another corny chick flick about how a couple get a dog and how it brings them together. After I began watching, it grabbed my attention and never let go! I don't think my review of this film will be able to capture the true essence and emotions this film captures, but here goes: The film was very gripping in its realistic portrayal of the development of a family and their pet from the couple's wedding until the film's end approximately 40 years into their lives. I think for most people, the couple's relationship and even a troublesome pet will seem familiar(imperfect, but yet believable). The movie isn't solely about the dog, but how the dog is a bit of a nuisance at first, but matures along with the family. Giving many more details may ruin the story, so I'll hit some of the points that need attention.

Some people argue that this film lacks comedy, but it's subtle comedy(the type real life offers...nothing exaggerated and too many Seth Rogan films). Owen Wilson is more toned down, but he adds his spin to a more down-to-earth role as a husband that chooses his life as a husband over the dream life he had pictured. Aniston delivers one of her best performances, in my opinion. I'm not a big fan of her acting, but she gives an undeniably good performance as Wilson's adoring wife.

Regarding the "nudity" and "sex", yes they hint at having sex, but nothing is shown nor sounds like sex. There is NO NUDITY!!! There is a shot of Aniston's naked BACK(not her backside, her back). All of the film's sexual innuendos are while they are married! If anything I think this sends a positive message to younger viewers that this is the way it's supposed to isn't over after marriage and in some cases, it's when the real adventure begins. Children these days have seen worse than this film shows on network TV and MTV. I didn't hear any bad language that isn't on TV already. It wasn't what most people consider the worst words. And lastly, the sad part of the film is realistic not morbid, murder, or uncalled for...sometimes I think people are so used to films like The Dark Knight that when they see a wholesome, realistic film they're disappointed because they're wanting something epic.

Give this film and chance and realize going into it that it's not the mindless, idealistic comedy that Hollywood has stuffed down our throats lately. It's heart-warming, wholesome, and true to life.
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Surprisingly Good
socact-128 December 2008
When I first saw the previews for Marley and Me, I thought, ugh, another desperate attempt by Jennifer Aniston to resuscitate her career. I used to be a huge Aniston fan back in the "Friends" days, but it's been years since I've seen any of her movies. And as for Owen Wilson, he always seemed like a goof who rode on the wave of his older brother's success. This movie proved me wrong on both counts.

Marley and Me is about a dog, definitely, but it's just as much about a man (John Grogan, played by Wilson), his wife (Jenny, played by Aniston), and his growing family. The film follows John from his wedding night to the peak of his journalism career a dozen years later, years that are chronicled in his weekly columns for a Florida newspaper. Marley, the lovable but horribly destructive yellow lab, enters his life as a puppy, in an attempt to prepare him and his wife for future children. The dog, as expected, tears apart the house, makes wild escapes, humps the dog trainer, and lovably terrorizes other people. But the film effectively intersperses those episodes with tender, sincere moments of human/dog bonding. Marley is there to comfort Jenny when her husband cannot, adjusts to the children as they grow older, and intrudes on the family's most private moments. He is a constant, and at times, annoying presence, but Marley underscores the emotional tone of the film without dominating it.

Similarly, both Wilson and Aniston deliver understated performances that convey the ups-and-downs of any marriage. While it is the bond between John and Marley that the film explores most deeply, Jenny provides the link between dog, family, and children. In the end, she realizes what Marley has become, and what he has always been, to the two of them. The film's overall tone - light, humorous, but at times very real - builds up to an ending that is surprisingly moving.

Marley and Me is a tender-hearted, easy-going film that will appeal to any dog-lover. But it will also, I think, appeal to anyone who can look back on his or her life and trace a common thread through each passing year. A beloved pet, like Marley, has that unique capability. I wish I could thank my own dog for that. But, as one of the children in the movie tearfully says, I'm sure he already knows.
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There was sobbing...
pktbishop26 December 2008
Every year I go to see a movie on Christmas Day. It's been a tradition since high school. This year's Christmas movie was "Marley & Me". I was more excited by the fact that it was something that everyone could go and see; including my mom, who doesn't venture out to the theater very often. Anyway, I was happy that she and my girlfriend were excited to see this.

As I am sure many posters will repeat this phrase, if you've ever been a dog owner, this movie really rings true. The movie itself is very simple; it chronicles the growth of a couple and the impact their pet Labrador has on their family throughout their life.

It is really the simplicity that makes the story work so well. This isn't "Old Yeller" or "Lassie", though some elements are there. This isn't a dog movie focused on the relationship of the canine and a kid (a la "My Dog Skip"). This is a true depiction of what it is like for most people to get a puppy early in their relationship and how it can develop into them becoming a member of the family.

There aren't many people in the cast. Jennifer Aniston really does the best job in the picture. I'm a fan of Owen Wilson (I know many aren't), and it was nice to see a serious side since we really hadn't seen one since "Behind Enemy Lines". He did a good job, but he really would've sold me if he had shed some full on tears when it was required. But he was very believable nonetheless.

The film really humanizes the characters and their relationship with Marley with such realism. I haven't had a chance to read the book, but I have a feeling the movie captured the essence of the story.

I have been a dog owner my entire life. I had 5 from childhood through college and have experienced the beginning act of the movie having purchased a puppy with my girlfriend 2 years ago. He is now a 2 yr old member of our family, and we would be devastated if we ever lost him. Most can relate to the experience of being a pet owner, and even if you can't, there are messages here you can still connect with. I definitely recommend this for ANYBODY, but try to take the family. If you never wanted a pet before, I challenge you to not change your mind after viewing this. And yes, men, women and children alike were sobbing by the end
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Charming, thoughtful - probably not what you'd expect
jantoniou3 January 2009
Though I wasn't quite sure what to expect with "Marley and Me", I admit I basically expected it to be a slightly goofy slapstick type comedy centered around a high-strung pooch. I was thinking "Beethoven" just replace the St. Bernard with a Labrador.

With "A-list" players like Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson involved, however, I should have known better.

This is an actual movie - a real story about real life and the dog that runs through it (literally and figuratively).

The basic story follows Wilson and Aniston as journalists who embark upon their lives as a married couple. Marley comes early on as the puppy no one wants and the marginally insane high-strung pooch who appears throughout to be virtually untrainable (don't tell that to that "It's Me or the Dog" gal). Shredding cushions, destroying floors and walls and most everything in between seems to never quite drive them completely mad. Instead of taking him to the pound they soldier through and love their dog and of course he faithfully loves them in return. Like a child, a pet is not someone you just give up on because they are hard to take care of.

Children - three, ultimately - come into their lives and John's (Wilson) career continues to advance as he carves a niche as a local columnist. They ultimately move from Florida to Pennsylvania. Even as the marriage has its ups and downs, as Jen (Aniston, sans a character name change) gives up her career to be a mom, as kids are born and grow older, as John struggles with his own career direction Marley remains the constant, always a little crazy, always infusing his peculiar personality into the family dynamic.

This is a "family movie" in the truest sense - that is, that it is about family, about the reality of being a father, a husband, a wife, a mother, and the obligations and dreams and ambitions we have and often let go for the sake of the greater purpose of raising our children. It is about uncomfortable and often painful sacrifices of our own vision of the future for ourselves and our family. It is about what we give up to ultimately gain far more.

Marley in his own way represents that sacrifice - a pet probably not many would take on and keep and engenders a huge challenge to persist in loving and caring for. Therein is a lesson in how to raise kids and how to love each other even when we don't much feel like it.

For all its fine, thoughtful, and charming qualities "Marley and Me" is not 100% a family movie - there's some swearing (not much - perhaps 5 or 6 times, all relatively tame) and some sexual innuendo but nothing overt. In the end I think it finds a pretty reasonable balance between trying to be a movie that appeals to adults and yet it doesn't kowtow to children either. The dialog and the acting are excellent (Jennifer Aniston is especially good) and whatever Owen does is understated and funny yet he also does serious when he needs to.

In any case this is a fine movie that most adults will enjoy for a real character-driven "dramedy" (mostly drama, less comedy) and kids say 7 and older will be able to catch most of the finer elements of the script.
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Surprisingly Watchable
cwood060911 January 2009
"Marley and Me", for what it's worth, is a true family film. The first half, with cute puppies and slap stick humor, will probably draw in the younger audiences, while the last half, a surprisingly substance filled story of a marriage growing past its prime, will appeal to the parents. The inevitable last bit will hit it home for everyone. Even teenagers. I know because I am one. That really is a 'family' film.

On a different note, what I was really impressed with in this film is Owen Wilson. I have never been too impressed with his work, he's tolerable, but that's about it. In this, however, he had a very heartfelt performance for what he was given. The last few scenes were among his most impressive work ever.

Give Marley and Me a try, if you're out with the whole family.
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Terrific Movie!
lkl64113 January 2009
I read Marley & Me several years ago and was happy to see a movie was coming out. The initial critic's reviews I read made it sound like a weak movie. They were wrong.

Marley & Me does a great job of telling the story of the Grogan family. Yes, the main character is Marley, but Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are great in their roles. Marley's antics are hilarious and we get to see the family evolve throughout the movie. I think the writers and directors did a great job in telling this story.

All in all, an enjoyable movie with plenty of laughs and plenty of tears. My daughter and I both enjoyed it a lot. I plan on seeing Marley & Me again in the theater with my husband and I'm sure we'll watch it again on video.

Enjoy this movie!
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I love my dog more now
lpt102121 January 2009
You know, minutes before going to the theater to see this movie I was getting dressed and my beagle was jumping all over me, biting me and I kept pushing her away. So I go to this movie and I just couldn't help it. I cried my eyes out. How true it is, that a dog doesn't care who you are, if you're rich or poor, if you're tall or short. He's always there for you. No matter what. And no matter how big the mess is, you'll still love him. It was great to see Owen Wilson playing a dramatic role. He did great in Behind Enemy Lines and he should play more roles like this. Jennifer Aniston was great too, she really delivered. Good film, funny and entertaining, excellent for the family. Don't forget to take your dog.
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Heart warming and beautiful
soccerwind29 December 2008
Wonderful movie about life as the characters played by Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson get married and start their life together with the "most stupidest dog in the world". Lots of laughs in this movie but also as the story unfolds with the Grogan's careers and family they all love their dog "Marley".

This can be quite the tear jerker however I found the movie to be quite heart warming and very beautiful. We watch as the family grows and how their silly dog is a very important part of the family. Anyone who has had a dog can relate the movie moves along at a nice pace. Both Anniston and Wilson did very well here especially Wilson as we get to see him acting a serious part and doing it so well.
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Very emotional and realistic
ninasafaric22 December 2019
This movie brought me to tears, it reminded me of last year (10 years after this movie came out), of my dog who was my best friend and died exactly the same way as Marley. Even though he's been dead for over a year I still miss him dearly.
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Great movie
KateC491 January 2009
I read John Grogan's book on Xmas Day 2007 & saw this film today in Australia on New Years Day '09. I have to say they have turned this heartwarming & funny story into a great movie. The casting was right & Owen Wilson & Jennifer Anniston perfect in the roles of John & Jenny Grogan. I grew up as a teenager with a Golden Labrador in the family we all adored & in my early married life with a badly behaved Lassie Collie dog which had to be put down 13 years later. I could really relate to this family's experiences with their pooch & the sometimes angst it caused them. Our Collie chewed everything in sight & also managed to run straight through a plate glass door, jumped out of the car window and broke a bone in his foot... so many experiences similar to this film/book. And at the end of our pooch's life my (by then ex-husband) cried like a baby when we had to have our dog put down.

This film shows the whole life of Marley & how he was loved and at times despaired of and at the end the most cherished part of this family. Yes I cried at the end & I thought it beautifully done but I also was crying for the dog I miss so much now. I would just like the film to have rounded off the story & shown that Marley got a book published about him & that they next got a docile dog who was never going to make it to the press as he was in fact the model dog they thought they were getting with Marley. Lovely film & such a nice change from some of the garbage that's in the theatres these days.
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An Amazingly lovable dog movie
scoobydoo1992-122 September 2009
This movie brings tears to your eyes however it will make you like this movie even more!!!!!!! I absolutely love Jennifer Aniston, in yet another role that was fit for her. And Owen Wilson played a dog owner/lover like a normal animal lover. I believe that this movie was next to the best movie of 2008 and it had a combination of all movie genres to make it a perfect family movie. There are many moments in the movie in which you: laugh cry applaud smile I recommend this movie to any one who likes dogs and movies. and the acting from the children in this movie was not bad at all either. i am happy to give this movie a 9/10 rating, which is deserved.
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Memories of Old Yeller
the-ppfitzgeralds24 September 2009
Wild horses couldn't have dragged me to the theaters to see this movie but I couldn't say no to my nieces and they are the ones that selected the DVD. What a surprise and how dangerous to pre-judge. "Marley and Me" has, at least, 4 or 5 elements that put it way above other movies of its kind. It reminded me (without being similar) to a favorite of my own childhood "Old Yeller" and that alone placed me on a very special frame of mind. Jennifer Aniston surprised me. Her performance feels and sounds truthful and thoughtful. The mother of three who left behind a promising career to dedicate herself fully to her family, reeks of a familiar kind of pathology that Aniston takes all the way without allowing the acting get in the way. I believed her and that makes things work on all levels. Then, Alan Arkin, he creates a fully fledged character out of a clichè. He's wonderful. And Marley? The series of extraordinary dogs who played the arch of this unconventional creature, is a triumph of sorts. Some of the music and Marley running I could have done without and I must confess I wouldn't have cast Owen Wilson but that's just too small a problem to spoil the surprise this movie provides. Kathleen Turner plays a cameo as a dog instructor that provoked a gasp in the audience. She's closer to Shirley Stoler in "Seven Beauties" than to Geena Davis in "The Accidental Turist" Use your kids as an excuse to see Marley. It works.
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Best film of the holiday season
RichardSRussell-126 December 2008
Short-attention-span synopsis: Best film of the holiday season.

Marley & Me (PG, 2:00) — 9

I felt bad having to deliver the news to my fellow fans about what a poor crop of SF&F films we have to pick from this holiday season, so let me make it up to you by giving a totally unqualified recommendation for Marley & Me! It's not science fiction. Heck, it's barely fiction at all, since it's drawn from the real-life experiences of newspaper columnist John Grogan, his wife Jen, their kids, and their yellow labrador retriever, Marley, "the worst dog in the world".

I do some database work for the Wisconsin Academy of Graduate Service Dogs, and I have to say that Marley would have washed out of the academy in 15 minutes. He'd be a terrible service dog, but he makes a wonderful friend.

This film is utterly realistic. It never strikes a forced or false note. There are lots of laffs, but they all arise organically out of real life. John and Jen are good, decent people (like virtually all Americans), and they behave naturally, without any visible "acting". It's a little slice of Americana. If a big-budget spectacular like Benjamin Button had been able to muster a quarter of the heart of this modest film, they'd already be rolling Oscar's red carpet up to its front door.

"I'd like to be the man my dog thinks I am." -- Mike McGuire, songwriter
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Superficial and emotionally simple daytime TV stuff is still that even when loaded with stars and put in a cinema
bob the moo6 June 2009
There seems to be a consensus of opinion here that, if you dislike this film it is simply because you're not a dog person and therefore you'll not "get" this film. For the record I don't have a dog but did grow up with a dog and like them (while also liking cats). What I don't have is a willingness to access my own emotions and memories in order to use them to make up for the inadequacy of the film – which, with all due respect, a lot of people seem to be doing when they talk about why they love the film. So I understand what it is to have a dog as a companion, to have the good and the bad and to have that be an emotional part of one's live. The problem I have with the film is that I'm not convinced the people who make the film do – or rather I'm not convinced they know how to put that into a script and then put it on the screen.

I say this because the narrative here is a really simple story of a family – and there is nothing wrong with that, it is about life rather than a specific set of events that lead to one another on the way to a dramatic conclusion. However without an engaging and convincing heart to the film then this just comes over like a superficial scenario put together with "music video" moments and no depth or complexity to the lives on which the film relies. To help with the emotion we have lots of "safe accessible" pop songs used in the soundtrack – something that says "packaging" and "market targeting" more than it does "film making"; of course any scene with emotion is loaded with manipulative music to draw the emotion – and, if you're into it then perhaps it will work but it is hard to avoid just how superficial it is.

The casting confirms this as the beautiful blonde leads are both bland as sin and do not convince as characters or as a couple. It doesn't help that the film doesn't even attempt to age them physically and that the script does little to age their spirits. Wilson does his usual stuff but, without the comedy that usually makes his personae works, he is quite poor and he cannot do the emotions that the basic events of his character's life ask him to deliver. Aniston is just as weak and is badly cast – her figure and looks working against her while she tries to use her words only to convince us that she is a mother of three and going through real challenges. The dog itself is good at being cute but personally I struggled to really see what it was they loved in it – probably because the script only gives me comedy events rather than a family with the dog at the heart of it.

Marley & Me will get better with time – not because history will judge it well but rather because it will move out of cinemas, onto DVD and eventually reach its true home on Wednesday afternoons on a network like Hallmark. For those that love those daytime movies then you should like this but for the majority of viewers this will be far too superficial and bland to really impact.
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Disturbingly over-rated: perfect January slops...
intelearts30 March 2009
7.2 on IMDb - you are kidding, right? Plus lots of words like heartwarming, joyful, happy - did we see the same movie? Chaos and irritating chaos at that; a dog that breaks and takes everything in sight isn't funny the first time and after the seventieth time it is just plain dire.

Call me Mr Killjoy but we just could not find the heartwarming joy in this at all - we wanted the dog to run away - and for Jennifer Aniston and Luke Wilson to stop being phony.

Definitely not for children this is a film for those who like their cruelty served up with a large dose of frustration.

It says it all that is gets released post-Oscar; if it was meant for Christmas then Scrooge has won.

Hated that we hated it all, but what is most depressing of all is that IMDb raters have become so lacking in taste and judgment....
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Quick Review
sloblock28 March 2009
Virtually no character development, no story and strangest of all, not about a dog.

What should be key elements of the film seem like incidentals. Life changing moments are just odd lines or chance meetings. there is no depth to the story or any characters in it. What is play as a central theme (or as close as it gets to one) is the usual 'I have given up my chance to be someone, do something, but I wont because I love you'. Frankly, you wont even care, because if you blink once or twice and miss a couple of lines, then you wont even notice this angle in the film.

Ironically, the dog seems like an incidental. Apart from showing it cant walk on a lead, it only has 3 scenes at the end of the film which appear to have been thrown in at the last minute.

The whole film smacks of a post production review meeting where they realised what a boring film they had made and asked for more 'dog moments'. Unfortunately it appears they forgot about the dog 'sub-plot' during filming. As a result the movie is neither one thing or another. Complete boring mess.

I feel cheated out of the cost of cinema tickets and the two hours wasted watching it... and I love and have always owned dogs.
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Triple Framed
tedg3 June 2009
Its all about the nesting.

We have a guy, who we are told is one of the best reporters in the world. He is the designated observer of our hero, about which we get a professional report.

Our hero is a newspaper writer, who throughout the movie we see develops a sort of public journal as a newspaper column. The column becomes successful, the success directly related to how interesting his life is, or rather the description of his life. As the film goes on, we come to understand that these columns are collected into a book which becomes the basis of the screenplay. Its a common enough introspective fold.

The twist here is that we have the dog and he plays three roles. He is the real designated watcher, as the reporter mentioned above fades away, his role in this regard comes into play.

He is also the object of the stories, in the column and hence on the screen. Its a clever trick because we have this problem. We need genre because otherwise we cannot "read" films. But we reject the predictability of genre. So if we want the warmth of a love story but want to be fooled that we are watching something else, you put in a parallel token story. Here it is a sort of "Old Yeller" or even "The Yearling," He becomes not only the device that diverts us as viewers, but the columnist's readers as well.

And he is something else as well. There is an unwritten rule in these man/woman dramas: the man misbehaves because he simply cannot control himself. Many of our Apatow-like plays have the problem that the guy has to be destructive but still by the end lovable. The narrative folding allows us to transfer this to the dog, who is consistently destructive.

Other than the fact that the narrative structure is finely engineered, this movie has no value.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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Dogs truly are a man's best friend
Rockin_Joe_876 April 2009
When I watch films about dogs, eg Lady And The Tramp, 101 dalmatians, etc, I find them ever so charming and touching. Marley and me is high up there!

I love how the focus is not just on the dog, Marley, but on the family and how Marley has affected their lives. I also love how it's all very real, considering that this movie is actually based on a true story. It doesn't get too dramatic or funny, it's on the right level of realism.

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston deliver superb chemistry as the couple who takes Marley home and whose lives are affected by the mischievous labrador. The many changes they go through are excellently performed.

Some of the humour used in the movie may have been a bit weak for my liking, and the humorous side of the movie is too reliant on Marley.

Overall, it's a lovely charming film. There is a grown-up approach to this film, but it's certainly one the whole family will enjoy, and most certainly one for your dog to enjoy too!
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Unwatchable and utterly boring
bill_bohrer8 April 2009
I have a pretty strong stomach for fairly clichéd schmaltzy feel good movies with animals in them but this movie is so totally lacking in chemistry that it's just unwatchably boring. There's no plot (unless you count "some people get married and get a dog...").

There is no chemistry between the starts, Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, nor is there even any chemistry between either of them and the dog. A lovely Yellow Lab.

I am guessing the screenplay was slapped together from a series of mildly amusing essays written by some much blander Dave Barry type columnist, that someone thought might make a movie since there's like umpteen Beethoven movies that manage to still sell tickets.
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Hated, Hated, Hated it
dunnjcmd4 January 2009
This movie was HORRIBLE. If you have male plumbing, please do yourself a favor and either castrate yourself or DO NOT SEE this movie!

It is predictable, lame and painstakingly repetitive. After about 15 minutes I was hoping to come down with dysentery so I could leave and not get the death look from the girlfriend. I saw Old Yeller as a kid and it didn't suck. Marley and me, however, did. When my girlfriend is ripping on a movie for being too sappy, you know that it is contrived. What? She couldn't have told me she hated it before it ended? Dang. I never realized how important communication was.

Save yourself 2 hours of pain and $20. Go see something worth seeing.
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Not necessarily a "Family Movie" as advertised
drhender-126 December 2008
I saw the movie with grandkids aged 5 through 12. I had listened to the audiobook and enjoyed it very much. After listening to the book, it seemed to be what could have been a family movie. John Grogan's storytelling in the book made Marley seem both incorrigible and lovable. The movie, it seemed, spend more time on John Grogan's angst about his career, inferred angst about his loss of bachelorhood, and his anxiety about having and taking care of kids. In proportion, the movie, "Marley & Me", was mostly Me with Marley thrown in almost as a subplot. There did not seem to be much humor, what there was, often being crude, in my opinion. There was, of course, some sadness at the end. From feedback I got from the grandkids, the 5 and 8 year old were amused by some of Marley's antics, but bored with the rest of the plot. The 12 year old could appreciate more of the personal interactions that often seemed to overshadow the dog story.

Bottom line: As usual, the book was better than the movie and seemed to stay more on topic. The movie version was hijacked by screenwriters who had some other view on the story other than Marley and John Grogan. While advertised as a "family movie", I would say that it was more of a 12 and older movie.
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Worst movie ever
Greve-528 March 2009
Now when i see Owen and Jenifer in the same movie i get high expectations. But this movie is the worst movie i have seen i many many years. This movie shows you a dog behaving badly for 1½ hours combined with bad performance from the actors and a story so boring you wont believe it. When i say a dog behaving badly it could seem funny for some people, but a dog eating a couch, running after other dogs, humping a leg just ain't funny anymore. Come up with something new guys! I had to stop the movie after 1 hour and 15 min. I have rated all my favorite movies on IMDb, but this is the first time i have felt the urge to rate a bad movie.
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Amazing film
adled17 July 2017
Amazing film, the last 15 minutes I was crying non-stop, whoever called that movie a COMEDY doesn't know what he's talking about, it's a DRAMA, hands down .

Highly recommended !!!

a must for any person who loves animals, and not only...
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Cheesecake (not the tasty dessert)
tha_mongoose26 March 2009
This movie has garnered ratings that far supersede other movies that deserve much better, and the thing itself is incredibly long, boring, and dull throughout.

The review in question serves as a warning (achtung!) Do not waste your time watching this. Here's why:

The only thing worth watching in this entire picture are the scenes that involve Marley. The dog is quite a funny vandal, wreaking havoc whenever and wherever he can. The scenes involving it's misdemeanors tend to be funny.

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are mediocre actors, at best. The only thing Jennifer ever had to show for herself was her looks and body. Of late, none of that subsists. It's not so much that she's old, as she is clearly not, it's that just like Beyonce and Julia Roberts she has used too much botox, and this is evident: her face looks strange. The result is she is unable to command immediate interest in her characters from her looks alone anymore, and this has seriously undermined her potential.

Wilson's act has been seen before. He offers nothing new in this installment, limiting himself to just be the same as he was in his 20 other movies. Don't go in expecting anything eye-popping, if you should risk going in at all. (Though he has pulled through some movies that are quite fantastic before, like The Royal Tenenbaums, without a good screenplay and surrounding actors of much higher quality, Wilson, coupled with Aniston, are just bland).

At the center of my utter dislike of this movie is the cheesiness. Be warned, ladies and gentlemen, I have seen my share of cliché, dejá-vu crap, but Marley brings it all to a new level.

Expect to be swimming in cheese during this movie. It's everywhere.

What else is there to be said? Apart from a few acceptable scenes with Wilson's work partner and the dog, the movie itself (which runs at around 2 hours but feels more like 8) has nothing to offer. No engaging plot-line, no intriguing story, nada.

Even if one is compelled to like what is being promoted here behind the scenes, i.e. making a family, things are not so straightforward. John (Wilson) and Jennifer (Aniston) are completely ego-centered, living immersed in themselves. Jennifer, who decides to give up her job to raise her kids, is always whining about it, which kind of defeats the beauty of her move, like she is unhappy with her choice.

Of course she could have gone back to work after her child-rearing hiatus, but none of it.

John is a douche-bag. He only thinks about himself, yet he's always undecided, never making up his mind, which makes for a thoroughly uninteresting main character (who is never satisfied, basically).

The purpose of this film escapes me. (Well, perhaps it doesn't - to throw both of these career-dead actors back into the "limelight" (this superficial move seems to have worked, from the popularity this film is getting hitherto), no matter what crap they're showcasing. It's just a flawed move).

A few skits with a dog doing silly things can be easily accessed on youtube. A movie created around those, and offering nothing else, is best left on the shop shelf.

Stick to the trailer. 4/10.
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What's the point of this movie?
mablekos20 March 2009
Excuse me for the fact that I don't have a dog, but could someone tell me what was the point of making this movie? Also I'm still trying to understand what was the scenario? I'm sure that the book is better (it's always better) than the movie, but what did the author tried to say to us? that his dog died when it got old and that the family that owned it cried when it died? Wow that's unbelievable unique!!!. I don't think that this has ever happened to anyone before.

7.2 at IMDb!!!!! wow there must be a lot of people here who own a dog.

Were all the good scenarios have gone. Why do we have to see these movies? Is there a plan from Hollywood to make us stupid. Is earth going to be destroyed in 2012 and they are trying to make us numb, so we won't feel anything?
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