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(2007 TV Movie)

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Tons of style, but not perfect in the humor department
aborncinephile22 November 2008
This kind of looks like what would have happened if the creators of Rocky and Bullwinkle started listening to a lot of rap, took a hit of acid, and developed a very dark sense of humor. I am completely sold on the style of animation, its amazing. Its got some minor flash-like bits, but I can easily over look that. Its not as funny as it could be. Don't get me wrong, it is funny, which is why it got an 8 from me (it earned a 6 at least, just for the style). Some of the jokes hit their mark, and others either seemed to be of the stupid/random variety or just missed by a bit. The fact that it was littered with characters and never stayed on any one long enough hurt it a bit too. I did like the Popeye references as well, mainly the characters occasionally continuing their dialog as they exit or talk under one another. Since I heard this is getting picked up, I'm psyched. I hope they fix the bugs and keep what makes this so intriguing.
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